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Threshold of the Imaginary and Reality

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Describe a moment you've made a crossing at the threshold of reality into your imagination.
Write a poem/prose about any moment in which you've divorced yourself from reality/realism, whether intentionally or not, and became consumed with your wildest imaginations, dreams or, delusions. Use the five senses, what did you see, smell, taste, touch or hear? Can be about a real moment in your life or a psychological or, a metaphorical one.

Poems can be any length. Previous submissions accepted!
Prose from one paragraph to one page max.
Explicit material accepted.
Two entries max for poetry and prose.
PM me for any questions.  
One month. Have fun!  

poet Anonymous

Vertigo Rising

After an accident to my head, † †
I was taken to hospital † †
Disappearing in body and mind. † †
† †  
When I finally emerged, pale † †
And squinting in the sunís glare,
I hadnít felt it for months.

The lights of traffic & media,
The bafflement I had in public
Longing to be in my cocoon;

To sleep in a big, clean bed,
To gaze out my own windows
Overlooking the garden & trees.

The long killer summer with its
Triple digits left suddenly,
Followíd by what I was dying for.

But now I found myself missing
The dreaded heat, insanity.
A siren call of paramedics.

Not of birds who hunted gnats
Down in the quiet garden below;
Jacarandas shake off their lint.

Iím confusíd when scorchíd wind
Pummels the trees, deafíning leaves
& featheríd fronds like cloudbursts.

But no rain from streaked skies
Falls, only wind chasing moisture
Of a monsoon where it came from.

These days Iím certain Iíve lost
My mind; †canít tell one season
From another to save my soul.

The nights almost possess it for
Good; as I go fetal to write verse
After I circle the furniture.

Unsure, my balance in vertigo,
Makes the known unexpected
In the cool days of the stillness,

Nonexistent thoí I breathe deep;
I donít trust the fresh air as it
Comes in its creep from outside,

It thinks its been invited in.
Gnats from the garden downstairs
Realize too late their mistake.

After my Windex defense,
I awkwardly close the windows
And turn on my new air-con.

I distrust the air from that unit
(I donít know where itís been).
I turn off the remote as I shiver.

Iím unworthy to enjoy such
Extravagances, now that
Autumn is trying to encroach,

Giving cool breezes for free.
But they quickly make me cold,
So I canít trust them EITHER!
poet Anonymous

When Did It All Go Wrong?

In this world  
Of alternative facts
Where everything is
Ready to collapse
Where nothing seems
To make any sense
And what it claims to be
Is the exact opposite
Do you ever ask yourself
The same question  
What I ask myself
All the day long?
ďWhen in the fuck
Did it all go wrong?Ē
poet Anonymous

Visual snow

Moving swirling
winking in and out of existence
More than half transparent
Every color, all at once
tiny dots
pixie pixels
making the world shimmy and flicker
for as long as I can remember.

Eighth grade, French class.
Endless conjugations
that I can ignore because I already know
(passe compose, plus que parfait)
so I press on my eyelids
to pass the time
and I wait
for the world to be covered
in a shimmering dance
Every color, all at once
a kaleidoscope of patterns
suddenly subsumed in flashing op art
grids and lines
warps and bulges
white and indigo giving way to yellow-brown and lavender
back and forth, back and forth
too fast to track
swallowing sound
slowing thought
passing time.

At every age
I have looked to the sky
blue, blue, blue
a silent canvas
clear but not clear
(every color, all at once)
because my eyes mark out shapes
transparent overlays
square or round
grainy edges
slightly pulsing
ever moving
following stuttering sideways tracks
just like floaters
(but not)
doorways in the air.

Then there are the clock faces
bright lights and signs
afterimages in every direction
afterimages of afterimages
floating, converging, fading
contrast without sharp lines.
Another sight:
Close my eyes, see my irises
every color, all at once
behind my lids
there they are, right there.
Round, radial, blank spot in the middle
still, constant
but only for a tiny moment
flickering in colored strobe lights.

