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Best Day Ever

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Poetry Contest

Write a poem about the best day of your life.

Has to be a fresh poem
Only one poem per poet
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Old Roses

I was the child
in the yellow dress, beaming
in July heat
at wild roses, growing
as heaving clumps across
rusted fences.

Polaroid preserved,
snapshots to live by, when
the ground dropped out, and
I fell between frames.

I walk the shoreline, now.
It is July 4th again.

I see her once more,
the roses-girl, me, pictures
brought back from vivid attar scents
of beach blooms on costal winds.

I walk the shoreline, now.
It is July 4th again.

I glean handfuls of sand dollars
when divorces become final, as
“Independence Day” means something new.

I walk the shoreline.
I’ve lived in photographs until now.

And the yellow-dress girl, smiles wistfully
when I ask her:

“What happened after they took your picture
with the roses?”

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When I Met BreAnna

You made me smile and laugh through
My hazy tears during our freshman
Year of college. With you it was a new
Day, sharing our hopes, future plans,
Fears and dreams. It was the best day.
When I would meet you, becoming fast
Friends. You were always a strong ray
Of sunshine when I could not get past
My homesickness. You were the rose
To my thorn. In the vast and deep sea
You are the anchor. When life slows
You never doubted or gave up on me,
Always being there for the long ride.
Even in all our silliest and serious
Moments you remained by my side.
In this world we are still mysterious
Wonders, but never did I fear that our
Friendship would waver or disappear
Because it only became like a flower
And its sturdy stem, making life clear.
Written by eswaller
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