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Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
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Dancing with Words

Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Poetry Contest

Post a poem that uses a lot of rhyming, alliteration and plays with the sound of words throughout. Be it rhyming within lines or whatever, as long as it plays with the sound of words often.

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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RegularJohn said:

Are there any other rules, is erotica accepted?

Elizabeth Aldam
Strange Creature
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I hope so, I write erotica, LOL!

Twisted Dreamer
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It can be about anything :)

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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It Fits

To swill and spit in vivid skill, transmits
Skin-on-skin is no sin 'twixt prick and slit
As we slip, bit-by-bit into liquid
I lick within, giving limitless bliss
You sit, still, slick lips spill a viscid thrill
A shift, permits lucid splits of rim's brink
Quivering skirts the brim as we dive in
To live in infinite Elysium
Spirit linked spirit, affixed to our knit
Your stiff sprit with my clit lifts this summit  
Written by Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
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Dangerous Mind
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Winter Colours

What a wonder...
        winter colours
Sage and beige...
           and wintry green
Grasses tannish...
           shrubby purple
Silent whitely...
           peachy clean.
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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Dangerous Mind
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The Revenge of Honky-White-Trash-Kitty-Cat

NEVER laugh at the Cat!    
He won't get upset  
but he will pay you back.
He peed  on the Saxophone    
player's bow tie...    
while on the back    
of the sink it did lie.    
...It was drying...
 after it's weekly wash.    

And before going to work    
in the Case the Dude tossed    
it... right next to his sax, tucked under the lid...  
surely he hadn't a clue    
what was hid    
When he got to the gig, Dude prepped his position,  
Unpacked his sax and  applied the bow tie.    
As the show picked up tempo musicians grew warmer,    
The temps 'round the band  were starting to rise.    
Now that tie had been baptized with a heady solution.    
That soon permeated the breadth of the stage    
As the music got louder, the  musicians breathed deeply    
and leaned far away from the offensive bouquet.    
But... there was nought to be done,  as the tie must be worn    
for the whole of the program, beginning to end.
The gig was quite formal.. the Tux a requirement,    
Honky's Revenge was two hours of end-less aroma.  
And if there's a lesson it seems it's that
It NEVER pays off to laugh at the cat.    
Written by Ely (E.A.Rothwell)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sometimes ~

It’s good to just let go & lose your mind,
As I have done so many times before.
To bite your nails & suck out all the grime,  
To fall from grace & writhe nude on the floor.    
Don’t care if others see that I’m insane,  
It’s good to just let go & lose your mind.  
The times I’m indoors walking in the rain,  
There’s not a finer feeling, you will find.  
I don’t compare with any other kind:  
Deep-fry the calloused skin till crisp & dice    
It’s good to just let go & lose your mind,  
It’s better served on red wine jasmine rice.  
My specialty cuisine: a gourmet nut;  
If there’s a club like that where do I sign?  
With me you’ll never be stuck in a rut,  
It’s good to just let go & lose your mind!  
NaPo/GloPoWriMo 2019
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Birds Of Prey

No doubt, the perch of sorrow grows
over the trees, the humble rose,
black eyes of salve, they do not see
beyond the veil of devilry

a drone in prayer with rosary throat
over the sea and castle moat,
the tails of mice nailed to the sky
chalked above their fate, their lie

and oh, the breath will not succumb
to sentry watch both deaf and dumb,
and all our freedom we do sever
to kneel before the guilt of feather.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell
Thought Provoker
United States
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I Remember That Time

I remember that time,
That thyme I met,
My love, on which I was set,
He said he liked an item,
My hat, then with enthusiasm,
I mite add,
"It's the girl with the magic hat!"
He said when we met again,
The memory, I will always retain.
I gave him a letter in which I spoke in rhyme,
And told him about the thyme,
The time, in which I discovered him,
And who comforts my anxiety, him.
Then turned my head to cover my face,
Because it was going hot and red, my face.
When it was finally time to leave,
I wished I could stay for all thyme,
I was on cloud nine,
Our fates, they did intertwine.
Written by Orc_Pirate_68 (Sabrina Kirk-Caldwell)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Insights of the Soul

