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Darkest Poem

Mahmudul Alam
Twisted Dreamer
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Fungal Bondage Putrefaction

Delusion, desperate, illusion.
Unnerving, bewildering, crimson.
Reveries, torn, without question.
Brain death, mortis, putrefaction.

The crawling spiders turn into my hair.
My mind maddened, the chimera's lair.
Antagonistic thoughts, I feel desolation.
Fungal bondage eternal, trapped in isolation.

I feel depressed.
I feel compressed.
Emotions deteriorate.
Insanity escalates.
Relevance is unprecedented.

Certainty lost departure.
Faith in eye no more.
I am eternity in wrath.
In the mind lies secrets,
In the mind lies death.

Stench spreads, refurbished,
Time and time and again.
Looking for satisfaction,
Forgetting the command.

You live in bondage,
When you look for reason.
In the mind lies the secrets,
In the mind putrefaction.

Fungal Bondage Putrefaction!!!
Written by Wanderer_Mahmud (Mahmudul Alam)
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Thought Provoker
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The Devil's Hand

Now's the time to see it all  
The devil grins at that call  
Darlin don't you want to fold?  
Nipples hard from the cold  
You know, I know what you hold  
I grin and flash him thigh  
He smiles and says, Oh my  
I'm glad you recognise  
I'm more than meets the eye  
He wets his tongue, foreplay?  
I've waited for this day  
To taste what men will want  
Will lie for, beg and hunt  
For this I say, fingers dripping wet  
He smells and says, I'll bet  
Mixed well with my own sweat  
Maybe but just not yet  
The room a deadly hussssh  
As I lay down my royal flush  
Oh dear, I say did I deceive?  
The devil in this web I weaved
I guess my names not really Eve
Written by Miss_Blue
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Rensaku: Tanka In Times Of Terror💀

sex-u-a-li-ty: †
is what weíre all born with, †
but some are lost souls †
and try to find their own way †
in harmís mob mentality †
🏃🏻‍♀️🚔🔫 †
late spring afternoon, †
a woman on the freeway †
careful, concentrates †
traffic slows, the radio, †
a gun pointed at her head †
📱👫💻 †
youth on his laptop, †
his girlfriend is texting him †
afraid for them both, †
hiding in the same classroom †
as another boy reloads †
#1: Androgyny: people killed for not being male or female. †
#2: The Downey, CA shooting/ killing May 7th, & car chase shootout 3 days later with many endangered: †
https://www.google.com/amp/s/ktla.com/2019/05/10/authorities-in-pursuit-of-a-prius-in-downey-area-passenger-apparently-armed/amp/ †
#3: School shootings: children killing children.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Backyard Babies

The bathtub  
is always a mouth, †
the awkward taps †
polished teeth †  
on a waiting face †
they swallow me †  
into a gigantic throat; †
I wonder why my toes †
arenít fucking the living †  
in fetishistic foreplay †
the sewers †  
swallowing my blushes †
in frenzied hunger, †
my soaking skin †
a momentary sheath †
I lay back mesmerised †  
by piles of human clippings †
lining the underground, †
then think of fired babies †
crying in the silent drains.
Written by Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Snow fell silent and deep on the street that endless night
Immaculately shrouded where they were found, lying too still   †
Screams, shouts, sirens rend the air, shrill † †
too late, nothing to be done † †

Blessed be the True Judge †

They was the light of their parentís lives † †
Terrified, tearful, they'd watched, prayed † †  
as their child fell from grace, no fault their own † †
Their voice, heart, soul stolen to satisfy base lusts † †
of those sworn to educate and protect † †
Innocence, faith. virtue violently severed † †
by those they was taught to respect and trust † †
How could they have spoken, what could be said † †
to define such which defied all explanation? † †
Why would they force themselves to relive, to remember † †
what should never have been? † †

