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Threshold of the Imaginary and Reality

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Fire of Insight
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Sardonic memories float along  
the starry night.
Peering down at this tiny,  
revolving vale,
the bird’s eye view is  
stark but watchful.
The passing time turns thoughts
to a slow vapor.
Lost beyond logic, laid like bricks  
of ordered reason.  
No, this is not temptation  
that sticks me;
it moves smooth around the  
air without burden.

Curled tight in the caterpillar  
pose, nesting safely;  
with no need of finding the  
wings to journey.
In the distance, there is a voice  
that calls;
it is well known and somber in  
its foreboding.
Troubled awake, night recoils  
her boney fingers.
Lying in the sheet, watching  
the colors fade;  
turning the wrist, delicate so  
it pops open.  
Blessed oblivion inside this shell,  
barren from peeled layers.
The watchman pays the night  
her due;
his lantern swaying deep  
in the dark abysm.
Written by Eerie
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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I feel like crying      
                 I feel like crying          
this bed is too comfortable          
and this house is too warm          
and some nights I feel trapped          
in this shitty suburbia      
where there are no rivers          
to dip my dirty feet into,          
no wayward stars          
[it’s all a sham]          
I feel like crying          
           I feel like crying          
because I cannot sleep          
and neurones are firing          
their explosive cylinders          
halfway to the moon          
and I miss you—          
I miss you so fucking much          
this room is a vulgar aria          
dripping in fake music:      
I still feel like crying          
               I still feel like crying          
for there is no breaker switch          
between street lamps and sighs          
and I curse this masturbatory need          
to fill myself with something more          
it’s why I cannot close my eyes          
without checking for a gun          
and I have bolted the goddamn door—          
I have bolted the goddamn door.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Final Hour

If Heaven demands conversation
who am I to demur in hesitation?
I go to the home of eternal sleep  
Light a candle, say a prayer  
elevate a soul, blessing to keep
Take my place among the stone  
Life before my eyes, sins to atone  
The rain in the house of rest  
chills my skin, does not relent  
Letters of prayer bleed to the ground  
I perceive laments that have no sound.  
Living water flows downward  
I face the sky to listen  
to receive what was always mine  
This day I am mortal yet celestial  
an angel that treads the earth  
My day of reckoning is here  
I have been found wanting  
Forgive now my trespass here and on high  
Take my soul with a holy kiss, a perfect sigh  
I knew the outcome from the start  
Most sacred has no place in human heart  
so eternal and corporeal here do part.
Written by inechoingsilence
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Me and Madness

She comes to me suddenly  
I can never anticipate  
only able to respond
after she’s settled awhile
She is completely unwelcome  
yet I cannot send her away  
To banish her,I banish myself  
For she my madness  
though I am not hers.  
Sometimes I barely sleep  
My mind, uncontrollably  
Arranges words, verses  
fingers stained with ink  
I am merely the conduit  
Other times I barely wake  
Days pass, with no difference  
I am clueless to what I did  
Nothing tangible to remind me  
I fly so high, then shatter.  
She speaks in riddles  
I understand her perfectly  
Her words are vague, yet  
clear to me, it is enough  
Why can others not keep up?  
It took a while to accept  
the frequent visitations  
I am not the madness  
Yet the madness is me
Written by inechoingsilence
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Its funny how what we once thought was going to be forever suddenly it becomes apart of our memories till they become apart of our inner imaginations locked away within the deepest part of our minds, even sometimes they have a way to invade your dreams at night bringing you a sleepless night of tears within your eyes giving you an overwhelming feeling that is even harder to explain as the hurt and pain digs deeper into your brain.                
                                                                                                                                                                But yet with each segment of lost time you lose apart of you that cant be replace as it transcends your thoughts deeper into the very abyss of your darkness were silent tears falls and scars, go unseen as what you feel deep down inside has you blinded by fear and being afraid to trust anyone at there words for at times you even feel invisible and abandoned by this process called love.                                                                                      
For bottom line life is a learning situation as it is full of ups and downs twist and turns and curves for even some folks will come wearing a disguise hidden behind two faces for some will come to you, speaking in tongue with lies of seduction build upon illusions of meaningless words just to get you within a web of turmoil to control you with your own inner fears of segments of lost time and lost love that has said good bye.
Written by Stoney223
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Fire of Insight
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My childhood home recurs to my fond mind.
In it l see the start of my delight.
I see the parents who showed me the charm
which our world contains and yields to man.

In it l lived the kindness of the two
who gave me toys at Christmas early dawn
and said that Santa Claus brought them to us
as he loved us so much like their deep love.

I live those moments that can lift me up
to see the Lord with Adam and his Eve
when He brought them to Eden, world of love
and filled them with the joy that pleased their hearts.

I sit with books in front to read for tests
but find myself daydreaming of my house,
of Eden and first parents with their joy
so far from books that wait for me to touch.


