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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Dangerous Mind
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Aprils Fool


For Sale: microwave oven, (with an attitude)

Recently I purchased a new kitchen appliance
designed for and advertised to lessen the load
of everyday chores, save on electrical costs,
and provide nearly instance gratification
for hot ready to eat food.
Turns out this particular model, has a personality
disorder, it's vain as hell. with a side of ego.

I shall explain my irritation with this new inhabitant
I have a vacuum
it runs though the house
sucking up shit
not meant my mouth

seldom complains
although pissed at times
so attacks and devours
a few pennies or dimes

or a poor loose thread
of frayed old rugs
grabbing it tightly
and resisting my tugs

but hey, let me put you in a closet, in the dark
and only let you out when I want you to do
something for me, and compared to my lamp
which sits quietly while shinning brightly,
I'll give the vac. some leeway.

But this new fangled thing
that's now in my kitchen
each time when it's finished
starts whinin' and bitchin'

come see what I've done
like a screaming spoiled child
demands my attention
like those girls that went wild

I think it believes
I'm old and quite deaf
When the truth of is
I don't do requests

206 words, 147 unique

Fire of Insight
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What I Could Do

I could cry you a river
and drown the words you say
tie them to stones
toss them away

I could carve at my skin
with a razor blade
write down my feelings
to make sure they stayed

I could run far away
leave your name in the dust
but I can’t forget you
you broke my trust

I could drive to the bridge
wave goodbye
leave this all behind
and finally fly

I could believe
you’d take it all back
but it’s easier to die
let it all fade to black

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Tyrant of Words
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Poem 17 of 30

Piling in the Mercury station wagon,
green with faux wood paneling
Following the strict hierarchy.
Eldest in the front seat, with dad at the helm.
The middles on the middle seat.
The younger sibs, me included,
on the back, rumble style, seats

Embarking on our 125 mile trek
Driving up the 101,
19th avenue, San Francisco,
cross the Golden Gate
The 8-track playing the same tape,
a broad collection of parent-era pop
over and over and over.
It came with the car when purchased.
Remained the sole selection for years.
Roger Whittaker’s “New World In The Morning”
burned, permanently into my brain

Turning into town
We spot the gold Pontiac station wagon,
that one day, to me, would be reluctantly bequeathed.
With the cool, curved back window,
equipped with curb feelers,
compass glued to the dash.
Its occupants, grandma and grandpa,
Waiting at the Italian hotel entrance.
He wearing the signature Panama,
Button-down cardigan
I can still remember the comforting musk
of that sweater...he was a loving man.

Tyrant of Words
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A Pirate's Life?

Not worth a lick of sea salt
fine spiced rum in glass
shine in any King's vault
or a good goddamn absent
one's darling bonny lass

Woman of my dreams
you are
and will always be

Helping captain this ship
man the wheel together
chart star and spirit guide
braving the uncharted sea
trip after trip - current
swells, weather, tide ...

None of it is for me
without you at my side

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Fire of Insight
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The stars make no noise
and are absolutely
on nights when I contemplate

If I’m honest,
I believe you are
Silent and beautiful
and full of so much
you will burn forever.

That’s how it felt
when you were laid
naked and screaming
on my chest;
I felt your white hotness
sear my flesh.
Bond us in blood
and tears and


Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

III. Rules of the Game  
  i. Caturaṅga  

  O! ancient ancestor—  
  Indian strategist  
  of military divisions:  
  infantry, cavalry,  
  elephantry, chariotry

  Rajas backs to each other  
  on Ashtāpada's field;    
  its unknown markings  
  whose lost meaning still  
  retained through tradition  
  once played with frogs—    
  yellow and green, shellacked  
  resinous by scale insects  
  before leaping upon squares
  No Queen dare defend—  
  but Mantri counselled;  
  nor Bishop blessed  
  just Gaja, an elephant;  
  Ratha, Ashva, Padàti:  
  Chariot, horse, foot-soldier;  
  games evolve, mirror    
  patriarchal reflection  
  It's been said,  
  Chess struggles  
  against error— 

  perhaps reason enough  
  rules subtly alter their hold—  
  sparing a monarchy's ego    
  . . .

words; 92
unique; 92

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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Your Cafe Table

My adoration is wrought-iron
with no wobble,
Steady for you.
It's gonna stand the test of time, and up straight,
and so many hot plates of food.

I could catch the back end of your hash browns,
you catch the back end of me
and I'll stay stuck in your eyes
like the sunshine inside Envie.

At your cafe table, darlin,
kissin your tired face

At your table, baby,
when the sun loses its grip
on windows, walls, and shoulders
and the night comes stumbling in

At your table tugging steady
stitches of my heart -
my coat of many colors falls apart.

Twisted Dreamer
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A Simple Love

What is it to love and to be loved in return
To not feel the fire, to embrace the burn
Frolicking amongst flames, feeling so warmed
Kept safe from the raging outside that stormed
Surrounded and confounded by this experience new
Not left to your own loneliness to stew
In old memories the distrust all but gone
Not knowing how you could have been so blind alll along
To something so pure and so selfless to know
To be able to keep up, to learn and to grow
Together with someone else and share your journey with
Working as a team, as a whole with no piece missed


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Thought Provoker
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places on my map

I have so many places
marked on my map
it'd take an eternity
to explore them all
but I will, eventually
nothing can stop me

my longing for adventure
reaches farther than
anyone can see
farther than time can reach
farther than you'd believe

I'll come home
when I'm good and ready
but don't wait up
I'm already long gone
chasing excitement
into the night

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Into The Depths

Distortion in the rapids
I can't make it out so clearly
This vision of You impressed on me
I am the salt in the ocean
An undead sea
Caught somewhere between
Imagination and a memory
Do I know You for who You are
Or who I want You to be
Reflections dissonance
You left Your fingerprints
My eyes are still learning to see
Diving into reflections
This still clarity
Into the depths of the mirror
I dive
On the surface an image
Do I speak of knowing or something contrived?
Seeking the light of You
Despite this darkness in me
So many things to fear inside
But what a sight to behold, the sea...

