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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The Goddess of DU  -- - -For the Comp

I contemplate her many works    
I ponder her many talents    
And I am in awe    
It is mana from heaven    
Inspiration flows from her pen    
And I am speechless    
She has the voice of an angel    
And sometimes a Hell's Angel    
I listen intently to every word    
She sings with her heart    
With passion and love    
Can't stop myself singing along    
An accomplished musician    
Is there anything she can't play    
I am insanely jealous    
A professional poetry performer    
An inspirational all genre maniac    
I bow to her awesome talent    
Her written word is faultless    
A pleasure to read always    
I am challenged to write    
The beauty she brings to the page    
Masterful and awe-inspiring    
I want to be "Her" for a day    
A strong intelligent woman    
Takes no shit, a warrior    
A Light I see in the darkness    
A Woman full of love and compassion    
Such a genuinely warm spirit    
She is my lighthouse    
A lifesaver a loyal companion    
Always there when dark clouds appear    
I am in her debt    
I am proud to call her my best friend    
A force of nature in all things    
My wee haggis bon-bon    
Literally the Goddess of DU    
There can be only one    
I say, she is the one
see also  
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Umm Roars -- - -For the Comp

The ink hits the page
And instantly turns into
Wonderful artistry
Poems and Prose
They are few  
But all are quality
Self-confessed timidity
And self-deprecation
She attempts to hide  
This awesome talent
Not prideful - she should be
In the shadows
But emanating light
And inspiration
I stand in awe
Viewing masterpiece artwork
Ink, paint, charcoal and pencil
She makes them come to life
Horses dance and strike a pose
Landscapes languish luxuriously
Speaking directly to the soul
Speaking of true beauty
Portraits in pencil real quality
A quality of the photographic
Bringing all expressions
To life exposing her love
True artistry is her muse
My own art steadily improves
But only as a result of her
Influence and inspiration
When I grow up I want
May art to be as good as Umm's
She is a pinnacle to aim for
Though I suspect I she will
Always be the master
And I will be the student
Her poems equally inspirational
All her poems speak to me
In inspirational whispers
Creating poetic thoughts,
Remembrances and challenges
One cannot help being inspired
To write like the wordsmith she is
She is the consummate artist
Overflowing with such talent
Read her poems
Consume her prose
View her art
One cannot fail to be inspired
Self-confessed timidity
And self-deprecation
She attempts to hide  
This awesome talent
But her artistry roars
Beauty and Inspiration

see also
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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[ The Muse(s) ] My Darling Agent Starling

is worthy of the appellations;
came down from the mountains -    
I'm not sure precisely which    
despite her origin's being    
posing no mystery to me    
What I can say with great certainty -    
not a body to tussle with; though    
lacking in muscle, weight, height, width -    
she more than makes up for these in    
intuitive regarding brevity    
( fast on the drawl with little fuss )    
logical in her levity    
( if that makes sense teh yah'awl )    
taking down larger than life opponents    
regardless of their criminal behaviour    
or serialized self indulgent celebrity status    
all the while serving up plated poetry that is    
extremely dialectable    
My apologies for butchering her    
Southern accent    
I can just hear her now    
Yah shud'un talk with yah mouth full, Doctah Lectah    
Uhmmmm ..... DELICIOUS  
for Agent Starling ❤   
Written by PsycoticMastermind
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jade tiger
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Two Spirits One Heart

I see her vision on the wind,
A strength that she herself creates.
A modern soul, two-spirit twin,
Yet very old as soul relates.
The medicine is strong she makes.
I see her vision on the wind,
An offering all for the sake
A shaman’s oath of mind within.
A guiding force to which we pin,
To meet as man and woman both.
I see her vision on the wind,
The natives of two-spirits’ growth.
I’m learning how to mend & reach
The healer, and to practice in
Her dedicated ways to teach.
I see her vision on the wind.
TwoSpirit aka Ahavati:
With her other facets of persona on DU, I want to honor one of them that I feel connected to most, though of course the poem is Ahavati.  
For the first several years as a fledgling member, I enjoyed the commonality she and I shared with poetic expressions of indigenous Native American spirituality, stories, tradition & culture. For the opportunity to dedicate, this is what I fall back on which, for me, is a fond & warm place for my words to nest. With renewed affection, ever Jade.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Tyrant of Words
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Bountiful Land

Beyond borders of average intent
beyond curves of standard limits
lies a bountiful country
with deep running rivers
and mountains few will climb.
Gentle slopes of sound-scaped wisdom
roll down soft mossy ground
encouraging determined walking
as swaying trees shape shadows into sharper relief.
Boulder-rocks dotted across the terrain call for examination
each one chiselled with specific messages for extra learning.
Ripples reflect questions over cool lakes
carried breezily in varied languages of the soul.
Spend time in this country
the land of Ahavati
and when reluctantly returning to your own event
you will take gifts gathered in one of the world’s special oases:
a lightened step
a poet’s smile
a sense of spacious moments, well spent.


