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Poetry competition CLOSED 13th June 2019 8:57pm
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RUNNER-UP: snugglebuck


Gamers Unite!

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about video games.

Gamer Am I

Many interests have I,
Reading, writing, drawing, listing to music, and singing, but I,
Truly love to game!
A gamer is my name!

Spell casting,
Relic defiling,
Puzzle solving!

I am a gamer,
Not many understand, it's unpopular,
Amongst society,
But I am mighty!

I am self sufficient,
At life, I am efficient,
I bead, and sew my own clothes,
And to a love, I've made oaths.
I am frugal, and loyal,
Have a job, and am cordial,
And have real life friends,
That on me, they can depend.
I go outside, eat fruits and veggies,
And am soon to start my own costuming business!

I have been learning,
About pain, love, life, my identity, and am yearning,
To let the world know,
Who I am and show,
My true colors.

I am not a worthless, loser with no life,
Though with me you might have strife,
Let me live my life.

I have such wonderful memories of playing games,
The choices I've made within the games,
The funny names,
Of some people in the online multiplayers,
And the levels and layers,
Of 2d scrollers,
And the memories of friends coming over to visit,
And sit,
And laugh, cry, gasp, and play.
I am a gamer night and day,
Even when I don't play.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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(I've included examples)
One poem per poet.
No collaboration on this one.
Any length.
Any style.
Must be about one or more of the specific games in the Video Game Poetry thread (see thread for details), or gaming in general.


Fire of Insight
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Pac Man Machine

I wandered on down to the vintage arcade
And I found quite a show at the Pac-Man machine
Some chick with a boom-box played George Michael’s Faith
With a perm and leg warmers in bright neon green

Some old dude got in line wearing bicycle shorts
Tight ‘round his package, like “smuggling grapes”
And he hit on that chick with some sappy old verse
I thought he was creepy—she thought he was great!

I watched as this ’80’s pair tried to act hot
It was funny, and sad, how they strutted so lewd
Both trying to score with whatever they got,
And both starved for action, I had to conclude

She was master of Pac-Mac, he watched as she played
He offered her comments which seemed (?) apropos
His hands on her hips slowly started to stray
Feeling her up, inching lower and lower!

The bulge in his shorts, although small, started growing
And he pressed up behind, started mashing her ass
In response, that old chick started humping and crowing
And her tube top slipped down as he probed her crevasse!

In amazement I watched her continue the game!
Singing for joy as he fingered her cunt,
And her Pac-Man ate dots as her orgasm came,
Mr. Cycle-pants stained both their clothes with his spunk!

Paralyzed by a sight I can never unsee
And the sound from orgasms I’ll never unhear
I wished that the 80’s would just leave me be
And that George Michael’s Faith can be banned from my ears!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
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Thank you for your submission, ReggiePoet. If you don't mind, please spread the word about this competition. Thank you! :)

Dangerous Mind
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Gamer Girl

Oh, gamer girl
Why did you take so long
To spawn?
I’m too old and creepy to dig you now
The women I grew up with
Didn’t play fucking anything!
And they sure as hell didn’t dress up
Like Emma or Leia
You kick ass at Fortnite
In panties and Uggs
Streaming to Twitter
So your boyfriend won’t miss you
My girlfriend was floppy:
Flat with a hole
(You’re too young to get that)
And she took a long time
To Load “*” ,8,1
You’re such a good upgrade
Two point ohhh
Playing with peripherals just for fun
Software bores you
And you like other girls
Middle-class morality passed you right by
Let’s go on a quest
Steal us some treasure
I’ll be your Conan
No......not O'Brien  
You leave my stick joyless
But I “like” you just the same
Written by highlyfunctional
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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It's Only a Game

People who say,  
"Video games are to stupid"  
Are people to stupid to play  

People who say,  
"Video games are to violent"  
Have never known violence
People who say,  
"Video games are to sexy"  
Desperately need to get laid  
I say,  
"Video games are only games  
So, just shut-up, sit-down and play  
Or get your pious ass out of my way!"
Written by snugglebuck
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Fire of Insight
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In the Time of Dragons

I’ve built a home of timber and stone;
filled with exotic treasures found deep in
the caverns of my travels.
Though I am rooted, I am unable
to stay; drowned I would be
by the tending of homestead
and rearing of children.
Adventure calls me; from the winds
of Winterhold to the green of
I journey between the lands to find my

I have stood before the
Guardian Stones; enveloped by the aura
that holds my warrior spirit.
Orcish veins burn hot with bloodshed
and battle— my predilections run deep within
the murky waters of the blade; sharpened
on the bones of dragons.

My destiny has been laid before me. Into the
darkest corners I must roam--
fearing not, the unknown, nor the
myths of old.

I am Dagr’Mey.

I am Dragonborn.
Written by Eerie
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Thought Provoker
United Kingdom
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In the machine

Human but part automation  
Platform that you play upon  
PS4 thats home sweet home
Real life, all in there to load  
Fantasy, reactions claws are sharpen  
Doorstep quest that now swings open  
All my characters, full of life  
 And push the play, adrenaline download we crave  
Here we go driving  with sound effects  
In the war zone in the traffic  
All the action it is frantic  
Somthing with a sense of rush  
Not lightweight like Candy Crush  
Bored housewives with potato chips  
Spin the roulette wheel to get their kicks  
World of Warcraft all your kingdom and your throne  
That convention is a must have show  
A, T shirt to wear with pride  
Allegiance never compromised  
In your soul and in your being  
Now are part of that machine
Written by slipalong
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Dangerous Mind
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My Video Arcade Wet Dream

It was after I opened my eyes that this
dude was standing naked in a video
arcade and no one had even seen him piss.

That was before I made myself walk right to
a nude chick playing the Frogger game before
she looked at me and said, "I want a fuck, too."

She held on to the joystick while that one chore
of anal fucking her was being done by
me until I shot cum deep into her core.

But then, I woke up with my cock not so dry
and I had not one single idea why.
Written by berea440oh
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Harry Nichols
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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All 8 Bits Glued Together

I lust after that pixel annihilation,
To separate myself into color blocks,
Constituent parts related but not whole,
Incapable of meaning.
When I was younger, I would drink myself stupid
And reverse the world’s laws,
Hit pause on entire days
And live impossible lives, disassembled.
Realities bled together,
Essence and format confused,
And now, I chase those days like a Mushroom Kingdom bride,
Always in another castle,
All 8 bits glued together.
Written by hgnichols (Harry Nichols)
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Dangerous Mind
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Let me take it back to nineteen ninety one,
A seventeen year old having lots of fun,
Over to Tommy’s, the local burger joint,
It was a hangout place for my friends and I,
After band practice the hours would go by,
We played street fighter ‘til we ran out of coins.

The arcade experience was a different kind,
Talking with friends, spending a lot of time,
Dishing out quarters playing the silly game,
I could never get Ryu to play the way I wanted,
In each match I’d get clobbered and clotted,
I was so bad my friends gave me nicknames.

But now the old arcades have dissappeared,
And it’s all just like I had once feared,
Everyone has retreated to their homes,
Now no one will come out to fight!
So to the old gamers I yell, Unite!
But no hears me, so I just send them poems.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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This was fun! 😀
Congrats to Eere.👏
Big thanks to Orc.🙏

Fire of Insight
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What a fun comp! Thanks for the trophy ☺️ What an honor!

Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
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You are very welcome guys, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I was a little unsure, since this was my first competition to host, but I think I will definitely host some more competitions later, it was a lot of fun. Congrats to Eerie on the win! 😆

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