It's like having another sense,
one there's no name for
one that only shows up in searches as a chromatic aberration
something photographers find (and call a problem)
not people with eyes
the eyes to see
the words of love
given with love
in black square script
(black fire on white fire)
with barely-there blue purple shadows below and to the left
and red-yellow fire blazing up and to the right
every color, all at once.
poet Anonymous

Guardian Angel

As I lay back on the bed and I close my eyes
I remove all questions out of my head from who to why
I open a rift that allows me to slip deep within my mind
The air gets thicker and the darkness begins to shine

In this realm of reality, there is just me
Past, present, and future, along with alter egos to be
They all separate creating an aisle so I could see
The one thing in this dimension that really wasn't me

He was back in the shadows as if he was hiding and on a chain
I didn't have to ask because I knew his name
He was my demon, master of my alter egos
Where ever he when, that is where they were bound to go

I realize my mission I was here to battle for control
Grab hold of his ass and take back my soul
But for now there is a stand off, I don't dare approach
This is not as simple as stomping a cockroach

If I loose this battle I will loose all of me
Mentality will no longer exist, only I Is Me
I sat down in front of him yes at a safe distance
I stare that we shared was very intense

He was trying to smell if fear existed in me
I was trying to calculated was a safe but closer distance would be
When his stare didn't work he roared my name
Stepped from the shadows showing there was no chain

I didn't bulge mentally this was my realm
And I had another plan for all of them
Before he new it I materialize on his back
Arms around his throat, a vicious attack

He tried clawing me, transforming, and then calling my name
But I hanged on for dear life, I knew his game
The crying like a baby and then moaned like a lady
I tightened the pressure on his throat and he faded into me

Just a little longer and he started to slump
I didn't want to kill him so I gave his neck a double pump
Allowing just enough breathing to give his heart a jump
I don't need him as a fucking dead or dying lump

I have a purpose for him, his mission to be accomplished
But he can't do shit until I break this demonic bitch
Watch him sinking back down into the realm of hell
Tightening my grip he started screaming I could mentally tell

Just before hell reclaimed his ass, I saw him tap out
I saddled his ass and placed a bridle in his mouth
But I've gotta get him out of this dimension and home with me
I walked a few paces away and commanded him to enter me

I felt him enter and the surge of raw ass power
But now he is mine and I control his power
I told all egos how shit would be
If anybody stepped out of line and fuck with me

But as for me and my demon, we are returning home
Taught him him boundaries and then let his ass roam
So if you ever enter my bedroom and see him hovering over my bed
He's guarding me while I'm sleeping and your ass is long past dead
poet Anonymous


My soul reappeared right before the flood
It was foaming at the mouth and covered in blood
It was pounding on my psyche begging to reunite
I double locked the doors and hid from its sight

I ran into the room and hid under the bed
Clamped my hands over my ears to hear what it said
In an icy voice that seemed both near and far
The voice echoed for hours "we are, we are"

I hid in the closet the perfect place to forget
It was my emotional shield, hiding me from pain and regret
My soul was raging it wanted to know why
It now has a thirst for pleasures I must deny

The sins of this world now covers me
I am Cain and Cain is me
What happened this time has never happened before
I've taken your worst and begged for more

There's nothing worse than a theft
You and your Soul each out for self
My Soul is now coming through the door
I crawled into the corner and screamed, "no more, no more"

The walls of my closet contains both space and time
My skeletons shook their chains and began to chime
My Soul burst in and we saw the scar
And with head held high I said, "WE ARE, WE ARE"
poet Anonymous

Love dove

Woman as a gentle blown song
Heard in this fresh morning wind
An aspirant sunrise that travels long
Such a pyramid daylight to never end,

Within this efflorescent passion
Past tenuous heart becomes strong
Possessing the passkey unto salvation
This operative heart now sings her song.
poet Anonymous

Ordo inordinationem

Burning inner incense for their delection of gods and men,
Beginning stillness of the void, convoked a deafened rhyme
While this supernal rule withdrew neither moment nor time
Entrance a turning dream, traverse the heart's acumen fear
Apocrypha illusions to dubiously manifest their ancient tear,
Before liquid fractures as a broken vigil far from the stream of care
God giving water to comprise since we can not comprehend the air,
Spins at northern hemisphere's religion of the procession
Held in hand, walking these dim lit temples of meditation
Such a time, envision coupled in another space reflection,
Self-picture to mask their unholy temple of worship
Breaking a truth spine, sailing an outward soul ship
Tricked heart broke in two, a mind then to back slip,
Their leviathan conjures a wicked sun to harken day
Rubs soulless eyes as a blurring inside confusion lay
Inevitable decision into judgment lets their mind rip
Occultic sea of change unknown to a common whim...
poet Anonymous

The Cemetery

Beneath the skin the flesh made bare,  
Beneath the flesh the bones laid there,  
Beneath the bone the marrows dwell,  
Beneath the mind the timeless spell.  

