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Avatars Amok!

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem based on any DU member's Avatar

Part I - cohosted by JohnnyBlaze


• New writes only

• Any length or style ( meaning sonnet, limerick, quatern, etc. not EC content )

• No erotic content

• Three entries per DU persona ( don't worry! There will be a part 2 so you'll have
  an opportunity to write about more DU friends the next go round. )

• No video/audio only ( we have deaf members )

• Post DU member's avatar with the poem.

• Poems must be light-hearted and fun. No bashing nor defamation.

* As always with our competitions, we will be responding to the entries on the individual submission pages to keep this thread clutter free. We would ask the same of you.  Message with any concerns!

* Inspiration ( and started with permission from ) highlyfunctional's post this AM: Plateau

Tyrant of Words
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Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen,      
Reigning in such striped mystery;          
Her formatting so accomplished,        
Leaving the rest of us awestruck.        
Whenever we read DUP        
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen;          
Gracing us with her tigress poems,        
Demonstrating classical forms.          
We do attempt to emulate        
Her writing expertise, but        
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen;        
And our skills fall too short indeed!          
Yet, with pen between our fingers        
We attempt to honor dear Jade;          
Knowing after failed attempts,          
Undoubtedly, she’s Quatern Queen.          
Jade-Pandora:  Jade is undoubtedly one of the most precise poetesses to grace DUP. When it comes to classic forms, she honors them with style and grace.  This sets and example for us all regarding the pursuit and perfection of timeless literature.  https://deepundergroundpoetry.com/poets/Jade-Pandora/
Written by Ahavati
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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[ for Ahavati with Love ] Avatarstruck

Having fun  
at expense of no none;  
poets gone wild  

or rather  
amok, she says  
Little pirate portrait  
hardly hi-res and pixelated  
doesn't do justice -  
such a beautiful soul  
Many years I've waited for this -  
now with Ahavati in my Canon sites -  
let me get up close 'n personal  
have a better look  
swash from here to there  
that flag; most bountiful hair  
her authority figure as Capt'n  
under mine  
for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋
Written by JohnnyBlaze
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Dangerous Mind
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Slice and Dice

he is a vortex of feeling  
deep swirls lead to his center  
wherein all his swagger lies the heart of him  
it beats like a sledgehammer  
solid and true as the man himself  
the artistry of the poet is gritty and powerful  
pixelated dots holds his intensity  
he has the power to soothe or rattle  
depending on his mood at any given moment  
a true artist he lives for his art  
answering a calling to open minds  
look closer at his vortex it's an all seeing eye  
with the ability to see into the soul  
tapping into the universe capturing a piece of it  
and bringing it back home to us is his genius  
an everyday man so it would appear  
but look closer dear one  
with a single word--  
he can lift you up or bring you low  
so don't give him no lip...fair warning  
slice and dice his street cred  
don't fuck with his vortex  
it's a tornado of passion  
when he unleashes his intensity  
watch out...he caresses or cuts accordingly  
so learn some damned manners  
if you know what's good for you  
his name is PoetSpeak he's been laying down the law  
as it's been revealed to him  
hammering it home...I will never forget him  
Written by smackdownraven
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poet Anonymous

ripples [from willow branches] in the heart ov a murky pond ~

she plucks swallow feathers from the smog ov minutiae,
pours from their acetylene pores; pale light in the blood & mud
& iron
that would cling to her mouth & besmirch the taste
ov sweet fruit as the flesh gives way ~
... & when life pain[t]s her all-seeing-eyes a shade ov bruise, she
peers thru the dark garden ov tender purple hues
her grace unobscur'd ...
she unburdens beauty {&} pain in equal measure,
kaleidoscope chiaroscuros twisting dizzily, taking shape
with every turn ov her mind
willow: FromTheAsh has a gift for writing the most emotionally complex vignettes with a painfully honest pen ... full ov intricate details, so delicately wrought it's like stepping thru a frame & into a painting ~



poet Anonymous

ruby woo stain'd {paradoxical} shot glasses

he writes like a lazily burning cigarette abandon'd in an ashtray,
still smoking from the filter as tho press'd to a lonely woman's
daddy-issue-red lips
v: while highlyfunctional's body ov work is far more diverse than the noir spice he peppers throughout his poetry... it's the promise ov that timeless, smoke filled room that has me moving my barstool  closer & ordering another glass ov gin ~


poet Anonymous

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jade tiger
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Humus Man

He’s my prosaic humus man —
I’ll take him any way I can.
He likes potato chips and girls
When writing formulaic pearls.

To read his sonnets are a feast
As soft-spoke lover or a beast.
A high sea’s surge of tempest toss,
A reader’s gain despite his loss.