Transcendent truth, inhuman compassion  
altruistic love, measured retribution  
crystalline intellect, untainted sentiment  
inhabits illuminating immaculate vessel  

Residing in secret recesses of mortal spirit  
temporarily exiled from eternal repose  
three pillars hold the universe in its’ heights  

Repossession of inclination for exoneration  
invocation of deathless soul beseeching grace  
emotion and logic reconciled in absolute harmony
Written by inechoingsilence
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Thought Provoker
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Dancing in Flames

Her fingers flickered quickly
Darting digits disappearing
Stricking sparks swirling
To the music she's hearing    
Beads of sweat sizzling
Off her skins golden glow
Her hips hypnotising you        
Like flames burning slow  
Arms twisting, legs twirling  
She's spreads like bush fire
Her hot moves draw you in  
Consumed by your own desire
Singe me, brand me, burn me      
You wish to lick her flames 
To play with fire is dangerous
But who can resist her game
Written by Miss_Blue
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Fire of Insight
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The Mallard

a story, in verse,
with my apologies to Edgar Allen Poe,
and to anyone with a fetish for popcorn,
    or spinsters,      
    or ducks
    Once upon a May’s day, cheery, as I pondered, gay but weary,      
Weary from the din of ducks amassing near my backyard door.      
    While I nodded, noontime-napping, dreaming that I heard some quacking,
    Mallard drake was gently quacking, quacking at my backyard door.      
“He’s just looking for a handout, quacking at my backyard door.      
                                                                        Only this and nothing more.”
    Dreamt I'm hungry for a snack, and fetched some popcorn from the back, and
Poured it in a dish for that and opened up the oven’s door.      
    Eagerly I set the timer, strong was my popcorn desire!      
    Oven’s Bell! I got excited, and I spilled some on the floor,      
In the kitchen, near the door, a little popcorn on the floor.      
                                                                        Only that and nothing more.
    Thrilled with my hot buttered treat, I took the bowl back to my seat, and,
Thinking to myself, “I spilled some. Maybe, I should pop some more?”      
    While I dreamt of popcorn popping, quacking that I heard, not stopping
    Duck outside now loudly quacking, quacking at my backyard door.      
It can smell that buttered popcorn, lying near the kitchen door.      
                                                                        A hungry duck, and nothing more.
    Through the backdoor window peering, hungry quacking I was hearing,      
Dreaming to myself that I should sweep the popcorn off the floor.      
    What about that duck I’m hearing? It could help with popcorn clearing      
    If I let the duck inside, now quacking at my kitchen door.      
It will eat the popcorn spilled there, popcorn lying on my floor.      
                                                                        Feed it popcorn, nothing more.
    Feeding popcorn to that drake soon proved to be a big mistake, that      
Mallard drake ate all the popcorn spilled upon my kitchen floor.      
    Now that duck’s fulfilled its mission, time to make it leave my kitchen!      
    Duck inside needs prompt eviction, quacking that it wants some more.      
It can smell my bowl of popcorn, quacking that it wants some more.      
                                                                        Quoth the Mallard “Popcorn! More!”
    Duck was fast and clearly able, flew upon my kitchen table,      
Eating all my buttered popcorn right from out my popcorn bowl!      
    Damn that duck for stealing popcorn, eating all my buttered popcorn!      
    Duck inside with wings a-flapping, quacking that it wants some more.      
I went to fetch more popcorn and discovered that there was no more.      
                                                                        Then the bird said “Popcorn! More!”
    Angry now, popcorn bereft, my outrage on that duck beset, I      
Shooed my fow’l popcorn pest from off my table to the floor.      
    Popcorn thief showed no contrition, as I chased it ‘round my kitchen
    Cursing it to fowls’ perdition, as it flapped across the floor!      
Stared at me with strong suspicion, then it waddled out my door.      
                                                                        Silence then and nothing more.
    Flustered by that duck, now vexed, I dreamt that I should calm myself, by