Tyrant of Words
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(Eighteen of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

I often wish I could catch clouds
fly them to magickal lands
Take naps amidst the fluffy ones
breathing in the cirrus strands

I’d leave all the gossips behind
maybe visit places where I
once played when I was small
empty schoolyards and sandy
beaches and inlet waterfalls

Catching a gentle breeze
I’d travel  to where  winds lead
I realize leaving the past
my comfort zone
sliding into uncertainties
of lots of tomorrows
still holds for me
zeal of the unknown

Where will these clouds take me?
What Beautiful surprises lie

I often wish
I could catch clouds. . .


99 words  
75  unique

Fire of Insight
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Holy Week

The neighborhood is silent
Offices and establishments are closed in observance of holy week
I can feel the solemnity of this holy Thursday
As faithfuls spend their time in communion with their Lord
In silent retreat to reflect on their spiritual life

The weather too seems to cooperate
With the somber mood of the day
Even the sun does not feel that warm at 29 degrees Celsius
Compared to its blazing heat yesterday and the days before it

I remember a time in my life
When I was once like them-a faithful
Devoting my time on specific hours and days in worship of the Lord
Through the influence of my husband
Who was a religious man at that time
A grand knight of the Kof C in  their chapter

I was not born and raised a christian
But in the name of love I accepted my new faith
Without question, without doubt
And without thinking of its impact on my spiritual well being

I can never forget how hurt my parents were
When they learned of my conversion
It created a wound in our relationship
That mended slowly through the years

Looking back I realized how naive I was
How impressionable, to be influenced to do things
Without much thinking
That could affect my life spiritually as a person

That period belonged to the past now
Those days of celebrating God's glory
Days of singing hallelujah in church
Of confessionals, they seemed like a dream from a past life

Today I am back to being who I was
Before love changed me for a season
But I'm no longer whole like I used to feel then
Something in me is broken, a piece of me that I lost to time


Tyrant of Words
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

The Encyclopedicus was distracted with sneezing and weezing from it's blowhole being peppered with spice.

The technicolor dust cast along with a last second wish by the the travelingfairy turned that lunging shark into a blowfish - to which SatinUGal used as a flotation device!

All the other sharks were likewise enchanted by kisses the mermaid and her sisters blew. How nice! One even saved Wallyroo92 from the freezing deep blue when he went under - not once, but twice!

Spotted in the air, the Blue Parrot of Paradise, with an urgent message -  could be for me, could be for you. Teasing, I suppose we'll find out in days numbering few.

The mermaids tugged the rest of us crew back to the NapoWrimo and rosegold gifted each with a lei.  What to do to repay their kindness?

Throw a party the following day!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Eighteenth offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

Don't forget to check out your features rotating on the front page of our website and daily on our social network accounts:  


Also on DUP's facebook. instagram, and twitter, so be on the lookout for your flag flying the mast!  


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Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✔✔ = 2 Weeks

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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Badger Gumbo🥘

Two jogging down a sunny stretch of beach.
To make out that the couple as they’re viewed
Just far enough from bathers out of reach,
Old as their moms and dads, and in the nude.

It was that year I’d trained to be a chef,
And trending off the Keys, a new resort.
I found myself addressing many guests,
To learn what was their favorite dish of sort.

And lo’, behold, the couple I’d heard tell
That streaked so leisurely upon the beach,
Had just arrived with scent of suntan gel
On stretchmarked bodies fuzzy as a peach.

They smiled and told me they were Texas-born,
I asked ‘What favorite food is best to you?’
The lady laughed ‘I think you’re cute as corn!
‘Oh! Badger gumbo’s fine, just call it stew!’

So through the day I did the best to try
What pantry shelves & freezer had in stock.
The stove with boiling pots all two feet high,
With everything to make my badger “mock”.

Add lots of seasoning, the way I do,
Then put in ochre, scallion, garlic clove,
And plenty jalapeño peppers, too.
I toss in anything that moos or crows.

So comes the evening everybody sat,
A waiter serves the guests who take the bait.
The nudist couple eats and starts to clap,
And screams ‘This is the best we ever ate!’

Unique Words: 155


NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

John Brady
Thought Provoker
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Ten Ton Skeleton

Some days I shave enough
to unsettle the crows
nesting on my cheeks
as they watch me squirt soap
into my open palm,
thumb sliding between thumb
in anticipation of a meet

I don’t look in the mirror
often enough to care
but here I am, snow-peaked
attacking my jungle willingly
when all I can think
is how fucking old I seem

I wonder if staying in one place
would have saved my gray hairs
from starting a revolution,
if not running hand to mouth
would have unburdened my eyes
from their weighted loads

my bones seem heavy
as I gaze at a glass man
through an absent crosshair,
watching him scrape a runway
thinking of all that turned him silver
in the midst of a land of gold.

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