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Lost Thinker
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Societies Schism

Sinister shadows seduce sleeping sorcerers
Sharing certain psychotic sentiments psychically…
Sending sedentary centauries stirring silent slumber
Suddenly! satanic soldiers surge…
Summoned scornfully
Sanities surety surely suffers…

Shameful, sickening, soulless scoundrels
Systematically shredding societies safety…
Starting societal schisms
Severing sympathies…
Scarred souls suffering
Screaming spiritual sounds surely scar cerebral sensors…
Written by Xia
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poem 7( Submissive Poetry)

A part me is calling for help    
But you never hear    
A part of you is looking for comfort      
In what way, from who?      
But I fail to see      
Through this poetry      
They all are seated      
All of them      
That beat me in pain      
Wanting revenge      
So my past could lye slain      
Through this poetry      
I bury their remains in these lines      
You are oblivious to      
The synonyms,      
Metaphors, acoustic sounds      
Acrostic style      
Acrobatic heartbeat      
The up and down poetry      
The scars and flesh of this poetry      
Through Red Sin      
Back peddling to Autumn to WINTER      
To starving for the Devils Food      
Chained up looking for a release to achieve Power      
Its tearing at me Pulling The Thread of my veins      
Blues of the flesh leaving      
Droppings of Savage INK      
I AM scorned through this poetry      
I speak      
But you don't reciprocate conversation      
Only a SEX CALL  gains your attention      
With me , Your not one for many Words      
As you wait to feel the SENSATION of my tongue to your genitals      
I wait minutes, Hours, days for you to notice me      
For you to comprehend I'm not there      
Just physically      
Mentally im in another time      
Waiting for you to rescue me      
And close the RED CURTAINS      
Because I'm naked in plain sight      
All of me is bare      
My lips are clothed by RED LIPSTICK      
Its bold because im too timid      
And shy to express myself with      
I let my PEN TALK      
Deep conversations      
Saturated sheets      
Your arrogant to the moisture      
Night sweats      
Wanting you to notice me through this poetry      
I'm watching you sleep      
As I pace back and forth facing my demons through the pages      
Rummaging through the rages of my mind      
I'm conscious      
But your not      
I suck my teeth      
Through this poetry      
 I am weak      
But you fail to see      
My free verse      
Stabbing pictures      
I'm a bottom      
Im calling you to be my top      
Through this poetry      
I am sore      
I'm a shooter with a full clip      
Through this poetry      
I'm a fire starter      
But you say      
"Fuck your flames"      
I say Give me Ammunition      
Your a bitch      
Off set      
I'm ready to take off      
My make up      
and be comfortable      
Your walking a thin line you told me      
And I said      
I'm just fine when I'm walking      
Through this poetry      
Written by Red_CurtainS (SEVEN-ONE-EIGHT)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Sunday morning depression and reflection

  My sister smells Newports on my breath.
She asked me "why"?
but I don't even know.
She stares me in the eyes,
She breaks down in tears.
I'll tell her I'll stop,
just to get her out my face.

   Dad sits in the living room.
I sit on my bed.
Rolling up leaves to burn.
I smoke the rest of my vigor away.
So good to me,
so I keep on.
Towels over the crack of the doors,
Never helped mask what the truth was.
Cans of aromatic enhancement only add suspicion.
I became a good cook just to cover up the smell.
I coat her in codeine,
Just to slow down the high.

  Dad almost died on me,
Telling me he don't think he'll go on.
He gets cold in my hands,
but my tears warm him up.
Radiation weakened him so,
Anything to stay alive.
I saved his ass but I'm no hero.
He won't be home for a week.
I'm all alone.
Cough syrup in my brandy,
just to add ring to my buzz.
I coat her in codeine,
just to slow down the high.
They say antidepressants.
I just need marijuana.
I couldn't go to sleep,
the voices would wake me up.
So I roamed the street,
Praying for a stray.

   There was a hole in the gut,
I cried every time I watched him feed.
Cans fill him up,
but they are tearing me apart.
Drugs get me up,
but they are tearing me apart.
I'd rather be a zombie,
than facing my problems like a man.
There's a gun in my face,
but I ain't running away.
Do me now so I can run away.
My eyes have seen enough,
Rip them out of my skull.

     2 years clean.
Oh how I have fucked up now
From green to white,
as I party to torment.
Opiates equalize the rush of cane.
Snorting it numbs the brain and pumps my heart.
Powdered menthol to open up my lungs.
Blood on my sheets tell the story.
Killers of pain put me to sleep.
I drink to forget that I will wake up and remember that I am an alcoholic.
Rum and coke.
Shots of rum and lines of cocaine.
Blood drips from my nose,
I use it to write my future suicide notes.
How did it elevate to this?
I write it down,
the sad days until my overdose of self pity and recklessness.

