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Poetry Contest

Drop your best erotic poem

Sheís sexual dynamite

I know she likes me, and she knew I liked her back
I slapped her the 1st day she kissed me
trying to avoid this feeling
she laid in my arm in tears as the scent of her warm body aroused me.
Face to face asleep I can feel her breath caressing my lips
turning away, my back to her chest she hugged me
It took what felt like forever as her hand slowly descended
Descended on my patiently awaiting hard cock
stroking me to maximum capacity
I turned and grabbed her hand, but she won't let go of me
She descended beneath the sheets
and between her warm soft lips I came immediately
as her tongue continued to drive me crazy as she swallowed
She swallowed every drop of me
I couldn't help but to give in
honestly afraid
the consequences await as this young girl had her way
taking my virginity as she gave me hers
Soaked in her own creamy moisture
She slid me in, just a little bit
Her hot clenching pussy pulsed
throbbing with the excitement of cum, her 1st orgasm
Wetness trickling down her core
thighs tremble
as tears ran down her eyes
Omg!!! What have I done this time?
I knew she wanted more
without question I took over
Spreading her legs, the scent of her arousal turned me on
Sucking her tight little hole as it gripped my tongue
weak with each release, her little moans begged me for more
Finally, I slowly descended in my entire glory
Plunged in and out with unmeasured strokes with excitement
buried screams in the pillow as I'm fully submerged and erected
pulling away everything just to see her sweet innocent face as she came again and again
she so tiny †but she took every inch of me
totally filled and stretched as we bled
gasping for breath as she now knows she's in over her head
screams for me to end
pulling out was worse than staying in
so I stayed still trying to slowly evacuate
but her slow giration made me hard
as she seemed to enjoy the pain
pulling me in
having me give until she couldn't take.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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*Short poems 4 lines less than 20 words will be disqualified.
*Absolutely no commenting on other members submissions.
*Old poem and new are accepted.
*Any questions feel free to P.M. me here or on FB.

+One poem per person
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Dangerous Mind
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Dangerous Mind
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I hope you enjoy my entry. c:

Dangerous Mind
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Honey-glazed skin shines under the sunlight
Eyes forever burned by the sunset stare back at me
His scent invokes within me such a delight
As fresh and cool as the Mediterranean Sea.

Gentle waves greet our naked feet
As we tread along the diamond-like sand
My love for you runs just as deep
As the rain sinks far into the land.

Temptation possesses me with a strong grip
Iím as powerless as a puppet held by its strings
Iím as helpless as Eve when she committed her sin
I wonder what sensation your touch would bring.

Plump lips curve into a smile
As your wise eyes look at me knowingly
Your presence alone drives me wild
And Iím left standing behind you longingly.

I crave to touch your sand-colored hair
I desire to press my lips against yours
Iím quite possessive of you and I refuse to share
Make me scream your name until my voice goes hoarse.

Temptation has possessed my very being
You have claimed my heart and threw away the key
The poor organ increases its beating
At the thought of you ravaging me.

I canít take it anymore, you tease
Throw me onto the sand and give me what I want
Iím afflicted with a sickness and I need your expertise
My dripping flower awaits your response.

I need to feel your body pressed against mine
Youíre the very air I breathe to survive
Drink my nectar as you would a glass of wine
Even a small drop is enough for your soul to revive.

Temptation flows rapidly through my veins
Iím cold and dark and only you can ignite my flame
By tracing patterns on my skin, youíll never lose your way
My body is waiting for your rightful claim.

My dark hair clashes against the white sand
I shiver in anticipation as you hover over me
My eager body is yours to command
As I confidently whisper: ďmake love to meĒ.

Your impressive length fills me up completely
I sigh in contentment as we become one
Every thrust of yours makes me scream in ecstasy
How wonderful it is to be young!

I belong to you as you belong to me
Weíre each otherís missing half
I feel safe in your arms as we lay by the calm sea
I tell you so, and you reply with a pleased laugh.