Written by Joseph-Zenieh
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Lost Thinker
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I walk barefoot

I walk barefoot
Garden of concrete
Looks of people
My desire
To see
To feel
What they feel
When home is nowhere near
I walk barefoot
Written by OmenisNemo (NemOmen)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Early morning before the sun sung  
the birds to rise  
early morning should come no surprise
the veil at its thinnest
what say you then  
sing for me  
from the shadows  
what say you  
this fires but an ember  
this spark has all but died  
catch a falling star then  
keep it within a lantern  
better that then let it die  
what holds you now  
close to the lights  
refusal to fade  
what holds you  
wander then  
seed of the world tree  
find your roots  
then wander  
are you sure you're ready for this  
to dance in the flames  
to ascend reignited  
are you ready
Written by Carpe_Noctem
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Guardian of Shadows
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A Vivid Dream

Flow the water from the rocks
Bubbling fresh crystal clear
heard whispers from up above
drink the water no turning back

Putting cupped hands forward
it filled up with pearls
spilling down to the ground
bursting into purple blooms

pearls and riches
the voice whispers
they are all yours
accompanied by tears

I saw my beloved
walking across the stream
the forest behind him on fire
I woke with dawn light in my eyes

I knew...he will bring tears
with his laughter
and hurts with his love
and so it did.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Guardian of Shadows
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An Echo of Remembrance

Discordant orchestra
a distant roar of applause
My life's accompanying credits
I'm outside
within a circle of my own
rippling through mists
of recollection

Picking shards of broken
glasses, by the pathway
bleeding hands
yet hope in the heart abounds
for betterment
food on plates
tummy warmly filled

Pride swallowed deep
Wishes chanted
repeated incessantly
a better life
warmer home
to be held and loved
Instead, they brought in the clown

Life became a long drawn joke
no one laughed
until the comedy of errors

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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our soul fractals in fusion


my vital serosa  
in fluidic & freefalling dreaminess  
patinated of unformatted flaccidities  
are amoebically flexing figments …transmuting  
as shrinking microbe across passing pointed porosities  
to gigantic mystical bird flapping as enlarged eternities  
in swimmed flights across the abstracting  
skies, in uproariously gushing jetstreams  
unceasingly singing as scriptless language  

yet your orthodoxically frozen  
adventitious ligamenting athletic rigidities  
are armours deeply alloying with~ within  
(s)melting molten flown holy vermilion  
in eternal firing sublimities  
-our fusing third eye


Written by summultima (uma)
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buddydog H Faulk III
Thought Provoker
United States
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They say... you hurt the one you love the most
(But I guess I did)
I just don't know, your memory is like a ghost
I live with it every day, always touching me  
Something I just can't seem to set free    
(Just set it free)  
Yesterday, we were like two shooting stars  
Until we crashed and burned with so many scars  
Today will be tomorrow, tomorrow will be yesterday  
It's been hard but we lived... lived through it anyway  
You were my Venus, until the moon’s fray  
Now I’m stranded here on Mars  
Sometimes... I look for you in the stars  
But Saturn just seems to get in the way  
Maybe it wasn’t our time  
I hope Neptune is what you find  
With the seasons changing I can’t share my pain  
I couldn’t see you suffer even at my own gain  
Like the eternal binding of intertwined pledge  
Will it be enough to hold me if I get to close to the edge  
You were my Venus, until the moon’s fray  
Now I’m stranded here on Mars  
Sometimes... I look for you in the stars  
But Saturn just seems to get in the way  
Maybe it wasn’t our time  
I hope Neptune is what you find
Written by buddydog (buddydog H Faulk III)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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The Reply Button

As I get older I feel I’ve become a little more senile,    
And while I’m respectful of other people’s views,  
I can’t commiserate with cantankerous cunts  
Continually calling themselves Christians    
Asking me to put myself in others’ shoes.    
I was raised conservatively but now I’m a liberal,    
I can also be an asshole so I can spot bullshit a mile away,    
I was taught not to be rude but I keep wanting to,    
Lord knows I try so I say to myself, I’ll reply another day.    
Then I see the crap conservative rights post on my page,    
And the rage inside me builds with rhyme and verse,    
Like a perverse tirade to be delivered rhetorically,    
Metaphorically I sleep on it thinking I have to be diverse.    
But somewhere in the middle of the night I wake up,    
I can’t remember if my mind’s rant is on the web,    
A response to ignorance when fools think they’re cool,    
With their “Let.That.Sink.In” quote without flow or ebb.    
You want me to walk in your thousand dollar shoes,    
Try walking barefoot and for miles, privileged shit,    
But Lord knows I try to be civil and understanding,    
So I prep poems to fire, lit with ire and ready to spit.    
Then I dream again, did I just respond to this “friend”?    
Or did my outburst really make its way onto my page,    
I post poetry promoting peace but a piece ‘o shite    
Likes to light the fuse so please, pardon my rage.    
Should I post this ode so the bloke can choke on a chode?    
Because right now I’m sleep deprived and I really can’t tell,    
Is my imagination getting the best of me? I have to reload,
Or did I just hit the reply button and said go to hell?
Written by wallyroo92
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