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Tallen (earth_empath)
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RUNNERS-UP: Jade-Pandora and Michael_Goodridge

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Kissing, Necking, Cuddling

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Fall into my arms

When the world gets too much
And you crave human touch
Fall into my arms
I will keep you safe

When the day outside is cold
And you need someone to hold
Fall into my arms
I will keep you warm

When tears stream down your face
And you feel without a place
Fall into my arms
I will soothe your heart

When you feel all alone
And have sins to atone
Fall into my arms
I will take your pain

When you are full of desire
And lust is a raging fire
Fall into my arms
I will quench you

Whenever you need me
Anytime that can be
Just fall into my arms
And you will know you are loved.
Written by Rjm
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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You'd have to be blind
to not see what's there
unconditional love to my mind
means able to say I care.
Not taking for granted
the friendship we share
I defend your independent
right to a life
freedom is yours; heaven-sent
I for one won't 'own' or control you
not in my nature; my DNA structure
you are not mine
you're no one's possession
so enjoy yourself without strife.
you don't need permission
You're nobody's fool
Wild and free
Sassy and cool
I admire your spirit
love and support the
life you did create
Always a welcome
for you and your mates
Always here for you
with an ear to lend
Always here to hold you
when soft tears descend
Always here for you
with biscuits and tea
Always here for you
when you need me

Written by DawnRaider (Dr)
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Guardian of Shadows
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Loving an angel

deep brown eyes seen long ago
before the lights halo over his head
seen in a photographs of another
who walks with his wild kingdom

hair over his shoulder tied
with a bandana swept back proudly
seen long ago a wanderer who paints
colours in the wind

sounds of rustling dove wings
whiteness reflected on a window pane
tears in silence amid mocking laughter
the wind blows away dreams

whimsical moments whispered
gone like a puff of smoke.

Written by Grace (Idryad)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Writing a Poem while the Sheets are still Warm with Him


Like slow-motion waking
after a lover
has risen up and left
as I sleep,
though the early morning
in its coyness
to give up its notes.


Like shallow moonlight
at low tide,
that creeps up to my
bare feet
at the end of the bed,
and leaves a soft
foamy lapping
before it recedes.


Recoiling my warmth,
Its already
disappeared under the
next lazy wave,
once I realize by then
what happened,
and is still
happening to me.
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Until I Find You Waiting

Tell me all the places I can find
The dappled shadows of you
That show me everywhere the sun goes
Where your warmth is while I live.

I know there will be other moments
In dreams where Im wide awake
And yet only exist in dreamscapes,
Because that is where weve lived.

The rivers yearn and pull to the gulf,
Our currents, when strength is spent,
All conjoined in a vortex of mirth
Felt so clearly from my mouth.

That will assure us without pledges,
Totems of your abundance,
Reading a deep nights constellations,
Until I find you waiting.

Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Brand New Mercedes

Hey, youre not gonna try
To make out with me back here
Are you?
What?! No!
Why not?

in the backseat of the new Benz
on the way to the pizza joint
she puts her hand on my inner thigh
as we try to be discreet from
the passenger and driver in front
I see his eyes in the rearview
And I squint and smile
As she gabs in the passenger seat
Fuck that, I grab her hand
And put it on my crotch
And make rubbing motions
Her eyes kind of bug out at me
Through those black-framed glasses
I find so sexy for some reason
I unzip my jeans and put her hand
Through the opening,
But its tight and only her fingers
Make it through to my jockey-covered
He just got the windows tinted to
The darkest shade legally possible
So its dark in there
But its springtime in Los Angeles
And the sun is shining through
The windshield
There are some dry-cleaned shirts
That were hanging on the hook
By the side door
That we had to move around
So we could sit comfortably and were sort
Of using that as cover and I dont
Know how effective that is
But shes not stopping
And it feels kind of weird and good
Because its new
And weve always had this
Sexual tension that usually nothing
Gets done about in corporate offices
All over America
And shes wriggling those fingers
As Im thinking about pulling it out
Because Im this close to climax
And shes still blabbing up front
As the radio plays some annoying reggaeton
At low volume
And I catch his eye one last time
In the rearview
And give a mock-surprised look
The friction has undone my button
And so my crotch is exposed except
For the jockeys
And she slips her hand down
The elastic
I pull my shirt down over it
For cover
And it looks like a gerbil trying
To squirm out of a tangle of laundry
The skin on skin contact along
With the pre-cum acting as bad lubricant
Got me ready to jizz all over this bitch
But just then, he hits a dip in the
Entrance of the pizza parking lot
And you hear that terrible screech
Of metal on concrete
SHIT!!! he says
As she yanks her hand from
My crotch
And Im left there with
A coconut-smasher, purple nuts,
And a struggle button
As I pull my shirt down even further