Soon enough, I feel evidence of your desire
I understand exactly whatís your intent
Even you have been stricken by temptationís fire
And I fondly think ĎI can do this again.í

poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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New Ground

It was soft
like the underbelly of
a Beautiful Slug
His fingertips
slide over her
epidermal luster white
blazing a trail
only taking his time
to do it
She writhed and moaned
as another trail
felt from toes to the nape
of her neck
She knew NO more
for he still had to
roll her over
and begin
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Tyrant of Words
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Ecstasy in Your Eyes

You didnít have any qualms or apprehensions about it,
When I invited you and you quickly decided to join in,
You were that excited you just jumped at the chance,
To be in bed with someone like her and her and him.
I lied to you when I told you I just wanted to watch,
At first my appetite is only to witness such a thing,
But you had this look of total ecstasy in your eyes,
When you were amid the likes of her and her and him.
It was a scene of sheer pleasure and ultimate fantasy,
Lost between them in the mix of long and sensual limbs,
Your mouths wide open without words being spoken,
As orifices were filled with you and her and her and him.
But as I sat there in the armchair in the dark corner,
I watched and salivated with hunger to say the least,
Ravenous at seeing you being with her and her and him,
The time was getting closer for me to unleash the beast.
And as I saw you moaning you all came together,
The time had finally come for me to unleash the beast,
Because now that you were fully spent and exhausted,
It was my turn to join in and participate in the feast.
Lastly I opened the window to let the light of the full moon in,
As we revealed our true nature you became truly horrified,
When we transformed into werewolves you began to scream,
You were about to be devoured by her and her and himÖand I.

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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He Enters A Boundless Sea

Her swelling lips
Gyrating hips
The opening of treasure
Finding true blissful pleasure
Divine to the ear
The moans and screams he hears
Diving into the creek of love
He sees her body arch above
Hears the sirens song
Delving where his tongue belongs
Her heaving breasts
Where her thumping heart does nest
He enters a boundless sea
A watery paradise only he can see
In passion she swells
Deep where the fire dwells
Following the current
Love's torrent
There flies the sparks
Peppering the velvet dark
She shudders she quakes
Uncontrollably she shakes
He continues to turn her senses
Shatter her defences
Cherishing her pleasure ridden screams
As he gives her the stuff of dreams
Where her desire
Is filled with his fire

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Dangerous Mind
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Longing stare invites-
you take my hand and thrust it
into drenched panties

My two fingers stretch
and curl to greet the wet tongue
of your inner wall

From this position
I slide your prone body back
and forth on the bed

A gush of jelly
laminates my fingers- nectar
for my thirsting mouth
Written by SatInUGal (Kumar)
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Strange Creature
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loved the imagery of this.

Bernard t
Twisted Dreamer
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Under my body

Under my body  
She lies her legs wide apart
She breaths so heavily
Holding her flower open
She lets me lick her juice
From her fingers  
Tasting her cream
Sheís my angel kissing me
My manhood stretches
So fleshy and hard  
She holds it and squeezes it
So gently but firm
She holds me at the gateway
Her flower so open and full of desire
As I enter her she squeals
So wet and warm inside her
She moves to the rhythm  
Of my manhoods movements
Each stroke making her pull me inside
Till I fill her flower with all that I have
She holds my neck and bottom tightly
As the strokes drive faster
Her climax coming  
As I cum inside her
Written by Bernardt (Bernard t)
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poet Anonymous

Fire of Insight
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i want to spend each morn
Polishing your horn
And anytime of the day
i'll be your easy lay

And as the day goes by
With a hump and a sigh
i'll be yearning for more
Of your hardened core

Every evening i will
Give you such a thrill
Until lustful night falls
i'll be licking your balls

And as i drift to sleep
With you planted deep
i wish to again awaken
Being taken
By You
Written by Northern1
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Tyrant of Words
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A Pleasure to Eat You

