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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

As we trekked deeper into the jungle, following the vibration wiggling out tails, we came upon a nest of eggs! Gigantic ones at that! And judging by the peculiar colored patterns on the shells, this was none other than ... dun dun duh ...Easter Island!

But ... what kind of creature lays eggs bigger than us? Rowantree puzzled.

PoetsRevenge raised her hand as if in class and answered, A Duckbilled Quackapus ... ?

Jumping up and down, Heaven_sent_Kathy blurted out, I know! I know! An Emutant!

Unfortunately, everyone guessed incorrectly, as GhaddessWorship was hesitant to point out formations resembling huge three toed foot prints prevalent amongst the crushed vegetation.

And he spoke those spine shuddering words that no one ever expects,

This nest belongs to a Thesaurus Rex!  

( ( ( thudddd-dunnnng ) ) )

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Twenty-first offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

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A very Happy Easter and Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✔✔ = 2 Weeks

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Wet Fish, Demur
(& poor torpor me)
(Twenty-one of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

You tell me!
What does a wet fish
have to worry about?

They swim
& their swim
So why
the lay down
Why resist?

a wet fish,
would I
be sinful,
to take down
pounce upon
this sure?!

out of their element
laying ever so still ----

either way
I’m having my


after the repast
I’m having pie!!!

70 words
58  unique

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NaPoWriMo 2019  -  April 21st  -  No:21 of 30


Some label the grave
cold, dark, rigid, desolate -
I am not one of them.

Vision-quest travels have impinged in me
huge beauty, higher vitality,
a permanent brightness of transience -
it sticks like an aroma of home
and cannot be unexperienced.

Easter’s meaning sweats my sensitivities:
‘O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?’ -
notification of reality beyond mere hope
paying no mind to vile church histories, perverted priests
enslaving theologies and burned cathedrals.

(67 words. 62 unique words. Italicised quote (not included in word-count) is I Corinthians 15.55 as sung in Handel’s ‘Messiah’)

A girl has no name
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Training in Meditation

Choose an object to focus on,
Let virtue be its purposed nub.
Gathering thoughts to sit upon,
Singular in central-aimed hub.

Lose your grip, so tighten your hold,
The wand'ring mind like thunder clouds.
A gentle entreat to unfold,
The softness of point, yet unbowed.

Persistence is key to conquer,
Bringing it back, and back again.
Aiming to wait in it longer,
Seeking, finding, holding - then stay.

Mind becomes strong with this training,
Like eagles in flight, a gliding.
Delicate pause in remaining,
A perfect tranquil abiding.

Dangerous Mind
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My heart has a shell around it
You can poke a needle through
Pour out all the runny insides
Scramble them- a meal for you
Paint it beautifully and then
Find a hidden place to stow
The shell- my empty heart I’ll find
And plant inside some me to grow
This ritual of resurrection
Happens with each passing year
Artwork layered on like armor
Symbol of a love sincere


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It's Only Love

There you sat amongst the fescue
the yellow dotted posies
full sun ever growing still

the morning breeze blew
at your curl
I bent down to take you in

a scent of fresh ambrosia
with flecks of care
mixing the spring time air

it was love dancing before my eye
wild and free
it was in your nature
and in me

long soft kisses til June
my heart did beat then swoon
your vision held my gaze
I so amazed

your skies painted blue
on not just one afternoon

drunk, with no misgivings
life, disorderly
mysteriously moves
in such harmonious content

I look back at you
at that twinkle
thru the haze

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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

III. Rules of the Game

 v. Goddess of Chess

 Thracian dryad—
 goddess, Sacred Feminine
 soon crowned Queen
 o're masculine tournaments

 Apollo and Mercurius
 at war upon armored howdahs
 arrowed centaurs capturing
 trophied favors as their own

 She was the beginning—
 an effeminate entrance
 into forbidden arenas
 permitting male counterparts  

 Becoming its most valued
 destructive piece above all others
 claiming meager stakes
 on that harlequin board

 Empowered with a double-attack
 moving in agile silence
 protecting her King
 until time to say,


 "Life is like Chess.
 If you lose your Queen,
 you’ll probably lose the game."

