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in a word...with a twist

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Poetry Contest

Poems using specific not so daily used words – with a twist
The latest installment of my “In a Word” comp comes with a bit of a twist. Write a poem using the following words in their proper context…but make it erotic. Think metaphorically, step outside the normal layout, be original. Try to avoid vulgar clichés. But stick to the listed definitions. All of the required words must be used in the poem. Here are the words:

cognoscente: person who has superior knowledge or understanding in a particular field
declivity: downward inclination; slope
frangible: fragile; brittle
ineffable: too great, powerful or beautiful to be described or expressed
nascent: coming or having recently come into existence
recalcitrant: resisting authority; disobedient; hard to handle
skulk: to lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason; to move in a stealthy manner
vulpine: crafty, cunning

*1 entry only
*3 weeks
*No epic sagas please – keep it to 50 lines or less
*Post your poem & then link it here
*Please post comments to the writer’s personal page.

Have fun with this!

Dangerous Mind
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Back in my half of the state
My office
My desk
It seems that every time
I skulk a glance
At my digital frame
You are looking back at me
Just 6 out of 43 photos
What vulpine
Sorcery is this?

But always fuck with probability
Like your frangible maidenhead
(Excuse me, maidenhair)
Fern I agreed to look after
Adiantum cognoscente I am not
Still I will tend
To lend my one good shoulder
For you to lean on
As your knee fights
This path’s declivity

And instead of hoping it’s enough
I will merely continue
To emulate your recalcitrant
Your radical honesty
Opening the bedsheets
This nascent partnership

You discard your blasphemy-
Blaring shirt, your panties
And I bear witness as
A Marian apparition
Emerges from folds inside you
I can feel you holding back
You say, pulling me close
Through barriers of shame
And flesh
Against all odds
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Fire of Insight
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Had I been recalcitrant, there
would be no declivity to sway my  
moral compass.  
Your darkness easily immerses me.
The ineffable beauty of your form provokes  
my blood to pool; heart beats rapidly…
desperate for sound.
Cognoscente of ecstasy—
you skulk around my need, looking for ways  
to open my senses.  
My frangible skin is pierced by your lust.
It begs to be tasted.
There is nothing to save me
from your vulpine seduction; for my
nascent obsession  
has licked the flame of desire.  
This pulsating rhythm  
burns hot—
Written by Eerie
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Dangerous Mind
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Satan's Slave

A succubus of feminine form  
The devil is cognoscente in seduction  
In my most vulnerable moment
She clandestinely skulk, stalked and struck  
Pouncing upon my lonely frangible heart
Becoming a nascent presence  
In my head and upon my mattress  
This evil vulpine ineffable beauty  
Caused me to abandon all reason  
I became defiant to all convention  
Recalcitrant I became a pariah  
Sliding uncontrollably into declivity  
Till she imprisoned my soul  
In an inescapable prison  
Of corporal debauchery  
Now without family or friends  
I am a slave to her every whim  
Proxy of her evil schemes  
Part of every of her wicked deeds  
I've given my soul to this monster  
Just to be taken as her lover  
For this I will be condemned  
To burn in the fires of Hell  
🔥Forever and ever🔥  
Written by snugglebuck
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Dangerous Mind
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In red shadows of an urgent mind
she skulked, angry at her sabotaging vulpine mother
who skewered each new relationship.
So she sat, a depository of heat,
nascent with sensuous thoughts of a long night
wrapped around an unknown man
attracting static on the other side
of the dance-hall.

He, after a first request rejection, stood alone
suppressed by a declivity towards renewed risk,
staring at hope, battling fire
’til an itch in his legs
switched the curved ball
and released new intent,
remembering his valued impressions as a cognoscente
in literature and the beaux arts

Despite both feeling frangible from failure
they approached each other as determined gods
burning with unfulfilled desires
and recalcitrant to voices of restraint.
The band tangoed as two touched hands slid thighs
and dancing beyond the planked cracks of the sprung floor
an ineffable future ricocheted the music
towards a candle-light of heightened experience.

Written by Josh
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The Cosmic Dragon
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I, sexual cognoscente, skilled in the sixty-four arts;
some say vulpine, in my supine intent,
they think I skulk; catch my prey that way.
Others say,
"recalcitrant", haughty in my sexual revolt.
Oh, how those chains are so frangible, intangible,
I cannot be tied down -
I'll do the ineffable binding, thank you.
In nascent nakedness, commanding you  
towards all of my declivity.
Written by Sky_dancer (The Cosmic Dragon)
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Dangerous Mind
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Unleashed By Pandora (" in a word...with a twist"  comp)

By the hands of, Hermes, cognoscente of deception, was I sculpted    
From earth and water, I was bred - nascent to mankind's declavity  
Cast forth by Zeus, all man must be made frangible for stolen fire
Created as an ineffable being , I was built for seduction & demise  
Bare flesh on display,  paraded with breasts & hips in vulpine fashion    
With salacious desires instilled by sister Aphrodite; tempted & beguiled    
Mortal men faced the fate of disobedience by the fondling of my flesh  
The all giving Goddess; prowess to lead the downfall of Epimetheus  
A mere fool; fell victim to the skulk of Zues, led by my siren's call  
Unable to evade temptation of thy God, adorned my wedded hand as his  
Born with intent to ruin, I was recalcitrant with the gift of Zues  
Now, all of humanity suffers from my mishandling - foremost, did Epimetheus
It is I , Pandora, who unleashed miseries from thy inquisitive box  
I salvaged hope, but my lust lives on throughout mankind    
Written by PandoraUnleashed
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Fire of Insight
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Yield To Me

I am a cognoscente of love
A vulpine temptress in the art of seduction
For I am ruled by the goddess Venus who influenced my virtuosity

I'll make you yield your recalcitrant defenses
As I search for your Achilles heel
Till you become frangible under my ministration
I will uncover your vulnerability
With my amorous charms

Your desire that has skulked for so long will burn into flames
As passion takes hold of your senses leading you to ineffable bliss while we sway to the edge of declivity in ecstasy

I will make you pliant to my wishes
You'll rejoice in the nascent discovery of your pleasure
That will slowly spiral into a crescendo
In this tango of love we dance

Written by Summerrain75
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Thought Provoker
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Poetic Gifts

For the “In a Word” competition:

High time to poeticise the present state of affairs
Thee vulpine temptress beware!
Thou mind art plastic and compliant
Speak not of frangibility or be defiant!

It lives within our nascent essence
Tracing the declivity without hesitance
Cognoscent of the art of love
And ineffably glorious to have

If thee be recalcitrant to mine charms
Then skulk,
Til thou resolve thy qualms

Written by Velvet
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