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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 18th Sep 2017
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Savior's Face

where do I start
the same place I end
back to the cross
the Son of God forsaken
tread among the fallen
took the form of a man
in the presence of God
how can I stand
in the holy of holies
but by the Lamb
everything came to nothing
the offspring of I AM
beauty in the blood
by death resurrection
righteousness restored
by the Spirts perfection
I find my place in the heart of my Lord
motivated by love
not shame for the blind
my sin disowned
that He could be mine
before the throne
access given by mercy and grace
that I could behold
with new eyes, the Savior's face...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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April's Fool


Leave Them Nosey People Alone

So, you want to continue living your
day to day life without any interruptions
no body impeding your flow.
It ain't as easy as one might think
seeing as how you never know when
those nosey people will come sniffing around
in you little slice of space.
You've encountered them, maybe
on a train while en route to work, in the park
on a spring walk, even within your
own family or circle of friends.
They leave a trail of misery in their wake
unless its allergies and not the common cold.

92 words, 75 unique

Dangerous Mind
United States
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21/30  Petunias

Just what are those dazzling round things in the most
stunning royal purple and hot pink, I wondered as
approached Nanaís front door.  

I got closer and saw the trumpet-shaped, frilly
blooms all in a round pot, each facing in a different direction.  

Petunias, short and stubby were quick to blossom in spring.
The vivid colors were showy contrasted next to the
grey clapboards of the house.

They were a welcoming party if flowers could be that.  
Like little green ladies in bright bonnets that flapped in
the breeze, they brought early cheer in the still cool spring air.

                      99 words, 77 unique

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Poem 21 of 30

That first warm smile
ebullient hello
comfortable style
My ink starts to flow.

A beautiful goddess flawed perfectly
Acquainted with hardship and pain
Yet equally blessed with resiliency
On her terms lives life with no shame.

Statuesque yet unassuming
Imbued with innate sensuality
Kind brown eyes, red lips blooming
To kiss them would neíer be reality.

Enamored I am with one artistic feature
On her smooth, white shoulder a peacock tattoo
My lips yearn to press each colorful feather
As her friend itís something I just cannot do.

Fire of Insight
United States
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Lean Years

It isnít until you
say my name
that I actually believe
this is real.

This life of
lean years
and beautiful children
turning into
something not
quite so

I used to wonder,
when the time of
breathing with
both nostrils would
become normal.

And while we are here,
dear one,
it is hard to believe.

We have built this
on nothing and
love and
and faking it
until we make it.

And while Iím not sure
we are completely
out of the woods,
Iím glad that weíve
stuck it out.


Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
United States
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so sweet the beach

How fucking, fucking sweet
the memory of you inside -
really more your sounds, your tongue not wanting to stay in your mouth -
you pretty monster of mine, your giggles when you cum! -
I think
besides just being a fact of the earth
as any person,
any place,
anything -
to me,
in our moments,
you're made of all the nicest things

like the sand
pouring out of my sundried overalls.
the ones you said make my tits look good.

ah, I feel beautiful all the time
but you do it to me special.
in cool waves
and foam.

yes, the beach
takes the best, the beautiful out of everyone
puts it directly in their smiles, or maybe
gets it all over them,
sunscreen shining on shoulders.
mixes that with the sweetest of days
you'll ever know,
every time you go.
I'm under the sun
a sleepy seagull
preening and cozy and
happily flummoxed by the wind
thinking nothing
what else could I possibly need.

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
United States
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dear cold showers

dear cold showers,

not that y'all are easy -
thank you darlings
for your fresh charm.

for showing me
how fun masochism can be - how it can seep
past clear curtains
and under the door,
pushing out steam! -
and thank you
for making me a little badass.

college kid,
aspiring teacher,
camp counselor - I
sign up to get my patience kicked
regularly! and
thanks to you
it need not even bruise,
nor I grit my teeth.
I can do things
like hop out of cozy
for my lovers
without minding a lick - with quick
effortless feet -
the thermostat, the water, baby,
it's all me!
(thanks for the looks of "crazy" I get them to shoot at me..!)

mhm, even those of you taken in
have been dears to me.
You do it perfect,
each one,
sweep the heat from my hair
and leave the breath in my chest
especially joyous,
quick -

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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As you lay in bed waiting to fall asleep
What kinds of thoughts must your mind keep
Waiting for an epiphany or some sweet slumber
Or cruder thoughts in your presence do wander
Obsessing over the minutes and moments of the day
Praying sweet sleep will come and take them away
As your eyes stay open and your thoughts race
Maybe making tears caress the cheeks on your face
Or staring in bewilderment at the ceiling above
Never knowing if restlessness will push and shove
Itís way into the forefront of your wakeful eyes
Whether it will be kind or cast itís cared to the skies


Unique words: 76

Fire of Insight
United States
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When my Nameís Engraved in Stone

When my nameís engraved in stone
Will you remember my voice?
Will it haunt your memories?
Or dwell in your darkest dreams?
For once a nameís engraved in stone
It cannot be forgotten

When my nameís engraved in stone
Would you bottle up my ashes?
Keep them under lock and key
Or scatter them on a hill?
And wave goodbye to me
For the last time

When my nameís engraved in stone
Will you visit my rose adorned garden?
Water the flowers for me?
So people keep me company
Maybe theyíll stay a while
And stop stepping on me

When my nameís engraved in stone
Do not cry at the writing
Or dig the dirt above me
I must stay beneath the earth
And slowly decay
To keep my name in stone where it will stay

Unique Words: 75

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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Lakeside 20

Let us hang our hands
besides our mirror;
this is a time of publicness.