    She says she likes me as she holds ones in her thong.
I tell her "save it",
Shut  up and dance.
90 dollars got me a porn star.
She was riding my vulnerability.
She said it was too much to take,
but I am not proud.
Her friend came looking for man shadowed by pain.
I tell her go away.
    There was a good girl.
I didn't want to pound her into heartbreak,
so I let her swallow my pride.
She calls and ask
"How are you doing"?
I never responded.
It wasn't love I was looking for oh no.
    There was new one dressed as a cop.
We kissed in her Camaro as she drove my intoxicated ass to my Corolla.
I fucked her like I loved her,
but sex is a lie.
I called her and I told her that this is over.
   There was another girl.
I met her father.
Holding his revolver as he jokingly warned me.
A 76 mile trip high off of 3 grams of pixie dust.
She gives me Oxycontin to put me to sleep.
I woke up then I fucked her,
while I whispered sweet love.
I share pain,
My problems are her own now.
I fucked her like I loved her,
but my fucks are a lie.

 Way before that one there was Allana.
I loved her like I loved her.
My love was the truth.
I told her that I loved her as she whispered "I know".
I was so dumb but I knew my feelings were not mutual.
I talk to her truthfully but my inner child came out.
She hated my worry and I was so scared of happiness.
She pulled out her 40 with no safety selector and tells me to stop worrying, stop smothering.
I tell her my feelings and then we fuck.
I'll die for love,
but now the cocaine shall suffice.
I see her at the bar looking as lonely as me surrounded by smiling faces.
She ask if I am driving,
but I have been drinking.
If I drive like this I will need that note written in blood.
Fuck it!
It's my life to take.

     Drugs make me a zombie resistant to ache.
Restricting the emotion that causes my pain.
I sit here alone so I don't corrupt another soul.
I drown my sorrows with agave to forget that I am an alcoholic.
I am so tired of being tired.
I have nothing else to say for now.
Written by Jonny212
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Thought Provoker
United States
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COCK REAPER (pretty pink pussy) PRAYER

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death  
this pussy almost got me killed  

Lord my healer I think this bitch got Aids  
Tiny fat little pussy wet and squirting  
Her seductive screams her shivering body
The little girations as she took every inch of dick lord  
You know as a black man I am blessed with extra  
She bent over and spread the whole garden of Eden  
I knew this fruit was forbidden but I ate the bitch anyway  
I'm not usually into peaches but I swallowed  
The sweet taste pure like a virgin  
When the condom burst It felt so much sweeter  
I gave in lord  
I gave my life to the Devil. Satan in disguise  
I think she has the never come back  
The cock reaper dressed in wet pretty pink  
I hope she doesn't have the crack of doom  
We are going to get tested together lord  
If she has the apocalypse between her legs  
Strike me down before I get my hands around her neck  
I am peaceful but I am not sure I can take this  
I love you and I know you love me  
Let us promise each other never to be unfaithful  
Thank you lord my savior and our redeemer  
Before we have unprotected sex  
Help us to stay faithful to each other  
Just one lover so we may never  
Have to pray this prayer again
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Twisted Dreamer
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Tragic melody

My heart is breaking  
How much can it take?
You’re all I see when I close my eyes
And in every moment I’m awake  
My words are jumbled  
Letters bounce around in my head  
There are so many things  
I wish we hadn’t said  
I don’t know how to stand it
I don’t know what to do
How can I stay away
When all I want is you
You send my stomach a flutter
Turn my heart into butter
Make my words stutter  
I love you I mutter  
If love would have made you stay  
I would have told you I loved you everyday  
If money would have bought your heart  
There’s no price I wouldn’t pay  
I need you  
But you ran away  
It’s easier to cut out the pain  
Than stay with me another day  
All of the romantic movies  
Remind me of you  
All the love songs  
Do too
Your favourite things
Are engraved into my mind
All of my feelings for you  
Leave me speechless and blind  
So many memories
The littles things you’d say
You’re the opposite of me
Yet curiously the same  
I told you my secrets
You promised me you cared
I let you into my heart
But you left me alone in despair  
If I stare into your eyes
Will our heartbeats sync?
Will our pupils dilate?
Will our souls link?
We can sip vodka  
Under rainbows  
While we nibble on cookies  
And sit in the snow
Your heart is titanium  
Because we’ve been rolling in the deep  
Because of you  
I’m unable to sleep  
We can go to wonderland  
And I’ll be your angel with a shotgun
For you I’m a wild one  
Because our youth has just begun  
How did I mess up so badly  
How did everything go so wrong
Our love is a tragic melody baby
And I keep replaying our song
Written by Heart_symphony
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 25th Apr 2019
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Empty Carbs

