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In A salacious way

Fire of Insight
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Poetry Contest


Write me a poem
About the word salacious  ?

Good luck guys

Anything goes

Fire of Insight
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The Thing Possessed

Salacious beauty made me so obsessed
And in pursuit, to take you as my wife,
A fool! I soon became The Thing Possessed,
A chattel slave, to serve you all my life.
With feigned timidity, you drew me in
The hunter and his prey—our roles reversed
Once free, the dominatrix from within
Emerged to leave me sexually accursed!
Denied relief, and forced to use my tongue
Imposing bitter cuckoldry on me
You took another lover, heavy-hung
And made me watch in shame and chastity.
Your twisted discipline has made me crave
To be your pussy-licking eunuch slave!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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poet Anonymous

Twisted Dreamer
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That's Just The way I Am

So what if I like it rough?
Take that condom off
You're just scared cuz you ain't tough
You know you're no use
Can't choke with those hands
Hardly pull with those hands
Can't buckle tight enough!
Don't go yet you useless scum!
Awe it shriveled cuz you're tired?
Too bad guess your cum expired
That's right, I said it!
You lack that animal instinct!
Aggression is KEY to make it squirt
Call me a promiscuous slut
Masochistic freak
You damn right you're the real pussy
It ain't juicy cuz you're bein' a hissy
Yes sir, you are right
My interests are sort of destructive
Can't help it I just like it
Salacious love is where it's at
I don't deny it, it's delicious

That's just the way I am
Written by NightReverie
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Good Gracious, How Salacious!

For those of you with minds that run amuck
When e’er you eye a scanty bit o’ skin,
And ev’ry time you do you’re thunderstruck  
The nasty, filthy place you’d put ‘it’ in.  
Tho’ ev’ryone at times daydreams of smut.  
For those of you with minds that run amuck,  
It’s twenty-four salacious hours of rut;  
But never do you realize such luck.    
To dream of nubile mouths that love to suck,  
The pornographic tales you percolate.  
For those of you with minds that run amuck  
Observed in signing hands to masturbate.  
Immersed in vulgar exploits, God forbid,  
And looking forward when I mention fuck.  
And disappointed ‘cause I never did,  
For those of you with minds that run amuck.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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Give Me An 'S'!

Written by Kinkpoet
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Dangerous Mind
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Carnal Percussion

Salicity rages throughout my
belly and beneath.  
All vulnerabilities are weakened
as it channels raw nerves and flesh.  
It incessantly
dips, swirls and drifts.    
Hardened peaks take shape -  
resting atop my chest and ribs:  
rising with every  
h    a    m   p   e   r   e   d  
Love's hollow hearth  
beats to a steady percussion 
while all of soul and self is left humming  
to the tune of sinful desire -  
aching with  
the all consuming need for him.  
Written by PandoraUnleashed
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Fire of Insight
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The etching in the Roman Baths
Of favours that would make you gasp
The menu that would make you blush
Depravity just social courts unlicensed lust
Bare buttocks proffered for a fee
For wealth to indulge, if they please
The massage in the anti chamber
Divest the dirty day in her indenture
For all was there, and no holes barred
Whatever please your member hard
That empire  X rated pallete of delights
 Condoned all from Nero day and night
Pirelli calander now up to date
The ideals to to distort and inflate
Bare models now with modest drapes
Light the fire in our grates
And what we see is just good taste
A bare breast and shapley thigh
That coin exchanged in gold fertile
The roman whores, amour regaled  
 Porn embeded so to speak
Free for all not hidden deep
For few are chase, cum me to that place
Excitements well, just cut and paste  
For all was sex and buggery, all for sale
Temtations cracks shine through that veil
Where No and Yes mean something else
Saliciouseness the taste of heaven and self compelled
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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Salacious Minds

Dear Web Mistress
😡Hear our grievances!😠
Salacious minds demand to know
Who's screwing who at DU?
Under the guise of morality
Citing the lovers voting for
Each other is not PC
We salacious minds demand to see
Any home videos that might be!
Please post video links in the thread.
Written by snugglebuck
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Fire of Insight
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I said
Anything goes.
Good stuff
Snuggle buck

Dangerous Mind
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…and what is it that you desire today?
Perhaps some lewd and lascivious acts?
Maybe something interestingly naughty,
What brings your pleasure to the max?

Your lust must be greater than the sum
 Of all parts in your heart, giving in so gladly,
Just as you trust your wish pleading to come,
 You concede to all want deeply and madly.

There’s no need for subtle hints or innuendoes,
First you dream up something keen and clean,
But you have to have your daily effective dose,
So your screen is full of the raunchy and obscene.

Your browser is filled with kink that’s a mile long,
Every day you delete your implicating history,
You’re addicted to the lurid tawdry siren song,
But the next day you repeat the titillating mystery

What gets you off is but yours and yours alone,
Your torrid and sordid mind knows when to climax,
Because from heart and spirit to flesh and bone,
You’re of the dirty kind that loves salacious acts.

Dangerous Mind
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Sweet Tooth

He is my wicked impulsion, craving  
his core; so salty & sweet    
I glide from root to tip; yummy strokes  
to my most decadent treat      
I'm greedy when I'm hungry & to my  
tongue, he's my preferred flavor            
Enslaved to his pleasure, between my  
lips, do I anticipate to savor                
My tastebuds for him - so salacious,  
he's my sweet little fixation          
I lap him like candy & swallow, as I revel
in each euphoric sensation
Written by PandoraUnleashed
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Fire of Insight
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Salicious Minds

Silken scarf I bind
Leaving your eyes blind
But heightened senses find
This salicious mind

Teeth so pleasingly nip
At softly parted lip
And mouth hungrily sip
Upon breasts tip

The way you are bound
Bent over, bitch for hound
What a treasure I have found
Make for me that sound

Gasp, squeal, tease
From down upon your knees
Beg, worship, please
Give me a salicious squeeze

You fill my brain
I’ve gone lust insane
Blind to any pain
Until my balls drain

This need is a curse
For better or for worse
But your love is my nurse
Heal me of this thirst.

So I’ll keep you tied
As I cum inside
From us we cannot hide
In sex we do confide.
Written by Rjm
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Fire of Insight
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All you guy's
Did a great job

Thanks for entering (joining)
My competition

Till the next one


Have a blessed week
God bless you all

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