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Dangerous Mind
United States
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"i can only move forward"
said the chess piece
when it occurred to him
that he was just a pawn

- Missy -
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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Fucking Me Does Not Require Planning Permission

Miss_Sub (- Missy -)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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You neednít care of what I seek,  
My father taught me, he was wise:  
ďNo matter how you look and speak,  
Become the sun each day you rise.Ē
Do I annoy you by my spunk,
The way I handle every slight?  
Why do you fill your head with junk?  
As President? Well I just might.
My faith is day, my passion night,
But you donít know me, you despise  
How much I love, with whom I cite,  
And wonder next time when Iíll rise.  
You hate me for my looks & strength,  
Of different hair & skin & nose.  
You think about my life, itís length.
All the above, our Maker chose.  
Donít think about my happiness,  
I feel Iíve won the lottery.  
Without a dime, in God Iím blessed,  
My plate is full, His gifts to me.  
I am a Mardi Gras delight,  
Confetti floating from the skies.  
The crowd will dance with me all night,  
And like balloons in air, Iíll rise.  
Do I hear gunshots, go to jail,  
Is that the life you think I lead?  
With all the wisdom as my bail,  
I will remind that slaves were freed.
The ghettos and the jungles show  
Itís of diversity weíve come.  
You plant us anywhere, weíll grow,  
We wonít go back where we came from.  
You lie awake, of me you shake,  
Iíve got the gist of your surmise.  
What do I cook as biscuits bake?  
It wonít be long now Ďtill I rise.
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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Frank Statile
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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My missing half

I despise myself for not being somebody you could love. For you enslaved my heart before I could even tell you how I felt. It's not your memory I miss, it was your embrace. My broken heart still beats but the scars remain. Slowly tearing over thoughts of the past.i thought we were each others peace in the chaos around us. Apparently I was nothing more than a host for your parasitic mind. That's the problem with being strong, people often look for ways to break you. My shadow remains a constant reminder of the soul you stripped from me. While you took my money, my love, my soul, and my heart. Given another chance, I would love you again forever more.
Written by Jomamma97 (Frank Statile)
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poet Anonymous

Random Riddler

Picture myself on the end of a cliff
a silent response in your head
and not out in the air
I guarantee that wonít push me
Thereís no effort from me with writing at the moment
because Iím not left-handed
but Iím still trying
with a right showing attention to both boobs and nipples
Her bent over on my desk
while my tongue is in Abbyís pussy
But in reality, I am surpassing poetical pricks and she still wants to visit
so itís our business, that countdown
and I canít wait for some car therapy
ďWith poetry, more than anyone knows, you not only put in your life.Ē
Was only last night, that is what the stars said to me
Maybe should have had my hands cut off
and been born a mute
yet Iíd still type with my toes
and say, donít be a hypocrite towards someone with mental health issues
And an ignorant cunt to think I enjoy causing pain to others
I just love literature
and will forever have my haters smothered
so let me get technical
because they only have a metal stick
for an umbrella to make sure the rain is covered
A human being feeling everything at once
so claim Iím a dog for years
that only understands the fist and boot
because curiosity will then have killed the cat
and have their stomach ripped open
Their autobiography titled
ďHow I Fucked Up The WorldĒ
and everythingís alright
that itís not on any shelf except their own
and is closed up
Sometimes itís hard to not admire someoneís pettiness for a quick laugh
like a text I received from him
and for that lunatic it was a big morning
I mean, he said child maintenance wonít carry on much longer
if he doesnít go to the doctors
after finding blood in his urine
Of course, what a female can offer is better than money
so making his life Hell and acting innocent twenty-four-seven
is a standard procedure
Now if Iím a bitch standing up and speaking my truth
thereís no doubt that man crush wonít leave her
Poetry sure does help my soul
compared to others that think of women
and lose their brain inside a smelly hole
so who failed to always check up on this ďstrongĒ person?
Just left me to sing alone
and cry behind closed doors
praying and wishing Heíd just bring me home
Fuck your cars, beer and football matches
that is bullshit Iím not interested in
Every country has its problems
Americans first language is English
and as said before, their football
is running with it in their arms
And weíd have to remove all the British living in Spain
if some want the Polish out of Britain
because we have to give them credit
for handing us a replica of the enigma machine in the war
I know no other source of intelligence had that decoded
With the biggest arsenal in the world, weíd know who would stand and win
Itís being well prepared
because everyone seeís their back-handed tricks
But down a constant slope, for them itís fun to roll
like claim theyíre not stupid but fearless
Whoís then gonna be smart
and take up the offer of gun control?
Probably am showing that Iím not wrapped around your little finger
but instead your neck
whilst youíre trying to stop myself taking a breathe
I left weak competitors
and a online rap battle after it finished
to then have someone believe every single fucking post was about that ghost
Of whom I donít believe in
Now whereís all their proof of living a love life together
because it doesnít stand true until I either see it
Iíll keep everyone blind too and
Iíll eventually get around to showing something thatís new
Plus if they want to be sarcastic
and say itís funny until I die
because with that, I guess it is a nothing to prove
So there is a lot of magic filling the air
all the research and quotes they take on board from famous writers
still never made them a millionaire
2pac said donít lose your sense of humour
so Iíd have said
if you like have it reversed
weíre both writing the same stuff
and youíve got a nerve
to be talking and rapping at me like youíve been by my side from day one
so imagine me face palmed and shaking my head
Now Iíll hand it back to God Son
like he says youíre all still alive
because I do care, thatís the problem
Never have fancied losing myself
for an internet spiritual relationship
thatís going too far
and some females just do it
only for attention to see how gullible you are
because sheís not just playing with words
sheís destroying your heart
The woman Iím also seeing on occasion
has a sweet personality
Difference between our women
is that Iím happy not walking the street
hand-in-hand with a fat pig
but hold a juicy peach ass
Youíre grabbing a block of lard
done said that to a hater not a rival
so he canít hold up a his antique lighter
that canít get or got a spark
Just instead lights a match
and says not a chance at burning him
when the flame reaches the end
Donít dare snitch on anyone
itís the gangsters code to not accept responsibility
so watch them morons claim
doing such a thing is harsh

