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Darkest Poem

poet Anonymous


come at me fast and hard

Secret deadly lust
force your way in
make it hurt so bad
loudly I beg of you

wrap your insanity around me

we both know
this is fucked up
razors and blood
this makes me so hot

slither your tongue this way, baby

guns and knives
hidden sinister freaks
carve your hard lust
deep into my cracked scars

use your sharpest blade on me

flip my switch
watch the demented in me
ooze from every pore
and you'll lick it all up

let me fucking use you

Ill let you own me
together we are damaged
one mess of the minds
2 lunatics in love

waited my whole life for you

you can never hide
whats deep within your soul
hot sweaty sexy pain
love all of whats inside
of me, especially the

poet Anonymous

In the dead of the night

poet Anonymous

Girl in the Portrait

Concealed… under the bed
Seeping fluid of red
Whilst you were asleep
Evening mist creeps
Flesh passes its lips
Your heartbeat slips
And is with you in the bedroom
And daylight falls into a gloom

Prays on lonesome victims
Is not vindictive
Just a predatory creature
Of carnivorous nature
Wants you
The bird that flew
Away from the monster of the wardrobe
When you are alone

Teeth sharper than a scalpel
So light the candle
It could well happen
And so painful to handle

The pulse is pounding
The storm is howling
Replaces the mist
The blizzard drift
A blackout in town
And… no, it’s not a clown
But he or she stalks the girl in the portrait
This story is getting morbid
poet Anonymous

On The Loose

Just in case my intellect perplex
I have a mental capacity that exceeds insanity
Having made a complete cipher
On the scales of reality

being born with intent
I was never afraid to commit
Injected with the serum for suicide
I'm veering towards homicide

From an omnipotent vantage point, I see everything from above
Except the murderer hiding in the alcove
Stabbed in the back, spliced from my center of being
I realize I'm bounded to Baal, creator of demons

Ripping the fabric of time to unite
Breaking into my psyche to set my mind right
Previously mentioned I'm bent towards committing
Pacing in the alley to keep from sitting

Slob running down from the corner of my mouth
I've gotta make a sacrifice before Baal takes me out
Baal my main man, major point of contact
But only as long as the bodies are bloody and the train's on track

I've gotta keep my mind focus
To appear from out of no where like hocus pocus
"Slashed his throat
Pulled him back into the alley

Control the adrenaline, get a handle
Take off his clothes, then light the candles"
Perform the proper ritual, before the blood stops flowing
Rip the pockets off, then leave the body showing

Another offering but he's still not satisfied
Says I'm wasting time I've gotta get one worth while
I broke into the church, had to use the back door
Like Satan, the serpent, I slid down the corridor

I know he's here I can smell the Holy Ghost
Only slitting his throat won't even come close
I nailed him off to the pulpit
Then started slicing, and dicing in a mad fit

But not deep enough to kill him, I just want to make him bleed
I get satisfaction out of giving Baal what he needs
I can hear him beg and plead
But it's to late, agony is how I feed

From all the slash I start to tire
Besides he's gotta be alive, so that he can watch the fire
Drenching the building with the fuels of hatred
Instinctively bringing forth a plan been embedded

Being offered as a sacrifice to Baal is what this one dreaded
I had to cut his tongue out because of the crying
It makes me jealous to watch someone else dying
Always them and never me

I can hear the doctors whispering or at least trying
"How's he still living with a severed spine
His arm looks like he lives to pop a vein
And his cerebral fluid has been drained"

But I remember pulling the blade out
Giving Baal's name a shout
Then slitting his throat before before the scream reached his mouth
After passing out

I awoke strapped to a slab
Feeling like a rat in a lab
Repeating Baal's name with six
My pulse picked up quick

The bed rose up off the floor
And the room began to glow
Baal stepped out of the light, and touched my big toe
And I knew without a verbal contract there're certain things I owe

