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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Tyrant of Words
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The flaws are what make you shine
each touch a caress of hidden design

breaths drawn, fingers enthralled
with an attention to minor detail

I'd jump thru hoops for you
as i come across your scene
mountains of perseverance
where stamina finds the seam

no more rising early to an empty slate

the sea breeze washes off the stain
new life begins again
head to toe
each crease and crevice painted
with utmost care

I brush away the hair
the fiber of my being
and lay them gently
upon you, bare

Tyrant of Words
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24 of 30

objects in mirror may be closer than they appear

despite constant introspection
taking personal inventory
and reflecting
sometimes we catch ourselves completely off guard
as imagery displayed is unexpected
distorted & slightly blurred
and what we thought we knew
of who we were
suddenly comes into question
and we must look hard
at the resulting reflection
as a veil slips & reality emerges
truth of self
can be the hardest one to face
so what do you do
when confronted by an ugly side of you
these are the questions I find myself asking
staring at my own unmasking
itís not who I want to be
so change is entirely
up to me

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Of Words Like Knives: Day Twenty-Four

Of words like knives once edged in folded steel,
Of words that pump like blood from heartís extract,
Of words that tear the night from rage revealed
Of words that wail with stolen spiritís lack.

A fountain pen that showers only pain,
In form that speaks five hundred years betray,
The leather pagesí bind these spells arcane,
To congress modern words in ancient phrase.

To cut this spoken word like fishís gut,
Its entrails spill, on Shakespeareís pike impale,
Hep C, indeed, come taste my diseased glut,
Fair reader pass beneath this heraldís veil,

Of words that wail with stolen spiritís lack,
Of words that pump like blood from heartís extract.

Unique Words: 77



Dangerous Mind
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Dreaming in Color (a sonnet)

I dream in color, in all shades and hues,
With vivid and palpable emotions,
Where the fantasies are for me to choose,
With more profound depth than all the oceans.
I relish in the pervasive visions,
That fill my heart with gladness and delight,
Kindly planning with exact precisions,
The colors offer the dream quite the sprite.
I delve into the imagination,
With all abandon, passion, thirst and lust,
In the trance I find complete elation,
With a grand design Iíve come to entrust
In each of us thereís a secret fire,
That in dreams we scheme with all desire.

100 Words
69 Unique

Fire of Insight
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Double posting as Iíve been a little under the weather, hindering my poetic juices, I apologize



My knees are getting a little shaky
But donít worry
Itís probably from the exercising
My stomachís growling uncontrollably
Just ignore me
I like sipping green tea
And hate chewing
My body loathes me
My bones are showing
Friends are wondering
What Iím doing
I promise Iím feeling just fine
Iím just shaky
And thatís alright
My parents try and stop this
Cleaning up this giant mess
But Iím the one who started it
So I will be the one to finish it
My trembling body is caving in
My head is throbbing from within
Even if I were to drop
Iíd still be shaky
Because my little mind wonít stop


Corner Space

Thereís a little place
Tucked away
Far from everything
Where I like to stay
It wipes the tears
That cover my face
It heals the cuts
That wonít erase
And when my mind
Abuses me
I lock away myself
And throw the key
My friends may try
To pull me out
The corner retaliates
And starts to shout
If only they could
Fit inside
Theyíd understand
Why I like to hide
For when I run
Without a trace
The world canít touch
My corner space

Dangerous Mind
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Tej is a mead from Ethiopia
While mjÝd is the word for it in Denmark
Medica if youíre in Slovenia
In Poland it is weak- called Poltorak
Sima is from Finland and has lemon
Though some would rather call that melomel
If bees are not around try Acerglyn
(Assuming you have tappable maple)
Pitarilla sounds wild- a Mayan mead
Made with bark of glorious balchť treeó
The more I learn the more I feel the need
To put each honey spirit into me!


Thought Provoker
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*note: double posting due to absence*


glass cage

I see you disappearing
letting yourself waste away
inside your cage of glass
keeping me at bay
it's a torture show

you know
I'd save you
but I'm helpless
and like you said
I could never understand
from here on the outside

you try to hide
but your transparent walls
only echo the sound of your pain
and I'm helpless to lift the burden
from your narrow shoulders
you're out of reach

I can't break you out of there
I'm well aware
this battle is yours
and I'm sorry if sometimes
I make it harder on you
I just want to help
so freaking bad

please don't be mad
I love you no matter what
you're going through
and I believe one day
you will break out
of that stupid
glass cage

Thought Provoker
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*Note: double posting due to absence*



I'm taking a nap
I'm not sure how long
at least an hour
I can't go wrong

I'm pretty tired
so maybe two
or three hours
it's just a few

I'm so groggy
I could sleep all day
I think I will
it'll be okay

next morning
I still need more rest
maybe in a week
I'll be feeling my best

I keep hitting snooze
and the months go by
this hibernation
has become my life

Fire of Insight
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Universe In You

There is a universe in you
Waiting to be discovered and explored
You are the sun and the moon in yourself
A star with your own unique light

Just like the universe
Not everything about you is known
You are a mystery, a puzzling black hole that cannot be defined

