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Fire of Insight
United States
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I want You

After a brief encounter
they both knew what each wanted,
maybe a one night stand
maybe something long term,
but for now
they met to satisfy
some carnal desires,
she stood in front of him
in her sheer dress
as she loosened the buttons,
it flowed off of her body
like a cool autumn evening,
a few steps and he was there,
looking, admiring the beauty
that stood before him,
a quick embrace, a few
kisses on the neck and
bare shoulders, she began
to warm to his ideas,
he stepped forward
pushing her toward the bed,
her knees folded as he guided her down,
kneeling above her, she smiled
up at him, he responded in turn,
more light kisses on her bronze flesh,
taking his time working his way
down her body, slowly,
enjoying her anticipation,
soon reaching her breast,
he kissed and took each nipple
into his mouth tickling his tongue
with her flesh,
her excitement grew
as he felt her heaving with
heavier breaths leaving her breast,
he tickled her with his caresses
from his kisses as he moved
down her belly,
reaching close to what he was searching for,
and what she was waiting for,
he traveled further down, evading
her most intimate parts,
a few light kisses upon her inner thighs,
her legs now raised, he placed
a few kisses behind her knees,
drawing more moisture from
an already wet situation,
her moans became erratic as he teased her,
her legs spread, he positioned his face
evenly at his desire,and gently
began his task of her satisfaction,
his tongue lapped at her
like a thirsty beast,
drinking in her secrets,
trying to quench his needs,
his tongue penetrated her,
soft moans escaped as she delighted
in his willingness to please her,
kissing and touching all the right places
she could not help herself
as her hips involuntary arched upward
to meet his hungry mouth,
hands placed on the back of his head
encouraging him, motivating him,
still licking her innermost areas,
her thighs clamping him in place,
where he had no intentions of moving away from,
she began to shout out her approval,
her excitement flowed from her
coating his lips and tongue
as he continued to drink from her,
moments later after her orgasm subsided
and her sensitivity increased,
it was only then that she
 willingly pulled away from his grasp.
smiling and almost satisfied, she moved quickly
exchanging places with him,
kneeling between his legs, she looked down on him
with a hungry look of her on,
she began to remove his belt
and unbutton his pants.
Written by BeginningPoet
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poet Anonymous

                     The Train Ride

“Damn it’s hot” was just one of the thoughts in Marcus’s head as the packed train rumbled on its many evening stops.  He always took the L train in the evening because it seemed to have the best air conditioning to combat the intense heat of August. In Manhattan, AC ranks high on the list of must haves, especially when you commute on public transportation.  

Unfortunately, for Marcus, it seemed every New Yorker headed uptown had the same thought. “51st Street, 51st Station, next stop 59”, as the passengers exit a new rush e came pouring in, like a tidal wave, seeking every available crevice and Marcus found himself pushed away from the center pole, he was pinned to the opposite side closed doors. All he could do was think “Damn” as he peered out into the sea of heads and backs and upper torsos that reminded him of a saying his grandmother had “crabs in  barrel baby, people are just like crabs in a barrel, all they want do is get out.”  The thought made him smile, as he attempted to turn away from the crowd and place his back to the door, he did this   for several reasons, (1) Marcus carried his wallet in his back pocket, and hey, this is New York; (2) well, there really isn’t a two, he just got the feeling to turn around, you know what I mean? This move proved to be like a three point shot at the end of a game, nothing but net. She stood 5’4, 5’5 at max, high yellow, pretty hazel eyes and lips that Marcus thought he could drink from. She wore a peach colored light weight dress that not only complimented her well proportioned breast, as much a he could see, but her complexion as well.

As she stared up into his eyes, he caught himself almost drooling. Marcus quickly closed his mouth just as the train made a violent jerk and lights went off for a few seconds, she was thrust into him, almost pinned to him. She said in the softest seductive voice he had ever heard “excuse me.” Marcus thought “Oh my god, all she said was excuse me and my dick is getting hard, shit her thigh is on it, she going to feel it grow and think I’m some kind of nut.” She did feel it, she felt every inch of him, of his distinguished male member, but she tried not to let on, at least not yet. More violent than before the train shook as it screamed into the 59th Street station. Marcus, without thought, placed his hand on her lower back and braced her closer to him as it appeared that she was about to fall. At that same point, while the train came to a stop, he felt her hand stroke his length, hold his strength, and she looked deep into his eyes, no smile or frown, but he could see something in her look.  Marcus thought he could see lust on her face, lust in her stare and desire on her lips, this was his thinking, but was his mind playing tricks on him? Was he jumping to an assumption?  As the people pushed harder in, the air became more stiff and humid, she said “sometimes there’s nothing like a train ride.”  Marcus knew then, with those words, this was real, and she was firmly in control. He closed his eyes as the train pulled out the station, “Next stop 71st Street and Columbus Circle, This train will be express to 129th Street after the next stop” as the train gained speed, so did her hand, not so fast that it could be detected, but with strength and easy, as if she had an ink stain in the palm that needed to come out, she was bringing Marcus out. Her hand stroked his eight and half inch length. Yes, she held Marcus firmly in her hand, fully erect to her command. As the train rocked and swayed he felt as if in a daze. His dick throbbed, and he could feel the blood flowing, pumping like a river running wild, through the long vein running the length of his shaft. His mind unfocused, his cum preparing to flow, as sudden as this began, she stopped.