They had tried everything they knew to hold on † †
but demanding a life free of deceit, in their control † †
† †  
Alienated from those who had no comprehension † †
yet should have listened harder, known better †
Getting drunk after prayers every morning? † †
Anesthetized the agony of associating with sociopaths † †
feted as reputable venerated members of their society † †
Sleeping til noon, confined to bedroom for days and nights? † †
Concealing the quiet-inducing lacerations on tender skin † †
that the nights couldnít deliver, too afraid to close their eyes † †
knowing the inevitable visitation of assailant's eyes and voices † †
The drugs? To numb pain nothing could possibly ease † †
The music? To block revolting, insidious whispers. † †
† †  
A soul need suffer only so long † †  
before granted reprieve and beckoned home † †
The snow was Heaven creating a soft landing † †
Divine soul wrested from wretched corporeality. † †
The Angel of Death finally came to heed the call † †
Cradling, soothing,hushed all the pain and shame † †
carrying divine soul to eternal peace and reprieve † †
† †  
Suicide, influences,temptation, mental illness † †
So-called community paragons hastily judged † †
Better to sweep it away, not let people suspect † †
† †  
Interrogative individuals are clandestine danger † †
Other young voices demanded they be heard † †
Voices too loud, too numerous to be ignored †
We have also been violated, betrayed † †
We were innocent, we are faithful no longer † †
We trusted, we believed, we prayed, † †  
We gave benefit of doubt, yet no more. † †
† †  
Restrain your mourning for us - we are finally free † †
Lament for yourselves, for your ignorance † †
Whether deliberate or subliminal. † †  
wail for the monsters in your midst † †
Hiding behind holy books and pious words † †
For collective cowardice in inevitable separation † †
† †  
For aforesaid transgressions, there will never be atonement † †
Live with your shame in this world as well as the next † †
Let it shorten your breath, darken your peace, mar every joy † †
† †  
We are legion, those who have been used and abused † †
coerced, shamed unwillingly into silence and submission † †
Nothing in this world will stifle or subdue us any longer † †
Our innocence is gone, our faith no longer yours. † †
†We will flourish, more authentic than you could become † †
Recapturing love, redefining faith, living lucid, cognizant truth
Written by inechoingsilence
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Dangerous Mind
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Hollow Shell

This is it; Iím done
My heart still beats, yet no warmth flows through my veins
My face is an emotionless mask, and I feel nothing inside
Tears pour from my eyes, yet they offer no relief
From the pain and torment Iíve subjected myself to
Life is cruel, and Iím merely one of its foolish victims
Iíve irrevocably damaged the lives of the people who matter to me
No matter what I say or do, I can never make up for it
Iím in a dark and unstable place
I canít find the light and set myself free
Life isnít worth living with this pain Iím going through
So why not just end it all with two momentary pains?
And watch my life bleed out of this hollow shell of the person I once was.
Written by LunasChild8
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Fire of Insight
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Based On A Dream

In the dead of a summer's night  
i sneak out wearing just pyjamas  
and down to the black beach i go  
as if pulled along by a wire  
i am 5  

The night is so quiet the air still  
the sea is calm and the tide is low  
the moon emits an eerie glow  
my feet are bare and cold  
but onto the beach i must go  

On the water's edge i see a thing  
walk closer and rub my eyes  
wet and covered in seaweed  
sits a small wooden shed  
and from a tiny square window  
a yellow light shines from inside  

No this cannot be  

i am frightened  
my senses heightened  
yet i am pulled towards this  
this unnatural thing  
my heart is pounding  
alarm bells are ringing  
singing in my head  
i must go on  

i am there and there is a door  
i hesitate for a second  
rapid shallow breathing  
i know this is wrong  
slowly i reach out  
and push the door ajar  

Something grabs my arm  
and roughly yanks me inside  
and now it is too late  
oh God  
too late  

There are two of them  
they are so tall  
and their shiny tight suits  
pitch black  
and their heads their heads  
triangular in shape  
not human  

The leader the one who took me  
speaks into my brain  
look around what do you see?  
a table my mind yells out  
A Table  
lay down on it face down  
no i won't  
i can't see their eyes  
i am thrown on the table  

