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Your Best Poem

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Poetry Contest

Post your favorite poem that you wrote
I want to see the best of you guys. Post y'alls favorite poem that you wrote yourself.

Tyrant of Words
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I spied Faith sitting upon a rail.
Fair hair in the wind,
Watching the ships set sail.
Whispers from her wonder if
She’ll ever see me again,
As I sail off into the rift.
Gone to fight in God’s own war
Clad in celestial armor,
I go to break the door.
Of things so vile and beneath
Us, the holy army.
We will crush them under our feet.
     In Heaven, God looked upon Faith.
      And saw that without me,
      She was but a wraith.
      And sadness filled His heart.
Between the battles, I dream of her.
Sitting there so lonely,
Drawing her picture in the dirt.
Falling leaves remind me of the time
Of splendors and apples.
Before sin was a crime.
        Here in His kingdom sat one so blind
      To the love that shone
      But then Faith was still mine.
      A forbidden affair in His home.
In the heat of Battle I threw down their King.
Their morale was broken
And enemy horde felt the sting.
I proclaimed my victory for God’s glory
And headed for home
To Heaven, to tell the story.
      Word spread to the Lord of my win
      But He was full of envy
      For in His house Faith and I sinned.
      In His eyes there were many.
Sat her down in comfort.
Then told her about my doom.
She wept upon the shoulder of the Lord.
But him it was just
Another player knocked off the board.
There she stood on top of the stairs
And the air was so thick with despair.
Her stricken heart set to un-tune her,
And grief poured forth to consume her.
With one last pull of the heart strings
She cast herself from the spire
And the cold night air was lit up with fire.
      God was then struck with a rage
      And barred me from the chamber floor.
      I was to be condemned in a cage
      And I looked into the face of mistrust
      Once filled with just, but nevermore.
“Cast me, Father, as you cast her out!
Throw me from your heart!”  
And thus, I lashed about.
“I have lost Faith to her doom!”
The, I, The Morningstar
Cursed God from Heaven to distant moons.
      And He said,
      “Her pride for you kept her so fair.
      Your death by my word led to despair.
      I cast you out, into the dark.
      Let the lash of her death leave a mark.”
And so I fell
Through fire and earth.
To rule beneath
A new rebirth.
And still I search
For where she burned.
I have looked afar,
From Hell to Earth.
I am still The Mourning Star.

(c) 2013 Frank Green
Written by HadesRising
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poet Anonymous

Tyrant of Words
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Lost in Sentience

In an unconscious drool
I crawl on hands and knees.
My swim is lacking fuel –
“ more breast milk, please.”

Too small to reach above
zero experience
too young still needing love
lost in sentience.

Mixed emotions, teen aged,
struggling to be sane;
I know all & nothing
drown me with cellophane.

Finished mouse school and maze
caught in a rat’s trap bait
innocence lost, a phase?
still lost in sentience.

To old to have it all
my gait now slows and lags.
I’m nearing terminal,
where is that plastic bag!

Not too late, to awake
from a hopeless penance!

Conscious in sentience. . .
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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I was born of splitting atoms way before Eve and Adam, 
Fitting of nuclear power rhymes with lines which sang: 
“Here comes the Krackus causing a chaotic cosmic ruckus” 
Spitting flames at ‘em I had ‘em taking aim from the Bang. 

I was brought into existence upon nature’s ill persistence, 
A mix of super stellar rhythms and intergalactic grooves, 
I was a harmonious fusion of both creation and evolution, 
A movement of hybrid rudiments meant to make you move. 

I was conceived of spirit and will, crafted with artistic skill, 
In light of elements coalesced with force and energy, 
Bringing to life this form from the midst a colossal storm, 
With a passion pulse destined to bring about synergy. 

I was birthed into the universe, with kicks in old skool Converse, 
Ready to flow ire fire in verses versus the glow of red giant suns, 
But it didn’t (dark) matter who was the first or who was the latter, 
Because I am the one son whose tongue is measured in megatons. 

