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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

A girl has no name
Tyrant of Words
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Great Compassion

"How wonderful it would be,
if all these living beings,
were permanently free from suffering".

I cannot bear the suffering of all these living beings,
so precious to me,
in so much agony.

Even the happiness they seek,
longingly for,
is snatched away by circumstance,
or death.

Their birth gives rise to ageing,
sickness and death
and all their lives they ache and cry and scream and weep,
losing and never having, or having to endure.

Clutching onto dreams,
hallucinations, appearances to mind,
heartbroken by apprehensions,
which pull and push all over.

No freedom,
without choice,
helplessly at the mercy of karma,
from life to life,
their agony and disappointment.

These beautiful beings,
who have treated me with such kindness,
are prisoners in this swamp of samsara.

"How wonderful it would be,
if all these living beings,
were permanently free from suffering."

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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see me through the scope of negativity
when every diagnostic is a serenade for an illness without a cure
or just all the know how without the will to apply
a to b, the map isn't enough to make the journey without a first step
every bullet shoots both ways
it's just a matter of who has their finger on the trigger this time
entitled complaints drone on and cynical eyes scrutinize
you always see what's wrong with everyone but yourself
but every flaw is a reflection
light mispercieved as darkness when it reveals what no one wants to see
what good is a lesson taught without humility
the truth isn't always a comfortable reality
can you handle the challenge and the change it takes to face it
or are you just set in your ways
striving to cause someone else to move while your standing still
when age is stubborn as experience paralyzes
when there's nothing left to learn
then you dont know anything...

John Brady
Thought Provoker
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You were never really here

She says she sees me
amongst spinning petals
but flowers are still bastards.

Perhaps she sees me
carving her initials on a tree

it’s not romantic
to remember
a knife on a date
despite being wetter
than the river
I threw the blade into.

I write to those hidden parts
she stashes beneath her ring
so that she might remember
what it is that keeps her warm
when she turns out the light

her dreams don’t really exist
anymore than I do, just words
tied up in fine dot-work,
rotting under lines

yet here I sit in spent darkness,
too beat up from the backlash
to burn away.

Tyrant of Words
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NaPoWriMo 2019  -  April 16th  -  No:16 of 30


“It’s a comedy” I thought
“sometimes humour is the only way
to pinpoint a truth,
pinch the thick skin sufficiently,
pierce its defences”.

   Our apparatniks will continue making
   the usual squalid mess called History:

History’s being re-written in favour of the hard-men:
Hitler was a softie, really, and loved fluffy cats.
The Military Junta that ruled for 30 years
disappearing tens-of-thousands, was … well … yunno … o.k.

   all we can pray for is that artists,
   chefs and saints may still appear to blithe it.

One of the Kardashians is studying Law -
perhaps justice will come back in fashion.
Why does America need 800 military bases around the world?
asks a group of Christian leaders.

I wasn’t sure if my restless mind
had to do with the wind
or a mislaid memory-stick
but in the early hours a voice reassured me
‘anyone who attempts this is already a star -
your job is to keep on writing until you become a constellation’.

(135 words. 105 unique words. The italicised quote is from W.H.Auden’s poem “Moon Landing” and is not included in the word-count)

Fire of Insight
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Watching Them Leave

Standing in the last frost
of the season (hopefully),
you slowly, sleepily, trudge
up the hill.

The school bus blinks and
exhales and welcomes you
into its warm light.
All I can do is pray:

that today will be no different.
That it will be routine
and entirely

Releasing your care to
other hands makes my
heart beat faster than it should.

What if someone, with long held
perceived wrongs
decided today is a day to
settle scores?
Or even something as
ordinary as a bully turning
their sights on one
of you.

I tell myself that I won’t


But watching the backs of
your perfect heads
leave me is

I’m not sure I
believe myself.

