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Fire of Insight
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'Twas the Night Before Christmas in a Cheap Hotel

with apologies to C. Moore

’Twas the night before Christmas and I couldn’t sleep—
My per diem demanded this hotel be cheap!
The whore in the next room sure put on a show
With her moaning and humping, entertaining her “beau.”
I turned on the tube just to drown out the sound
and “A Wonderful Life” was all that I found.
So I watched Jimmy Stewart to a soundtrack of lust
While that hooker kept grunting and yelling, nonplussed!
The sounds that she made were unlike anything
That I ever imagined that coitus could bring—
I beard banging and singing and moaning galore
I was duly impressed by that tart’s répertoire!
Soon the movie was over, but not so her noise
From deep down in her lungs, her faux sexual joys!
She had mastered the art of performance in bed
And then silence! I assumed she was giving him head…
Sure enough, soon the noise returned, louder and lewd
But, this time, she wasn’t the one getting screwed!
I heard whipping, and thrashing, and masculine weeps
She was more than a whore, and now playing for keeps!
Her voice was now calmer, aggressive, and strong—
She wasn’t a hooker, I’d got it all wrong!
She, a Pro-Dominatrix, then tortured her “john”
I listened, transfixed, it was quite a turn-on!
Ignoring his pleas, she went straight to her work
By bruising his manhood with jerk after jerk.
Then, shoving her strap-on deep inside his ass
She made him her bitch as his prostate got thrashed!
I sprang to my feet, pressed my ear to the wall
He was crying! I think she was busting his balls!
I gasped as she savagely tortured his sex
And I shouted the question, “Do you accept checks?”

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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geoff cat
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As Wilde Once Said the World Itself is Sex - Sonnet Thirteen

As Wilde once said the world itself is sex,
But sex itself is always based in pow'r,
Where power is described in bank’s excess,
Then sex and money bring all life to flow’r.
But money is just paper shades on screens,
A value made is mind’s delusions felt,
Manipulate in power broker schemes,
To perpetrate with these conclusions dealt.
In true consent, how sweeter flowers bloom,
We find in ways of sweeter blooms reside,
That give and take where powers vie for room,
In ways and place of sweeter life’s preside.
For love of money, evil’s true define,
Is death not life - that’s sex’s pure design.
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Tyrant of Words
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Tyrant of Words
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For The Love Of Money

The lure of Money
The sweetest of such compared to the taste of having Honey  
The syrupiest reward given or ever received  
Some have sold their soul for the price to be relieved  
In the end untimely deceived  
Most say it’s the root of all evil  
It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle  
Than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God  
That concept is much harder to digest than sparing the rod and spoiling the child  
But wait, you cannot get any goods without cash  
For the ones who do not have access to get it  
Robbing for it, embezzling it, or shamefully selling their ass  
If the world did not have money as the tool to survive  
Would so many people still be able to thrive  
The rich, and wealthy’s stance in life will take a nose dive  
The Have and Have Nots cannot feel as elite  
What you bring to the table for your family is what you eat  
Share only if you have a spare  
Grow it, trade it, or Barter  
I’m just telling you like it should be  
Honest lines from the mind of a universal martyr  
The pyramid and almighty Seeing Eye  
Ask the founding forefathers and adhere to bicentennial lies  
Watching intently the Masonic Eye of Horus  
Many meanings of this dollar bill icon, not even listed in a thesaurus  
What an interesting symbol  
I am well read and intellectually nimble  
Gold, Silver, Bronze precious metals for what it’s worth  
Money within the economy, produces a wicked uprising rebirth  
A paper chase hell on earth  
Paper, Coins, CD, stocks and bonds  
Investment portfolios soaring, returned legal tender from the paper magic wand  
What shall be first shall be last shall be first again  
Moneyless, Penniless  
Bargaining with a pig, chicken, or even a hen  
Payment rendered and served  
I wish that concept was still preserved  
It keeps everyone’s mind on a straight universal road  
It’s only from what I’ve been told  
Slow your flow sexy, life is not always so serene  
While you are writing your dogma someone else have money dreams  
The cream of their crop  
Hustling is their primary money prop  
What about a day’s work and compensation  
Well of course it’s one God under one nation  
Such a shame money seems to be our greatest fixation  
I have no pig, no chicken, and certainly no hen  
I tell you this now, but remember this was way back when  
I wish that concept was still preserved  
If you listened intently you would have heard  
From what I’ve just stated  
This was true values before money was ever created  
Therefore, go to work  
By the sweat of one’s brow does bring in its everlasting perks  
Do as you should  
And what you could  
No money No bank account  
Don’t count yourself out  
Just remember, to give, and appreciate when it’s received  
No concepts too low to ever conceive or believe  
The green paper does earthly rule  
Stay mentally equipped it will always be your barging tool  
You would have thought this jargon was taught in elementary school
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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SweetKittyCat5 said:

Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.

A. R. Rahman

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Get It

One talks while the other one whispers,
Watch out for those kittens with whiskers,
If you have the former then you get the latter,
Get enough dough, it can be served in a silver platter.

If one is the king, the other is queen,
Can’t get the girl if you don’t have the green,
Can’t rule the world if you don’t have the means,
Get both then you’ll be living the dream.

Men have gone to great lengths to get rich,
Some to impress a woman, some to get a bitch.
Men have done some real dumb shit to get it,
And some individuals are just unfit.

The truth is the real power lies within the female,
It’s in the smoothness of her flower behind the veil,
They have inspired men to a prominent status of grandness,
And some have brought men to the edge of madness.

But whatever comes first just so you know,
Pussy has more power than dough.

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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I would like to thank everyone who entered this competition with me, I was in the best of company with such gifted works of arts from all participants.


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