 . . .

words - 76
unique - 76 ( sans end quote )

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21 of 30

not my style

I don't do revenge
it's messy
and it never turns out
quite the way one intends
it's often a spur of the moment reaction
but the effects of the damage done is long lasting
that rush of satisfaction only lasts a few minutes
but coming to grips with my hurtful response
is something I would always have to live with
it's kinda that double negative thing
lashing out cuz they wronged me
only leaves two of us hurting
an emotional bomb
and I don't have it in me
so I choose instead
to let it go & walk
you do what you feel best
but me…
no thank you
I’ll pass

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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How Decades Pass Like Graves: Day Twenty-One

Indiff’rent lines that garner my dismay,
In carmine light of ancient fires’ regard.
Where men in suits can churn out corp’rate rap,
But guitar strings bear rust like prison chains.
Where pens bleed ink in pocket stains not po’ms,
And whiskey’s burn alone could quell the night.

How decades pass like graves in worsted night:
Where coming-to reveals a heart’s dismay,
Where thoughts of love dismiss like Spanish po’ms.
A mindless dash, careening’s feigned regard,
That moves in circled loops like iron chains,
Like Folsom crews on ten to thirty raps.

Like Office Space, white guys and gangster rap,
The endless days that bring on flaccid nights,
The days on days on days that link like chains,
Where dead hopes pass in years with no dismay,
And no perspective found with no regard,
Just dust-in-sheets on books of Lorca po’ms.

A life of numb despair like Prufrock’s po’m,
But still I feel a thrum in clever raps,
A smile that breaks when cursive words regard.
But muted by the stranger of my nights,
The critic words surprise, the strikes’ dismay,
Reminding who controls, who pulls the chains.

Just like Distortion’s song, Like Ball and Chain,
My soul still fought to give its voice, its po’ms,
But those nights I would sing would bring dismay.
My words on undeaf ears incur their raps,
That other words might raise and split the night,
So was the nature of their harsh regard.

In longing for those few that I regard,
The few, in hearing never showed me chains,
The few with whom, alone, I’d pass the night.
Revisiting my mind the grace of Panchen’s po’ms,
The poet’s voice on vinyl’s hiss and rap.
A time that seems a ‘mare of my dismay.

Regard like graves the worsted nights’ dismay,
Like words from Compton’s Eighty’s kings of rap,
From Cali’s Love and chains, I’d bring my po’ms

Unique Words: 183



Dangerous Mind
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This Ink

There’s something about the way this ink flows
When my words pour slowly onto the page,
As I write these verses, limericks and prose,
I’ve prepared stories setting up the stage.

When my words pour slowly onto the page,
Feeling the ink steadily taking form,
I’ve prepared stories setting up the stage,
The poems are building, getting close and warm.

Feeling the ink steadily taking form,
I’ll follow her wherever she leads me,
The poems are building, getting close and warm,
It’s whatever the inspiration feeds me.

I’ll follow her wherever she leads me,
As I write these verses, limericks and prose,
It’s whatever the inspiration feeds me,
There’s something about the way this ink flows.

116 Words
50 Unique

Tyrant of Words
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The White Queen

towers tall when facing down the untoward -
Dark Knights
    Crooked Rooks
         Blasphemous Bishops
and an entire advancing ugly horde of unruly
rabble rousers with their mob rules mentality -
all manner of negative existences taking
orders from a heavily perfumed cheap clone;

accepting no imitations
reigns supreme on her King's board
effortlessly moving through contrast
knowing not limitations

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Thought Provoker
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Prayers: Notes of an Online Journal



Another night’s pall of velvet veils
settles and finds me out,

Always startles, in its gentle,
misty whispered gasp, and
downcast hollowness.