The pizza is okay
And later on I will ask her
If she wants to rendezvous
On the stairwell
And she will say

Written by Taurek
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jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Little Deaths

( a Sonnet )

While hoping for his call on phone I write,
Theres sound of rain & warmth from vented heat.
Im coild up on the bed bathed in soft light,
And leaves that scatter chatter down the street.
The flicker of a bulb, the wind in flight,
My mind is playing tricks like rising damp.
The walls where shadows watch in dead of night
Keep distant never coming near my lamp.
The Muse is stilld while other thoughts are there,
The gusts of rain are keeping him from speech.
I pause to rest my eyes and tousle hair,
Before he comes Im sleeping out of reach.
And then to crawl in bed between my hips,
My words for him have dried upon my lips.


NaPo/GloPoWriMo 2018
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Elephant Trunks part 1

A Table for two
A low lit Candlelight
A Red table cloth
A 1/2 of a bottle left of red wine
One glass half full    
One wine glass empty
Just a tiny drop
Of intimacy waiting
Leaving separately
You calling me
I arrive promptly
Still in my red dress outlinging my bodys silloutte
I change into something more comfortable
Still in a button down white shirt and Grey slacks
You change once I return from the bathroom located near the rear of the house  
Hands eager to touch
I get it first
Only to switch to Shonda Rimes Greys Anatomy
As your hand remains on mine  
The remote is feeling most intimate to our touch
Our eyes are sunken in on the show
Wrapping our legs around each others like elephants trunks grabbing for food
Intimacy is the blood throbbing through our veins as we fall asleep half way through
our bodies turned toward one another
Breath touching breaths intimacy
You wake up
And plant a gentle kiss on my forehead
And return to your intimate thoughs while next to me.  
To be continued in pt 2
Written by Red_CurtainS (I AM A MURDEROUS PEN)
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Fire of Insight
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Lovers' night

Full moon night  
Placid sky  
Shimmering stars  
Silvery light  
Sweet floral fragrance
wafts through the air  
You and I
hand in hand  
walking down the avenue  
sweet memories we share  
Summer breeze  
gently blows  
caressing our cheeks
ruffling our hair  
Rustling leaves...  
Oh...love is in the air!
Closer we draw  
Steal a glance
Blush and smile
Our heartbeats prance
Silence pervades
Our eyes talk  
Wrapping each other in a warm embrace
seal our love with a lip-lock...
Written by MysticalRose
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Dangerous Mind
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Once again,
I am speechless with this win.
Humbly thank You all
and to snugglebuck for hosting

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Congrats, TALLEN!
Great comp, Snug!

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Wow!  Im Im... Deelighted at the outcome of the votes!  I thank Kimmy for making this comp possible, and for everyone who voted..,

and a big hug of congratulations to brother Tallen for the win yaaay!  And to my podium partner Michael joining me as Runners-up!

Terrific job, Everyone!


Dangerous Mind
United States
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calamitygin said:Call me baby....

With eyes hung low with sleep
As whiskey voice growls heat
Over trembling tummy
Speak your devotion wider than centuries of yearning
Of an infinite well called desire
Where you dip your cup desperate to quench
Then sweetly mouth your gratitude along my arch of neck
All the way up to my ear
And sofly
..... sweetly..........
call me baby

Oh baby, that was a sweet write.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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AEMelia564 said:ENCHANT

Come take my hand
Let us walk through clover fields
where wild water runs

Do you hear enchantment
Echoing your name?
Come lift me up

Entwined your arms
cradeling sunlight
Falls upon us

As we watch the clouds
Fingers folding open
Tracing tender perils

Folding our lips
around the magma
of your kiss

where circling frequencies
Open in pasion flowers
I taste your fruits

Closer, I sink into your skin
I am a pearl of sweat

A beaconing breath
I tell you a saga of love
whilst you whisper

Into my ears
I am a balancing wave
You are wilderness

Night will be so kind
to find us

Loved the last line the best.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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"Physical poetry"
Great use of words, Michael.

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