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Darkest Poem

poet Anonymous

Street Corner Love

Your softest touch sets fire to my cold flesh. As I inhale your scent, all my problems begin to fade. Laying with you inside my arms, I crave to be closer. The joy of being with you never seems to last. Smiles become memories as your bruises paint my body. Days go by as I feel your hatred grow upon me. You wonít leave me until I leave you. Itís been tried before and ached for your gentle touch. Sitting alone in my room I missed the outside world. With you by my side you were my world. This is the type of love you only find once. The type of love that can be bought on any street corner.
poet Anonymous

Finding Peace in Death

Dreams arise like the sun on the horizon;
Tranquil memories only to be forgotten.
Cast ashore with no way to survive;
Iím stuck in the middle not dead or alive.
Reaching for the stars only to fail;
Iím so white that I can no longer be called pale.
Colorless as a ghost with skin as cold as ice;
My own mother canít even look me in the eyes.
The feeling of disappointment deep within my soul;
Knowing I have to eventually let go.
Forgive and forget they always say;
If I had one wish itíd be to stay.
As time starts to run thin;
The heart monitor beebs and the tears begin.
Watching my mother cry is something Iíll never forget;
Leaving her in this world alone will be my only regret.
As Death comes to greet me I must leave behind;
The life that once was known as mine.

poet Anonymous


Creep in silence, morbid one,
creep in chaos, mindless fun.
Drag yourself along to me,
drag the chains you need not leave.
Stare ahead straight on to me
hardly a mind left to still see
how I enslave and you pursue  
to reach me when I call to you.
From the depths you resurrect
your crumbling bones as they infect
every creature you come upon,
but I am immune to all you bring on.
How I love your deadpan stare
I glow white before you there
in my stony earthen crypt
deeper than roots above that drip.
Bare your teeth to bite my flesh,
I'll fight back 'till there's nothing left.
You will lie twitching in the dust,
your strife will only feed my lust.
Knowing you at last, are mine
and never again will any one find
us to seperate us so,
my soul presses on with you in tow.
Oh, my lonely, morbid one,
killing you has been such fun.
poet Anonymous

Dark Road

Down the dark road, my addiction lives

I canít seem to forget the address

It sits right there, in the back of my mind

Reminding me, of stolen time

Like the sands of an hourglass becoming grains of salt

The bitterness creates a mountain

Try as i may, i work with might

I wake up sweating on a sleepless night

My resolve is hardened, my fist a rock

I pray for a breakthrough

Don Zimmerman

poet Anonymous

Blood of my blood

The world is falling apart.
Bombs whistling down,
Broken people
Never to be fixed.
None of it matters to me.
Right now, right here,
in this place
on the floor
As I sweat and struggle,
Arms grappling to grasp the body of my child Ė
my child in the body of a man,
a body whose strength nearly matches mine,
a body ready to strike,
a fist that has already punched me in the face,
a mind burning with panic and fury.

He hits me, I say.
It happens when he gets mad.
We are working on it.
There is help for that, she says, and sips her coffee.
Youíre not alone.
Call this number.
Try this place.
They will help.
Not my husband, I say.
Itís my son.
Oh, she says. And then she is silent.
I am alone.

I know Iím not.
Not alone, that is.
There is help for that, and we have sought it.
Beyond the therapistís office,
neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend,
full of shame,
I have whispered my story.
Sometimes I even find
the other mothers who fill their days
watching, waiting, wondering:
What will happen next?
Can I head off the next explosion?
Why didnít I see this storm coming?
Is my baby safe in another room?
What is this doing to my middle child?
What kind of life is this?
Will I ever feel normal?
And most of all:
Why him, Hashem, why him?

