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Darkest Poem

Guardian of Shadows
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I am Death

Tender I in rising be
Among the fields where humans are
Going about their merry ways
Uncaring of the consequences
Multiply do they
In abandon
Full of glee
For what they sow
Not so true
With what they reap

When I come to claim
What I am destined
To take
They scream and kick
Against the post
Imbibing in portions
All so useless
When the time comes
Nothing still my scythe
To pluck to cut or merely take

I come not in my full splendour
I come within a simple whisper
Times up I say
And lead you away
I come with the roar of trucks
I come with the water bubbles
I come in induced dreams
In fiery conflagration
Indeed I come in many forms
But not the hooded scythed
Groaning figment most depicted.  

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Strange Creature
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Street Corner Love

Your softest touch sets fire to my cold flesh. As I inhale your scent, all my problems begin to fade. Laying with you inside my arms, I crave to be closer. The joy of being with you never seems to last. Smiles become memories as your bruises paint my body. Days go by as I feel your hatred grow upon me. You won’t leave me until I leave you. It’s been tried before and ached for your gentle touch. Sitting alone in my room I missed the outside world. With you by my side you were my world. This is the type of love you only find once. The type of love that can be bought on any street corner.
Written by Judd517
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Strange Creature
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Growing on the outside as it grows on the inside

Growing up it was conjunction sumption ,rotten , and best gore.
Wild enough to churn the stomachs of my closest friends but not enough to scratch my itch.
Maybe not an itch but a giant void in the repetitive days I spend downloading the freshest smut to satisfy my urge.
It starts of slow with still frames and blurry images.
Then you graduate from 3 guys 1 hammer to isis beheadings.
Now when you show your friends they run to expel their lunch in your basement bathroom while you sit there and call them pussys.
They see the evil inside you growing before you even see any hatred in yourself.
Months go by and you’ve seen thousands of suicides, beheadings, and murders that even the messiest of them all has no affect on your internal being. As you shop for your girlfriends birthday present at the mall you mind begins to wander.
Eric Harris and Dylan klebold visit your thoughts.  
Thoughts of tec9s and remingtons laying waste to columbine high school.
You think outloud...“I could do that in this mall”  
Suddenly you imagine stalking the pacific sunwear and footlocker with various firearms all fit for a warzone.  
Months go by and nothing changes....
You pick up the exhilarating hobby of sport shooting, slowly collecting weapons of death but calling them hobbies.
As you log back onto your favorite smut site for the 5th time today you realize there is no more to see.  
Days go by and nothing...
Then something...
I can make my own custom tailored video to watch when i feel the need to gourge in gore.
Grabbing your go pro off your bike you strap it onto your chest.
“Just a quick video”
Unlocking the safe you find the weapon for the job..
“Ar15 .300 blackout with select fire trigger”
In a daze you find yourself sitting in the parking lot of that same mall you shopped at.
“What the fuxk!?”   Snapping out of it you return home to nothing.
Months go by and still nothing to watch,nothing to fill your need.
You haven’t taken your meds in 3 weeks now and it’s showing true.
 “ewww johnnie there’s a dead cat in the backyard get rid of it”
Washing your hands of what little life is left on them from your neighbors beloved pet.
Nothing ...
You hear the tv in the back room sound
“Local homeless man found dead”
“Oh my who could do such a thing” says your lover.
Opening your laptop to view fresh gore your joyed to see fresh content.
Fixated on the video playing you see a man beaten until death kisses his lips for the first and last time.
Watching the life leave his body as the camera zooms in.
Next to the expired being you notice familiar shoes onscreen.
Shoes your still wearing still stained with deep flavored blood.
As you look to see who posted the content your taken back to see it was you who posted the video.
“Fuckkkk” as you close your laptop down for the last time.
Laptop and shoes are swallowed once again from the ground it came from...
“This stays with me till death”
Months go by and nothing...
Awaken.. to a new laptop already logged into your old urges...
The evil has never stopped growing...
The hatred never grew...
Just the desire to make some videos to remember my years by...
screams of woman and children
You find yourself looking down the sights of a fully automatic weapon...
I can be who I want when I direct the film...
films aren’t real right?
Written by Judd517
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Twisted Dreamer
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Finding Peace in Death

