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Dangerous Mind
United States
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David Macleod
Guardian of Shadows
United Kingdom
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The Soul

The Soul
David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Trapped in a tunnel
Light at the end
Gets smaller
And dimmer
Options narrowing

Faint musky odor
Air neither cold
Nor warm

Invisible things move
Slithering, slinking
Shadow beings
Never quite visible

Standing still
Heart pounding
Above the dull silence

Senses dulled


No pain
No fear
No joy
No anger
No peace


Wishing for sleep
Hoping to waken
When the light returns

Fearful it will disappear
During slumber
Never to return

Or be replaced
By something unknown
Written by Kinkpoet
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Human Paradox

Esoteric autistic  
Obscure reaction to situations  
Perplexing at times  
Not unfathomable
Just politely misunderstood  
As the label is not clearly marked  
A living human paradox  
Searching for connection  
In the narrowest of terms  
Bewildering and puzzling  
Crossing lines unseen  
With a thirsty curiosity  
Throwing the world questions  
That for all their combined intelligence  
Can not comprehend  
Still regarded an enigma  
Maybe no longer a stigma  
As the mist of ignorance begins to clear  
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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paramporul~ the god particle

[in the details…’it' breathes & conspires...]
sugarcane inflorescence sways silken white  
in its gracefully maturing greyish ribbon  
hairs..bears the mating papilionids stuck over  
each other in devotional renditions  
of a stilled mesmerize...
suddenly flap in a wake of ruffling flutters  
just when the vermilion painted lady bird beetles  
hypnotize at the bud tips & tanning sun  
that’s gradually in a romantic dimming  
of the  yellow slanting holy turmeric  
limelight into
a crinkly charred darkening in a hauntingly  
digging chaos of the stridulating crickets  
with a rarity reversal curtaining down  
in their tighteningly stuck closing up  
touch-me-nots…orthodoxically facultative  
in a shrunken bridal shyness...against  
the drooping down fragile melancholy  
that these white-widowed capsicum buds  
are poignantly hung in a quizzical phasal  
clashing intermediary of a faintly reminiscing  
to almost forgotten inborne pungencies…
((existential bubble bursts eventual unto ‘its’ un-manifest ??
bubble . a bubble is a parallel 11 eleven  
grilled bars of its own isolated Andaman island’s  
Kalapani Cellulars… jailed in a flash of moment
..even the light fails them to be their so-selves  
‘No Fear No Fear Never Fear ..Fear is never ever there’
proclaims the red rebellion turban poet of freedom, Bharathi  
boldening ever unknown to fear, just to be in the ousting and  
busting out the inner demons & those nacreously veiled evils  
your tangentially drawn & provincially divisive  
pillared walls of plundering tactical equations  
in blindly bloodied shoot outs of your  
unleashed fascistic Generals Dyer’s  
bulleted rounds after rounds without any warring siren
…in a maniacally enacted Jallianwala Bagh massacre  
within your ruthlessly fallen enclosure of piled up corpses  
wouldn’t deter its unimaginably conjoined…the impossibly  
bent O of its Oneness Om- the God particle of Cosmic  
Consciousness in its vacuity of nothingness newness-

 ~'It’s'  an endless micromacrocosmic reservoir~
this burning hunger…
is not a deserted death in vacuity  
…its that coital clutching of our remnantal umbilical tissue  
in its infinitesimally infinite bled shreds & illumine dusts  
clumping as beautifully laboured births in breathing  
and this heady quench...
is not never in an awkwardly gulped fulfilling  
complacence, of a noonish lazing swollen python  
in its still struggling wriggly devoured prey  
it’s that serially butterflying wavy dotted  
lightness continuum in a geometrical kolam infinitely infinitesimal left out spatial ignorance  
of a child’s curious blinking peacockish eyelashes  
Written by summultima (uma)
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Daniel Long
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Eyes Ajar

Eyes ajar to the dark, once blind to the light -
oh, your luminance so profound to me now!

An esoteric mind for a psychotherapist to test.
Inside, cryptic messages to unravel.

So obscure is the brain bridged to these eyes -
mysterious, almost impenetrable.

This hidden part of myself arches
to what is hidden from me – the world.

This bridge, or shall I say ‘bond,’
may as well be erected with wood, not fleshy stone,

as it’s time and again burning –
untying me to the distant end.

Empty hands once full of another’s, now exiled apart,
waving frantically at the other, opposite of the afflicting inferno.

I can see the hidden world’s daystars beneath its eyelids now,
from whence those hands still offer its palms for mine.

Looking back through shut lids –
why does it close its eyes to me?

I don’t care how blistering the flames of normalcy are!
I want to cross and join you again!

My world has become quite saturnine and dark –
oh, I await the coming spark!

for many years now.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Fire of Insight
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The ancient gnosticism brews
With heresies that tempt my mind
And esoterica transfuse
The knowledge fit to ruin mankind

From out my body, soul unbind
The ancient gnosticism brews
While priestess keeps my will confined
And violates my right to choose

Erotic and perverse abuse
Maintains control, I’m hypnotized!
The ancient gnosticism brews
The patriarchy, undermined

My masculinity—now lost—
She left me sexually bemused
I can’t afford replacement cost
The ancient gnosticism brews

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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