Fire of Insight
United States
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One Cut

One cut

One cut speaks what I can't say
One cut heals what can't be healed
One cut fills me with a feeling
One cut drains whatever's building

One cut apologizes a hundred times
One cut forgives it afterwards
One cut teaches me a lesson
One cut holds a better grudge than me

One cut reminds me of my ignorance
One cut distracts me when I need it
One cut never dissapoints me
One cut redifines disappointing

One cut revisits me in the valleys
One cut walks me to the peak
One cut fuels my broken body
One cut will never leave

One cut
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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Lost Thinker
United States
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Down the Rabbit Hole

I feel like I have fallen down the rabbit hole again.
I said I was okay, that I wouldn’t fall again.  
I’m stronger now, I can handle it.  
But I was wrong.  
I knew I was on the edge again, and I didn’t stop.  
I could have turned around, but the rabbit lured me in,  
and without a thought or a blink of an eye I stepped forward and fell.  
I grabbed the pills, and fell down the hole.  
I grabbed the bottle, and fell down the hole.  
I grabbed the needle, and fell down the hole.  
At first I just wanted the pain to stop, and now it’s as if I am welcomed home by an old friend.  
The rabbit and I talk like the time I left never happened.  
Why did I even think that leaving in the first place was a good idea?  
I know I’m not okay.  
I know I’m not the strong person I thought I was, and really is that such a bad thing?  
I grabbed the pills, and fell down the hole.  
I grabbed the bottle, and fell down the hole.  
I grabbed the needle, and fell down the hole.  
And this time I won’t be climbing back out.
Written by brokenyetstrong
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David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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The eloquent eloquence of elephants
Is knowingly known and renowned
They trumpety trump like trumpets
Sounding out soundworthy sounds
Written by David_Macleod (David Macleod)
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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Middle of a Party

I stand in the middle of a party.
There are many people mad right now.
All night, they scream in each other's faces deciphering who has the higher ground.
But no one is listening.
They don't want to hear what the other has to say.
They don't care how it makes them feel.
What they want is for me to choose between them.
Red offers freedom and protection.
I step over the line.
I'm greeted with familiarity, camo and firearms.
I feel at home.
Suddenly, I feel as though I don't belong.
The way they refuse to acknowledge anything different.
The way of the people comes from a misguiding book.
I turn myself to the party behind me.
Blue offers peace and tolerance.
I step over the line.
I'm greeted with open arms.
Rainbow flags and intellect idiolation.
I feel enlightened.
Suddenly, I'm hit with disgust.
They only love you when you're strange.
They foolishly believe violence will bring them peace againgst their opressers.
I turn myself to the party behind me.
Red is enraged that I switched sides.
Blue isn't happy with me either.
I'm left right back to where I started, standing in the middle of a party.
After heavy consideration, I've come to a conclusion: I'm going home.
Written by A_Failed_Artist
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Thought Provoker
United States
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She’s sexual dynamite

I know she likes me, and she knew I liked her back
I slapped her the 1st day she kissed me
trying to avoid this feeling
she laid in my arm in tears as the scent of her warm body aroused me.
Face to face asleep I can feel her breath caressing my lips
turning away, my back to her chest she hugged me
It took what felt like forever as her hand slowly descended
Descended on my patiently awaiting hard cock
stroking me to maximum capacity
I turned and grabbed her hand, but she won't let go of me
She descended beneath the sheets
and between her warm soft lips I came immediately
as her tongue continued to drive me crazy as she swallowed
She swallowed every drop of me
I couldn't help but to give in
honestly afraid
the consequences await as this young girl had her way
taking my virginity as she gave me hers
Soaked in her own creamy moisture
She slid me in, just a little bit
Her hot clenching pussy pulsed
throbbing with the excitement of cum, her 1st orgasm
Wetness trickling down her core
thighs tremble
as tears ran down her eyes
Omg!!! What have I done this time?
I knew she wanted more
without question I took over
Spreading her legs, the scent of her arousal turned me on
Sucking her tight little hole as it gripped my tongue
weak with each release, her little moans begged me for more
Finally, I slowly descended in my entire glory
Plunged in and out with unmeasured strokes with excitement
buried screams in the pillow as I'm fully submerged and erected
pulling away everything just to see her sweet innocent face as she came again and again
she so tiny  but she took every inch of me
totally filled and stretched as we bled
gasping for breath as she now knows she's in over her head
screams for me to end
pulling out was worse than staying in
so I stayed still trying to slowly evacuate
but her slow giration made me hard
as she seemed to enjoy the pain
pulling me in
having me give until she couldn't take.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Love Sonnet (After Neruda)

