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Kissing, Necking, Cuddling

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Magical Kisses

Our first kiss that night came from
The movies with the way you are
Looking at me before our lips meet
And when our lips did meet halfway
It felt like someone calmed the fire
Before or after the storm. The numb
Feeling within me blooms like a star
As everything else takes a backseat.
With you by my side I wanted to stay
On top of the world. With that desire
Came no need to take off clothes but
We are connected on a spiritual level.
Underneath the clear nightís sky and
When we are fully surrounded by an
Infinite amount of stars we are going
To be somewhere magical. In the rut
Your kisses saved me. The daredevil
Said to take a chance. With your hand
On my heart I would let go of the plan
I was following. Our kiss was glowing.
Written by eswaller
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Get Intimate With Me

Get Intimate With Me
How is it so easy to get Intimate in one way, and so difficult in another?

How can you give me your body so willingly but your heart and mind seem to only have a momentary vacancy for me
I want more than anything for you to see that intimacy is far more than physical
Your emotional and psychological intimacy is my true desire and the yearning for it churns my blood jus as fiercely as the touch your hands gliding over my body

Canít you undress your heart in the same slow sexy manner you disrobe your clothes for me

Get Intimate With me
Canít you whisper your troubles to me the way you whisper your love for me while we caress

Get Intimate With Me
Canít you cry and scream your sadness and sorrows to me the same as you do in your climatic octave

Get Intimate With Me
I want you to have the same strength to open up to me as you do when youíre clenching my body while Iím rocking on top of you
Why canít you want to share more of your feelings the way you long for more of my pleasurable givingís

Get Intimate With Me
And why do I have to beg for your secrets, when mine I so easily surrendered to you

The security I feel when Iím in your arms, the passion that is ignited when our bodies touch, the tenderness of the moment when we kiss
That same intimacy is all I want even when weíre just talkingÖ

The tone in your voice when you speak to me, which undoubtedly assures me that you trust me with delicately handling your heart in the same way we passionately take care of one anotherís physical desires
That type of intimacy is what solidifies our love, today, tomorrow, and for all timeÖ..

Written by FreeLove87
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Bernard t
Lost Thinker
United Kingdom
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Ever flower

She sparkles in my bed at night
Wearing her see through nightie and push up bra
She loves her ears to be be kissed
That makes her breath so heavy
She has the perfect breasts so proud
And rosebuds that beg to be sucked
Her hair shorn flower swells with my touch
As my manhood rises She holds it tight
Squeezing it gently to feel itís girth
Then sucks it so lovingly
With her tongue and her lips
Her sexy panties have to come off now
As I taste her wet flower
Parting her lips with my tongue
Her juices flowing before my cum
Nowitís time to take her to ecstasy  
And my manhood takes her virginity
Written by Bernardt (Bernard t)
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Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Joined 14th Apr 2018
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Woah, Bernie, do you think this is subtle romance? lol. ;-)

Dangerous Mind
United States
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You bet.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 3rd Feb 2014
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Bernie broke the rules, but he's new to DU, so let's forgive him.

Strange Creature
United States
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Loverís Arms

In her loverís arms
She feels protected and warm
Like a prized possession
Encased and safe
With a heart beat there
To remind her
That he will never leave
Or neglect her
His soft breaths
Against her neck
The slight shifts of his limbs
To pull her closer
Squeeze her tighter
The half asleep kiss
He plants on her shoulder
That tells her
That even in slumber
He canít stop loving her
How complete she feels
In her loverís arms
How right the world feels
In her loverís arms
She steadily falls asleep
  † † †Öin her loverís arms
Written by thefuriouspoet
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Lost Thinker
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Joined 11th Mar 2019
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D.C. Memory

It snowed today in D.C.
I saw a weather broadcast on TV
Sweet memories it brought to mind
Walking in the snow arm in arm
Our private little holiday in the National Mall
Throwing snow balls in the Smithsonian statue garden
Envious looks from lonely people
Others sharing secret smiles
I heard one say
ďLook how much they are in love.Ē
Itís the wonderful times like this that i remember
Delightful feelings
Beautiful times
Have not
Will not
Fade Away
Written by SilverBeaver_42
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Queen Kawaii
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Joined 2nd Apr 2019
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Cristal Like the Champagne

I'm Cristal like the champagne.....
I'm pistol like the champlain.....
I'm a paul like the campaign....
The campaign you gave me that time......
Do you remember?....
The one where you were all over a girl like me.....
You was all like "she not one of ya'll......
I was like but I'm having a ball....
A ball that any girl like me would dream of going to......
Cristal like the champagne.........
Written by BeautyQueen00 (Queen Kawaii)
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