When you entered me, my body craved you afterwards
I didn't know why
It was like a parasite was placed inside of me
After being stroked and feeling the thrusts of your ego
Going in and out of me, groaning with pleasure not from the feeling, but from the control
The control you wish to have over my mind, body and spirit
And leaving me, hanging me out to dry
And now I crave you, like a parasite craving sugar
And having withdrawals from the empty carbs you provide because no matter what you feed me............I am always hungry
That sugar made me unhealthy in more ways than you can imagine
A spiritual transmitted disease and unfulfilling thirst
Like the sight of something delicious but detrimental to my health
You are the ingredients on the back of the label no one can pronounce
The very tiny fine print at the bottom of the contract
The lies you tell even the ones you tell yourself are the subliminal messages in the song
The messages that no one catches on to...hidden in plain sight
To keep me on a low frequency
While you keep stroking me with your ego
Striking my face with your denial and pride
Breaking the levee causing a flood down my face
Where a smile should be
You were the diet that didn't work
The food that was bad for my health
After entering my fragile womb with your insecure manhood
Placing a parasite that craved you
With every thrust of your ego
I know why body craved you
It craved the toxins you left inside of me after the pain
Now it's time to detox
I'm done with fad diets
They never work
Written by The_Element (Exodus)
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Wow there is such a lot of amazing poems and poets :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Harry Rout
Dangerous Mind
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Picnic in the park

carrying stones of loneliness
in her cheap Goodwill handbag
she stumbles
staggers from
park bench
park bench
searching for meaning
...for a future
...for something remotely
related to love
and friendship

while by the small pond
she sees Jesus treading
while holy humans
throw tired prayers
of wanting
into his drowning arms

from her handbag
she unpacks her life
it on the grass
for all to bear witness
before swallowing
the world's misery
dying alone
by the daffodils

Harry Rout 2019
Written by badmalthus (Harry Rout)
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

Strange Creature
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Laser cannon
Sega dream casted
Mega man
Causing major panic
Tommy gun advantage
Been on the run since none couldnt handle it
Malevolent with specimens
Ill melt your skin
Built my genetics
Is a pressure
that cant be measured in one sentence
Angelical tenticals connected
Ball room brawls i latch and harm
Since i was this tall
It's always been consume all
No time for friendslist
Since my minds infected
And rhymes are spreading
On lined text books
And i dont write hooks
I can go for days no complaints
My feasible brain
Can easily maintain
Rhyme schemes for nine weeks
Siamese twins when writting with pens
Friendship that will never end...and
Abducting you whole
From the top of your dome
Open up windows straight into your soul
So obviously
Autospys leave joggy memories
So you wont remember me
Til a tongue twist
Munchies your circumfrences
Down to numbness and stomachs you whole
I be out of control
And gone postal for month or so
Its to wonderful never to return home
Path i chose has contious flow
Always appose minimal growth
Syllable hoax scribbling notes
Dont provoke or get poached
Cut throat at most egos
Who think theyre pro
My mode is scarecrow so beware foes
I can snap at any minute
Killing who was intended
Crew and then henchmen
My ruling is endless
Apprentice turned villian
Hwading in to the entrance
Magician who fails to mention
Im bending diemensions
And in less than twenty seconds
You all will be finished
They dont want me to go zombie
Arrived to a brithday party
And ate everybody
Hey fuck a sorry
Life is a gamble
Imma win the lottery
And leave with handfuls
Radical with attributes
That are unmnagable
When samples are valued
at the right amplitude
Thought it was a game at first
Til i came to work
Gas chambered acres
When i invaded this earth
Now backwards
Nuclear storm you been warned
Rotted bored with oujia boards
Raising children of the corn
You visual indiviual syllables
Serial killers missles In perfect intervals
You cant miss this tune
Once youre in the grove
A junglist stuck in the midst
Of 100 hooligans throwing hadukens
i got to much to prove with this music
Then to chosing to be losing groups
Inside my movement
This is manna one
Time when the manhunt has begun
Emcee who came to eat the whole buffet
And leave blood stains on my white hanes
And of course
The human torch fumming more
When a new chorse hits microphone cords
I tend to trip
Mend infinite writs
That get to intense and itch
Fetishs left pages infested
Experimential testing
That shouldnt be read
The poisionous lead
Starts posing a threat
Even if few if i do impresss
I became obbsessed bloodied neck
Thousand pound guillotine
That will change the scenery
If you seem to think you are ahead of me
You get pedigreed
For such a petty thing
Death squadrons las plagas
That can be there tomorrow
I dont think you want to mess
With a complexion look a like jason X
Machete isnt even matrixed yet
Plus the rate the blade
Needs to digest blood and flesh
Makes my stomach upset
Because if i dont eat the same amount
Black liquid starts pouring out of my pores somehow
Turns green when the sun comes out
Shinning on my cardboard house
Funny how it's not funny now
Written by SoloFives
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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I Hope You Enjoy The Show