Consider strings tugging eyebrows
and lips curling a catís tail-
irritation or affirmation.

Squint, squelch and things
become quantum expressions-
only with known parameters,
full stops and a fateful
morse face.

Widen, warp into chipmunk
cheeks of autumn and eyeful
words are now chunks
of distance past Mars-
only with known extremities.

Our rooms are no rooms
at all even though they
have windows
open to let light reach yours.

Buildings without walls
but with cells. We feat
light, we feast light.

77 unique words of 95

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
United States
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Where Death Pales

I speak as my heart rehearses its vows
Through struggle refined
Learning to act every word I've spoken
Walking narrow lined
This is my fight between heart and mind
Say it all right
Draw up the blueprints against the grind
Currency reverse, set or live restricted by trend
Above status quo, realizing hope, I transcend
Finding second winds to catch mended sails
Learning to dream again
I live where death pales
Innocent and caught red handed
I drive in the nails
I lost the battle with a love that never fails
Cycles and seasons, cultivating consistency
Vision granted for new horizons finding stability
Stay the course enduring the rugged terrain
Giving days for seconds of beauty
Everything cherished is worth the pain
Wield my tongue of a recreated heart
Learning to speak like the first words of love reborn
Till death, we live the bond to never part
Faithfulness will see us through the grave that we scorn...

Thought Provoker
United States
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The sweetest of loves

He kissed me sweetly
and brought chocolate
what more could I want?

He cuddled me all
night, tucked in his sheets
the coziest place

He rubbed my shoulders
whispering smiles in my ear
I felt safer than ever

The babest of babes
the brightest of stars
the most lovingest

He's peanut butter
and I'm the jelly
we go together

He brought chocolate
and I brought him a smoothie
we have the sweetest of loves
what more could I want?

Tyrant of Words
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the Banana skins of Bedevilment
(Twenty-Two of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

Scuttling along like a pill bug in confusion.
I have to stay away today; I should have asked,
                       ď For how long? ď
but I ran to get away from discomfort as fast as
my fucking stupid anti-intimate self could ferry.

Moving amidst darkness and the occasional headlight
I discover that teasing is not always received very well
poor reception, weak frequencies, resonating unkind
I canít believe I didnít pick up on the cue, the tell!
It ainít easy when all I have is typed text glaring at me
screaming with eyes at the other end but here I see
nothing but alphabet letters strewn together to cry
out,                  ď You hurt me. ď  
I might have had a chance had I looked into her eyes
felt her heat and vibrationsÖÖÖ..
paid attention.

I hope no disillusion exists and I am afforded the
opportunity to make amendsÖ
to listen with apologetic acknowledgement.

Believing in Fairy Tales and Forever-afters
is not a good excuse for wishing wells of joking
insensitive biting stabbing laughter.
I can be a child as I try not to be too often.

The trials of learning another human being
especially when the expanse is seemingly
insurmountable and unfathomable
and all online
the electrical warm fuzzies
are not always

I dislike when I slip on my own skin.

221 words  
154  unique

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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This quiet storm, my blinding light,
has never stopped its rage,
Since I began a maiden flight
Upon the written page.

Forever cleaved a heart & mind,
To sacrifice my tears,
In pieces always hard to find
For all the sleepless years.

And comes a day upon due course,
Iíll turn aside my pen.
Its voice still clear, but Iíll be hoarse,
And rest when Iíve a yen.

I shanít imagine when itís time,
Iíll have a little weep.
The final words to set in rhyme,
Then catch up on my sleep.

unique words: 74


NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

( ( ( thudddddd-dunnnnng ) ) )

And there we saw in a clearing of trees
resembling a bizarre lost world theme park
on the shores of the beach

the Thesaurus Rex ... dancing?

And likewise drinking dirty martinis!
roasting skewers of marshmallows!!
prancing like a fairy in a tutu!!!
Also were a handful of porky fellows
who were once upon a time those
fearsome pirates we searched for ...

along with thepositivelydark
say what ?! Tired of playing catch-up!

She hitched a ride one of their ships!
They detoured to hunt for Easter Eggs
None could outrun the Thesaurus Rex
especially since worms had no legs!

One after another the Rex caught them!
It feasted on their every unique word!!
And with the power of its Antonym
transformed them into the absurd!!!

If the beast steals our vocabularies
we will be screwed!
cried Misfitpoet89
yelluw_always grabbed her hand
and back into the jungle they squirmed!  
Panic amongst our crew ensued
and before we knew it -
we were spotted by Rex and swine!

BACK TO THE NAPOWRIMO NOW! Captains Johnny and Ahavati commanded!

But will they inch their way out of this in time?! Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Twenty-second offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

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Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


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