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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Tyrant of Words
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without end is what you are -
a boudoir of many mirrors
absent latching doors;
rice papered folding screen
near opened robed window

Those in your life up until recently
lacking dedication to step around
undo shoulder straps indecently
slide undergarments down thighs
revealing the goose bumped
fleshy areas of yourself kept

and intimately render those details
into a language posing the implied

in hopes of stealing sighs

yet still leave something to the

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Dangerous Mind
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18/30   New Year's Day (The Dry Fountain)

Numbed by rain I
almost know how it feels

to not be broken or
remember falling

in youthful tumbles
skinning knees, tearing ‘hose

trying to jump across rocks
too widely spaced but

The Fountain was dry so
I had to try, now

I don’t know why, don’t care
to remember those things.

The ones I loved are still
on the North Shore somewhere,

they look out windows and
think of me perhaps at night,

of the girls we were,
the women we became.

I only hear the sound of
the rain slopping in mud

and it cools everything;
the burn of a skinned memory.

A fading love from yesterday
fills a footprint with a puddle

Its a blessing to erase it
and cover my face in rain.



  127 words, 94 unique

Dangerous Mind
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April's Fool


Recipe For Eating My Grandson

I know you've probably heard it said;
"Now I know why some animals eat their young"

Being the parent of a daughter now with her
own teenage sons has it's enjoyment.
we take some sort of twisted pleasure
in watching them being on the receiving
end of what they were dishing out to us.

I formulated a recipe for such occasions
and have offered it to her when this occurs

1..first take the situation that has this thought
crossing your mind

2..sprinkle in some of the shit you pulled at their age
(the ones I learned about almost immediately
and those that have come to light over the years since)

3..place this mixture in a cool storage area and let it
age for awhile until the heat dissipates

4..season to flavor with love, understanding,
a little forgiveness and compassion

I think before you sit down with knife and fork
you will have lost your appetite

165 words, 112 unique

Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

 III. Rules of the Game

 ii. Shatranj

 Mâdayân î chatrang
 (Book of chess) measures
 etymology in evolutionary steps  

 Shāhs, Persian Masters
 Warlords, grew victorious
 at the game—yet no Queen
 was ever afforded her place;
 adapted rules, instead  
 belaying sudden defeat;  
 from surprise capture
 to warning requirement—

 referred now as 'Check'
 that courteous announcement
 for imminent Death  

 Altered again were draws—
 stalemated matches
 avoiding easy arrest
 by an executioner

 called 'Mate'
 deemed all or nothing;

 taught me the rules
 of the game":

 Maintain a quiet strength
 . . .

words: 72
unique: 72 ( sans quote )

Twisted Dreamer
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Writer’s Block Maze

Staring into the maw of writer’s block again
Feeling the falling farther down the fleeting depths
Facades appearing and disappearing behind mirrored walls
Boom! Hit the glass and turn around
Boom! Hit another and turn around again
Boom! Hitting yet another dead end
Stop and take stock for just a moment
What differs from the others
Marking a clear path never seemed so hard
Still spinning that wheel to get to the cheese
Caught up in a place where you stand stock still
Hoping to win that marathon on sheer determination
But that’s not the way things work
Not one thing works that way

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Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
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Lakeside 16/30

Interlude: Here is an inter-
view of those, planks and grout
of silence. Stacked
and stuck together, glued hands
piling up. Quite similar
to signing comfort
only it doesn’t come apart
ever easily. It’s in the attitude
of momentum- of the beat
which lifts up off
the ground. Our hands
rubbing together makes
a sound like heat.
I am levitation. The hands
push me up higher
until I am in the middle
of air. Untouched.
I leviathan as fog
over liquid, spread fingers
circling against each
other as mesh, venn diagram of a veil,
a large mood denuded by sun.

78 unique words of  100

Tyrant of Words
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(Nineteen of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

Living forever, young
Forever young
especially when we
find that someone

Always living for today
no care or worry
'bout tomorrow
For we are forever
forever young

Inhibitions, WHAT?
we run naked under
the moon and sun
melting our love in
the soup of one
we choose to

Living forever,
with You i am
Forever young

Do we believe this
will last longer?

But maybe always young

_______________________ _
73 words  
53  unique

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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still racing



I haven't looked through my glasses in months.
So the bleeding of purple and grey
and teal this night,
the white of the waves leaps out - and writes
love letters to me.

ah, barely dressed,
one thin blanket,
big wide windows
by the bed.

a cricket in the room chirps.

I am alone with
the mirrors
and the waves
and the lightning

knocking on the window
like a polite lover.

John Brady
Thought Provoker
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He always arrives
when I'm showering
or eating soup
having just opened
a bottle in peace

there he'll be
with his sweaty hands
grabbing at my beer.

I give him my shirt
sometimes food, hot water,
check his pockets to see
the sadness he carries

sighing as I pull out needles,
lighters, little plastic bags.

I know I could be him
bringing sorrow to my yard,
leaving his puke-stained shoes
out on the porch as he begs
for a bed.

Maybe that's why I still
let him in;
in the half-light
my face was his face

my door, his door.

A girl has no name
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Basis for mounting compassion.

