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Rainbow Prophecy

poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Ok, so does this mean I have entered the competition?  If so, thank you.

poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Again thank you.

Fire of Insight
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The spectrum to come (rainbows end)

Seeing it and then be calm
That mist be one of healing balm  
And know that danger overwhelms  
Now to defend your blood and bonds  

Orange †
The badge that warns and brings alarm  
" hi viz" jacket and its omens †
Signs that we ignored in time prolonged  
 Of amber resin burned and forests gone  

The cowardly will not compete  
When your ideals make people sick  
Oppose all those coal burning plants †
The sulphur clouds, the choking cough  

Come now join the verdant tribe  
CREE ideals the earth and oceans bride  
Ancestry that cares, give more than you take  
Not leaves of brown, a spring of doom purchased  
† †
The dirty ocean full of plastic crap †
Reflect the sky, electic fash and thunder clap  
The solied wash, the laundry every nation threw  
Its concequence to outlive me and you  

The ultra glow †
Its frequency the power to disclose  
To reveil a catholic cloak of faith  
Cant save us from uncertain death  

That veil will come to cover all  
Of never darkness, never light  
The now thats wasted wrapped in gloom  
The pigment that will self indict †

†† † † † † † † † Renewal  

When the time for healing comes  
And man has very few resorce  
†Be ones self and not rely  
And jettison all sense of greed  
The primeval hid so deep  
†Scales so tipped the odds against  
†Hills so steep for your ascent  
†Clouds of acid rain do part  
From the †wrekage of that zoo  
A brave new world began anew
Written by slipalong
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Thought Provoker
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"From the wreckage of the zoo
A brave new world will begin anew."  
Love the zoo.  

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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elsiesan said:Well heck. Would love to enter competition. Just wrote a poem, Gaia's Revenge. This is what keeps coming g up.

Hello Elsiesan,
To post your comp entry, as an alternative you can:
1).Copy your poem from where it is currently;
2).On this competition page, click on "reply" {bottom right-hand corner of the last posted post (which might be this one)}. The comments box should open up underneath.
3).Click on "Full Edit Options" box (top right-hand corner of the comments box.
4).It takes you to another box where you can paste in your poem, and add bold (for example for the title) & italics & other features if need be.
5).When done, press submit. It should then do it, and take you to where your poem should now be posted as the most recent entry in the competition page.
Best regards,

Thought Provoker
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Ok well it appears that AEMelia564 copied it for me. I am wondering though will I get credit to help move my rank up to next level in this manner?

Dangerous Mind
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Rainbow Mind

I feel Her colors
when it rains.
I feel Her breaking free
drowning Her pains,
I feel Her in me.

I feel me in Her
becoming alight,
evoking Herself to
light up the night;
She is Heaven's bliss.

She is in me
becoming my voice,
I write from Her soul
becoming her choice;
We are the same voice.

Here within a rainbow mind
the sun is shining
all the time.
We are as one,
we sing in kind;
a rainbow vision,

  † † †.....
Written by PoetsRevenge
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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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Lost Thinker
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Rainbow Prophecy 2020

Everyday itís possible to realize
That the plane of your existence
Can be divided into quadrants.
They speak of wind, earth, fire and water
Did you know thereís more?
Itís there even when your eyes are closed.
You feel it when you stand outside
An open field is best
Or deep inside a neighbor-wood
Youíve walked and walked
Observed the path
Then you stop
You listen
Close your eyes
To the right you hear the birds
To the left, you hear the trees
Ahead you hear the laughter
And behind the roar of the people
The machines
The cars
The city noise
Itís alive
But itís dying
Killing itself
Itís time to decide
Which way you need to go
Where do you need to be
Who is calling you?
Do you need to be home
Do you need to runaway
Do you need to find solace
In the world you thought you knew
The joggers transport in space
Their feet make time stand still
Their world on the fast track
And you stand there
At nature
She calls you
She reminds you
She asks you
She welcomes you
Her spirits are around you
Tugging at you
Directing you
Are you resisting?
Find yourself
Follow your senses
Be prepared to turn around
Be prepared to run
For the rainbow people are watching you
Examining every move
Chose wisely
Act fearless
For there are those
Not from the rainbow
But from below
Who smell your fear
And will chase you down
Through every town
Until you find the truth
Then rainbow friends envelope you
They keep you safe and dry
Your mind open
Skin tingling
You know what must be done
Clean your space
Clean where you have been
Clean where you will go
Share delight with nature
Be kind to nature
Respect the nature
And invite your friends to follow.
Rainbow people hide
Each to find his own.
Written by bimbammit
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poet Anonymous

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