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Kissing, Necking, Cuddling

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Poetry Contest

A call for a poem about the joys of intimacy.

Give me your best poem or poems about a simple joy of intimacy that doesn't involve sex.  

Note; I love erotica, but for this challenge concentrate on the romantic.

No rules other than 'no erotica or explicit sex.'  

Dangerous Mind
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Untangle Me

You know how every year You open

up the attic or closet and sift through  
boxes of last year’s stuff looking  
and when You find it You bring it out  
into the open?  
Before one can hang the lights  
one must untangle the lights meant  
for December eyes.  
Wow!  How did they get so tangled?  
I know I didn’t put them in there like that!  
I need help with this.    
Orally, we share a course, of course  
In the beginning,  
it is only intercourse.  
I open the door so You might come in  
to help untangle my lights and  
after I will help You untangle Yours.  
But if You’re afraid to enter,  
then, alas, respectively, we must  
Untangle in solitude and for me  
It is not as fun.  
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Thought Provoker
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Are collabs allowed?

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Absolutely! 😉

Thought Provoker
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That's great! :D

Jennifer Michael McCurry
Tyrant of Words
United States
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Call me baby....

With eyes hung low with sleep
As whiskey voice growls heat
Over trembling tummy
Speak your devotion wider than centuries of yearning
Of an infinite well called desire
Where you dip your cup desperate to quench
Then sweetly mouth your gratitude along my arch of neck
All the way up to my ear
And sofly
..... sweetly..........
call me baby

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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Like Giraffes Do...

I cup your face gently in my hands
Giggling, you don’t know what to do
As shyness momentarily overtakes you
Slowly I begin to stroke, stroking
Your eyebrows, yes your lovely eyebrows
I will start there

You start to relax
I move in for the kill, too soon...
Time to change tact, I feel.
Looking at your slender neck, I ponder
Like a giraffe, adopting its behavior...
Irresistible the way you lurch forward
Like a barmaid struggling to hear
I will tussle and fight for dominance!

Wow, I so want to kiss you right now
And don't even care particularly where!
Anywhere will do as my heightened passion soars -
Carrying me where it wants to go
Floating effortlessly upon white fluffy clouds
Of marshmallows or anything as soft.
Just wanna melt into those delicate arms
Cuddling your 5ft 3½ inch frame...

Tyrant of Words
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Come take my hand
Let us walk through clover fields
where wild water runs

Do you hear enchantment
Echoing your name?
Come lift me up

Entwined your arms
cradeling sunlight
Falls upon us

As we watch the clouds
Fingers folding open
Tracing tender perils

Folding our lips
around the magma
of your kiss

where circling frequencies
Open in pasion flowers
I taste your fruits

Closer, I sink into your skin
I am a pearl of sweat

A beaconing breath
I tell you a saga of love
whilst you whisper

Into my ears
I am a balancing wave
You are wilderness

Night will be so kind
to find us

Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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Verbal Intercourse

Skilled in the pleasure of physical poetry.
Touching the mind and body while provoking toughs of fantasies beyond your wettest dream.
Godlike pleasure.  
beginning with the mind, submissive in thoughts of pleasure, wanting me in you, going against all impulses not to be touched in ways you want to,  
ravaging blood throughout your body, burning with the intent of sex. The mind subdued.
sending the body into chaos, needing the pleasure of the most skilled lover, masterful with the power of the tongue.  
Done by: Michael Goodridge
Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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The Canvas Of The Mind

The mind like a canvas to be exploited with me in mind intending to be used as the device triggering the sensual pull of tenderness, slowly devouring your innocence as you helplessly begin to indulge and allow yourself to be deeply submerged in pleasure of forbidden fantasies of positions pinned down and stripped. Warm flashes of flustered imagination desperately craves the intent of me in you. Willingly forced while wanting me, the wait is to much but to have yourself given, to take what you desire, Hazel brown eyes, stare into your soul as the top ridden you ride, to arrive to a destination only in your mind the feeling inside to weak to hide, as we explore the canvas of the mind.
Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Thought Provoker
Trinidad and Tobago
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Love the way it should be

To be touched, to be grabbed, to be maneuvered through fantasies needed, but only known when the true concept of love faileth... To trust completely your heart to me to be loved worshiped as true love is, was, and should be, as children feeling this for the first time each time, like putty, your mind molded to be subdued, let me serve you to do your bidding, as I tickle every fantasy you heart desires your body to feel, let me make love to you for all eternity...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (M_Goodridge)
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Let's Kiss

Let’s kiss like we've never kissed before,
Like the way we kissed that very first time,
Let’s kiss with all the passion in the world,
And let me claim your beautiful lips as mine.
Let’s hold each other close and feel the warmth,
The kind that’s heavy and makes us sigh,
You know the type that raises the temperature,
Like when we first met and you thought I was shy.
Let’s lip lock with a frenzy, let's just run amuck,
As if time has never passed us and we are young,
Like excited teens who are about to...oops!
Pardon me, that was a near slip of the tongue.
Let’s get lost in embraces of each other’s faces,
With an ardor farther than we’ve ever been,
Let’s feel that zeal that is crazy but it's real,
Reeling me in when I caress your skin.
Let’s kiss as if we were saying a last goodbye,
Or like star crossed lovers lost in the universe,
Let’s kiss for yesterday, today and tomorrow,
And perhaps the sands of time will reverse.
I don’t want to miss this bliss, your mouth and lips,
Because in each peck and smooch I tend to reminisce,
I’m so in love with you, you know this is true,
But let me shut up now and when I see you…we’ll kiss.
Written by wallyroo92
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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A blue orchid star

A faraway noble decan by the endless constellation  
Liminal floras speak upon one anointed flame bird  
In lotus, this serpent to not die till dusk's libation  
Whirling stem symbol of an obscure spinal word,  

So transcended falls their cerebral instrumental  
Only the Edenic solar school make petals reveal  
Sunburst shows saga gates of each rose temple  
Aster motion within this Homeric nature to heal,  
Here north angle of the exalted heavens wreath  
Up the archetypal ladder with three rungs hewn  
Otherworlds to reflect a corsage honor bequeath  
Sits the blossomed flower with totemic soul bloom.
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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…nothing in the way of how your woman Kisses you

I kiss you in a way that is profound. erotic. dirty.
nothing in the way
of how your woman kisses you … because, and let's face it, lover'man
  it's more than just a graze of our lips but more

along the lines of    and a stroke of     french poetic genius;

is it a sin…that we get lost in each other's kiss
   that we drown in
each'other's salivated desires
   that we get entangled in such
a pornographic nature     because you get
so hard and I get so wet?

one touch could ruin this beautiful moment, you know… so
                don't touch;

these kisses we share   penetrate lust
sodomize thoughts  and breach taboos … are we going to hell?
because     we use our lips to flirt
   our mouths to speak what we shouldn’t consume
our tongues to create suggestive chaos?

…or are we going to hell
because     we cum

                                       in each other's mouths?

Written by DevlinDLC
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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wake up slowly

I want to watch
as the sun plays across your cheek
caressing the features
so very dear to me
the way your eyes open slowly
and I'm the first thing you see
I want to witness
what your unguarded expression
says to me
and the slow smile
that starts in your heart
as you reach for me
I want to feel
how your touch sweeps shadows
out of existence
if only for a second
the frozen moment of time it takes
to read love
all over your face
Written by FromTheAsh
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