Dreams arise like the sun on the horizon;
Tranquil memories only to be forgotten.
Cast ashore with no way to survive;
I’m stuck in the middle not dead or alive.
Reaching for the stars only to fail;
I’m so white that I can no longer be called pale.
Colorless as a ghost with skin as cold as ice;
My own mother can’t even look me in the eyes.
The feeling of disappointment deep within my soul;
Knowing I have to eventually let go.
Forgive and forget they always say;
If I had one wish it’d be to stay.
As time starts to run thin;
The heart monitor beebs and the tears begin.
Watching my mother cry is something I’ll never forget;
Leaving her in this world alone will be my only regret.
As Death comes to greet me I must leave behind;
The life that once was known as mine.

Written by InvisibleGirl
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Creep in silence, morbid one,
creep in chaos, mindless fun.
Drag yourself along to me,
drag the chains you need not leave.
Stare ahead straight on to me
hardly a mind left to still see
how I enslave and you pursue  
to reach me when I call to you.
From the depths you resurrect
your crumbling bones as they infect
every creature you come upon,
but I am immune to all you bring on.
How I love your deadpan stare
I glow white before you there
in my stony earthen crypt
deeper than roots above that drip.
Bare your teeth to bite my flesh,
I'll fight back 'till there's nothing left.
You will lie twitching in the dust,
your strife will only feed my lust.
Knowing you at last, are mine
and never again will any one find
us to seperate us so,
my soul presses on with you in tow.
Oh, my lonely, morbid one,
killing you has been such fun.
Written by PoetsRevenge
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Lost Thinker
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Dark Road

Down the dark road, my addiction lives

I can’t seem to forget the address

It sits right there, in the back of my mind

Reminding me, of stolen time

Like the sands of an hourglass becoming grains of salt

The bitterness creates a mountain

Try as i may, i work with might

I wake up sweating on a sleepless night

My resolve is hardened, my fist a rock

I pray for a breakthrough

Don Zimmerman

Written by dnzmemn66
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Strange Creature
United States
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Blood of my blood

The world is falling apart.
Bombs whistling down,
Broken people
Never to be fixed.
None of it matters to me.
Right now, right here,
in this place
on the floor
As I sweat and struggle,
Arms grappling to grasp the body of my child –
my child in the body of a man,
a body whose strength nearly matches mine,
a body ready to strike,
a fist that has already punched me in the face,
a mind burning with panic and fury.

He hits me, I say.
It happens when he gets mad.
We are working on it.
There is help for that, she says, and sips her coffee.
You’re not alone.
Call this number.
Try this place.
They will help.
Not my husband, I say.
It’s my son.
Oh, she says. And then she is silent.
I am alone.

I know I’m not.
Not alone, that is.
There is help for that, and we have sought it.
Beyond the therapist’s office,
neighbor to neighbor, friend to friend,
full of shame,
I have whispered my story.
Sometimes I even find
the other mothers who fill their days
watching, waiting, wondering:
What will happen next?
Can I head off the next explosion?
Why didn’t I see this storm coming?
Is my baby safe in another room?
What is this doing to my middle child?
What kind of life is this?
Will I ever feel normal?
And most of all:
Why him, Hashem, why him?

These questions do not matter.
Right now, right here,
in this place
on the floor,
in a mist of sweat and tears,
with my arms around my child,
keeping him as safe as I can.
I hate you, he snarls, as I
pant with the effort of keeping him still.
I feel like you’re giving up on me.
Never, I reply. Never.
Written by SmilingAndSeething
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Fire of Insight
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A spurned lady, alone and frustrated
Neglected by men she once dated
Compiled a long list
Of the cocks she had kissed—
And their owners, who garnished her hatred

Alone by the phone, she had waited
For long years, with her ego deflated
Now her rage is unleashed
Like a sword, now unsheathed
And those bastards would soon be castrated!