The cloud, the tree, the mystic Sage,  
Eight guardians halt the demon's rage.  
A lake in which the serpent coils,  
Five corpses in their entrails boil.  

A whisper heard throughout the land,  
Secrets do beckon the timer's sand.  
To walk in here if fear hath led,  
Would dessicate and leave thee dead.  

If pure of heart and Love's disciple,  
Guide wand'rers under the pipal.  
All horrors to thine eyes be true,  
For what was dark is all in you.
poet Anonymous

Dreamy Tree

I stroll through the forest as I do everyday
Admiring the vibrant colors as Spring arrives
I sit down at my favorite spot underneath the shade
And watch the entire forest sparkle under the sunlight.
The birds chirp to their hearts content
And the deer feed on the grass calmly
This beautiful space seems to be under an enchantment
The absolute peace has my eyes drooping.

Suddenly my eyes snap open as the wind picks up
The sounds of nature have abruptly gone mute
As soon as I reach the next line of trees, the wind comes to an abruptÖ
Stop; instead, a gentle breeze teases my hair and carries the sound of an owlís hoot.
I listen on in confusion; hadnít it just been noon?
Yet all around I could hear the nightly birds
Through the thick leaves, I can make out the sight of the moon
I canít help but pause in my tracks as Iím at a loss of words.

I continue on, and at last make it out of the numerous trees
Where normally should have been more trees, I step out onto an open plain
In the middle of the area, I see a lonely oak tree
Yet the skyís exotic colors and unfamiliar celestial bodies make it strange
Despite the unusual circumstance, I feel giddy.
The warm breeze tickles my face
And I feel an invisible pull urging me towards the tree
My body is paralyzed, yet my mind is wondering about this strange place
And what exactly does it want with me?

What sounds like a chuckle echoes in the wind
Meteor showers light up the sky
The closer I get to the tree, the warmer I feel within
And yet Iím still wondering whyÖ
Am I in this heavenly place?
When mere moments ago I was on Earth
Iím certainly no pure saint
Yet this unknown force assures me of my worth.

On a whim, I sit down underneath the tree
Just like I did mere moments before
Strangely, my soul feels like it wants to burst free
And explore this dimension uncorrupted by war.
Hundreds of tiny star-like orbs
Float down from the heavens
One lands on the palm of my hand, and itís immediately absorbed
I snicker to myself as this is better than receiving lemons.

All jokes aside, Iím confused about where I am
Yet despite that, I donít want to disruptÖ
The peace I feel thanks to this tree Iíll call Sam
If indeed this is a dream, then donít wake me up.
poet Anonymous

Consumed Delusion

As if
Theyíd let me
Drive off, Into the sunset
In the car of my dreams.
I am obsessed with it
Unable to wait for it
Researching it, Touching it
Sitting inside of it, It wasnít it exactly
But I bought it anyway, I had to have it
Deal with the reality of a lackluster decision later
And now itís too late, I canít exchange it
They assured me, It was possible
But now I see, I was duped
Into driving an hour and a half
Sitting in a car I didnít want
Riding around a blue sky parking lot
Passing by those I didnít want
They told me a 3000 mile search
was unable to find that car
in my obsessive dreams
Of course, That was a lie
Stupid salesmen, Promising hopes
Slashing prices, Pretending to help me
Offered me an incentive
Even their incentives proved futile
I wasnít angry or upset or surprised
I was living a dream In a FIAT 500X
With modern amenities and prestige above Prius.
I imagined myself
Passing others on the road
Hands gripping the soft touch leather
My belongings in the glove box
My radio blaring
My foot off the pedal
Itís driving effortlessly.
Long driving vacations
From Nashville to Maine
For now, just a dim ride
To home, from Jersey.
In a FIAT 2018.
poet Anonymous