My arms and legs are fastened  
my pyjama top ripped to shreds  
please please let me go  
no no  
leader leans in close to my ear  
i am almost dying of fear  
Listen Closely  

My friend has a long whip for you  
he will strike you three times  
the pain of the first exquisite  
the second will cripple you for life  
but the third you little insect  
it will strike you dead  

Still pleading the first blow lands  
my back feels like it exploded  
i am just a little boy i cry  
why do you hurt me?  
why are you so evil?  
they both laugh  
because we like it  

i must escape i must wake up i must escape  
the second tears into me  
unimaginable searing pain  
a sweet taste in my mouth  
i twist my head to see the brute  
as he raises his mighty black arm  
i am doomed  

i wake up in my bed and try to scream  
but not a sound comes out  
my back is hurting it's burning  
and mom and dad are not in the room  
and i can't move my legs  
somehow irrevocably  
my universe has shifted  

A tear puddle forms on my pillow  
while all that i can think of  
those shiny black suits the whip  
those heads  
the cold wet table  
the callous wickedness  
and crippled for life  
crippled for life  
but i live
Written by Northern1
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Judge me not!

I'm bored to death bored outa my fuckn mind
That seeking death is my only grind
I just don't give a fuck I have nothing to live for
Fuck it send me to hell I don't need your pearly gates don't need you to open that door.
All I know is suffer suffering thru sin and since you know it all its been predestined since fucking life begin....
Starting with Adam and Eve you start the world over and over again well God what the fuck do you plan to achieve. I'm nothing more than ya bastard son whom you purposely misguided and completely disowned
I'm on Luchipher side bitch its time you be dethroned
Yet you expect me to keep praying and just have hope; but bitch you never answered one so with my liquor & drugs how the fuck you expect me to cope.
You told me obey man laws but not to trust non so its ironic than instead of "Virgin Mary why wasn't it an angel who gave birth to your only begotten son?
Why can't your bitch ass ever just speak clear without all your puns and riddles
Oh get I'm your catch phase of a bad jokes so it all ain't nothing but shits and giggles
Yet you there Stans before me as a fucking judge God or no God I'll slit ya tucking throat without a blink without a budge
death ain't the enemy its been you this whole fucking time
Yet since you not a man you can't own up to your own tucking crime
What my extinct ancestors did ain't got shit to do with me
Yeah nigga you all knowing and shit so why your dumbass can't see!!!???
I renounce my faith I renounce you ever existed
Made in image right so like you now its my ass to kiss
Written by PerfectSinner
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Dangerous Mind
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The winter wind
flows gently
through her hair
sweeping aside
the strands
that cover
her deep set
jet black
staring eyes
that slowly crawls
across my tired
brittle bones
No words spoken
through her thin
narrow lips
no words needed
with the look
that she gives
as she breaches through
my trembling Terrified
To give me back
that I gave away
when I was
the fear the pain despair
the dread
to that
beautiful spirit
dressed in flesh
battered broken
slowly dying
on the kitchen floor
head held gently
by little hands
slowly falling
through the reflection
of the Christmas lights
upon a broken face
that no longer shines
a silent Cracking
of a young breaking heart
with barely a whisper
Please Mommy
don't leave

Lost Thinker
United States
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The Ripper

