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Metaphorically Sensual

Tyrant of Words
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Poetry Contest

Pack your erotic poetry or prose full of yummy metaphors!

It's time to describe your sex & sensuality with unique alternatives.  No vulgarities allowed....
( c*ck, c*nt, di*k, pu*sy, a*s,  ect), but f*ck can very well be used while remaining classy & sensual. All those terms are overused & unnecessary to create an erotic piece. Metaphors are encouraged for all words & actions to create a vivid picture.  Remember.... the keywords are sensual & metaphors.....

Dangerous Mind
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New? Old? Any other rules?

Tyrant of Words
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Old writes are surely welcome & nope, no other rules. Just bring it on!;)

SatInUGal said:New? Old? Any other rules?

- Missy -
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Houdini (3/5)

You said
empty spaces
with me

your greatest
slide of hand
in years

Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Envelope me, Again

from a package of 50, one pulled
by slender soft fingers and hand
gentle sensual and cool
told me, I am her man.

her pen upon my skin,
tickles me with delight
each stroke makes me giggle
as her ink continues to write.

Her hands slide a message within
causing me to want her more
I lay on the table and grin
Knowing that there will be more.

Smoothed out upon my form
she carefully opens my flap
Her hands causes me to warm
As she licks the glue off my lap.

Now she folds the flap shut
And seals me with a strong press
For a moment in loving time
Our skin is in perfect caress!

And now with a Forever stamp
She readies our final post
O, envelope me again
for I want only her the most.
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Deep rumbles of thunder
natures timpani
usher in dark gray clouds  
heavy with rain  
streaks of lightning  
slash the Summer sky  
the smell of damp earth  
mixed with wet hay  
refresh and comfort the scene  
intermittent moans of passion sound  
mid the whistling wind  
coursing through gaps  
in the sun-bleached red planks  
of the ancient barn  
she hovers over him  
her hair the golden color  
of the straw that makes  
their lover’s bed  
like a newborn babe  
he suckles her breasts  
as she gently rocks to and fro  
on his stalk  
rooted deep in her warm, humid soil  
bending down  
she meets his lips  
closing nature’s circle  
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Tyrant of Words
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Everyday my lover takes me out
sometimes we stay at his place
just me and him
I am most happy
when we spend time alone
Often he massages my entire body
on occasion he uses oil
captivated am I by the sensation
of strong hands sliding
along my soft, voluptuous curves
leaving no part untouched
inside I giggle when his fingers  
run up and down my spine
I thrill as he reaches for his bow
beginning slowly
he glides his stiff stick
across my vibrating strings
contentedly I hum
suddenly he quickens his thrusts
in great drops his sweat lands on my skin
laboring so hard to please me
I moan louder and louder
finally screaming in utter ecstasy
overcome by emotion he weeps
thanking me for singing so beautifully
Frequently we go to big parties
we always get good seats
raised above the crowd
my lover looks handsome
always dressed in black tuxedo and bow tie
our host, a popular man, enters  
the crowd cheers his arrival
he begins to wildly gesticulate
Under the host’s direction
we make sweet love
right there in front of hundreds
of approving onlookers
smiling I remember my first time in public
I was frozen by inhibition
until, I saw all around us
others locked in passions embrace
The host commands FASTER! FASTER!
until with a glorious climax
he motions for us to stop
the crowd, enraptured, roars
exhausted and yet still enthralled
we make our way home
I will rest a short while
until again my lover takes me out
Written by Gahddess_Worship
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Tyrant of Words
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Recherché  Almirahs

