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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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My Darkest Part

I spoke and slit your throat with my tongue
Don't trust me with your heart it's too great a burden to bear
I see the disbelief for the way I yielded my lung
When my breath made a weapon of your former despair

The part I hate the most is never what they say to me
But that which proceeds out of the abundant lack in my heart
As I turn and write my sins in a such a way it sounds like nobility
I dread the sight of myself when I can see my darkest part

Daggers to sleeves, see the wound in my pride
No sutures to mend the scars inflicted
Poorly concealed, all that's inside
Murder by way, the mouth of the afflicted

Call it a blessing, I call it a sickness
When every gift mishandled is a curse
I am the guilty, kill me as I bear false witness
With every lie that I tell it only gets worse

I saw the pain in your eyes as I spoke blame
When knowing me comes with the risk of getting hurt again
Trust is a grave responsibility and a dangerous game
I am a lover but I'm only a man...

Tyrant of Words
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Witch Hazel & Hospital
(Seventeen of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

I tossed and turned for what felt like
hours early this morning,
I tried to identify a scent.
A pleasing but unusual scent,

Witch Hazel & Hospital!

This brings a gentle smile for it brings her
back to me, to my life in the present.
We met in a coven ages ago in my days of youth.
So Beautiful those Hazel eyes and so
gentle when she conjured.
I remember I last saw her at the Hospital.
Last time ever and then never
until now

ÖWitch Hazel and Hospital.

Her memory brings me to peace
and her scent Ė
still causes a smile in me
and I am content
knowing one day  
again we will meet
based on our belief
so her memory I keepÖ

Witch Hazel and Hospital.

Now itís back to sleep
to have her again
with me here
for the scent lingers still Ė

Witch Hazel & Hospital.

_______________________ _  
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John Brady
Thought Provoker
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Men were the rough draft, women were the masterpiece

Search for it and you will find
a thousand quotes on letting go
itís in every self-help guide
every episode of Oprah
every clichťd tattoo
Iíve read about it here too
an outpouring of broken hearts  
that just didnít know any better.  
Thereís no science to it
even though none of those words
describe how their smiling gigolos
were just opportunistic fuckers
that got lucky
and it donít take no thought
to say no over and over
until their luck runs out
and they make a date with Pornhub
or the hot weather girl on the news.  
Darliní watch yourself out there,
learn that youíre more beautiful
than any of us useless bastards
who canít concentrate on more
than one thing at a time
keep your fences high
and your heels higher
because by God you deserve
all the adoration in this world  
some bones just forgot to give.

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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This is the magical practice of taking the suffering of all living beings mounted upon the breath:

I sit, surrounded by all sentient beings,
From the highest formless realms,
to the lowest rivers of Hell.

At my heart, lies a black seed,
The root of my self cherishing,
The cause of all the suffering,
There is in this world.

I see them, stretched out, boundless,
And allow my compassion to manifest,
Seeing their suffering, with my heart of love,
I cannot bear it for a moment longer.

In the form thick black smoke,
All of their suffering takes form,
Endless suffering, since beginningless time,
Gathers into universal storm clouds.

With a compassionate heart,
I inhale the suffering of all living beings,
Drawing it down into my heart,
Their suffering destroys my black seed.

I keep breathing in all their pain
Until thin wisps become nothing,
And my black seed is destroyed.
Until they are free of torment,
And I am free of holding myself paramount.

And then I hold a joy,
"Finally, we are free".

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
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A Change Of Heart
( 4-line rhymes )

A carrot is a root
That helps your eyes to see.
Tomato is a fruit,
So what does that make me?

A billy goatís a boy
Who tends to eat and rut,
And if he gets annoyed
Heíll butt you in the gut.

A nanny goatís a doe
Who gives milk to her kid.
Sheíll chase you so you know
She saw what you just did.

Sebastian never liked
To hang around with girls.
On dates heíd go on strike,
His hair had longer curls.

A lion has his pride,
A tiger with her cubs.
A groom will kiss a bride
In spite of all the rubs.

The coward daily dies,
The brave one only once.
So there is no surprise
A cheat dies every month.

The saying always goes
A love for every heart,
But thereís a clause that shows
Youíve got to play it smart.

I have no enemies,
There are none in my eyes.
Because Iíd rather tease,
And never to despise.