These questions do not matter.
Right now, right here,
in this place
on the floor,
in a mist of sweat and tears,
with my arms around my child,
keeping him as safe as I can.
I hate you, he snarls, as I
pant with the effort of keeping him still.
I feel like youíre giving up on me.
Never, I reply. Never.
poet Anonymous

Take me home precious Lord

As I dye my lips in prayer oh lord
rid me of these demons that provoke me
provide me with faith and piece of mind
I am weary O lord save me from these people
take my hand precious lord lead me home
take me away as the tears drip down my face
this life this world is not my own
I have had enough please save me
take this angel back to heaven
if this is my punishment Lord I am sorry
I am in pain again this morning
I've tried my best lord, this life is to much for me
my soul is lonely and cold in this world Lord
I'm sure you know how I feel
like a sheep that has lost his fold
O gentle shepherd lead me home
Lord hear my cry and lead me home
I love you I'm sorry for all I have done
I am but your humble sheep
save me from these wolves, these evil spirits
take your loving angel home lord I am ready.
poet Anonymous

Conceived Aborted

tell me where to stand
and regulate my behavior
the dogmas of the damned
Stockholm syndrome savior
cancer is king
infamy trends of truth, outlawed
when death is love
and your appetite is god
eat to indulge
glutton for the fire
when your sickness is your cure
and you're governed by desire
embrace the defect
redefine the nature of existence
your lie will never tell true
despite the vanity of your persistence
oh God, was I born fated
or fated to be born again
created flawless
yet conceived aborted
the altercations of our sin
laying a depraved charge on me
when lawlessness is mistaken for freedom
your chains are the trademark of your liberty
for conscience sake and sear
shut me out till your voice is all you hear
giving utterance to void
I hope hell is worth the death that you enjoyed
you call this living as you squander your lungs
and forfeit the inheritance of breathing
speak the deception of the devil's tongues
when its your pleasure to see me bleeding
you dont know what sacrafice is
and you call consequence persecution
as you make home in the prison of your mind and rot in your own institution
don't mistake the rod for the sword
when you refuse to see the love in the correction
led to the gallows of a self governing lord
the flesh is its own infection...
poet Anonymous

Vapor (instrumental by Headphone Activist x Morzfeen)

poet Anonymous

Kiss of Death (A Love Poem)

Woo me with your sweet words of passion
Attempting to sweep me off my feet
Speaking kindly, softly killing my thirst for blood
Exposing your ugliness that covers your even uglier soul
Ugly creature that comes from the swamps
That have to wear a mask to cover up the beast behind
Filthy like the swamp water down in the bayou
Where I let my enemies drown and hearing their cries at night
Trying to find where you fit in, craving attention
I puncture you with my talons, feed you to my offspring
Shit you out where you go back to the sewage you came from
I bury you where I find you
Writing on your tombstone "Here lies..............Insignificance" (Spit)
And giving your dreadful eulogy with a smile
Placing a bed of dead roses to show my condolences
Gathered around your grave, smoking and letting the ashes fall where you lie
Summoning you back to this earth plane where you will suffer
Until you figure out who you are fucking with
Bringing you back to life so you can die again, and again, and again
When I pull you close and gaze into your deceitful eyes
And Tell you.......... "I love you"

May you forever rest in devastation
Love Always, The_Element
poet Anonymous


As forgotten land to rise in minds willing of false wisdom
Desert sorcery blows updraft within middle-age kingdom
John Dee's medium scrying dark vision of an age to come
This next race of Torah golem made from the nether one,

So usurped law brought energy from matter prime power
Raising a god of reason upon a pedestal as our ego tower
Into five centuries this global cabal to link all task at hand
The dark arrangement of demonic force across our lands,

First piece solved being atomic trinity fire into 2nd war sky
Such a child of this dawn suddenly let their black sun hide
Now dream a darkened sleep the mind perception to flow
To cause matter from energy their global scheme into tow,

A net of consciousness in a binary spelling the magic going
Here artificial nervous system was given blind soul sowing
Each cloud of thoughts on file flying through the mental lie
Network lines to a false body as digital link to a hidden ride.
poet Anonymous

