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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

III. Rules of the Game

 iv. Gamit

 This opening Sacrificial move
 upon their machinationed altar-
 accepted, or deviously declined
 until a more advantageous offering;

 compensation rarely equals
 any gambiteer's artifice:
 compromised pawn structure,
 holes, positional deficiencies

 Life is mirrored by stratagems  
 wanting ahead-
 Italian il gambetto; Spanish gambito;
 French gambit; English advantage;
 makes no difference in definition:
 put forward your own leg
 to trip someone else up

 simple ruse, tactical ploy-  
 mere rules of the game, you see:  

 'Be the chess player, not the chess piece'

  . . .

words: 78
unique: 78

( excluding final quote )

John Brady
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This notebook makes poetry
out of catastrophic misery

I’m not sure if politicians
have discovered this portal;
everything written becomes fact

it’s a kind of social magic
to desecrate breathing
with depressive voodoo
one ink blot to the next

at least I write
because I know
I’m a spitfire of suicide,
while they sign off bombs
smearing ashen fingerprints
across another empty page.

Fire of Insight
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Your love is one of the  constant thing in my life
That I can always count on lean on and depend on
Anytime I am down

You are always there to pull me up
When I fall
To help me when I'm helpless
To love me when I need it most
To care for me when I need caring

Despite the changes we went through
Your love never changed
It's constancy remain through the years
Persevering in the ups and downs of our life

At times I feel unworthy
Of your unwavering love
That have grown deeper with the passing of years

I cannot imagine how my life would be without you
You are my serenity my equilibrium
The force behind my strength
The sunshine in my gloomy sky
The love I'll always be grateful of having

#NaPoWriMo 2019

Thought Provoker
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Clear As Mother’s Milk: Notes of an Online Journal


“Clear As Mother’s Milk”

On the questionable rites of childbirth,
Of the numerous issues oft’ quoted.
For the women who rate, albeit, worth,
Needn’t worry on how I have voted.

Simply stated, the way life is fated;
All my choices, concerns, formal noted.
Like the Forces that be, annotated,
With assurances scribed, sugar-coated.

Let it be, forthwith signed, duly dated,
On the practices I am devoted.
How much more red tape is there created
That have edited words and promoted.

When will be, forward hence, on arrival
To my inbox it has gently floated.
Will it know my child’s chance of survival
Or be left at the door & deep-throated?

83 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
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The Good Fight II

Suffering silently in anguished strife
I have fought a losing battle
against Time most of my life

There goes another year -
minutes, hours, days marching by -
bayonets shouldered to the sky

Spear after spear, each tock-ticking
another knife sticking my side

Without the wisdom you teach
support n' couragement to strive -
reach for more with second hand attempts

and the unwavering banner of your Love
as my guide

this too often
is where I've laid down the (s)words
on the battlefield
and died

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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The Joy of Fishing

When performing the act of fishing for poems
ensure your assistant consents to their involvement,
for this specific act I shall be aided by Dug the Worm;
a veritable being of many talents and adventures
in this predicament his superior vision underwater far outclasses mine
while I in turn can perambulate greater distances
ensuring escapades in further fields afar,
as it is a weekend then we need not tarry
therefore we can seek out any piece we feel
I am favouring a free form assemblance
with such happy little feels.
Simply ensure your accomplice is in position,
while grasping the pole with a firm but fair hold
flex the arms so that the muscles are tensed
then straighten to cast your confederate hurtling through the air
and into the vast ocean beyond and below.
The following action of this escapade
is now entirely within your compatriots purview;
theirs is the duty to scour the seas for potential candidates
for whichever outcome is your associated choice,
sometimes you can start with a goal in mind
but I prefer a more relaxed attitude
where you construct from whatever is brought forth,
with the availability of editing
any less agreeable or favourable outcomes can be easily avoided
unlike the massive amounts of erotica
that unfortunately foul the wash with being so awash;
they are a somewhat acquired taste
not necessarily bad but devalued
and harmful to the ecosystem when over prevalent,
the first forays into the water may well
accomplish naught but single letters or lines
that is to be expected even for the best of us
as with enhanced skill and patience
such catches as fresh stanzas or large natural flowing verses
will easily be within grasp
thanks to the endeavours of your cohorts selection,
by such efforts any blank page
can be covered to form a delightful composition of poetry.

(Unique words: 201.)

Dangerous Mind
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April's Fool


Damn Bunnies

Saturday 2:00 pm phone call
oldest grandson, girl friend and two buddies
last minute trip to granny's for Easter
courtesy of bored college week-end.
arriving in 5 hours by car

No problem, come on up
plenty of sleeping room
Sunday afternoon to my
sister's for Easter Egg hunt
and family get-together

hide some crap sitting out
in the closets and basement
kitchen I cleaned earlier (thank goodness)
grab the vac, chase the dog hair
around on the carpet, as the dog
chases the vac

Now for the broom, feather
duster, and those Damn Bunnies.

95 words, 78 unique

Dangerous Mind
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I wrote this on 420 at 4:20am,
Thinking I got plenty to deliver and as gently as I can,
But I can’t light it because it’s too early in the morning,
I have to wait to hit it, so just take this as a warning.

(Oh shit, here come the triplets)
Blaze it up, haze it up, raise it up,
I gotta get it ‘cause I already pet it so I got it wet and yet -
Give it up, live it up, fuck it up,
I need it ‘cause I gotta eat it and I’ll treat it like it’s an omelette.