I’m so tired of your bullshit and tired of your lies
I see you compromise your morals each and every time
And to what end? To spite me? Oh you’ve got to work harder
This war with you keeps going farther and farther
Its a war of attrition with neither side giving in
Well I can tell you I’m steadfast like iron my once friend
I will not bend and I will not begin to shake
My will will not falter and my patience will not break
Please continue with your high pitched laughing and vitriol
I’ll be the one holding my comments when you stumble and fall
Come on this is a show and you’re all invited
She’s making a scene so you’re sure to be delighted
Get your moneys worth for your ticket as this may last awhile
Keep giving me your worst while all I do is smile
Written by Misfitpoet89
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Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Elegance of Our Sunset

Death shall have a dominion.
Dawn’s birth to day’s life,
Dusk’s decay to the death of night:
Tis’ not our mortal decision.

Youth’s innocent juvenility,
Vitality’s vibrancy,
The elegantly decaying morbidity,
A corpse in the clay of its grave perishing –

The funeral of darkness at moonset.

Morning’s nativity bears us,
Afternoon’s perennial years,
Evening’s eve of death,
Night’s mortality.

Our flowering... we beautiful cherry blossoms!

The senescent years of our ripening,
The weathering of our childhood babyface,
The decay of our innocence,
The maturation of our witticism.

Oh, the serenity of the eventide.

Now our setting, crimson sun
Trickles hue of gold onto our long-trodden path.
Oh, how immortal is the hand of the clock
That shining ball in the sky run.

Tis’ the hour of nightfall, twilight in our shutting eyes.

…And soul’s fresh, immortal rebirth.
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Joined 1st Dec 2018
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Giving him the pleasure he deserves.

He is sprawled out on the bed
 face down,
I kneel at the edge of the bed
 gently massaging his feet ,
 making way up his legs kissing his flesh
  as I caress
His balls so hard and hung, I can't resist
But to lick and suck them.
Squeezing and massaging his ass cheeks
as he lay there
Taking his nut one by one into my mouth
 then both at the same time.
He let's out a soft moan
that made my clit tingle and wet.
Kissing his ass cheeks up his back to his neck.
He turns over to kiss me passionately.
I trail my tongue down his neck to his stomach to
his waist down to his bulging hard cock
His veins rippling as his blood pulsates through them,
This sight I can not resist..
I take his bulge in my hands as I lay there twirling my tongue around his head, licking and sucking the precum from his tiny hole,
Mmmmmm I moan as I taste his cream.
Licking and slobbering as I follow down his shaft and back up again circling around.
Grabbing my hair he pulls hard pushing my head down till I start to gag on his hard cock, pumping it faster in my mouth.
Ride me he says,
I straddle his cock and rock back and forth side to side, up and down faster and slow ago,
Feeling the heat brewing in my pussy as my juices flowing down his shaft ,
My pussy acheing and throbbing bringing me to the brink of climax.
Feeling like I m going to erupt like a volcano
I scream and moan in pleasure
My tits bouncing in his face the faster and harder I ride my man.
He let's out a shout  OH Jesus here it comes baby ... Where do you want it.
I say deep inside me ... I m cumming with you. We both exploded together our juices mingling as one flow.

Written by Nympho
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 3rd Mar 2019
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Societies Schism

Sinister shadows seduce sleeping sorcerers
Sharing certain psychotic sentiments psychically…
Sending sedentary centauries stirring silent slumber
Suddenly! satanic soldiers surge…
Summoned scornfully
Sanities surety surely suffers…

Shameful, sickening, soulless scoundrels
Systematically shredding societies safety…
Starting societal schisms
Severing sympathies…
Scarred souls suffering
Screaming spiritual sounds surely scar cerebral sensors…
Written by Xia
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Depth Curse

Rotted rose pedals.
Do you want a medal for being shallow?

Oceanic buoy.
Back flips of rejection dipped in misery makes you laugh at what is good.

Desert in heat.
Psychopathic award show and you're the proud winner.

Plateau iceberg.
Your daylight darkness is a taxi waiting for an unsuspecting fare.

Camp fire.
Your inhumanity is dancing between grinding teeth in the oceans of my mouth.

Rotted tomato.
You mock my depth because your only enemy is a mirror.
Written by fleshofdanny
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