I didnít always know
That this was the best way
In life, so I could show
My heart a lighter day.

unique words: 139


NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Tyrant of Words
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17 of 30

iridescent fractures

there came a time
when what I had so long denied
in truthÖdeeply buried
refusing to acknowledge it
because truth was more than I could carry
it erupted
and all sound went silent
for a frozen moment
a vacuum
slow whine building
sharp in the back of my mind
and I recoiled
reaching for the first thing I could find
devastatingly desperate to release some of the pressure
and as lungs exploded with oxygen suppressed
glass musically shattered
against the surface of an innocent concrete wall
and my knees absorbing the force
broke my inevitable fall
screaming in fury with me
the sound of reality
into the delicate curvature of my weathered spine
there was not enough cotton to muffle the sound
as agony tore through my soul
you understand
when that veil lifts
and whatís hidden becomes visible
we cannot unsee
cannot unknow
denial no longer holds any power
as we cower under the weight of it all
until the dust & debris settles
and we can finally breathe
at first itís shallow
tiny inhalations
meant only to appease
to meet physical needs
as we brace ourselves
for the next barrage of pain
when it isnít nearly as brutal
and we gasp
sucking in air so hard it comes out on a sob
and so begins the healing
thatís how it started for me
with a single bottle
bursting into a million sparkling fragments
much like my own
you cannot reassemble such damage
you start over
and as light shows through the cracks
Iím learning to see the beauty
in being fractured
this is me

poet Anonymous

stilettos on a tin roof ~ {//uncultured pearls v//}
17 ov 30

hedione perfum'd plush, white knuckl'd by little girl hands
death grip tightening, screams born in the ache ov violently curv'd bones;
amid the tatters ov torn dignity, the shreds ov pink frills
claw'd from nudity by savage hands
{you press against the back ov
my thighs
lay upon me as a bruise}
bloodless face buri'd in a mountain ov stuffies, breathless
& fading ~
... ripp'd to fit the proportions, displac'd
nape bitten raw
{you are deaf to protest
immovable against the struggle
only half-heart'd}
the quiet sob a saline ache
saturating split lips ...
am i beautiful when i break, daddy(?) turn'd inside out
spilling tiny secrets against your pulse
in one wreck after another, twisted & unsalvageable
vulgarly contort'd_ waxen skin flush'd shades ov contused
beneath palm and fist from throat to arse
still tipp'd in invitation...

Tyrant of Words
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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

Right out of the behemoth's nose
Is a nose a blow hole?
Who really knows!
When it comes to sea monsters -
anything goes
Be thankful after meeting one
you've got all your fingers and toes!

The mammoth creature's sneezing
from that mermaid's paprika seasoning
launched ship and crew into seas
without any reasoning
or rhyme to be had
Slugs flying through the air
splashing down everywhere
and in no time, though glad
we were to be free
of the Encyclopedicus ...
situation remained just as bad

Now testing the lot of us -

shark infested waters!

Oh Nos! What is to be had?!  
As SatinUGal tumbled
through the air
toward that shark's fin!

Hold on! I'll save you!
cried the thetravelingfairy
tossing fairy dust
toward the shark!

But would it land in time?!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

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Tyrant of Words
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It's burning down
and all that's left is ash

history, singed
fighting for air

there's a sadness holding on
but missed in the rubble
is the fear

fear of rebuilding
building blocks destroyed
manipulated and toyed

but the crosses remain
life will abstain
for a moment
until when again

the bells toll
it's nearly midnight
the confessionals are all full

truth lies in the heart

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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My Lifeless Soulís Reside: Day Seventeen

Iíll let my ghosts caress these shifting tides -
The dead cannot express in shining sun -
Keep in their depths my lifeless soulís reside.

How sweet they team, like part of lifeís confide,
How slow the blood in gush that cannot run,
Iíll let my ghost caress these shifting tides.

Considering my broken stones misguide,
My ghosts search out in wasted seas undone,
Keep in their depths my lifeless soulís reside.

This life, how soft in actors-smilesí deride
This life how hard in every actsí rerun,
Iíll let my ghosts caress these shifting tides.

Do churning waves keep safe their deadly prides,
As ghosts with knotted bones, their drowning done,
Keep in their depths my lifeless soulís reside.

As life suggests this oceanís cold divide
That cannot surface one love new begun,
Iíll let my ghosts caress these shifting tides,
Keep in their depths my lifeless soulís reside.