Oh jeez,
I got the munchies,
But I aim to tease and please giving it a squeeze,
It’s so pretty,
Amidst all the nitty gritty,
But I thought I’d make this ditty just a little witty.

This part right here is the decrescendo,
Sorry for the innuendo but I gotta end though.

155 Words
91 Unique

Dangerous Mind
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20/30  Impatiens

Impatiens was an unlikely name for a flower
that was already blooming as soon as you
got it home; nothing to be impatient for.  

Those little flowers were flat-faced and bare-open
with a little green nub in the middle of each one.

They appeared almost sculpted of plastic; they
shined with a glossy finish, they almost looked fake.

That orange-red neon color was indescribable like
no other found in flowers.  

They also came in white for the more practical look.  
Nana liked them in her planters.  

They should have been called ‘Reliables’
since they weathered drought so well.

                  98 words, 78 unique

Fire of Insight
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On Buying a Piano

We lay, side by side
in late hours of dark.
Long held dreams
laid bare upon our
favorite pillow cases.

I admitted a pushed away
An expensive, selfish

And you didn’t look away.

My expectations of your
blown asunder in such a
simple statement.

“I always knew you
would come back.”  

A deep-seated hurt,
anxious spider causing
buried deep in places
I refused to uncover;
finally making their
way to surfaces
ripe for healing.

For growing and stretching
and making music.

“I always knew you
would come back.”

Twisted Dreamer
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Warning Label

do you ever wish life came with a warning label
Like when you would run into a chair or table
To be able to avoid such momentary pain
In hopes that there would be some sort of gain
Some stone left unturned, some adventure to be sought
In those little moments of pain that life forgot
To avoid them swiftly oh what would be learned
Would we realize too late how bad we could be burned
When great mistakes come along that can’t be avoided
When all previous agreements have been voided
No I do not wish for some warning label on my life
To feel love as well as pain, harmony as well as strife
For in bad times can you appreciate how good the good times are
If you didn’t, I don’t think anyone would get very far


Unique words: 94

Haley Quaquaversal
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(Double Post)

Lakeside 18/30

The freeze retreats
like crumpled paper,
the birds skid in,
tossing the ozone
of their wings. They
are signing home
in the sounds of our ghost
cinema. The music is
in ripples as we skip
flat, trying to feel it
through our hair, spines,
and calves. We have
emptied so that it echoes.
With our claws we rake the air
as rain, brush our hair,
toss a salad, scratch
our spines, cramp
our calves, and grow
the hay. We say theory
of mind and I see
what you’re saying
from the place you are.

Lakeside 19/30

Recreate the geography
of language by coloring
in the phonemes as body
shaped, as where.

Sign language is every
kind of onomatopoeia,
the hands making all kinds
of sounds against our bodies,

through the air, sculpture,
painting, pottery, temporal
and grounding but the after-
effects stay in your throat.

The words are indulged
by your eyes as they close
and you can taste

Space is replicated
into a stack of paper.
Squeeze as if you are seeking
a bed without a pea.

Strike your car
and your bike, collapsible
hydraulics. Do over, let the hands
be water over stone-

instead watch the people
high five with their thumbs.
Erasures in real time,
erasures of past in the present.

18: 67 unique words of 94
19: 86 unique words of 119

Fire of Insight
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Double posting due to abscence



The moon set the scene
Like a spotlight on us
One stage, us three
The stars of the show
Bolted board, screwed shut
But we found a way
Into our secret place
Someone’s sacred space
Be careful where you step
Don’t read the writing on the walls
It might be fake
Maybe we’re blind
I hope it isn’t real
Flashlights flickering
Three hearts racing
Underneath stage left
Being sneaky is exhilarating
Until the wire cuts you
And you’re bleeding
But it was worth it
To play the part
Wild and free
Under the theatre lights
Of Starlight


Kite Flying

Clenched hands on white string
Heavy winds, slowly ascending
My kite is rising up
and my mind is flying away

My journals never predicted this weather
My heart whispered to me
“Today the winds are extra strong,
Better have your kite ready”

Adjusting the string once more
I was finally ready
To see through my kaleidoscope eyes
And read my own handwriting

And my kite left me

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Half Of What I Say
‘Half of what I say is meaningless’  
will become a chant, my mantra    
to everything beyond what I can    
express when in total happiness    
or abject misery, and anything    
between. For I am meant to be a    
lowly soul, even in the highest of    
his ethereal temple.  That I may    
then pass through at every level    
from my belly, without arms and    
legs like the worm I have become    
in this life.  I will serve the Lord’s    
purpose in his own interests, for    
the best of plans; not just for me,    
but including me in his love, in a    
divine future. For a worm is also    
servant that works gladly for the    
cultivation for the good of God’s    
message.  Showing me as I rest,    
a message half-meaningless may    
bring him the other half whole.    

unique words: 91   
"Half of what I say is meaningless”
is from Kahlil Gibran's
"Sand and Foam" (1926)
in which the full verse reads,
"Half of what I say is meaningless,
but l say it so that the other half
may reach you".



NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

John Brady
Thought Provoker
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Bacon for Jesus

My neighbor
is cooking bacon again

every damn Sunday
it wafts inside
my rickety old house
rousing me from
a drunk grave

I’m safe in the knowledge
that if Jesus had sauntered
through these sidewalks,
he’d of risen to the smell
of that spit-pig grilling

so to make a point
Jesus is a carnivore
I just might be God
and I really resent my girl
for denting my fuckin’ pan

[with my head]

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