Misery Lives In Me

Misery lives in me.
It claws at my lungs as I try to breath.
It closes my throat as I struggle to scream.
It blinds my eyes to the truth all can see.
That love can be found, but never by me.
The tears shed in anger, the tears shed in fear.
The tears shed for the loss of one once held dear.
It tears at my heart to bloodied to beat.
It closes me off from the good in all that I meet.
Shut out from the light, no will left to fight.
I look in the mirror, into my eyes.
And feel pity for the man who everyday dies.
But in a life filled with fear, I am finally free.
I find comfort in the thought, that misery lives in me.
poet Anonymous

I..... Am.....Witch

I have no dripping honey for you today
Join me in the abyss of immortally where two hearts seductively play
Dark loving as the night stalks
Drops of sacred blood unto thee as the clock slowly tick tocks

Drink of me, sink into the legendary of my seductive sins
Shredding of our inhibitions as wicked passion for us begins
At the throne of enlightenment our souls never end

The moon spellbinding in its illustrious grace
Captivating you into the night with love potions found in the honey of my taste
Veil of a sexual ancient witch, invading your bed space
Tempting you with red silk, black lace

I am the Lilith of the dark, Jezebel by sight
Fulfilling your sexual delicacies until dawnís early light
Through a passage you become mine ordained by cosmic rites
Soar with me as ecstasy awaits
The benediction of your desired fate
Touch me tenderly, whispered spells to compel

Coveting your earthly soul
As my male concubine you will obey as ecstasy of us consoles
United spirits as one, on earth I shall control

My famished tongue feasting up and down your skin I hungrily patrol
Under my spell, no heart will ever be devoid
Locking you within my sweetest lair, bowing down
Sweet love lashes engraved deep into your skin, with every thrusting pound
My signature moon with my haloed crown, inner thigh it shall be found
Marked submissive unto me, without making a fuss or sound

Harken unto my most sacred, clandestine, and forbidden desires
As we burn in rapture lust giveth, breathlessly to retire
Interwoven souls consumed within an internal lake of fire
poet Anonymous


Old kids who really like music we play
Over your body my knees trying to tame
It's love, but it's like being told
Put me through it's okay I forgive

Babies out of reach, yeah revenge is bitter
Allies turn rivals in times
Out I'll fight the urge to explore the vastness
Of your sun hold on, hold tight parker

And from now on a sinking ship
Still alive just incase everything is fine
We'll start it was your honesty
A gold digger where there's gold, there's a voice

Were meant to induce acts of likewise behavior behavior
It's just enough for you
Right I, and I crave your holiday
This my way to find waters run my peace

And from now on a sinking ship
Still alive just incase everything is fine
We'll start it was your honesty
A gold digger where there's gold, there's a voice

Disappear break it I don't mind it anymore, 'cause
It makes sense to me I waste concrete
The fridge, from the bed sit back, let the
Chemicals find their place before desperate heroes

And from now on a sinking ship
Still alive just incase everything is fine
We'll start it was your honesty
A gold digger where there's gold, there's a voice
poet Anonymous


Blood and flesh, flesh and blood
Time to feed the devil
And watch him fuck

Virgin pleading, see her bleeding
Satanís grinning, his stomachís churning
She is so tender and succulent

The master has feasted, and is sated
For a taste weíve patiently waited
May we have bite, or a bone to suck?

A virgin meal, sweet as veal
Uncorrupted flesh, par broil till ideal
Evil cannot eat enough, of flesh untouched

We are encouraging, girls who are listening
Preserve your purity, for the more worthy
Hell values virginity, more than the Holy Trinity

So keep that hymen intact
On all Hallowed Eve
Weíll be back, for a snack!
poet Anonymous


Writhe with the maggot horde, gass expands the flesh taut, sunken eyes inside the dissolved grey matter.
Lips peel back for a better view of the vermin condition,
the rotting religion,
cathedral made of putrid hemorrhage,
the hymn's sung with the notes of foul depravity,
rotting tongue licks the wind with new found atrocities,
pulsating puss bursts from the anal licentiousness.
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