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Dark short poems/quotes

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Give me your best dark/depressing short poems/quotes
Please no less then 6 words and no more then 25, have fun and be creative!!!😊

Hereís one I Wrote

Shattered broken deep in pain
you made these scars bleed again.

poet Anonymous

Pulling deep
my inner tide
relished in him
though he, unfathomable
rose like a morning fog
on deepest waters
in the dreamscape
of my mind.

      (25 words)

poet Anonymous

Trapped inside
a saline stream,
there to gel in
eternal dreams.

Gone to a place
fathoms deep
so would he drift
eternally asleep

       (23 words)

poet Anonymous

Under Heaven
The blood did flow
It's seepage lovelorn
in Hell below
The dam of justice
broke long ago
hemhorraged souls
bled just as so

      (25 words)

poet Anonymous

take this poison ink and draw a smile on my face...

poet Anonymous

Thousand Cuts

A thousand cuts with razors
Are less precise than these
Questionably invisible slashes
So easily, deceptively ignored.
In my peripheral I see blood
Hit the same ground as me.
poet Anonymous

Turned tables


I was

of his

got your

the jive

Iím the


poet Anonymous


To delve the deepest haunt
They keep you slave for naught
As privy demonsí want
In hell is where you rot

poet Anonymous

Flickering Out

Slice through
That jugular vein
Let me gush out
Watch as I convulse
Dizzy incapacitated
Paralytically drunk on death
Finally flickering out
With no remorse

poet Anonymous

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty
poet Anonymous


Tragically forgetting their history
the words "Holocaust" and "Anti-Semitic"
are being privatised and weaponised.
I hope for everyone's sake,
this project dies.

poet Anonymous

Rose's Roots

I pull the blood red roses from their roots
With my fingertips grasping the stems until
Until they bleed. Why does it hurt so much?
poet Anonymous

Fík Ďem

The children
are our future
which is why
I donít care
about them

poet Anonymous

Attached to the Flames

after a lifetime
of inferno
I'm afraid heaven
would bore the hell
out of me
poet Anonymous

                broken glass kaleidoscope

the penny finally dropped
no such thing as openness
reveal and be damned
dark and cold - the universe
and the truth.

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