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Through the Alphabet—The Letter “K”

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Poetry Contest

Use all the words in the list below, in a poem
Next up, the letter "K” !  Same rules as the other alphabet comps:

One poem per poet
Any style, length
Use all the words in the list in your poem
Two weeks to complete
Winner is decided by public vote

Here's your list of words:


Dangerous Mind
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Kaleidoscope Kingdom

Wondering through the wilderness  
I paused to take a rest
Laying my head upon
My knit knapsack  
I fell asleep and dreamt  
A celebration of my death
Kindred friends were crying  
To the rhythm of Kyrie chanting
Till the bell’s somber knell
Called them from the chapel  
Then my ghostly surreal vision
Turned upwards towards the heavens
Through the keyhole of the golden gates
I saw what after death awaits
A kaleidoscope kingdom  
Beautiful beyond reason
When suddenly I was awaken
And any doubts of God were taken
For I had discovered in my dream
The knowledge of what will be
In a prismatic paradise of eternity  
That awaits both you and me
Written by snugglebuck
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Thanks for starting off, Snug!

jade tiger
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Upon a journey that I’ve heard tell of,
To trek throughout the kingdom hill & dale,
In search of knowledge of my kith & blood,
To meet and greet the kindred of my clan.
From many leagues I come to honor thee.
I clear the last of summits o’re the hills,
To hear both far and near a solemn knell,
The slow & echoed peal thru’out the land.
I bow my head in grace to thank thee Lord,
In gratitude, oh Kyrie, mercy please.
You lay within my hand a keepsake dear,
To enter thru’ the keyhole of thy heart.
And once I plant my feet at end of day,
And lighten from the burden on my back,
To knit myself a legacy I’ll keep
Within a humble knapsack as I rest.
Beneath full moon & mist, the zodiac
A bright kaleidoscope of colors’ dream,
Of constellations and the Kodiac  
May prove to show my bless’ed destiny.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
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Are your shelves weighed down like mine  
Of memories stored like vintage wine  
The dust in rusty keyholes where once we peeked
 Mother'd knit and dropped a stitch, expletive then released  
Small kingdom made as in innocence we played  
Kindred spirits, bound of scrached knees and happy times  
A kaleidascope the colours, and recalled nursery rhymes  
Where are you now ? for adulthood brings the knowledge
The past returns its joys and follies  
And childhood, times long gone  
The knell that bells are ringing, the changes in that bong  
Carry all in lifes knapsack the heartbeat of that load  
No going back for paths already trod  
Orthadox a wisdom, the the evocation that we sing  
"Thank you God for all we had" and murmur softly "Kyrie"  
The keepsake reminicances of an adult still a child
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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There’s a keepsake on my desk-
A gold button of sorts
With “Love” written in script
And a small diamond above it.
I found it in the parking lot a while back.

It means a lot to me now,
At rest on my desk below the picture
Of you in your unfaded denim jacket
Giving me the cutest side eye ever,
Like, Are you sure?

In recent years I lacked the knowledge
That I was searching for
Something specially made
To fit your heart-shaped keyhole.
Still I searched.

I knew that we were kindred spirits,
But obligations overwhelmed me,
A kaleidoscope of shiny things
Distracting from
The journey to you,

Now mere days away…
I wonder how much can fit
In that black knapsack?
Will I need my knit beanie
With the Giants logo on it?

How did sports infiltrate me so?!
I tell my brother I have no time
For his urgent discussion of
Who has the better handles,
Kyrie or Steph…

The knell of all good things passing
Sounds from every news source
As I deafly prepare to enter your kingdom,
Woven sigil flapping in the wind:
Love in script, a small diamond above.
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Awesome writes everyone—thanks for joining in!

Thought Provoker
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Kindred Soul

To gain wisdom from the other side
I place my ear to the kingdoms door
Only I hear the voice of knowledge
Speaking the word kyrie over and over
I found the courage of kindred soul
Held deep inside the knit of a knapsack
Which carried the keepsakes of everyone
That have came this way before
As I looked through the keyhole
The knell began to ring
All I could see was Angels with wings
Dancing in a kaleidoscope of colors
As those who were in mourning
Held each other as they cried
Written by buddydog
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Kindred Spirits

We are more than kindred spirits,
Like colors mixed in a kaleidoscope,
A prism viewed through a keyhole,
Knit and fit perfectly together,
With the knowledge that these poems,
Are a keepsake that connect our souls.

Inside is our imaginary kingdom,
Small enough to fit in a knapsack,
Large enough for a solemn knell,
A notebook of old Kyrie hymns,
With verses of our conversations,
Where our kindred spirits tell a tale.

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Congrats to Snug and thanks to everyone who participated and voted!

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