After leaving the church I can't go far though
Just far enough to watch the show
In the alley I feel safe enough for another hit
Pop a vein right quick, then feel Baal pull me down into the pit

In the pit, my mind becomes a blank page
With the heading, "Destructive Psychopath On The Rampage"
Because loyalty to Baal is something that you just can't fake
The thought of another victim makes my eyes bleed and my body shakes

It's worse than a frenzy
It's like being caught between dimensions
In a place where a kiss is a bite
And doing wrong is right

I remembered Baal stepping back into the light
Although I was still strapped, I knew I had the might
But I'm gonna wait, they'll be back
then it'll be my turn to probe and hack

Reminiscing like this takes my high to a new plateau
And I can see the girl whose head I crushed with a car door
In the alley we were supposed to indulge in sin
Share pleasures of the vial again and again

But after one fix, Baal entered the mix
I was supposed to bash her head in with a brick
But she wasn't carrying one in her car
With a blank page in my head, and an imagination just as far

I slammed the needle into her eye
And decided to improvise
But first things first I'm having guest
They want to open my chest and perform more rigorous test

Boy do I have a surprise for you
Seems they don't make straps like they use to
The fear in their eyes
Makes me so high

The room starts to float
With one hand around a scalpel and another around a throat
They were all trying to be first to look into my tomb
But now no one wants to meet their doom

But with Baal holding the door
I can take my time and really soar
Will there ever be a time when there is a demand
For someone who knows how to slice a man into strands

Totally enveloped in the mission at hand, seems I cut myself
Not to worry Baal will take all until there's nothing left
I was worried about an escape
But you'ld be surprised what can be done with a straight face

Walked out like I was an intern
It was so easy I almost made a u-turn
But there's things to do, missions to be accomplished
Baal once said "raw brains is a succulent dish"

But I'm not into cannibalism
Just taking the one thing that I could never give them
Its in me to be creative, continuously devising
New ways for chastising and demising

Those that keep rising or arriving
The wrong place at the wrong time
Is a concept devised
With me in mind

Dedicated to making you perform the three S's
Once the mission's begun never second guessing
Making you scream, shake, and shit
Feeling myself being forced out of the pit

I find myself in front of the most beautiful blaze ever
Seems someones torched a church, how clever
It takes me to that other level
Where skulls are crushed and limbs are severed

I once asked to remain in the pit
In a frame of mind of continuous hit
But Baal objected said, "there was nowhere sit
Besides the world needs more sadistic shit"

More than enough of a reason
For me to return to reality and start pleasing
Kicked out of heaven having ascend back up to earth
I smelt her perfume and it ask to be first

I followed her two blocks
Everyone at the fire seemed to be in shock
No one wanted to celebrate
Not realizing I''m just a part of fate

Because sooner or later it's your turn
You only know how you came, but not how you'll go out
Baal said, "you're here to make life shorter for mere mortals
That try to control the portal"

While staring into one of to many eyes
I can see why Baal was idolized
Being older than time
He's a reason to give the ax a grind

He started me following at a safe distance
"You know how, cut through the alley and jump the fence
It put me ahead of her, but this way
She gets to look death in the face

In this frame of mind I just might give raw brains a taste
As she walks by I can hear her thoughts
Something about the soap and water should've won
That I supposedly fought

Doesn't matter though, becoming no more than her shadow
Continuously closing in as I follow
By the time she realizes she has company
She'll be helping the grass to grow

Finding the place in her back, where the crank should go
I slammed it in really hard, then turned it really slow
Spun her around and clamped on a serious lip lock
The air that she breathe for a scream or a shout is sucked out

The situation is so erotic I nearly straddle her there
Sucking on her lungs harder, while pulling on a fist full of hair
Passers can't help but stare
At two lovers showing that they truly care

But I've gotta get rid of the body
Before the blood collects
Or some fool decides to inspect
Back to the alley is like a natural reflex