Steering into his almost erotically, violently, wide-open eyes, not a word passed between them.  Marcus had only one thought “She stopped…”  Yeah, like that

By: CeeMee

Fire of Insight
United States
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Rain on me

Thirsty is my body  
Hungry is my love for you  
I invite you to stay  
As I bloom before your eyes  
Aroused by your gentle touch  
Stimulated by your gaze
I am the desert  
Show me your rain  
Pour on this barren landscape  
Drown me in your hurricane  
Strip each petal off my delicate stem  
Dominate my shadowed rifts  
Drink my golden nectar  
Together we can make honey  
Seduce every inch of me  
Lift this arid drought  
I summon the storm  
I covet the water  
Reinvigorate this flower  
Rain on me
Written by Thetravelingfairy
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Cuffs and Speculum

My first day on the job, one for the books:
A sales girl at Le Pleasure Chest Sex Shoppe.    
I had lots of experience with toys,    
And swung both ways with gender-bi’s & girls.    
I lean against a counter with displays    
Of porno decks of cards & edibles.    
A brittle-looking ‘frail’ from round the back      
(Where inventory hung on garment racks)    
In skin-tight leopard print slit up the sides,    
In knock-off Prada mules one size too small.    
She’s giving me the eye before I know,    
This bony broad with wiglet like a hat.    
“Oh yeah”, she softly coo’s & licks her lips,    
She grabs to squeeze my tit, “My aren’t we small.”    
“Hey, who you callin’ small, bitch, have a look!”    
Unsnap my leather pants & whip it out.    
“Get on your knees you cunt and open wide,    
And suck my number 8 deep, let it slide!  
“You better take it all and no complaints,    
‘Cause after this it’s goin’ up your ass!”    
I rim her raw then shoot across her back,    
And finish off by whizzing ‘tween her crack.    
That chick was going nowhere no time soon,    
When I was done, secured with spreader bar.    
I dial my cell and call my homey James,    
And tell him “gotta job, send out the gang!”    
I sit and glaze my nails with neon goth,    
And nonchalantly watch a customer      
Who notices there’s something different here,    
And smiles at me then looks down at the floor.    
“Well well what have we here is that the boss?”    
I’m blowing on my nails, I stare right past.    
“I think so, I can’t tell, she’s laid face down.      
We got a sale on dildos, check it out.”    
I hear a rumble outside from the lot.    
“That’s gonna be my crew you’d better haul,    
“I wouldn’t stay here long if I were you,    
And take the body too it’s got a smell.”    
In come the boys who crash n slash n smash,    
While busting open registers for cash.    
I stroll out to the roach coach by the curb    
For one burrito and a cuppa Jo.    
I sip my coffee, watch the wrecking ball;    
The thrill I get is better than caffeine.    
I flip the bird as walls come tumbling down,    
Jump in my Mustang zoom on down the road.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Sexual Intensity

It’s been too long, been way too far
without the feel of your passion
can’t help but run and hold on  
tears fall down to the floor
and I’m happy like the first time
the first time I realized
I had a forever kind of love
my heart has been aching
because I been neglecting you
haven’t been around to show
I still find you desirable
those curves craving touched
and I can’t get my hands off
or my lips off yours
ride me like a bitch in heat
dig your nails into me
for this is where
I want to be lost
down-down we go to the floor
your body so delicate
running my fingers up your thighs  
softness with my hardness
perfectly complementary
I just love it
that loss of breath
eyes of sexual intensity
sweat, slaty and sweet
has me swearing
i’ll never ever
leave your side again
Written by LadyKilla
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A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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a finger slips inside the glove
with thoughts of you to fuel my love
my dreaming dance on tender flesh  
i crave your lips and catch my breath  
a ballet dancer's pirouette  
in bokeh dreams with edged vignette  
cascading falls, a one hand dance  
this beckoning, a sole romance  
the artist's stroke upon my canvas  
palletes wash of scarlet vuvlva  
whisper hairs of graceful touch  
my indexed billowing soft brush  
concentric spinning on the pivot  
quickening of horaed digits  
a secret scene while all alone
my firework display explodes  
Written by Sky_dancer (A girl has no name)
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Bernard t
Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Just a quick quests
How does the public vote work and when does it take place

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Oh wow! Definitely wasn't expecting that! Thank you for hosting this one, it was fun.   :-)

Thought Provoker
United States
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you are welcome look out for more from me soon.

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