That very first kiss
Nervously, awkwardly  
We both shared tongues
There was an urgency felt
A mutual taste of desire
A surging of our passion
Finally one to another
I felt the need for my fingers  
To fumble and gently cup
Her breasts were soft, natural
Her nipples already erect
Her moans making it clear
Her desire and willingness
Was asking for so much more
I slowly unbuttoned her shirt
She caught her breath, said "Oh yes."
I cupped and fondled her exposure
The beauty of these bare breasts
Was irresistible to my mouth
Was irresistible to my tongue
Heavy breathing was hers
I was ravenously hungry
My tongue then traced it's way
Down from her defined cleavage
Down to her belly button
Tongue flicking like a cobra
She moaned an "Oh please!"
A frantic "Just do it, do it!"
I popped the buttons of her jeans
Exposing her frilly white panties
"Can I take your jeans off please?"
Always the old fashioned gentleman
She breathily whispered "Yes, yes."
Jeans off she spread he legs
Such a delicious invitation
How could I honestly resist
With one hand she rubbed her breasts
I carefully watched her other hand
She inserted her fingers inside her panties
For a tad I watched her at play
Panties now forming a wet patch
To a symphony of moans and squeals
With her hand down her panties
I licked and kissed her wet gusset
Her fingers moving more vigorously
She took her fingers out for me to suck
With a wildness I duly obliged
My hands moved to either side of her hips
Slowly pulling her wet panties off
To a squeal of delight and desire
I flipped her on to her front
"What are you doing David?"
"Trust me, if you want me to stop
I will not hesitate to stop!"
I gently separated her ass
I gently licked her ring
"Oh God! It tickles!"
But the word stop was never uttered
As I licked, sucked and kissed
My tongue entered slowly
And flicked around purposefully
I thought her head might explode
From her orgasmic response
"Oh God! I've never let anyone before."
As she begged for more reaching fever pitch
Again I duly obliged like a passion drunk
Lunatic, long licks and frantic eating
I slowly turned her around still licking
Its her perineum that needs tasting
I kiss and suck her pink fleshiness
She responds clutching her clit
She was so very noisy, which I love
My tongue investigated her pussy
Flap licking and careful lip nibbling
I gently move her fingers with my tongue
Exposing her very well formed clit
Her pussy on such a beautiful banquet
Dripping wet and now it was time to dine
I buried my head in her perfect wetness
I eat my fill then, inserting three fingers
I make her cum like thunder
Like a woman possessed
We rest in each others arms
Gently kissing and fondling
She cups my balls then stokes my cock
"Wait!" is not what she expected me to say
"I don't think I can do it again." She uttered
"Let me try?"  
"Oh god, please, please!" she whispered
Breast and pussy feeding again
The moans are more intense
She so want to orgasm again
The temperature raised, becoming breathless
"I want to do something you can tell me
Stop and I will stop immediately." "ok"
She said while panting yet inquisitive
My finger tip gently circled her ring
I slowly pushed it inside her "Oh God!"
A confused and gently uttered "Stop!"
I gently removed my finger
Only be told to do it more slowly
She squealed as I reached the second knuckle
Slow in and outs were met with "Faster, faster!"
My other hand put two fingers in her pussy
Faster she demanded, and I obliged
With the power to lift her like a bowling ball
Lifting her ass of the bed
Moving to a crescendo of moans
She then instructed me to go slower
Within moments she, for the second time,
She came like thunder, but for longer
Satisfied I liked my fingers
"You don't have to do me!"
Penetrative sex was not a thing
Especially for a man of my years
We laid together gently stoking and kissing
So many repeats of "I love you."
She closed her eyes slowly smiling
"God! She was so beautiful, lying there."
I was intoxicated by her beauty
I was infected by her sexuality
It was a pleasure to eat her
The pleasure being mine
Written by David_Macleod (14397816)
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Strange Creature
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Only Feel

I canít speak
I canít see
My mouth salivates
Stretched open wide
My tongue flapping back and forth
Around the gag inside
My eyes flinch endlessly
Underneath the blindfold
And my body waits impatiently
My legs open expectantly
Iím awaiting your touch so earnestly
My skin vibrates so fiercely
I try to sense where you are
To sense if you are close to touching me
Twitching and writhing
Until I feel the bed creak
And so fast you yank me!
I feel my legs dragged forward
Then hoisted into the air
You enter me with so much force
Slamming into my body
And crashing through my walls of hot anticipation
I canít see you
But I feel you
Only feel you
Then you flip me over
Iím clumsy and disoriented
Half expecting what you are about to do
Then you shove yourself into my tight ass
And my muffled screams build behind the gag
You remind me of your ownership
As you pound into me
And wrap your fingers around my neck
Whispering hot breathy words into my ear
I canít see you
But I can feel you and hear you
In my pitch black world
The sensation never felt so strong
How more intense is my hunger
More intense is my senses
And in the end
My body erupts, quakes and melts for you
Then finally
I can see you
I can speak to you
And I look into your eyes
And tell you
I fucking loved it
Written by thefuriouspoet
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