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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Dangerous Mind
United States
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April's Fool


I Ain't No Albert Einstein

Well,... been a long day,
Its late, I'm tired, can't think
of a single thing to write about
so, looked at some drafts, and
can't even remember what I
was thinking when I made these notes;

"You ain't no Albert Einstein
but you can pour piss from a boot

I ain't no __________________
but I know from which end to toot.

and though Henny Youngman
ain't my father of choice"

I've had a few SoCos and coke,
and my eyes won't stay open

So, its with my apologies, I hit the submit button
and continue to fulfill the promise I made myself
to see this to the end.  

107 words, 75 unique

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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In Your Head

There are no flowery magical words
That can make you feel better
When you’ve walked your own torture
When they ask you how you’re doin’
Or if you’re alright or ok
Let the tears that threaten
Flow over your cheeks
Let them run their natural course
Feel free to be free to be human
Don’t feel like you have to be the strong one
All the time every day of your life
For even the biggest rocks crumble
Over time and continued stress
Living with the thoughts inside of your own head


Unique words: 67

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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Lakeside 17/30

In this moment 
the wooly foam 
of moving words 
are what lights 
our way to each other 
in a limbo 
of limbs. 

Upon the stillness 
a row of us 
stumble as dominos 
with numbers 
denoting our fronts 
and compress the snow. 

Under the moon 
we pack our 
elbow knees knuckles 
with our names 
as muscle memory 
paired with that 
which can bend 
an opening. 

What our body 
forgets friends 
will return 
in the cumulative 
history of their bodies. 

Upon this freeze 
with its capillaries 
whiter the tiniest 
thorns we only see 
from above 
if we were 
birds returning home 
to a softer landing.

78  unique words of  104

Tyrant of Words
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Our inamorata
(Twenty of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

i breathe my breath
and i felt You. . .
a security in solace.
a silent time. . .
peaceful place. . .
flight, wingless in Your presence,
Your loving face.
breathless / thoughtless moments
a kiss
a cool embrace
no boundaries
we are boundless
no time, no space.
with all our being
our all ----
we love in definitions
with nothing defined
i am You
You me.

Twin fires full

Flame of my desire

Together at last

In Your arms,
Your domicile
& spiritual

We are home

now I can bug the shit out of the ascended zen masters. . .


_______________________ _  
98 words  
70  unique

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Poem 20 of 30

Hey poet!
Write one about peace
No, that’s much too elusive.
Okay then….one about war.
Are you kidding? How horrifying!
Can you do nature?
Yeah right...there’s too much of it.
Oh I know, love that’s a good one
Can you say, complicated?
Very disappointing…I just like you as a friend blah blah.
Erotic? Your readership will expand two-fold.
Fancy word for sex
And I don’t dwell on the past.

Well then I guess childhoods out.
What’s up man?
I’ve read your stuff…
you’ve written extensively about all these things.
I know, I know...I’m a bit lost
You see I’m between muses.

Tyrant of Words
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NaPoWriMo 2019  -  April 20th  -  No:20 of 30


There are men mending the sewer
where a big hole has been dug

They’ve been at it two months
due to finish by Easter.

Machines sit on the side-lines
with hydraulic attachments, waiting

A driver, signalled to intent
sips coffee in a café opposite

A buxom lady steps over the rattled road
with her pot-bellied husband in tow

Both are checking their phones, glued
when a bird-of-prey in the grey sky

Hovering efficiently on a current of air
surveys the ground for a mouse or vole

A bigger digger arrives on a transporter
holds up the Easter traffic in town

The bird swoops low for dinner
and screeching, flies off satisfied, on its own.

(114 words. 89 unique words)

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Harrington Hardly Hesitated

As an habitual gardener, past,
When showers would oft herald in the spring,
It was an honor for me when I’d see
E’er tiny sprigs’ eager draw to new light.

In a season’s burst of horticulture,
The days find me out, long cultivating.
I’m filled with a joy’s everlasting love,
To give all of this growth hopeful haven.

I’m kneeled as in prayer, a spade to the earth,
Just like the rich soil in olde Hawaii.
Lilac, & honeyed suckle on the vine,
Are maturing near walkways & trellis.

In the locality of hedge rows, squared,
With their snow-gray hoar frost in a section,
Resembles a maze in Red Queen’s garden,
Except I, with my dead-headed roses.

90 unique words


NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

Those ships anchored in the bay were awfully quiet, so we embarked at our usual snail's pace, stumbling into the island's interior to locate a pirate.

And still we heard no drunken rowdiness involving songs being sung about ships with black sails, only witnessed a smouldering fire and empty bottles of rum strung about the beach!  But ... there was something ... a rumbling of sorts ... that could be felt vibrating in the tips of our tails.

( ( ( thud-dung ) ) )

Where are we? asked fromtheash with unease. Is this an island with an active volcano? Someone tell me, please!

( ( ( thudd-dunng ) ) )

I don't think so, but this spit ov land does seem somewhat familiar,  Earth_Child replied.

( ( ( thuddd-dunnng ) ) )

There it was again beyond the trees - as if the ground was being struck with great force, but none of us could isolate the source as much as we trekked through those jungled woods!

However, what we did discover was something totally shocking and completely unexpected!  

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Twentieth offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

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Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✔✔ = 2 Weeks

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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Another tree, this one bears eternal fruit,

If I give to one I receive the effects of giving to one,

If I give to countless, the effects are immeasurable.

Giving, as with all other perfections, is a mental intention, not always an outward action.

This is the tree I plant for harvest in future lives,

The fruit I will enjoy with all other living beings.