But I’m the one who always wins
With end of day’s poetic spins,
When coffee break & work is thru’
He comes to me and joy ensues.

Our very spoken words of mirth
Will often conjure forth the birth
Of haiku, senryu and verse,
And more traditional converse.

This alley cat so versatile,
The way he crafts a rhyme & spill.
There’s nothing finer to be caught
In reader’s net rare fish are sought.      
A generous person and poet.      
I’ve been with him since December 2015, getting to know and learning from each other - we never can know enough. One of many honors of knowing Geoff is how much we both have developed as writers & poets.  When we first met, my thing was more freeverse & Japanese short form - his was not.  His was high-powered Shakespearean sonnets - I didn’t even recognize his poetry in the Sonnet form... that’s how clueless i was back then.  We’ve both been knocked around by life, but together, our passions meld, and humor rules ( and heals ) our days.  With all my love to my Tomcat, I am his Tigress.      
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Silhouetted by light-traced form    
around the window, behind the door-        
she stands, her hand upon its knob      
ready to turn, and yet she cannot.        
It will not open, that solid trunk      
safety net of former forest-        
not by grasp nor pull, revealing      
a living world beyond her being.        
Anxiety, birthed from shade-        
offers security of darkened wing.        
Riddles life a haunting maze,      
hand-feeds fear with doubt and lies.        
Today, she will not face the truth-      
in shadows safe and rumors loud.        
Maybe tomorrow, or even next year-        
or, maybe never, so it appears.      
Yet, Love is faithful, standing strong        
gently reminds, Take your time;        
if we cannot overcome in Life      
we most certainly will in Death.        
Where shadows dare not exist      
amid Source Energies of Truth.
Kathy is a very prolific writer who couples deep feeling with spirituality.  Her writings reflect an astute observation of both a vulnerable self and family history.  Her life line to the world is poetry, and her dedication to the craft is an inspiration to those who read her offerings of love and hope.  
Written by Ahavati
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geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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rensaku - moonlight tiger

silver jungle moon  
soft pads caress the night earth  
golden eyes seeing  
swift the lightning yellow flash  
swifter still the kanji’s stroke  

yellow candles burn  
the sensei’s shodo in black lines  
tiger’s smiling mask  
a simple breath taken in  
release universe expels  

jade pandora’s box  
brushes ink a table set  
words form from fire smoke  
at every turn careful steps  
at every step careful words  
silver jungle moon  
soft thoughts caress darkened air  
tiger eyes burning  
her simple lines bring world’s birth  
how rare night and moon would bow  
How rare a gift indeed is Jade Pandora. I believe this is not only my first rensaku, but my first tanka, as well, which I never would have accomplished had it not been for Jade.  
When I came to DUP I only knew sonnets. The mathematics of form was all that made sense to me. But Jade showed me through her work and our collaborations the beauty, grace, and structure of free form and the Japanese short forms.  
With ultimate love and reverence- I bow to my sensei...  
Jade Pandora  
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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jade tiger
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Related submission no longer exists.

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1: 01: Overture - Composition on Maintaining True Love

It was through death I learned of True Love,    
the separation of flesh from my tangible being.  
I hear you breathing with the earth, dormant    
winter cold and punctured breath of thaw;    
bursting capillaries of bleeding dirt.    
When you dissolved, I became mechanical---    
a living existence of programmed grief ...    
I couldn’t remember love, I longed to love again.    
But how to love what no longer exists was foreign.    
I turned to paper, there was no return to me -    
to anything that made sense, only blankness.    
You are still here through vibration of sound-    
and yet I cannot touch your physical form    
anymore than I can hold the wind tangling my hair…    
I can only touch the result: that thing the wind moves.    
Sometimes I felt dragged, as yesterday’s daydreams    
remembering, remembering always you are gone.    
But, though you have descended you have risen    
to remain my encouragement; you are within me    
and here shall remain for eternity…seeds have taken root    
in my heart despite your seeming absence.    
I believe it is the cycle of love, indestructibly growing    
dreams from those seeds through living words.    
Love is an eternal vibration I now feel---    
the pervasive humming of light is how I know you.    
It is the space, the separation that makes us:    
the known unknown fading from form    
to another, always returning to continue---    
as one wind follows the other, and more water    
flows under the bridge of new moments,    
True Love is becoming the story despite circumstance    
it is immortality through the sharing of words.    
PoetsRevenge is an amazingly intense poet who couples human mortality with spiritual immortality.  She takes the unmaking of life to portray it is that very unmaking which makes us who we are. I have always been in awe of her writing ability to delve deeply into topics we may not want to face.  She stirs the uncomfortable inside us with hope and adds love with words.    
Written by Ahavati
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poet Anonymous

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