Unique Words: 79



Dangerous Mind
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Absent poems, beautiful insights can be lost to SUBLIMATION
ďHAIKUMARĒ means yes, Kumar

Looking at the city from the hill, SO MUCH GREAT NOISE
Our fragile existence: A BALLOON CRADLED BY THORNS

I walk on the path to your SMULTRONSTńLLE, always
I once lived in the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE

When you are preparing to give someone a jump, be mindful of the POSITIVE TERMINAL

The non-scientist in me thinks that itís crazy that we are SPINNING AT 800 MPH & NOT FEELING A THING
I spoke to my mother about THE DEFINITION OF ELECTRICITY
If you examine the SPIRITUAL MATHEMATICS it all checks out

Come, take a LOVERS LEAP with me
I got together with you and WORDS CAME

(Sometimes an ELECTRONIC TONIC will suffice for a bit)

There is a poster I commissioned from a genius artist that holds the important name, WOLF ELEFANT


Dangerous Mind
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17/30  Pansies

The garden center was full of hearty stocks
of pansies in all manner of color combinations
in spring, and switching the little plugs of dirt
around to create a custom flat was a no-no,
though I knew Nana wanted to.

I always liked the traditional brown and gold or
purple and white flowers, but there were so many
so why not be savvy and try something new, Nana

She didnít only place them in planters to
sprawl about, she raised pansies to an art form
by placing them in individual pots to be highlighted.

If some of the blooms were extra pretty, she would
cut them and display them in tiny, water-filled vases
as centerpieces.

                      116 words, 85 unique

Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Go Wormholers!

We are the Washington Wormholers
hailing from the evergreen state
we are the pitch controllers
always certain to shoot straight
the toughest team you'll ever meet
we just cannot be beat
We are the Washington Wormholers
we have all the fate
proudest field soldiers
we are unstoppably great
go against us and you will just lose
we are the true blues
however far we go or roam
fair Washington is my home.

(Unique words: 50.)


Spring Sun

Spring has returned
unexpected sun bathes the land
birds twitter in tress
sweet serenade for the fair weather
a welcome change to overcast skies
though clouds,
now faded and white
linger in the background
as rain will return one day, but not today
it is time ripe for cutting grass
or just walking into town for shopping,
in shorts yanked out from the closet depths
and sunglasses, once forgotten
now become a fashion essential.
Only the English could savour the sun in this way
where even their mood and behaviour brightens
so that they feel relaxed enough
to make pleasant small talk with strangers
as they each go about their business
enjoying the glow and glare
enough to actually stop and smell the flowers
as bumblebees bumble from flower to flower.
It all becomes a green and pleasant land
that may not be God's creation
but has the favour of something shining over it
enough to warrant some unspoken thanks
and faith in the good and great
as the weird and wonderful poke their heads out
while the great migration outdoor happens.
The slight breeze
complements the heat
as it would be just wrong
for it to be too warm and pleasant
at this time of year
and we could not have that;
there is such a thing as too much of a good thing
besides which some of that Sun
needs to be saved and savoured in Summer
although some unfortunates
are already suffering from hay fever
the infectious good mood
making them smile, even with slightly red noses
as the mass solar praise goes on,
before dusk creeps in.

(Unique words: 173.)

(Unique word total: 207.)

Thought Provoker
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Iím Not Alone: Notes of an Online Journal 17/30


ĒIím Not AloneĒ

In my walks I chase blue skies at night
When the living of day go inside.
In the hopes it was fantasyís flight,
And the evening, when I come alive.

And my every care gone with the sun
As the cool air of dusk starts to spin.
With a soft touch of breezes undone
That exhale hyacinth I breathe in.

All about the stars wheel thruí the trees,
Linking hands in a park on my own.
Rustled whisper of tender new leaves
To remind me that Iím not alone.

68 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Dangerous Mind
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I didnít believe it when I first had heard of it,
So I booked a cruise to the high seas,
There were rumors it was the end of the world,
Even scientists were baffled and ill at ease.

There were several ships at the destination,
When we got there it was a sight for the eyes,
But all of us were quiet in awe of this miracle,
As the flying whales took off into the skies.

The majestic giants floated upward free,
All the different kinds, in groups and in pods,
They sang a song like a floating Orca-stra,
Answering the calls of some ancient gods.

Then we all feared what weíd done to the earth,
The creatures of the deep had decided to leave,
As the whales swung their tails swimming in the air,
It was something that my eyes still couldnít believe.

And the higher they got the lighter they became,
Disappearing amidst the clouds in the sky,
Their song of migration - to find another place,
Because planet earth soon will one day die.

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112 Unique

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