The Aftermath

In my split second of madness  
I gave in to life  
Swallowed the pills  
Washed them down with pure vodka  
Laid my head down  
For the last sleep  
Suddenly I was awoken  
For me It was like a few hours  
In reality ten days in a coma  
I heard snarling voices  
Saw faceless faces  
Coming towards me  
Couldnít define reality  
The insane hallucinations had taken hold  
I was in a moving hospital  
Moving beds  
Walls painted red with blood  
The screams were either imagined or mine  
Life had brought me back  
Fear kept me in a state of limbo  
The voices knew my shame  
Kept digging into my soul  
The pain wouldnít let go  
Just wanted to die again  
The face in the mirror wasnít mine  
It was a stranger with dead eyes  
I tried to smash its reflection with my head  
All I got was cuts  
And a rueful smile from my nemesis
Whispering Iím never going away  
I survived to tell the tale  
But it haunts me still  
The madness the voices  
The face in the mirror  
They come back from time to time  
But Iím strong enough to fight them off
poet Anonymous


Sardonic memories float along  
the starry night.
Peering down at this tiny,  
revolving vale,
the birdís eye view is  
stark but watchful.
The passing time turns thoughts
to a slow vapor.
Lost beyond logic, laid like bricks  
of ordered reason.  
No, this is not temptation  
that sticks me;
it moves smooth around the  
air without burden.

Curled tight in the caterpillar  
pose, nesting safely;  
with no need of finding the †
wings to journey.
In the distance, there is a voice  
that calls;
it is well known and somber in  

Troubled awake, night recoils  
her boney fingers.
Lying in the sheet, watching  
the colors fade;  
turning the wrist, delicate so  
it pops open.  
Blessed oblivion inside this shell,  
barren from peeled layers.
The watchman pays the night †
her due;
his lantern swaying deep  
in the dark abysm.
poet Anonymous


I feel like crying   †  
†† † † †  
††††††††††††† † †I feel like crying † † † †  
† † † † †
this bed is too comfortable † † † †  
and this house is too warm † † † †  
and some nights I feel trapped † † † † †
in this shitty suburbia † † †
† † † † †
where there are no rivers † † † † †
to dip my dirty feet into, † † † †  
no wayward stars † † † † †
[itís all a sham] † † † †  
† † † † †
I feel like crying † † † †  
† † † † †
†† † †††† †I feel like crying † † † †  
† † † † †
because I cannot sleep † † † † †
and neurones are firing † † † †  
their explosive cylinders † † † † †
halfway to the moon † † † †  
† † † † †
and I miss youó † † † †  
I miss you so fucking much † † † †  
this room is a vulgar aria † † † †  
dripping in fake music: † †  
† † † † †
I still feel like crying † † † † †
† † † † †
†† † † † † † † I still feel like crying † † † †  
† † † † †
for there is no breaker switch † † † † †
between street lamps and sighs † † † † †
and I curse this masturbatory need † † † †  
to fill myself with something more † † † †  
† † † † †
itís why I cannot close my eyes † † † †  
without checking for a gun † † † †  
and I have bolted the goddamn dooró † † † †  
I have bolted the goddamn door.
poet Anonymous

Final Hour

If Heaven demands conversation  
Who am I to demur in hesitation?  

I go to the home of eternal sleep  
Light a candle, say a prayer  
Elevate a soul, blessing to keep  
Take my place among the stone  
Life before my eyes, sins to atone  

The rain in the house of rest  
Chills my skin, does not relent  
Letters of prayer bleed to the ground  
I perceive laments that have no sound.  

Living water flows downward  
I face the sky to listen  
To receive what was always mine  

This day I am mortal yet celestial  
An angel that treads the earth  
My day of reckoning is here  
I have been found wanting  

Forgive now my trespass here and on high  
Take my soul with a holy kiss, a perfect sigh  
I knew the outcome from the start  
Most sacred has no place in human heart  
So eternal and corporeal here do part.
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