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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen,      
Reigning in such striped mystery;          
Her formatting so accomplished,        
Leaving the rest of us awestruck.        
Whenever we read DUP        
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen;          
Gracing us with her tigress poems,        
Demonstrating classical forms.          
We do attempt to emulate        
Her writing expertise, but        
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen;        
And our skills fall too short indeed!          
Yet, with pen between our fingers        
We attempt to honor dear Jade;          
Knowing after failed attempts,          
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen.          
Jade-Pandora:  Jade is undoubtedly one of the most precise poetesses to grace DUP. When it comes to classic forms, she honors them with style and grace.  This sets and example for us all regarding the pursuit and perfection of timeless literature.  https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Jade-Pandora/
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
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I Hate David Macleod

I don't like David Macleod  
I don't like the guy
Not one bit, not at all  

Why; his poetry is better  
It makes the girls wetter  
Than anything I could letter  
So, I'll say it once again  
And ever more loud  
I hate David Macleod  
David is from England  
And I am an American  
Which means he's actually  
Smarter than I am  
And that makes me  
Want to have a cow
This is a satirical write about a fellow poet I admire.  So, before you message me on how disrespectful I am, please familiarize yourself as to the meaning of satire.
Written by snugglebuck
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Tyrant of Words
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Standing strong

on hallowed ground, shattered    
affording themselves hope to survive -
future beyond sickness    
and death, surely  
    was possible after this    
mass extinction, lives    
rotting, decaying bodies    
 from state to state    
    Mother Abigail-    
stopping along the way    
  dreaming up cornfields  
homemade biscuits    
          fried chicken wings    
   ‘Come to me’ she said    
‘ya’ll come on now, ya he'yah?’    
bloody guitar    
  casting demons in the pit    
It was at this very time    
they found their way    
rebuilt one city  
    boulder by Boulder    
while another disintegrated    
  by the nuclear hand of God  
fingers outstretched    
Viva Las Vegas
Theirs became home    
       to the goodness that remained    
the first baby born  
 in pure snow-    
   they knew they were    
on hallowed ground    
   standing strong    
Johnny is one of the most diverse writers on DUP. He has a unique style of interweaving rhyme and half-rhyme, and an uncanny way of capturing the essence of something in a singular verse.  His series of poems based on Stephen King novels do just that.  
Written by Ahavati
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Tyrant of Words
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I live across the pond, yet see her        
sunrise silhouette in that shed, potting and planning,            
her mind constantly rooting words, flourishing           
from the rafter of her tongue.            
I see me, too, patiently waiting to grasp every seedling offered.              
This is Hallowed thought, a sacrosanct connection
of Rock, bone, and blood of sorts – separated
through generations of mothers who were less than gentle
and daughters who learned to hide cruel skeletons
in closets long before adolescence.

We share that, her and I-
knowledge no loved or wanted child tastes;
and yet, we both were to the best of
their maternal abilities.

Nature erases her pain, between
Golden Chaffinch and Wood Pigeons,
fox and Cup and Saucer Vine, she kneads soil pliable
with her hands, extended fingers stretching deep
for the source of life to bury her past in.

I know her burrowed sanctuary
through the thick wooded reserve
and do not worry when she disappears
down its throat.

Because,  I also know, no matter what path or ocean
or lake swallows her form, she will return as spring,
as azalea and squirrel, as cormorant and cold surf
to the donation of her life's work that is this
Rockhallowed garden I tangibly envision myself in.

I also know that she knows I will always be here
as a bulb, patiently awaiting her warmth to emerge.            
Imprefectedstone is one of the most imagery-laden writers I've read.  Her remarkable depictions of a naturistic life create the most beautiful visions in my sphere.  She is not only a gardener of gardens, but spirits as well.  I feel a deep-seeded connection to her soul and blessed beyond measure to have met her in this lifetime            
Written by Ahavati
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A girl has no name
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To yelluw_always

You write like snowdrops
I cry, my heart weeps in awe
lay words like petals

Written by Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
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Tyrant of Words
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[ for Ahavati with Love ]  Apellation

No Tyrant of Words  

Instead, Liberator  
Freed Speech  
if there ever was  
Not nearly enough  
can be said about her  
skillfull English language  
words line up in formation  
proudly stanzing attentive  
ready for charging readers'  
ranks, circling their flanks -  
taking them by surprise  
captivating audiences  
Tanks to those loyal subjects  
I resigned, accepting utter  
defenselessness against  
such expressed efficiency;  
made prisoner years ago  
having since foregone  
any and all great escape  
opportunities large or small -  
actually preffering my detention  
where long sentences are  
served with swift executions  
for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋  
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
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Corvus lucidae

Smooth, shiny, like volcanic glass
I gasp
You are magnific
Whatever you are
Idea or reminiscence
I wish to see you soar
Agile mind
We recognize one another
You are tired, deservedly so
Every smart element, pure
Nobody mislaid a stroke
While painting you
Will we meet again
Ere long,  in the turf
To say, “bonjour”
Dark as witchcraft
As dead of night
As elegant demise

I chose to (re) write this poem by the great poetess Sky_dancer as a tribute to the Cosmic Dragon. She is deserving of the red carpet.

Written by Kinkpoet
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poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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Humus Man

He’s my prosaic humus man —
I’ll take him any way I can.
He likes potato chips and girls
When writing formulaic pearls.

To read his sonnets are a feast
As soft-spoke lover or a beast.
A high sea’s surge of tempest toss,
A reader’s gain despite his loss.

But I’m the one who always wins
With end of day’s poetic spins,
When coffee break & work is thru’
He comes to me and joy ensues.

Our very spoken words of mirth
Will often conjure forth the birth
Of haiku, senryu and verse,
And more traditional converse.

This alley cat so versatile,
The way he crafts a rhyme & spill.
There’s nothing finer to be caught
In reader’s net rare fish are sought.      
A generous person and poet.      
I’ve been with him since December 2015, getting to know and learning from each other - we never can know enough. One of many honors of knowing Geoff is how much we both have developed as writers & poets.  When we first met, my thing was more freeverse & Japanese short form - his was not.  His was high-powered Shakespearean sonnets - I didn’t even recognize his poetry in the Sonnet form... that’s how clueless i was back then.  We’ve both been knocked around by life, but together, our passions meld, and humor rules ( and heals ) our days.  With all my love to my Tomcat, I am his Tigress.      
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
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The King of Sonnets

The king of sonnets pens his careful lines
a range of topics right across the board
from social comment angled to our times
to love and life - no aspect is ignored
Consistency’s the word that springs to mind
the current task involving one a day
a whole year long, and slowly we will find
our worlds are gifted in his special way
If Shakespeare were around, took time to read
I’m sure he would applaud this use of form
for sonnets bring a lens to human need
in times of calm, in times of testing storm
It takes a man of courage to evolve
as one by one the pains of life are solved.

Written by Josh
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In praise of Hepcat61 { https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Hepcat61/ }. Well worthy of the red carpet, Hepcat is an object lesson in consistency and application to the poetic task, through thick and thin, bringing new value to the sonnet form.

poet Anonymous

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If it's Dartford, breathe in ...

Every poem
a subtle twist
a pinch of humour
and something someone  


Written by Josh
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In praise of Paul Dartford { https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/dartford/ }
Creator of his own genre, a law unto himself, legend in his own lifetime, quick to read (yes, that's important), and sharp-minded humorous responses to your comments - well worthy of the red carpet.

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