Now she rests, with her scheme now complete
Vengeance sated by trophies replete
With perverse circumspection
She admires her collection
Of severed and mounted man-meat!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Take me home precious Lord

As I dye my lips in prayer oh lord
rid me of these demons that provoke me
provide me with faith and piece of mind
I am weary O lord save me from these people
take my hand precious lord lead me home
take me away as the tears drip down my face
this life this world is not my own
I have had enough please save me
take this angel back to heaven
if this is my punishment Lord I am sorry
I am in pain again this morning
I've tried my best lord, this life is to much for me
my soul is lonely and cold in this world Lord
I'm sure you know how I feel
like a sheep that has lost his fold
O gentle shepherd lead me home
Lord hear my cry and lead me home
I love you I'm sorry for all I have done
I am but your humble sheep
save me from these wolves, these evil spirits
take your loving angel home lord I am ready.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Abusive father

Four and a half years old through a glass sliding door hit the wall bleeding as your mom gets her turn beaten and burned slapped around and forced as she cried in pain not for the act but for the fact that he made me watch... Baby I'm sorry she cried out to me filled with Wells overflowing as we both in pain bled in the comfort of each other's arms when he was done, made remarks as though I'm his lover and not his son, laughed as death threats were made about one million and one ways while waving around a blade. Subsequently as I got older I had a little brother who died in the arms of my mother from starvation, prayers to God didn't matter, just when you think it's over and life gets better I lost my mother, I lost my mother. On her birthday I was her celebration now on our birthday I light candles and buy flowers for what's left of her, just a unmarked grave in a yard no one visits as life goes on I'm grown but still relive the horror, alone and broken by a abusive Father.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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DARK DIMENSION (resurrect my inner demons)

Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
4,5,6, I stand on the highest mountain  
Walking on water reading the 10 commandments  
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
Hum to the Hymns of my worship
choir like sounds of darkness and death
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
I am a fucking monster don't try me
I can chant your name and make you feel pain
Or take your life away
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
recharge in the pyramids resurrected from the tombs
A king embalmed 6 hundred and 66 years old
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
walking in the 4th dimension and higher
load your rifle you can't stop me
crosses and holy water burned to ashes
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
letting the prophecy unfold soaked in your fucking blood
death to those who stand against me  
watch your steps I built to ascension  
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
upside down scriptures, read from the bottom right page
then the left page from the bottom
feel my presence feel my pain and rage  
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
seals on another level projection
hum to these hymns in a deep cold voice
worship your highness as you feel my power
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
I see you in the darkness Egyptian cats  
black snake's venom light of my chakra
skulls of blood and wine
Smoke this Marijuana resurrect my inner demons
Sounds of hysterical laughter in the shadows of darkness  
Smoke this fucking Marijuana let me unleash this anger
Marijuana, standing in the smoke and fire
sitting among the lions in the garden of Eden
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Testify Karma's a freaky bitch

Bitch let me testify to my crimes
murdering stifling bitches gasping  
this isn't sexy deep in fucking  
this isn't meant to be loving
what you did to me
I'm sitting in your ex's kitchen  
draped in all black as venom leaks through
seeping from my skin murder is my intention
you both in the bedroom discussing your business
I'm sitting in the kitchen with this bottle of Gin
bitch I love you but if you only moan or scream
somebody's gonna get it
honestly I'm there for your protection
lining up all the kitchen knives on the floor
you don't even know I'm outside
you ran out and meet me sitting there
cutting myself tears dripping from my eyes
he came onto you and I watched you give in
you fucked him but I loved you still
you begged me no to, the veins in my neck stand
blood red eyes, like a vessel burst inside
I plunged my fist into his face over and over again
blood painted the kitchen
as you continued to beg for his forgiveness
You have no idea how badly I wanna rip you to shreds
I resurrected all my inner legion's  
I wasn't gonna do it  
but you've been playing me for quite some time bitch
you to old for this, knowing that I am that I am
you try to hurt me like this, it was just a discussion huh?
I gave her a knife from the kitchen floor
as she looked at me like what the fuck for
I kissed her as she got down on her knees
she seemed to like the dark side of me
kill me or suck my dick bitch
slammed into the fridge
up against the wall as I get it in
penetrate deep with all this rage
she screamed and cum for me
squirts and screams as I went in balls deep
he laid there and watched me as he bleed
watching as he saw what rough looks like for real
big black stiff demon slamming into her innocence flower  
watch how my wife likes the pain as she cum again
tears fell from his face as his daughter just came in
curious as she just returned from work  
you fucked your ex  my wife  
it's about time I testify your daughter's payback, kinda
as you feel like death's waiting outside
I approach her as she willingly decide
watch me take her virginity dad
bend over and spread your legs like this
she willingly gave in without question as she wanted this dick
the sweet tender innocence
shit happens when you start to catch feelings  
but daam you can keep my ex
your daughter's been eyeing me  
and you treat her like garbage  
what a way for me to meet both your parents
yeah I liked milf's I thought you left him
I been trying to behave
but now I love your daughter  
as you both sit there feeling sick as I should have been
I love that Karma's a freaky bitch
I already treated he good now she's finally loving the sex
Look how Karma's a bitch.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Conceived Aborted