The weight of the human world has left me stricken with grief.
Underneath the quiet wisps of snow amongst the sombre valleys lies a hidden fallacy.
One of which breeds an ever growing extent towards the perceptions on the influence of man.  
Stricken with consciousness, I find that time adheres itself onto the many shadows cast upon still-beating hearts.
Time may reveal the cure to any of life's trepidations as it sees fit.
And here my conscious weeps at the midst of a serenade of self destruction.
Where the moon bleeds our brilliant veins of ash onto the depths of the night sky.
It is in this confused yet ecstatic state of mind where it is most free.
Clearing the thoughts of unbridled slavery that hath permeate the mind.  
The very essence of death could've never been cleansed from the house again.
For the perils and hauntings that echo amalgamations of evil have permeated deep within its structures.  
Every morning a warm breath of air submerges onto the dreary, vacant halls.  
Life whispering prayers of forgiveness onto the dead.
May the weeping deceased listen to your cries and respond back onto thyself
For the tales that shroud the dwelling in mystery rum rampant, and swell its morbid aura of decay into that of enchantment.  
One by one, angels fall as I reap the souls of the forgotten lambs led astray.
Seeking redemption clenched beneath the jaws of wolves.  
Seek not answers from the divine,  
for a mother's voice yearns silent when her children turn a deaf ear.
His body sentenced to rest upon a bed of brick and mortar.  
Decadent lines of crimson carnage decorate the walls and stain my hands.
Searing the flesh on crippled bones, my selfless act orchestrated under his command.  
His body awaking a putrid aura.
The extent of my perception leaves me to consider the surge of euphoria permeating my thoughts.
Written by BurnBlck
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Duncan Alexander
Dangerous Mind
South Africa
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Succulent .. Pig

Succulent pig.
Rutted Sow.

Held and released,
into the wild,
fucked and teased,
tantamount defiled.

Not for me,
for you,
for the wild.
Written by Duncan (Duncan Alexander)
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Dangerous Mind
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Looking down  
from the corner  
of a near dark  
abandoned room  
two people  
and a wooden chair  
one tied  
trembling in fear  
the other  
caressing  a blade  
confused I am  
a feeling of dread  
for I know  
one is me  
but I don't know  

which  is which

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Lament for Joshua


This poem is dedicated to all abused and neglected children everywhere.

Joshua doesn't cry anymore

He never knew his name
He was always 'little bastard'
'Bloody pest'
Used to cry for his mum
But she'd never come
Now stands mute in his cot
This unwanted tot
Clad in only a vest

Mumís boyfriend comes
Nearly every night
Filled with hatred, spite
Joshua canít understand why
He beats him, the cigarette burns,
Terrible plight

He screams, defenceless
Beaten almost senseless
Raising matchstick arms
In pathetic protest

Mother comes in the morning
Today is special, orange juice
Instead of water
And a biscuit with his bread
Social workerís coming today
Be quiet, be good
Like a good boy should
His mother said

Belly swollen
From lack of nutrition
Protruding ribs
Proclaim dire condition
Sits silent on piss-soaked bed
Eyes dead
Chewing his bread

She calls, young, naive
Ready to believe
Josh is with my mum
Other side of town
Sorry to let you down
Didn't know what to do
I've got a job interview
The woman believes
As the mother deceives

Midnight: Heís drunk, angry,
Inadequate junky bum
Beats Joshuaís mum
Then turns on him
Temper hot
Hurls the child
Across the cot
Heís strikes his head
Flops on bed
Blood oozing from his nose and ears
This child of two and a half tortured years

Joshua doesn't cry anymore
Written by blocat
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Don't You Cry

Hush Little Baby Don't You Cry

Childern fear the monster under the bed
Terrified they will get them while asleep
Cringing as they lay staring at the ceiling
See them shaking snuggled in blankets

Hush Young Lady Dont You Cry

See you toss and turn beneath the sheet
I'm the devil watching you as you sleep
Slithering like a snake to your warm flesh
Ready to make my mark upon your skin

Hush You Bitch Don't You Cry

Stop fighting it will only make it worse
Your delicious Little body is intoxicating
Forcing myself into your small chanal
You screams make me smile and chuckle

Fucking Slut Don't You Cry

Faster and faster fucking your brains out
I'm the monster people desperately fear
Don't you get it I'm the sinsiter Satan
I'm the rapist that treats you like a whore

Don't You Cry Or You Will Die

Mention this to anyone and you will die
I'll strangle you while you sleep at night
Or maybe drown you in the fucking lake
Keep your mouth shut Court understand

Good Little Girl Don't You Cry
Written by Countrygirl96
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