Written by Josh
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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[ DUP Tributes ] Removing Obstacles From Your Empath

The littlest beams of light can go  
a long way in the night;
hold them just right like so    
and oh! say  
Can you can see    
in every direction?
Liberating, ain't it?  
Parses known from unknown;  
strikes un from vocabulary  
Forces of Darkness are farces  
imaginary - monsters under bed  
in closet, cluttering up head  
trespassing mental properties -  
no longer scary  
But you're no good  
you're no good, you're good  
Baby, you're no good to others  
when the flashlight you are  
is loaded with dead batteries  
Come down from the ledge    
Give yourself a break  
especially from those  
who were always fake  
and keeping score  
Allow yourself respite    
Physician, heal thyself    
beginning at home despite    
those knocking down front door  
Stuff yourself already  
Be bursting at the seams  
with joys of poetry, pleasant dreams  
laughter putting you in stitches  
Be the happiest version of yourself  
best possible person you can be  
and so much more  
without all those miserable    
for Tallen
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Thought Provoker
United States
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[ The Muse(s) ] [ Classic Corner ] Of My Lovely Dark Dove


Incomplete, always downloading    
downloading futures throated    
with the thick, streaming sap    
secreted by this laurelle branched    
Universe of Possibilities -    
that foreboding Virgin Territory;    
unpenetrated, lubricated space    
between legs of Mother Cosmos    
suns and moons are destined to end    
in continued collision course with;    
Where Time and When Space bend    
over in submission, commencing      
Comprehension's asteriod belting;    
Awareness's anal cabal in-itiation    
jacking into Mainframe backdoors    
hacked, hacked until Access Granted    
releases silhouetted white birds    
from a bourgening flock of    
Unrealized Identities; their glorious    
wholesome exponential potential    
shattering the glass ceiling of Humanity    
in a sky darkly    
And of the dark doves    
as they fly, from my Jupiter outpost    
I wave as she goes by, seemingly    
nothing more than a nude girl    
with starry eyes, a constellation prize    
straddling Europa's continued whirl    
while grasping firm handholds of    
Ganymede's beautiful, erected    
terrain in his Natural State    
For Ex-Machina is Ava and she is    
more than human, less than android    
in the darkly sky stationed above;    
my lovely dark dove in anticipation    
incapable of prolonging the arousal    
always downloading, downloading    
for Ex-Machina ( Ava )  ❤  
Written by Magnetron
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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Systematic Seismology

the man on the mountain
survives tremors of change      
that others cannot feel      
he watches smoke rise    
from its gutted belly    
to extract fossil fuel      
and blood diamonds    
but remains steadfast       
in prayer and meditation      
he does not desire vengeance    
on hatred and selfish greed...    
instead he prays for wisdom    
to permeate each spirit      
shift their paradigm      
from taking to receive      
because that's what wisdom does...    
affords grace a chance      
to alter ignorance      
before the whole mountain       
caves, destroying everything     
badmalthus (Harry Rout)    
Harry is one of the most spiritual writers on the board.  He relates to world politics, economic injustice, and human rights from a wise perspective that permeates readers into thinking twice about their own self-judgments. I am honored to know him as a friend and poet, and highly recommend his works.      
Written by Ahavati
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Quoth tha DaDa, evermore

metaphorical metafours
for ( some reason)  
confuscian twilight   
                                          again ?   
A Universal(ly)   
                   twinkle wink o me eye  
                                while darkness (dis)appears  
                                               wit all this   
                                                              finality ,   
                                                then mornin’ rise’n   
                                          as if nothing (no thing)  
                         into the sum of my  
                           shortened life-  
                time being almost over  
          from being anything a’tall  
(The light being too bright to remember the stars  
ye wished upon ( up up and on) )  
  a dreaming replica   (of my chyld),   
          more than this   
                        to be           seen a'gin,   
when aye'm finally gone  
poets a'griev(anced) for such unhappy’daze  
    (      of      )   
we'll see.  
we'll see.  
(Won't wee?)  
how sincere  
   aye(eye) I say ,    
Quoth tha DaDa  
                       evermore ,  
that be. . .  
Daniel Kozak  
dkzksaxxas_DanielX (DadaDoggyDannyKozakSaxfn)  
Danny is the reason I am here. We met in a poetry group on facebook well over five years ago. I saw one of his posts and was mesmerized by his break from conventional vocabulary as well as form.  He will always be one of my favorite poets here on DU.  He is an iconic legend whose style will remain unmatched in the poetic community.  
He is currently battling cancer and heart disease, and I cannot imagine DU without him.   Much Love, Danny.

