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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Cruel Princess

"There she swings, an empty hulk, not a soul below now,  
Number seven starboard mess misses Jack and Joe now."  
Echoed from the ghosts on the sea floor,  
Walking through the wreckage of a ship now, nevermore.  

Once the mightiest of sea vessels,  
And partook in the mightiest of sea battles,  
But now overrun with barnacles, seaweed, and kelp,  
And plundered by merfolk, a ship beyond help.  

Amongst the rotting wood, half buried in the sand,  
Glimmers a doubloon, from a treasure once grand,  
Caught by a rare ray of sunlight,  
That it hasn't seen since that fateful night.  

When the tide goes out,  
Sometimes you can see a sail beam, tall and stout,  
And the name, The Cruel Princess,  
Now trapped forever in the sea's darkness.  

The vessel would travel across that bay,  
Nearly every fortnight, and day,  
Until that fateful day,  
When off it's course, the wind blew it astray,  
And the waves carried it away.  

Early gales blew in that night,  
Putting them in a position, tight.  
The ship hit a reef,  
And to their disbelief,  

They went down,  
The ship went so fast, they had no time but to drown,  
At the far end of the bay,  
Amongst sharp rocks and reefs that day.  

The crew and their loot, were lost at sea,  
Where they had once been free,  
To plunder,  
And freely wander.  

So thick was the fog that night,  
That they couldn't see the lighthouse light,  
On that moonless night,  
The lack of light,  
Induced a great fright.  

Now, all that remains,  
Trapped, deep in the ocean's domains,  
Amongst a kelp forest,  
The vessel's eternal rest.  

The wood, slowly disintegrating to oblivion,  
The treasure of coins, and jewels, including obsidian,  
Almost all, pillaged by the merfolk,  
The spirits of the drowned, they did envoke.  

From the land of the living they've been forcefully unyoked,  
Their bodies, the home of epitokes,  
Home to pelagic species,  
Some of which are still unknown mysteries.  

A ship at the bottom of the sea,  
Where it was fated to be,  
Down where no one can see,  
Where the dead are trapped, but from their bodies, free.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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weigh anchor

enveloped in mist as clarity shifts
and Iím adrift upon turbulent seas
vessel destroyed on her maiden voyage
and I'm left clinging to the debris
this smothering shroud of chaos
presses heavily down on me
oxygen denied
Iím lost inside a foggy mind
dragging hard on oars of air
exerting all energy
and still not getting anywhere
as frothing caps break & crash
upon decks of haunted breath
choking on salted depths
this storm will take its toll
as I desperately row
and row
and row

but a voice in my mind softly whispers
scarcely heard above the gale
weigh anchor
or sink below
you cannot weather this blow

for a frozen heartbeat I am torn
do I dive to fatal silence beneath the surface?
or remove the weight pulling me under?
leaving me cast away
fighting against fatigue
completely at the mercy of the wind
forced to rely on my own strength
but there is no choice in the end
as I pull out my dagger
and saw at the tether
freeing myself
from the killing burden of pain

for the Shipwrecked comp
Written by FromTheAsh
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poet Anonymous

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Daniel Long
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United States
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Shipwrecked Soul

Ahoy! There she is!
In formal times, gracefully gliding across the glassy sea;
her figure so stout and proud.

On a voyage (lifeís journey) so resolute, unwavering
against the coming storms (challenges)
and serpents (assholes) of the deep blue sea (the world).

Her sails swelled by the gift of wind,
carrying her body so peacefully
to a coming doom (death).

There in that moment, she was,
a silhouette
in the burning backdrop of the far off,

dusking horizon (future).
No other words to describe it.
She was, gone.


Rage, rage
against the daunting waves
of the deep sea!

Theyíll batter,
and curse your body
till it is broken,

but you dear schooner (lady)
shall remain stoutly proud
and strongminded.

Your voyage far too enthused by the souls (babies) within your womb;
sailors that long only to arise one day
on your pristine deck to see the sun.

For now,
their informal body
man your beating heart.


Drifting along glass,
the serpents
have seized your sails!

your broken body
has had its beating.

Whatís left is a black silhouette of broken masts,
Angrily piercing the burning backdrop
of the dusking horizon.

Your naivety boding ill,
not at all auspicious to your hopes in your lifeís voyage.
In shores far off, debris from your life are beached;

to be salvaged by persons
whom know not your story.
To them you are lost, no more.


Sunken beneath the glass.
With hearts writhing
with beatings perished,

this body, is a shipwrecked soul
not favored by fortune.
Suffering from the misfortune

of rejection
from society and home,
a castaway (outcast).

Together you took who you love in your womb
and carried them
to the bottom (suicide).

you will reside for eternity
in tranquility and rest (Hell).
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
United States
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Shipwrecked: Notes of an Online Journal

† †
The bilious green of dull and latex walls †  
Will have me lurch and choke my dinner up. †  
There isn't any mercy where it falls, †  
Instead to reach a point to fill my cup. †  
† †
I don't know what I've done to be in here, †  
The bilious green of dull and latex walls. †  
The sick from errant voyage' facial smear, †  
How quick dishevelment turns to withdrawals. †  
† †
I seem to hear the gale that with me crawls, †  
It too must feel the slog from gut to neck. †  
The bilious green of dull and latex walls, †  
The throbbing in my head, ungodly wreck. †  
† †
And worst of all I'm clueless where I went †  
That brought me here among the siren calls. †  
Which boat I'm in beneath its rolling deck, †  
The bilious green of dull and latex walls. †  
† †
† †
† †
† †
For the "Shipwrecked" competition with host AEMelia564
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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poet Anonymous

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Dangerous Mind
United States
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This desolate island has everything I dreamed,
With the clearest of oceans and bluest skies,
But not everything is always as it seems,
I find myself trapped alone in paradise.

After the storm at sea everyone perished,
Except for me, when I alone washed up ashore,
I lost everything and everyone I cherished,
I found myself deserted like never before.

In that bit of heaven I found other keepsakes,
Of past castaways and the days they spent here,
I discovered treasures as if they are sweepstakes,
Riches from old shipwrecks lost over the years.

I grew a beard and learned to hunt and to fish,
But I lost all faith and hope, Iíd never be found,
I had all the silver and gold one could ever wish,
I was a multibillionaire but with no one around.

A year later there was a terrible storm,
I lost my hut and supplies but I knew Iíd thrive,
Then on the beach I saw a familiar form,
A beautiful woman on the wet sand alive.

One day when we looked into eachotherís eyes,
Marooned for months together we found our pleasures,
Under the clearest of oceans and bluest of skies,
Of all the riches, she was my special treasure.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Whoa...did not see that coming! Thank you so much! I am deeply honoured. Your comp challenged me to put into words something deeply meaningful to me, so I thank you for the challenge. Happy to stand beside so many fabulous writers.  :-)

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