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EROTICA: Based on the picture below

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Tempting - a Haiku

Cannabis tempting
Rubbing hard creates oil drip
Tongue laps up spillage

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I wrote this on 420 at 4:20am,
Thinking I got plenty to deliver and as gently as I can,
But I canít light it because itís too early in the morning,
I have to wait to hit it, so just take this as a warning.

(Oh shit, here come the triplets)
Blaze it up, haze it up, raise it up,
I gotta get it Ďcause I already pet it so I got it wet and yet -
Give it up, live it up, fuck it up,
I need it Ďcause I gotta eat it and Iíll treat it like itís an omelette.

Oh jeez,
I got the munchies,
But I aim to tease and please giving it a squeeze,
Itís so pretty,
Amidst all the nitty gritty,
But I thought Iíd make this ditty just a little witty.

This part right here is the decrescendo,
Sorry for the innuendo but I gotta end though.
Written by wallyroo92
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Cristal Like the Champagne

I'm Cristal like the champagne.....
I'm pistol like the champlain.....
I'm a paul like the campaign....
The campaign you gave me that time......
Do you remember?....
The one where you were all over a girl like me.....
You was all like "she not one of ya'll......
I was like but I'm having a ball....
A ball that any girl like me would dream of going to......
Cristal like the champagne.........
Written by BeautyQueen00 (Queen Kawaii)
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Smoking Hearts

"HE"smoked the cannibus as her lips curled
And pussy dripped
As she used his dick as bong in between her lips

A Brunnette chic
Spread wide open for him to put in the tip before he nutted he pulled out from blonde's lips

The Brunette chic
Sucked licked and flickered her tongue quickly
In between blonde's sweet honeysuckle pussy
And ass shaped like a Geogia peach
Blonde came up behind her and
Ate her bottom while gently squeezing her round perky unaged breasts

The smoke was thickening
The nut was host seeking
He rapidly pulled out of the brunette chic
It was like a fire hydrant spraying every which way
As HE grabbed her neck brushed her lips and hosed her throat down

Blonde came around
And put two fingers in the pussy
 her tongue licked her clit like it was her last supper amongst the pack of men with hard stiff dicks waiting to skip the line so Blonde could ride them
For her: amusement
For them:
Egos, Fantasies, Sexual Fulfillment and Power

"HE" was asleep as the cannibus burned
Next to 10 inches of thick curved dick now 5 as it coiled back down and rested under his belly

Blonde and brunette
Sixty nine sixty nined
Then slow wind
grinded pussy to pussy
Breasts to breasts

Brunette chic
Explored every part of Blonde
She wanted to lay up
But it was not the the Wydham
The brunette caught wind to this game
She bit blonde's bottom lip softly took a hit of the cannibus and blew smoke in the shape of a heart on her neck
she left her number in red ink on a pink receipt and the door closed behind her

As Blonde waited for HIM to get stiff and hard again

There was another John waiting
Well built
Muscles in Neck shoulders and arms
 9 inches skinny and long
Blonde picked up the cannibus
Puffed puffed and pulled
He pushed her head down and
She bent over for him to thrust ,
Thrust and ass smacking back on the dick
Smoke rising up to his lips
In 2 minutes he was finished
 it was too good
 the John got weak in it
She sent him out blew a heart of smoke on his chest
She liked him

HE got up and jiggled her ass
And said last call of the night
He blew smoke up her nose
And licked the cross in between her chest
And said Thanks Ma
For an incredible mind blowing

To be continued

Written by Red_CurtainS (SEVEN-ONE-EIGHT)
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