Written by Ahavati
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Thought Provoker
United States
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[ The Muse(s) ] Bra'illed

If only I could emulate anything    
remotely resembling the sensual    
creature of words that you are;    
body language read    
in text'iled exploration -    
your embossed fonts bold      
on November 5th mornings cold    
proudly protruding through    
that wild bronco mane in      
exuberant proclamations of    
Remember, remember this day    
Kneading warmth from fingertips    
familiarized with fantasies fulfilled    
figure-atively spoken re-enactments    
of a belly dancing, abdomen quivering    
genia bottled behind silken veils    
your wine soaked lips are;    
how she continues to revel even now    
after being released from cork    
plunged in the whole of her prison    
Blinded by function pervading form    
I am left pondrously wondering    
Were the wishes granted here today    
Or mine?
Regardless, I shall remember this day    
for Adsy ❤    
Written by MaryWalker
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Jardim  ( A Villanelle )

By my garden gate’s first-light yawn
reveals entry to the Jardim*  
awaiting patiently each dawn
Blue daisy and black-eyed Susan  
misty flowers can scarce be seen    
by my garden gate’s first-light yawn  
Rows of pots and trellised arbor  
flora buds in need of weeding    
awaiting patiently each dawn  
Calla lilies, peony rose,    
buttercups and hearts a bleeding  
by my garden gate’s first-light yawn  
What have I reaped but what was sown;    
beauty emerged from seedlings    
awaiting patiently each dawn  
Every evening I dream and long  
for daily blooms and birds singing    
by my garden gate’s first-light yawn  
awaiting patiently each dawn  
Josh is the King of Form and constantly amazes me with the precision he executes them with.  I have come to love his emergent leadership from a mature perspective, and admire him as an integral member of the Deep Side.  
Written by Ahavati
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Game Of Queens (Inspired By Ahavati)

The chess pieces were all in a row,    
intents liked up for the game.  
Whether or not to win was  
the first question,    
Whether or not to take the journey    
was the last.    
In the beginning the pawns    
were prepared for slaughter,    
later they saw its purpose in    
relationships to placements    
of higher echelons -    
They were the important ones    
despite terminal moves,    
all was fair in a game of no winners    
or losers, only survivors in witness to    
a higher purpose and the learning of it.
The journey was the absorption of    
all strategies and the mastering of them    
with a prayer for the other side.    
In the heat of checkmate, the Queen in    
full view is a player, not merely a piece    
or a member of a board.    
She had watched intently    
her fatherly ascendants    
in order to prepare for this moment,    
to be placed here and to stand alone -    
She knew her strength and was not afraid of it,    
she had been a pawn once.
Her guard was retained in    
placement of her intentions    
to rise above the game,    
the favor of which she had already won,    
and she knew it's secret,    
she was always a step ahead -    
The queens were the kingpins    
on which the kingdom hinged;    
they were everything..
Inspired by Ahavati's Napowrimo 2019 series which had a powerful presence and a running theme of strength through wisdom gained throughout life.

Written by PoetsRevenge
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Of wind & rain, birds & you

( a note of ambient sounds )

I hear a random trill
outside my door
and stop
to lean my head back;
strained eyes closed,
both hands slip off my
lap like a
rush of wind,
where a leather journal
lies open; lined paper,
with inkings
that faintly echo
their vignettes:

cicada shiver
in the rooted trees
from their humid shrill
above the swamp.

It’s times like this
when summer’s young,
nothing like it
will become,
when days are
‘till after ten at night,
and reason
takes its leave
in flight above the
time that now begins,

to let go the sins
of heat that
I’ve been shackled to
as an inmate
who is
to bust out
of prison and pain
like so many
cloudbursts, of rain!

Guards in their towers
don’t see me
as I venture out
only going late at night
when the fevered air
has turned to mist
I’ve blended in,
and won’t be missed.

Though thoughts of you
in southern climes
are often on my mind,
like soothing sounds of
ambient that I never hear,
but I can always feel
as if by touch, a tap
where then I turn
and look back across
the stillness of the
park I always walk.

In time perhaps,
It’s where your words
will find me then.

Written in tribute to Ahavati.

Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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