Took my time trying to put a hickey on a corpse's neck
Then I slammed her in a garbage bin, never get caught up with sex
Once the body stops moving, the passion is gone
Common sense returns and it's time to move on

Tomorrow I've an appointment with my therapist
Just to let him compare me to other sadist
How can he agree with a world that labels me wrong
When the verdict returns different beat, but the same song

I while worshiping Baal may be consider corrupted
But I'm not dirtying the earth, I'm cleaning it up
Those that fornicate for worldly gain
False prophets that can recite the scripture

But can't bear the pain
Down to those that follow a code that they know is insane
Baal once said, "think of a better waste
For the time that you've spent

And I'll make the voices stop
And the sickness relent
Don't you know your ability to carry out any mission
And your willingness to please

It's a gift within yourself
Sometimes you even scare me"
I start hearing whispers of omnipotence
Soon I'm equaling even surpassing his strength

I cant think of a single reason why I should repent
For in my mind reality is no longer at my beck and call
I'm in a world where everyone's exposed
Here's a few headlines as my tomb close

Nov.28 three homeless suspects arrested
Seems they found a baby's body and decided to test it
When questioned one reportedly said
Since the baby wasn't living

And it being so close to Thanksgiving
A government funded team
Has been assigned to determine how much air we breathe
Seems they've found a way to tax something else we need

It has been determined that without the rain forest
Mankind is doomed
When questioned as to the destruction of so much
Baal said, "to make room"
poet Anonymous


I found myself, caught, tangled up, in Lucifer's
dream catcher.
Contrary to, what, one might, assume.  
Even, the devil, sleeps.  
to my surprise, he dreamt of me.  
When I was a girl, I remember,
Sitting in Lafayette cemetery.  
Writing love letters, to Azazael.  
My heart, bled, words, onto parchment.  
Spilling, my darkest secrets, acting out, the hidden fantasies,  that long while, played through,  my head.
My desires, that were, unfathomable, among
my peers, I would sit there, in the company
of crows.  In peace, with the ominous,  comfort, of stillness, and piercing silence.  
I mourned, my own death.  With, the guilt.  
I had proclaimed, myself, a murderer.  
When,  I whited out, her name.  
I became, the ghost, haunting, myself.
Hell, had become,  my home.  
I had grown, too comfortable,  there.  
I had stayed there, for so long, that I started to decorate.  Writing my confessions.  
My dearest, Azazael, brought roses
to place,  on my grave.  
I could see, my tragedy, lingering,  in his smile.
My skin, defiled, by,  my own hand.  
The ghost, of my,  inner child, protesting.
Screaming,  inside my head.  
Haunting me, relentlessly, in her efforts.
An attempt, to cling,  to my innocence.  
Wasted, with my,  child like, dreams.  
I wore,  my depravities, like, a signature.  
He offered me, a fine Bourbon,
aged along, with my, memories.  
In exchange, for my,  allegiance.  
With,  every drink, I downed, my fantasies,
transformed,  into memories. I would create.
The crows would sing my eulogy
while he slept.  
Crowds, would gather, at stone monuments.
They wept tears, for their departed.  
No one,  cried for me.  
Only the black birds, with their,  melancholy
songs, paying tribute, to another,  dead poet.
I still think about, a little girl,
soaking in the sunshine,
with daisies in her hair.
I remember,  the constellations, sparkling
in her eyes, and, how she use to smile
at the boys during recess.  
How she would,  day dream, about a big wedding, with dancing, and, a grand piano, playing a song, taken, from, one of the poems,
she wrote,  in her diary.  
When,  she use to laugh,  at their jokes,
before, she went to the woods, with Billy.  
Before, the darknes, swallowed,  her dreams.
When, he planted the seeds, in Lucifer's garden. The stars died, in her eyes.
She bled,  into the soil, her tears, watered the grass.  He, heard, her curse the scriptures.  
From a slumber, he licked her wounds,
as he, whispered,  Azazael's name.  
The pitch black night, turned to day.  
She thought about, sparrows, drinking nectar,
under a clear blue sky, with the sunlight,  warming her face,  again.  
The forest, was cold, and lonely.  She wanted to hear the birds sing.  
She changed, with the seasons, when the crow, crowed,  inviting her to autumn.
Somehow,  she was fluent,  in his language.  
The conversation,  carried on,  with the falling, of departed, leaves, escaping, their confinement, from, the trees. She confided in the crow,  telling him, all about,  how,
She hated,  the boys, and, the way the trees,
were judging her.  She could feel it,  rooted into the ground,  where she sat,  feeling it, tipping her scales.  The imbalance, had offended her.  The wind,  blew through her hair,  provoking her rage.  The dark Libra,  had awaken,  Her ideologies of love, carried away, with the shadow, of her eclipsed heart.
She hated the Sun, and, the lies, its rays, had  spoke to her,  she had forsaken, all hope, and abandoned faith, of anything good, left in a world,  ruled by man.  Humanity, and decency, were words, that no longer,  resonated with her.  Kindness, no longer served her. She expected nothing,  but pain. Her truth, and faithful, companion.  The one thing, proven to be constant, in her reality. The only thing, certain,  was death would come,  eventually.
She hated, being the girl, that smiled at boys.
She watched the sky,  shift to grey,
followed the crow out of the forrest, when
it was time, to fly out of that place.  She dreamt of New Orleans, and, would make her way, eventually.  A city,  dark, like her.  With, witch craft, beating in her, tired heart.  
She picked up a razor, and cut the summer, away, frozen,  with her winter.  Moments passed, never passing at all. She found sanctuary, in the cemetery. Aeons from, a home,  she never lived in. She found a life, among the dead,  writing hymns, for the, winged, midnight feathered, creatures, that would come to comfort her.  Gifts from Azazael,  companions, to inspire, her blood, soaked offerings, dedications to the damned.
Her secret, now, a stain, on my memory.  
After living a life, filled with regret.
Passion, dwindling, with the sand, in my hour glass.  Time, bats her eye lashes,  at me.
I still drink Bourbon, on Saturday nights.
While I ponder, and wonder,
if he still reads my letters,
or if the crows, ever stopped singing?
poet Anonymous

