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Dancing with Words

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 27th Nov 2015
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Let Lips Form Words in Shapes of Consequence Ė Sonnet Fifteen

Let lips form words in shapes of consequence!
To let their worth find depth of those who seek,
Let those who seek's pursuit hold swift intents, †
That lips may know reward of swift critique.  
For nights compel with mouths' unspoken word, †
The tales of which those mouths' intents foretell, †
For filled with inspiration's musings heard, †
How can such mouths not seek their night's expel? †
For so are soft met hard in florid night, †
In swift enraptures bowed to find well met, †
The taking of that moment hid from sight, †
To find their subtle comings, passion's set. †
For so in shapes of words are lips well spent, †
With deeper shapings found in lipís consent. †
Written by Hepcat61 (geoff cat)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Peace of mind for five minutes, that's what I crave.  
Alanis Morissette † †  
† † †
Addict to the climatic rush † †  
Three climaxes in the morning weakening me of such † †  
Waves coming on for a fourth, getting to work, superseded in as much † †  
Intellectual, and Charkas centered, yet unstable † †  
Oh God, can I keep the flow of this, am I able †
Nirvana sinking I cry out † †  
Words a sweet soul like in the beginning I knew nothing about † †  
I try to walk away feet like quick sand † †  
The Whore, the Sub, mental dominance under this man † †  
So many voices to heed too † †  
Your heart, my mind, my compulsion keeps reeling me back to you † †  
The dildo is my culprit † †  
Words to push me over while itís slithering in and out tasting my clit † †  
Addicted to the accent, the compulsion to complete me, stripping at my soul bit by bit † †  
The force of emotions without the hard dick † †  
His verbs, nouns, moans of pleasure comforting my wet slit † †  
The need to carnal feed, weakening me † † †
My thong down pass my knees † †  
Layers by layers of my center core stripped nothing but the warmth of cold † †  
Loving the addiction as passion consumes me morning, day, and night, surrendering has already been foretold † †  
What do I do when Iím swimming against a sinking tide that takes me there † †  
Addiction beyond the word I swear † †  
If there ever was a hope and a sweet prayer † †  
I need Holy Oil, for this addiction, unbound me from my emotional slayer † †  
Mirrored reflection of a nympho, Mary Magdalene, and a Jezebel merged into one † †  
Moans of Oh God unto Heaven as my pussy pulsates and then cum † †  
The touch of the sacred garment of lust I cannot escape or run from † † †
Addicted to the pussy being lick † †  
My emotions frayed, driving 95 miles on a 65 highway to get my pussy kissed † †  
Emotional uplifted † †  
Pussy tossed and dick shifted † †  
The voice † †  
My reckless choice † †  
The moans mingling unto the throating grunts † †  
Echoing my moans as my dildo is deep inside my wet cunt † †  
The images, the pics † †  
Captivates, arresting my ear, listening as heís stroking his hard dick † †  
Legs gapped open fingers inside, oh babyÖcan you come and take a lick of this sweet tasting slit † †  
Addict to the climatic rush
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Fire of Insight
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river flows in me

my prose,
of fiction and nonfiction;
your poetry,
of friction and nonfriction:
verbal and nonverbal
proverbially splattering on the rocks,
whose diction and contradictions
foam at the mouth
of the selfsame sea.

my tragedy revealed,
so flagrant;
your comedy concealed,
so fragrant!
passionate and compassionate
profound and then confounding,
dispassionately logged
in the epilogue
of the selfsame catalogue.

your pertinence,
so constructive;
my impertinence,
so constrictive!
urgent and emergent
that bleed cascading images,
whose guises and disguises
enthuse perceptive minds
with the selfsame prosody.

for river flows in me,
lately and latently,
and my voice flows earthy
from the riverís head;
and river drowns in me
to live vicariously,
as our rhymes flow
from the selfsame riverbed.

© Copyright 2019 May 01
by Clyve A. Bowen♫
Written by cabcool
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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ending begining

He-man packing
female glancing
hormones racing
signals exchanging
footsie playing
eyes betraying
dampness seeping
blood engorging  
crouch expecting
cock erecting
thighs inviting
fanny tightening
throbbing gently
breathing heavy
heaving upwards  
breaking bronco
ringing changes
banging cymbals
linking people
loving simple  

Written by slipalong
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 27th June 2015
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Talking Shadows

I hear them clamor far away
Outside the realm of pensive thought
Inside the room that I've been brought
Inside the room where I should stay
At least that's what they seem to say
And if I try to run away
There's hell to pay if I get caught

They look at me with weary eye
Like I'm a puzzle to be solved
Insanity that's unresolved
And though I gladly let them try
To break me free from my mind's lie
I know that in the by and by
I'll never really be involved

For I live here inside my head
And I can say not only me
But all the others that I see
Who weave the thoughts that cause me dread
All sewn with some demented thread
That takes me where I fear to tread

A place where only we can be
Written by DavidChthonian
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 22nd Dec 2015
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Not Alone

We are dancing until the clouds have separated
And the raindrops have completely dissipated.
You will hold and grasp me as if the rosy petals
Are what you have left of me. As the dust settles
You see me standing there in the lucent halo of
Light like the holy angel you have fallen in love
With for the first time. It is like we are the only
Ones here. Does your heartbeat feel less lonely?
For everyone else you put on a faÁade or mask,
But you come to me fully unguarded and bask
In vulnerability you show to no one else. Trust
That no one has your heart like I do. We are lust
And love rolled into one perfect cocoon, but you
Are not alone. The stars and everything you knew
Have multiplied. Now you know what it is like to be
Loved as if you are the only thing besides the sea.
Written by eswaller
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Guardian of Shadows
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Dancing on Starlight

on nights when velvet skies
are dotted with sparkling stars
I think of you dancing across
the galaxy, with tails of moonbeams

the enigmatic smile, the lovely eyes
dreamily looking into their own
memories, or maybe a magical future
or thoughts of handprints in the heart

on dup nights reading your thoughts
sometimes you speak of your love
at times your hopes your dreams your fears
then, I could almost touch you

tears of happiness prickle my eyes
as you profess your love for the one
of sadness and sorrow as you grief
that is the strength of your words

I know you know pain and disappointment
I know you shook hands with fear
You had looked into the abyss
And knew the horror of what might be

a minute of your strength
will be of great length for me
a fraction of your endurance
can be an achievement for me

but through all those, the beauty
of being oneself, a screaming win
against waking nightmares
loving hard, and striding on stronger,

is your triumph.
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Joined 17th Feb 2018
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Multi-Purpose Room

Beg to make your cake and
eat it out there too.  

Slit it. Slather it. †
Baste it. Batter it.  
Soak it. Savor it. †
Such a tasty salt lick. †

Grab a utensil or four.  
Spatula and spoon it.  
Whisk until it canít take more.  †

[Insert candy thermometer. †
Monitor rise in temperature.]  

Spread it. Sample it. †
Work it to a froth.  
Separate it. Stuff it. †
Stick it with all youíve got.

Ding, pull it out.
Make like it is done.  
A steamy little treat,
baked perfectly for one.  


Written by Rachelleundrgrd
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 31st Dec 2015
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drumbeat in the rain
implores: be nude and dance
with gratitude

drumbeat in my heart
strips layers, leaving only
kindness, prayers

drumbeat of our parts
in sync- we musically
strike page with ink
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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