Dangerous Mind
United States
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600 Ways to Cry

La Crescenta
Chula vista
Where were you
Last Christmas? I was
At the laundromat trying
To figure out my next move
Ellenís at the haberdashery
Picking outfits out for Timothy
And Sarahís at the Mondrian
Trying to land a trust fund baby
While I do laundry and wash
The dishes and finally clean
My bathtub, hallelujah!
But Iím just bartering for
More time and being alone to
Think about it only worsens
The permeating dread while you
Left for greener pastures and
Iím left to wonder why

Written by Taurek
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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She Breathes

She breathes
Her breath is life
With each lung full
A heart beats strongly
In the emotions of love

A soul laments
Where passion dwelled
Seeing through eyes of fire
The truth of love
Imagining her lover

The shaping of moments
Between connecting beings
Her heart feels more alive
Finding a smile that was lost
Welling up with happiness

The beautiful entity of love
Touching her senses
Electrical shivers
This is why she breathes
To share her heart and soul

Written by AspergerPoet56
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poet Anonymous

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The temple of the mind

Our structured manifestation
Here first letter revelation
Such bears no sound,

A zero point all-expansion
Silent carrier of vibration
Purporting unbound,

Atziluth wand of a King Yod Tejas noble
Yetzirah cup of a Queen He' Vayu to fly
Briah sword of a Knight Vau Apas global
Assiah coin of a Knave He' Prithivi abide,

Material fruits among astral leaves
Falling from the archetypal stems
Formed from all spirited seeds,

One fundamental point--in kind
Crosses each octave line--rhyme,

Across every fifth surface--mind
Into hither fourth volume--shine,

1/1 Kether in a supernal fire uni born
2/1 Tiferith as an ethical air dual reform
3/1 Yesod into an astral water triform
4/1 Malkuth each material earth reborn,

The natural is but the dense aspect of the spiritual...
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Me myself and I

Oh you think you fell from the sky
You can no longer make me cry
You thought I was your tool
Because you been such a fool
You think you were so cool
Trying to throw me in that pool
How could you be so cruel
I love myself more than you
I love myself and that is why
Its time to say bye bye
I need no other to satisfy
I just need me myself and I
Written by Selosa67
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poet Anonymous

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Fire of Insight
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We Are Done, Penelope

walked in the spacious bedroom
At its center  
she stood facing Ulysses
who laid on his bed
across her
curled up and shaking.
He rolled up off the bed
and ran to her.
Down on his knees he went
before her.
He grasped around her waist
and held her tight
the side of his face
on her tender belly.
"We are done, Penelope!"
he mumbled
"Those pretenders to my throne
bought off the troops
and turned them against me!"...
Time after time
had Penelope favored him
with the look
that gifted him with confidence and cunning.
Not anymore!
Bored to death and tired of
his game
she wiggled out of his grasping hands.
"I told you, didn't I?
Go fight Troy along the other
good for nothing Greeks
and leave the Pretenders to me!
But, no, not you!
You stayed glued to Ithaca... You stayed glued to me",
she scolded him
walking out of the spacious bedroom
Written by takis1917
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Joined 9th Nov 2015
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Two Naked Poets

Within my nakedness implied  
By words I whisper as I sit astride,  
Entreat the heart for you to hold  
The list of doubts to heal from & be whole.  

The part I make myself most bare  
Is put my trust in you & hope you care  
Of all else that takes precedence  
From these to try and finally make more sense.  

You know yourself the risk I take;  
It was with me you placed your trust to make,  
And ever since that fateful day  
Locked doors are flung aside to show the way.  

'Twas early on when we first met  
You told your story and then made a bet;  
Of drink, abuse & suicide,  
That keeping nothing from me I'd decide.  

And in a flash I knew right then  
I'd want to stay, & be more than your friend.  
Each day I've been & stood my ground,  
You've helped with answers to my story found.  

Though we must sleep in separate beds  
Denuded each of us from final threads,  
We never judge our covered books  
Instead we open wide to anxious looks.  

To think of me a lover strong  
Who often struggles when she gets it wrong,  
But just like me you understand;  
We do much more, two poets, hearts in hand.  

Rhyme scheme: A/A/B/B  
Syllabic line count per stanza: 8/10/8/10

April 28 ( NaPoWriMo 2017 )
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Queen Kawaii
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Twerk- City Girls ft queen kawaii (remastered)

I want a slim fine woman with some twerk with her...
Throw that, bounce that, twerk that...
Do it baby, move it baby, suck up on that clot until that pussy got a hickie baby...
Watch big could a bought a range rover...
Change little but I spent some change on it...
Nigga mad imma put the gang on em...
They'll die bout me, they'll bang on me..
Then this ass poked out, no frame on it...
Itty bitty pretty I'm the realest in this city
Only fucking with the thugs...
Gotta nigga worth a billi'...
Showing love only talk about bad shit when you hear me..
Smooth like a g5 we ain't never doing quickies..
Written by BeautyQueen00 (Queen Kawaii)
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Emotion vs Logic

Emotion is Logicís failsafe
from flying too far gone

Black and white make so little sense
What of all the beauty of gray?

Variations, completely atypical
revealed when focused upon
with eyes open and heart free.
Written by inechoingsilence
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