Drug Induced Deprecation

Push the plunger down once or thrice
don't need no nurse
his own fucking doctor

Mr hedonistic self abuser if you please
discarded bottles
broken glass pipes
blood stained carpet dos house

Dragon chasing double dropped steam roller
forgot to eat let alone the day

a self perspective
call it drug induced psychosis
marked for death
with a life extended execution sentence

Tolerance is like a bad itch
when you can stop scratching
you don't want to
when you want to stop scratching
you can't

One of lifes riddles indeed

poet Anonymous


Darkness rears
in like a beast;
visions of demons
and dragons  
come to life,
like the boogie man,
creeping in from
a black hole,
portal from another
dimension in time.
A basket  
of shredded hay
lies beneath  
the executioner's log;
I bend my knees,
I stretch my neck,
waiting for the blade to fall.
A final stare  
as I hold my breath,
looking way beyond
the sea of restless souls;
I swallow deep,
as clear light
becomes fog.
The final vision
I bring with me
is my jerking body,
the trickle of red lymph,
soaking the ground,
the blue sky fading
as I say goodbye  
to a dreadful world.
poet Anonymous

My new Food Processor.

Gaudy curls and ribbons-
that sluff from the bones
of plebians caught up in:
another spinning tomb.
They're everywhere here,
hidden behind doors or-
underneath rug-trapdoors:
rotating jaws, all sacred keys.
Keys to meet your God,
whoever that may be,
or maybe burn down there;
for all eternity.
I don't really care,
I just want to drink,
the blood of men-
So come to join me.
Come to my house,
so that you may see,
my lovely lovelies;
spinning, grinding machines.
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