You are beyond words to describe
With multifaceted layers to your nature
Full of potential and possibilities
You are ever growing and expanding in experience and wisdom as you age with time

Your mind is a vast sky with limitless thoughts flying in it
Your heart is a deep unfathomable ocean where emotions stir constantly like the movement of the tides at sea

You are the night and the day
Life is flowing in you like a river
Moving in synchrony with time's ticking hands

You are a miniature of the universe
Pulsing with life like pulsars in outer space
A quasar in human form vibrating with energy

" You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while." - Eckhart Tolle

#NaPoWriMo 2019

Dangerous Mind
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Most Haunted II

I've hunted high, low throughout my
home for a particular poem proving
without a shadow person of doubt
to be the best I'd ever manifested

So many were penned with you in this
opened mind of mine that I find it
difficult to capture that spirit

catching glimpses of ghost materialize
here and there only to watch most
disappear into thin air before these eyes
as if invisible ink used in vanishing text
whenever you dare enter the door

giving this skeptic all the more
reason to refute its existence by
writing the next

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs [ NaPoWriMo Collection 2019 ]

IV.  Endgame  

ii. Anatomy of a King

 Infinite value, Ruler
 'ore endgame

 Designating freedom via reign-  
 sculpted legions carrying out
 victorious requirements -
 allowing a captured spread

 until his required presence;
 the beautiful overture of chess
 is its subtle dynamics, merit
 and power not being static;

 but, continuously alters  
 through game advancement  
 squaring against opposites:
 captures, brutal gambits
 My father's voice,
 mid-morning, Spring chill
 gently referencing
 thoughts to ponder:
 such irony, isn't it daughter,
 how this mirrors actual conflict-
 in that outside color alone
 determines your enemy

 . . .

words 79
unique 79

Dangerous Mind
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Holding you in my hand
fingers gently caressing
your firm length....oh,
how I have cherished
our moments together

each time I nuzzle against you
take your tip between my lips
softly swirl my tongue, taste you,
and deeply inhale your aroma
yield pleasures never failing to excite.

ever since I acquired the ability
to set you afire then bring you
to smoldering ash, our love affair
has transcended time.

Yet now in my waning years
I have stepped back and contemplated
weighed the importance and risks
of our continuing encounters
and after much consideration
I must sorrowfully tell you its over.

Though I know you will be missed
and enjoying a glass of fine wine with you
can never be replaced with a sniff of snuff
or a jaw full of chew, I still must bid you
farewell.....my stogie love

142 words, 100 unique

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Indiana Worms

Deep in sepulchral tombs
they lie, hidden from prying eyes
the type of treasure
that belongs in a museum,
should a budding archaeologist
be able to worm their way down there,
past rusting machine machines
that spill half desiccated socks
and toasters that with a ping
fling long forgotten crumbs
as weighty microwaves once wedged
threaten to thump down from above
squashing would be intruders
quashing hopes of discovery,
lying behind these traps
are riches beyond compare:
pristine and complete cookbooks
on how to craft homemade poems
to delight the senses
artefacts of long gone ages
with yellowed pages
that can melt the face off the unworthy.

(Unique words: 87.)


Best Foot Forward

I don't mind walking,
if there is enough time
I would much prefer to take the scenic route,
although with this nose
I will hardly be able to smell the roses,
there are more efficient modes of travel
but what good are a pair of legs
if you do not stretch them
once in a while?
I say walk,
but in reality
its more of a quick skittering
mixed with a purposeful march
out from some subsection
of the ministry of funny walks.
See I don't mind walking
but I do mind waiting
or even worse, being late,
and a good playlist
makes wonder for mobilization:
a quick beat to make those feet
just eat up the street,
oblivious to the jangling sound of keys
as I go onwards
to somewhere.

(Unique words: 92.)


Fair seas and dread naught

Fair seas and dread naught
but the devastating strike of God.
May the first blood be drawn
by the die hard and unsinkable and fireproof.
May there be a clear sky
for the proud solo warrior
whose close quarters expertise
will see their enemy defeated
in a withering hail of fire
and be unto the foe as though
the very kraken was unleashed.

(Unique words: 50.)

(Total Unique words: 201.)

Thought Provoker
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Snapped: Notes of an Online Journal


Over the holiday weekend,
A mega marathon non-stop.
Three days of ďSnappedĒ I plan to spend
To watch betrayal till I drop.

From Friday morní to Sunday night
I pop some corn and stuff my face.
How those that kill knew wrong from right
By smoking gun, has my heart race.

Though true, it tends to fascinate,
Leaned to the screen in sleepless rife,
I eat too much and now I hate
Popcorn for the rest of my life.

64 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
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Poem 24 of 30

Am I simply a showman, raconteur,
writing to please an audience,
growing smaller by the day?
Or are my readers unintentional voyeurs?
Unable to avert their gaze.
My large, smudge ridden, soulfront window
provides a perfectly cloudy view.
A dimly lit surgeonís theater
wherein my overexposed cerebrum
Is by myself poked and probed.
As in tandem I take fastidious notes.

Whether to stroke my vanity
Or maintain a modicum of sanity.
I just gotta write.

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