Your stars,
galaxies of radiant Beauty  
cause me to remember  
how I drowned when I fell  
into You……..  
the sparkling wells
embedded in Your eyes  
Struggling to breathe  
reaching for comet tails  
flailing about achingly  
stretching to capture  
the rings  
any golden rings  
of any planet nearby  
I ceded my all  
my wealth of twinkling  
diamonds and pearls  
adding to Your  
armoire universe  
and the dross from  
our searing coronas  
sealed a love  
to last until our rebirth  
or the death of a  
Trying, failing  
beginning again  
Living, learning  
knowing no end  
bound to You  
we are free to  
share the celestial  
gems to all  
with the heart  
to understand
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
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Open up and let me slide these verses in,
The expressions may be a little rough,
Yet the overall sensation will feel like sin,
It will be impulsive and off the cuff.
I love the fiction and you’ll like my diction,
My innuendos are tacitly tactically placed,
It’s an addiction to increase the affliction,
To have you enticed and thoroughly baste.
And the reason, well for my implied rhymes,
To have you climb up the walls of my mind,
Like a well behaved depraved word slave,  
Quivering as I’m delivering every single line.
I may not be the prolific cunning linguist,
But my bilingual skills will certainly commingle,
Bending and blending eloquent elements,
To the point that you’ll feel a certain tingle.
But not one single profane term may be spoken,
The trick is in the building of the anticipation,
Whetting the appetite, setting the mood right,
Until you’re filled with curiosity and expectation.
So take my lame limerick as I brim with lyric,
The pleasure to aurally tease you is all mine,
I’ll try to satisfy your mind’s eye and spirit,
And at the cusp it will all feel so divine.
Now, let’s begin…

jade tiger
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The spume that marked where we had been🧜‍♀️

( a Sonnet )
The motion of a wave that comes to shore
Like everytime you hover over me.
To have me sink in drift of ocean floor,
That draws me deep away far out to sea.
Entrust for all the while you take my breath,
Each of your lover’s vice [keep still my heart].
The stronger claim of time must be a death,
Each act we find it hard for us to part.
And yet we do, as day will come to pass,
And day will turn to night to be disguised.
The ebb & flow, the sound of current’s rasp,
To dive, you seek in spite the weight, and rise.
As dappled sunlight from the surface bends,
We’ll dip & meet as pods of dolphins send.  
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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The rose

She unfurls,
Before my gaze,
Her love, as beautiful
As a fresh budding rose,
Glistening with the first
Delicate drops of morning dew,
Her scent, drifting so sweetly
From that luscious flower,
Her hands, as delicate
As butterfly wings,
Flutter lightly upon
Her intimate petals,
Her breath, the gentle
Sigh of a summer breeze,
At her own subtle musings,
Her face, the glory of
The midday sun,
As the bud swells,
In the wonder that is her,
This garden of Eden,
Captivating and commanding
As she grows wild and free,
In the throes
Of her self arousal,
And she reaches full bloom
In a cascade of euphoria,
My beautiful lover,
My delicate flower,
My unfurling rose
Written by Rjm
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poet Anonymous

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air lays damply upon my neck
tendrils curling across gleaming
droplets inching over fevered curves
this humidity  
this burning need
seeping through the spread of me
languid movements belie the desperation  
longing to throw myself into frenzied undulation
I have no patience for soft and gentle  
the fires rage too high
with ruthless intent pin me  
to rigid chill of wall
compel my wanton to the surface  
press your hunger into mine  
as guttural feeds our flame
wring from me sounds unbecoming a lady
arch of spine beseeches
grip hips firm and sink in deeply
set a rhythm and I will meet it
sealing approval in crimson ribbons down your back
before the night is over I'll be begging
and you will howl my name

Copyright © 2017 FromTheAsh. All Rights Reserved
Written by FromTheAsh
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sodden misery bled seminal fluid    
an open wound penetrated by you    
god over my heart how I ache    
until you came into my hidden places--  
the touch and feel of you...your smell
and when you kiss me    
I die a thousand deaths on your alter of sin    
passion beyond the depth of thought
you are the pneuma I'm unable to fathom    
how you enter my sanctuary and undress my soul    
strip it bear until there is nowhere left to hide    
the tiny bits of my bone and flesh who wish to remain secret    
uncovered one by one...they were made for you    
handcrafted by the gods themselves for your hands    
you come gently in and know me    
in the way, only a man and a woman can    
you come into me and I am whole    
tenderly you caress my soul    
I see my reflection in your eyes and I am beautiful    
so delicate a creature I shimmer    
you have reverence here this place is sacred    
laying your gifts on the alter...you say prayers to my sin    
the darkness knows you    
it hovers over my eternal pools... smoke    
your prayers send it to the heavens    
my spirit renewed by your touch    
then and only then do you release your passion    
deep within my innocence    
my inner goddess has been waiting for you for eons    
deity over the hidden realms with stars in your eyes    
I'm finally home...my God...in your arms    
Written by crimsin (Unveiling)
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Dangerous Mind
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PC in Love

PC in Love
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