The inner light of wisdom, ignited by the Able Ones inside me, for the illumination of all.

A lamp for the path.

Water in a drought.

Food in the famine.

Medicine in sickness (physical and spiritual).

Whatever is needed. I will serve.

To drink tea, a teacup is needed. Living beings' eternal joy is the tea - enlightenment is the cup.

Since there is no separation of self and other, I will strive for the names:

Awakened One
Able One
Dakini (Skydancer)

Tyrant of Words
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20 of 30

intent is as good as action

mom was a redhead
(guess that’s where I got it)
but she wore that shade in every stereotypical way
man, that woman had a temper
with a pretty short wick on that fuse
before she invariably blew
complicate that with her other side
that of being repressed
so just imagine
how my childhood years were more than a little bit stressed
my sister…on the other hand
had no such constraints
if you pissed her off…
boy, you better get the hell outta her way!
she didn’t know the meaning of behaving with restraint
now put those two volatile beings
under a single roof
and you might just understand
why I spent most of my teens
out wandering the streets
or hiding in my own room
thank the gods I was graced with patience!
you should have seen those two go at it
when mom lost her temper
and sis blasted her back
I swear I took my life in my hands
as I tried to intercede
attempted to keep some semblance of peace
remaining neutral was a delicate balance
years later my sister thanked me
but at the time I wasn’t at all sure we’d survive
still…I do get a giggle
at certain memories
whenever another driver torqued mom off
she would always turn to one of us
demanding “give that car the bird!”
my sister would roll her eyes
and with a sneer she’d reply
do it yourself…get your own finger broken
which invariably made mom laugh
saying “I can’t!
my finger won’t make that motion!

can you imagine that?
if you think it with that much venom
you might as well do it
action began with the intent
(for the record…
she no longer has a problem making that particular gesture)
I sometimes wish she did…

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Till Death

have we fallen in or for love
when I cant find the rhythm
for inconsistent patterns
and I accomadate your scars
as I learn to understand you

I toss and turn restless in life
to finance your recovery
while you medicate

I'll be responsible
you've got good reasons to be negligent
I can't compete with your dreams
for your affections on routine
while I wait between your needs
to be wanted again
as I accomadate your excuses

war stories and compassion
I guess I cant fault you
for a half hearted effort
when it feels like all you have
is half a heart to give
I cant blame you

I guess its just poor timing for desire
but can you blame me
when my night is a day I find you unavailable
despite the reality that the demands on your free time are few
while I swallow my pride
and make us about you

in all fairness, fairness has nothing to do with love
and who's to say who gives more
when selflessness is learning to suffer if it's what's best for you

pardon me for guilt tripping the wounded
but your pain seems to be the center of your attention
and I'm not looking for apologies without intent to resolve

but I cant change you, all I can do is adapt
is this settling or just realizing when to cut eachother slack?
as to get over myself or you
I can live with losing me
but the death of us would be the funeral of my heart

at the end of the day you're worth more than the battle
and I'll be wrong to be right with you
if that's what it takes to make it

if this is all you have to offer I'll take what I can get
God knows I'm still in process too
and there's no throwing in the towel yet
till death do us part is my life's vow to you
when love is more than the words but the follow through
promises are not what's said but what is seen in what "I do"...

Dangerous Mind
United States
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I am getting more direct
As I deal with aging
It’s scaring me to death
But is also quite engaging
I don’t know if it’s smart
But it does remove the burden
Of this heavy bleeding heart
From my shoulder that’s been hurtin’
I told my friend I love her
But she knew that already
I told her that I want her
My words clumsy & unsteady
I don’t know what will happen
But I put honesty first
In this spaceship I will strap in
And trust the universe


geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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No Hero's Journey : Day Twenty

No hero’s journey stands so perilous
As one who’s future all the Fates foretold.
No blaggard’s words could craft so scandalous,
As heart-felt truths with drunkard's lips controlled.

Can love so change a soul, its will brought down,
To seem to be a something that it’s not?
Can castrate words so heartlessly expound,
That love destroy, its sacred pledge forgot?

My soul behind, held in its shallow grave,
Two thousand miles I traveled from that place.
A pillaged scape, no holy grace could save,
A cock in shattered frame and drink’s debase.

No hero’s journey stands so perilous.
No blaggard’s words could craft so scandalous.

Unique Words: 75



Tyrant of Words
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Rings Of Desire

You cut deep and counted my rings
each one a stamp in time
desire driven
from ignominious to sublime

looking for a flaw
you saw it all

disdainful injections of pain
palpable but pure
sugar no cure
as the the wounds were already deep

you carried me and dipped me
gently into solemn waters
my pulp softened
my bark transcribed
your name etched upon my eyes

parchment peeled from within
words written of every sin
you forgave then forgot

I sit now upon your shelf
bound to no end
chapters closed as dust settles in

open me and let the fantasies begin

poet Anonymous

Title: Old Lovers of Rockhollow
Twenty of Thirty
Unique Words: Sixty-Eight


He is here and the toddler is not
with her 'Aunt' under the shared Sun,
in a garden filled with ducks, chickens and a cocker spaniel.

He is here, and we're planting out,
with a spade, and thoughtful, quiet chatter
in our garden filled with flowers, trees
and a wildlife pond.

He is here to stroke my hand
with his worn and soil-covered fingertips
in our garden filled with our love, life
and the best of our history.

He is here in the summer light
with his full hair, and lopsided, older smile
in our garden I sense something unearthing that had been buried
by us, something beautiful but I can't yet say what.

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