tell me where to stand
and regulate my behavior
the dogmas of the damned
Stockholm syndrome savior
cancer is king
infamy trends of truth, outlawed
when death is love
and your appetite is god
eat to indulge
glutton for the fire
when your sickness is your cure
and you're governed by desire
embrace the defect
redefine the nature of existence
your lie will never tell true
despite the vanity of your persistence
oh God, was I born fated
or fated to be born again
created flawless
yet conceived aborted
the altercations of our sin
laying a depraved charge on me
when lawlessness is mistaken for freedom
your chains are the trademark of your liberty
for conscience sake and sear
shut me out till your voice is all you hear
giving utterance to void
I hope hell is worth the death that you enjoyed
you call this living as you squander your lungs
and forfeit the inheritance of breathing
speak the deception of the devil's tongues
when its your pleasure to see me bleeding
you dont know what sacrafice is
and you call consequence persecution
as you make home in the prison of your mind and rot in your own institution
don't mistake the rod for the sword
when you refuse to see the love in the correction
led to the gallows of a self governing lord
the flesh is its own infection...
Written by cloventongue89 (Nathaniel Peter)
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Bradley J
Fire of Insight
United States
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Vapor (instrumental by Headphone Activist x Morzfeen)

gazellemon (Bradley J)
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Break it down I'm taking off,
Beating ground to make it soft
Waiting to pay the Grim Reaper...

Take another breath, lie in wait off a color tab
Talons sharp under cloth and rag
This is not my body, who be this? Holligan where he be?
Bob up the trend thick, kill it like a Kendrick can I get a minute

All I got is wishes
Imma send it quick
On my oh god got a lotta balls all up in my draws bitch
Sloppy on the cock shit, hot like I'm withdrawing from my toxins

Whatever I want, no make it stop I'm noxious
Loud shit on that nonsense
Nod if ya really hear me
All of my problems solve themselves they disappear

All of my life I fucked around
I played myself In leaps and bounds
Break it down I'm taking off, beating ground to make it soft
Waiting to pay the Grim Reaper

Moments lost wrapped in fear
Looking back it looks so near
Who be suffering we brothers
Up and coming barely function

Beat me on it
No, I own it
Teach me something, no not fuck shit
Busted and I'm dripping out vapor

Who be he
Lucid dream like 2cE
I boost the beam up she a rena
Need no feature I blast on paper

Master shaper, mass flavor doesn't matter what I say
I put in work, it leave a stain, it left a mark, I need the pain
Let this not all be in vain, let me feel something god
They put me in chains but I wanna feel alive

Lost Thinker
United States
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Kiss of Death (A Love Poem)

Woo me with your sweet words of passion
Attempting to sweep me off my feet
Speaking kindly, softly killing my thirst for blood
Exposing your ugliness that covers your even uglier soul
Ugly creature that comes from the swamps
That have to wear a mask to cover up the beast behind
Filthy like the swamp water down in the bayou
Where I let my enemies drown and hearing their cries at night
Trying to find where you fit in, craving attention
I puncture you with my talons, feed you to my offspring
Shit you out where you go back to the sewage you came from
I bury you where I find you
Writing on your tombstone "Here lies..............Insignificance" (Spit)
And giving your dreadful eulogy with a smile
Placing a bed of dead roses to show my condolences
Gathered around your grave, smoking and letting the ashes fall where you lie
Summoning you back to this earth plane where you will suffer
Until you figure out who you are fucking with
Bringing you back to life so you can die again, and again, and again
When I pull you close and gaze into your deceitful eyes
And Tell you.......... "I love you"

May you forever rest in devastation
Love Always, The_Element
Written by The_Element (Exodus)
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