Becoming Clear and bright;

Inhale black smoke,
Destroy all suffering.
Exhale pure light,
Giving four gifts:

Material needs,

Exhale love...
Inhale compassion...
Exhale love...
Inhale compassion...

Cooling hot hells,
Thawing cold realms,
Feeding hungry ghosts,
Protecting animals,
Guiding humans,
Pacifying demi gods,
Immortalising gods of,
Desire realm, form and formlessness.

Clear the ground,
Fill the sky,
Radiate love,
Throughout the ten directions,
And three times.

Like the dawning sun,
Fill existence with love -
and light


hallowed breath.

Tyrant of Words
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Gal Leary


galleria walls adorned with
written masterpieces framed
by a graphic artist with words
as much as she is a natural
born poet in visual mediums

No velvet roped stanchions
separatering onlooker from her
speaking figuratively

figuratively speaking  
of course

though you wouldn't know it
by her shying away from guests
during evening showings -
leary of the spotlight
preferring the studio'd quiet
where real magic happens

to be in acts of Creation

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Tyrant of Words
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Not Paris

I offered the moon
but you settled for Paris
a tower of love but only for two

the fake one of course

east of the Pacific
but west of my heart

you hated crowds, smugness and arrogance
rather a roll in the muck
would have to suffice for romance

hayfields swayed as your winds sauntered in
blushed checks, set back eyes
blue as far as one can see

warmth overcoming the frostline
as your boots just shuffled on thru

heartstrings played dipped in honey
the smells oh so sweet
you making love to the chocolates
I harbouring no ill will

the trees were meant to be woken
as you climb up inside of me

reach the top and you will see

no shoveling shit when the sun shines
we still got all afternoon

Thought Provoker
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We Played Chicken: Notes of an Online Journal


“We Played Chicken”

There once was a long time before,
When the world was closed off to me.
With each day I’m forgetting more
Of just a while when I was free.

The only boy that I would know,
Who knew how to get close, to be
A devil and also angel
To my heart inside he could see.

I’d read poetry when I could,
The classics of being in love.
We hid in a shed with the wood,
The loft shedding pigeons above.

We spent afternoons chasing cars.
I’d lie together in his arms.
We stayed away from all the bars.
And overslept past the alarm.

The clouds came & so too the rain,
I’d want him forever with me.
He laid his bike down in the lane,
My young life adrift out to sea.

He was all I ever wanted,
But that was then, it was no dream.
I’d do it again, and haunt him,
And scream like I did on that day.

113 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

The Encyclopedicus put to our rudder, we left the idea scarfing monstrosity many leagues safely behind!

Feeling comfortable enough to drop anchor near an uncharted island, we recognized familiar flags of a few pirate ships squatting in the bay. And wherever there are pirates on dry land, there's bound to be a cache of rum - though our preference is tequila!

Meanwhile, the mermaid and her sisters joined us on deck for quite the bash - though we had to fill several barrels with sea water for them to splash around in!

The festivities turned into a going-away-party for Minx, as the Blue Parrot of Paradise had delivered an urgent message requiring her presence back home. We congratulated her for the poetry she scratched into the hull of the NaPoWriMo and said our farewells! Minx then hugged the enchanted blowfish while one of the mermaids voluntarily tugged her back to port.  

It wasn't too long before we ran low on drinks!

Methinks we should ask those pirates if they wouldn't mind sharing some spirits! Hepcat61 drunkenly somewhattedly rhymed as he stumbled over the railing and fell into the sea.

We threw him the last of the giant Krispy Kreme donut life preservers  DaisyGrace had squirreled away on board, but the tide washed him towards shore. So ... we all left the mermaids behind to man the ship while went to retrieve him and beg for tequila!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Nineteenth offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

Don't forget to check out your features rotating on the front page of our website and daily on our social network accounts:  


Also on DUP's facebook. instagram, and twitter, so be on the lookout for your flag flying the mast!  


Words on a Canvas group:    


Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✔✔ = 2 Weeks

Tyrant of Words
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19 of 30

between the frost & the steam…was us

there are moments
so perfectly captured in memory
akin to award-winning cinematography
those little scenes so perfectly set
meant to be artsy
where the world around is black & white
and slightly out of focus
but the stars stand out
in vibrant colour
this is how I remember that day
it never fades away
the sights
the scents
the sounds
as five squealing women clad in bikinis
scampered through falling snow
and that sudden hiss
the flood of ahhhhhhs
as we sunk in unison into that hot springs tub
relaxing into bonelessness
the chill quickly leaving us
remembering the blizzard we had to drive through
so thick we had to inch
visibility impossible
be we braved it
because we simply had to arrive
it was visceral
I can still feel the water
as it stroked shockingly cold flesh
a heated caress
so much has changed since that winter white day
we don’t see each other anymore
scattered to various corners
and of course
there’s also the sad truth
our numbers are now down to four
if I’m honest
I still find that hard to accept
but that stolen weekend
5 busy mothers
leaving children to husbands
or others
and just getting away
cooking & laughter
playing board games in pajamas
sipping wine
as snow fell outside
giddy & wild
a temporary decadence
you can’t buy that kinda beautiful
it’s a gift
to soak in that kind of love
you can’t keep it
you must pass it on
but I’ll always remember
and I’d give much to relive it
just once
it was a very special time
in an otherwise chaotic life

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