Walking to the cineplex, to watch a movie and unwind.      
    On the way, while walking there, I dreamt the day was bright and fair, and
    I enjoyed some clean, fresh air, no longer lacking peace of mind;      
Suddenly, I heard the blare of hungry quacking from behind!      
                                                                        Think I’m going to lose my mind.
    My anxiety came back when, whereupon that hungry quack from      
Mallard duck, my walk bushwhacked, as toward the cineplex I plied;      
    Soon, the ticket window reaching, with that hungry quacking screeching,
    Ticket window lady preaching, “You can’t bring that duck inside!”      
Spite against all my beseeching, by her rules I must abide.      
                                                                        Overreaching rules? He’ll hide!
    By that duck, denied my entrance, dreamt I feigned a measured temperance.
Mallard duck my new apprentice, whom I now must sneak inside.      
    In my trousers I must stuff that menace of a hungry duck if      
    I am to have any luck and win my entrance, get inside.      
I must hide that stupid duck within my trousers, to abide.      
                                                                        Silly rules now brushed aside.
    Bought some popcorn, found my seat, I sat down next to sisters, sweet old
Ladies sitting in their seats, just chatting calmly next to me.      
    Eating popcorn in my seat, and feeling kicking from webbed feet, my
    Zipper, opened, Mallard beak poked out from trousers, so to breathe.      
Spinster sitting next to me can not believe what she now sees!      
                                                                        Just a duck that needs to breathe.
    Hungry duck has found my popcorn, duck’s head buried deep in popcorn;
Spinster seethes with fear and scorn, believing I’m enacting porn.      
    Spinster sitting next to me elbows her sister, for to see, what      
    She mistakes as part of me, a private part she should not see!      
Worldly sister smiles with glee, “That’s nothing that we haven’t seen.”      
                                                                        “Seen One, and you’ve seen them all!”
    Spinster sitting next to me keeps gawking at the part of me that      
She believes that she can see, a shocking masturbation scene.      
    Sound of duckbill mastication, munching popcorn, no cessation,      
    In the dark, duck’s head’s gyration, crunching popcorn, is a blur.      
Believes that I am masturbating, in my popcorn, just for her.      
                                                                        Exposed, indecently, to her.
    Spinster sitting next to me elbows her sister frantically, but      
Worldly sister casually just waves it off with just a laugh.      
    Hungry duck then finds her popcorn, frantic spinster’s box of popcorn
    Duck’s head flips her box airborne and dumps it all upon her lap.
When it tries to eat the popcorn, I receive a righteous slap!
                                                                        Shocked awake from noontime's nap!
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Edinburgh's Tragic Circle

That break-in at Fettes caused an eddy
in Edinburgh and beyond.  Disguised
as ALF the act was the epitome
of criminality. Police estranged ...
... from judiciary almost forever.
Nimmo and Friel sent to exorcise
belief in the Magic Circle - whether
true or not. To undermine and despise ...
... those who try to enlighten and inform.
Yet, Dervaird's epitath and elegy
"admitted being indiscreet" and forms
the opinion of a felony.
The 'non-existent' cabal the envy
of crooks of a certain predilection;
forces integrity to the exit.
Written by AnonymousBystander
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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As Pure As Sure As Azure Blue

The ink in my veins like a trip of the brain runs as pure as azure blue,
The blood from my pen flows dense like my Zen and as sure as I do.
Like smoke I just blew the mirror will skew when visions become impaired,
There I’ll stake claim and name the blue flame for the love I have declared.
By my own admission I’m not a magician, I’m just a lover of the word,
But blue is the color that’s hot under my collar which totally gets me stirred.
It’s the shade that describes and gives out the vibes and puts me in the mood,
I fancy the soft hue like feelings just flew then flow with fine attitude.
Just like the ocean it’s deep with emotion and paints the most beautiful sky,
In the prettiest swirl for the entire world in azure blue I wish I could dye.

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