I do not love you as if you were made of the finest gold
This world has to offer or because your smile can start
A fire. I love you as the darkness desires light and cold  
Touches crave warmth. There is something your heart  
Always wants; to always be loved in all the right ways  
And places without fear of being broken or delicate.  
I wish to love the deepest parts of you, not for days  
You spent in the summer, but when you felt desolate,  
Alone and everyone ignored you when you needed  
Love. That is when I will prove you and them wrong  
Because I never let your tears or voice go unheeded.  
I know only of one way to love you with no ping-pong  
Battle. What I want ends with your head against my  
Chest as you sleep and dream, my hand on your thigh.  
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Taste Me In The Wind

Taste Me In The Wind
Where hearts soars, bodies hungrily defend
A sweet butter rum breeze as I sail under your nose  
Let the scent of me quietly seduce you as it enwraps you to console  
Covet my desires, shroud of rapture found within your mind  
In the absence of my body, find me in your imaginative carnal designs  
Close your eyes…shh…allow sagacity of your temple to feel  
Tenderly touch the essence of my shadow, let thy will  
Kismet Karma found in our forbidden love as it slolwy overspills  
Lay me on a bed of yesterday’s sorrows  
Blended tears of lost tomorrows  
Forehead to forehead, promises    
Reality of time borrowed  
Part my sacred silken flower  
Bodies entwined, grasping for freedom in the midnight hour  
Call out my name    
Submitting, surrendering as you draw this Moth to your flame  
Mixing the essence of my sweet cream  
Your erection worshipping inside your wet dream  
Resonating contented screams        
His hard dick swinging, deep inside kinging, Oh God, so serene    
My wet pussy flapping, singing  
The crown of ecstasy peaking  
Mummurs of French speaking  
Clenched passion, deeper and deeper, past the abyss of reason  
Tongue to tongue, bodies thrashing in exile, sinful depravation of its treason  
Sentiments echoed until the rise of the hidden sun  
The slip and dip of desires on the run  
Licking up my body, tasting my reminisce    
Mm, savor my honeyed flavor, the addictive tasteful bliss    
The lust of him thrusting inside me  
Hitting my silken core, beckoning my soul unto the pleasure of his tease  
My sunken treasure begging from the famished need    
Legs linked around his back moaning softly to be    
Mm…pushing my body to the edge of insanity    
Back arched, falling under grace, his body anchoring deeper to please    
Begging, panting  for the release of his pearly seed  
Palms linked, kissing the tip of my tongue  
Tasting me on the winds, his erection marinating inside my butter rum  
Throwing his head back, fusing my essence with his explosive Kingdom cum  
Two souls blown away
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Dangerous Mind
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Before I Leave This World

Before I leave this world, I want to experience life’s pleasures
To feel the warm sand under my naked feet and smell the fresh ocean air
I see double, both the light and the dark, and the beings they consume
Some individuals rush towards the water; others run indoors
Their behavior confuses me, though it can’t be held against them
Warm seems the candle to one who has never felt the sun.
Before I leave this world, I want to see every color of nature
To smell the sweet scent of wild flowers and to drink the cool mountain water
I see the leaves change colors dramatically, from vibrant green to shimmering gold  
Some leaves fall to the ground; others manage to hang on for longer
Their destiny is at the mercy of the wind; whether it be a gentle breeze or a ferocious storm
I pity those without the gift of seeing in color.
Before I leave this world, I want to worship God’s temple to me
To take in the feeling of being one as I make sweet love  
I see past the physical flaws and marvel at the beauty and purity of the soul
Some individuals view the act as sacred; others take it for granted
My integrity is a blooming flower and will never be corrupted
Others are merely left with an empty stem.  
The time has come, I’m ready to leave this world
I’ve lived my life to the fullest and I have no regrets
I say farewell to my loved ones on Earth, and soon will reunite with the ones I’ve lost
I don’t know what lies on the other side, yet I’ve found my peace
A light surrounds me as I walk forward
Whatever lies on the other side, a new journey will begin.
Written by LunasChild8
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Here I am.
Didn't believe at first,
being destroyed, silently
from within. Clawed and ripped  
taking what I hold so dear.
masquerading as a harmless headache.
Be hold!
The strong has become helpless.  
to this sadistic game  
of pain.
Written by Bonzi
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