Breaking into my thoughts as I
say my evening prayers, to
find I’ve gone quiet.

The mantle clock needs winding.

I think of my guest as a ‘she’,
that timidly drifts and hovers,
listening at my shoulder.

She’s curious and,
like me, she’s lonely.

Her sadness is palpable,
and so is mine.

Sad for each other.

This midnight gossamer ‘she’
who wants to know,
drawing in a deeper nightfall
all around,
as is her presence
while it lasts.

I can feel her now.
A chill, seeking warmth
where there is little I can offer,
from the draft
that creeps low
along the floorboards.

Another visitor.
As lost as the night.
She will float over my bed
as I coil under the covers,
and forget
that I forgot
to finish.

.          Amen.

117 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Fire of Insight
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A Summer Day
(String of Haiku)

The soft wind caress
The young tender leaves of trees
Soothing and cooling

Bright glossy green leaves
Enduring the blazing heat
Of a summer day

I see them swaying
Under the bright summer sun
To the singing wind

Orchids in full bloom
Sitting on a balcony
Join the revelry

They nod to the wind
Their flowery head bobbing
To his soft whispers

Blades of grass growing
In a little patch of earth
Sway in unison

The wind is playful
He blows soft, gentle kisses
The whole afternoon

#NaPoWriMo 2019

poet Anonymous

Title: Thyme
Twenty-One of Thirty
Unique words: One Hundred and Six


There's something to be said
for foliage flopping from an abundant bed,
something scented or with long life of flower,
something precious for a later hour.

I planted thyme yesterday,
three in fact on veg' wall to stray
over edges as a confident sea -
a joyful lemon variety.

I felt pleased they'd grow well there,
along raised sleeper beside the stair
where I can stroke passed for a Summer smell,
and enjoy small, reliable purple flowers as well.

It's endless addiction I'll admit
to dig into soil and make a pit,
pour with water and untangle roots,
to give lasting life to early shoots.

I sit on the swing and sigh,
take one last look and say goodbye,
potter up to thoroughly wash each thumb and finger
replay the day's memories, of warmth, that linger.

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Drinking Mission

Oh noes!
Dug is deep in a drink and not in a good way
seems we must save him
from a wet end.
Guzzle by gallons
take great gulps
chug, chug along,
sink the shots
drain every drink
glug and quaff every single glass you see
until that poor hapless worm is free;
if the room starts spinning
it just means you are winning,
imbibe any and all intoxicants
as we're on a mission here;
its drinking for a reason.
There's Dug
sitting smugly in an empty Tequila shot
guess he's just as sizzled as we are
all safe and sound
Drink to that;

(Unique words: 81.)


A Deltarune

A door to a place somewhere far beyond
yet somehow familiar,
A legend of three to save them all
stop the fountain and stop the Knight,
A kingdom in turmoil
set to change for worse or better,
A case of silent assent
against many voices,
A choice to fight by sword
or put faith in a few words;
to kill and cleanse
or to understand and spare,
A course taken turn by turn
with action and reaction,
A journey of unknown length
with hidden secrets,
A place of monsters and magic
though looks can be deceiving,
A path unclear
sometimes rewarding to leave the beaten path,
A field and forest
each with their own theme,
A chequered dance
where moves are marked,
A foe or potential friend
with friends or maybe enemies,
A puzzle ill-suited so soon
yet too easy when in the past,
A scarf and cards
worn to protect,
A shop to sell some that is needed
yet knowledge and rumour is free,
A test of time
quickly solved,
A set of keys broken and spread
yet fixed can be worse,
A prisoner who is free
an invitation not to be taken lightly,
A King conquered
by force of arms or force of heart,
A way back home
too fast for proper goodbyes.
And so the first Chapter ends, but questions remain: A Deltarune.

(Unique words: 143.)

(Unique word total: 208.)

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