This is my makeup from yesterday. Expect today’s poem sometime later.

poet Anonymous

subtext vi
16 ov 30

[//& so he spoke... & so she did... five times on a tuesday morning... fucking giggling harlot...//]
in the languid roll ov joint neath thin skin, a spreading flush
spring following a fire; 
i bloom in the wake of destruction, in that breathless death
at 0.0
reset & gasping
grasping the source breaking me apart

[//if only i could... if... that animal sound in your throat... if only i could swallow it like a seed//]
such a dark, predatory sound, unfurling in your chest_
something old as the earth, a little less than  human
caging me as tho prey
ripe for slaughter}
it takes root, somewhere inside me, creeping along
an arched spine to lock around my tongue

[i] [//i felt that carpet beneath my spine... here... there... in the between... at that pinnacle moment ov clarity & oblivion... te amo, te amo,  te amo //]

those words so foreign in my mouth, a profanity laden confession
fervent apologies
{i don't understand
your compulsion to hear them}
meweled involuntarily

Tyrant of Words
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What Am I?

You were the sun
brilliant, warm and humane
hanging ever delicately
outside the dull and mundane

you excited me when skies would turn grey
bringing tomorrow when yesterday overstayed

I looked at the eclipse  
the moon tried to take you away

I didn't blink,
my eyes red with sorrow
even then, they could not bleed
but they begged
for your return

so here I lay in the darkness
in contemplation
of who am I

a cloud drifting
smoldered and full of soot
attracting all the black
the dark matter, that doesn't matter
harmful emissions of hope
a cell of intrusion
blocking out your rays of illusion

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16 of 30

empowering a daughter

go ahead
I just dare you
challenge her to do it
and then watch
as she beautifully blows your mind
if for no other reason
than to see delight swallowing your surprise
give her the tools she needs to survive
instill in her the value of learning how to thrive
step aside
as she spreads fledgling wings
flexes & suddenly flies
even when flight is unsteady
it’s a glorious thing to see
and she will slowly gain height
over time
so much better - don’t you agree
to teach her strength
then set her free
don’t coddle or carry
nor try to impede
and whatever you do
never underestimate her ability
or she may feed on any doubts perceived
and that would be a tragedy
just offer her courage
show her you’ve got her back
then get the hell outta her way
don’t abandon…never that
be ever at the ready
(just in case)
should she request a bit of steadying
isn’t it beautiful
to witness her chrysalis growth?
now this is important
be sure your pride clearly shows
because she definitely needs to know
her only true limit is defined
less by others
than the confines of her own mind
so don’t let your own opinions distract her
let’s see those boundaries expand
until her mind is a vast expanse
you understand?
you need to help her see
every achievement & any failure
is but a single step on the journey
to the fabulous woman
she will eventually be

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Ahoy there, Crew and Landlubbers following along!

So there we were in utter darkness, save a few lantern lights, trying to come up with brilliant ideas for poems to keep the digestive tract of the  massive Encyclopedicus occupied.

I shall write a poem about my breasts! Amorous_Tryst announced to the beast.[/b]

Yet the monster remained unsatisfied.

To which John Brady chimed in, ferociously shouting at the stomach lining enveloping us, I challenged Dug the Worm to a riding lawnmower race! We each downed ten shots of tequila, started our engines and then the next thing I knew, I was married to an Elvis impersonator in Las Vegas!

The bowels of the leviathan rumbled in great appreciation, but still it hungered for more.

I seasoned the blowhole of the Encyclopedicus with paprika so it would sneeze out your ship! said the Mermaid appearing in the opening above us.

And suddenly the behemoth began to twitch and spasm; everyone held on for dear life!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Sixteenth offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

Remember, if we already haven't, we are in the process of transforming one of your shorter entries into designs for proud flag flying across our website and social networking platforms.  If you haven't heard from us we're getting to you asap! You can view the designs that have been uploaded here:


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Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✔✔ = 2 Weeks

jade tiger
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A Storm Hellbent

I’ve been persuaded from my sleep,
A long persistent morning weep,
Of what I cannot recognize
While huddled warm before I rise.

No lashings of a wind-swept rain
Sent hurled against my window pane,
Can pull me from a widow’s bed,
As empty thoughts tip thru’ my head.

A conversation’s louder din
By way of lightning breaking wind.
Under my covers sudden dive,
When thunder overhead arrives.

As here a storm that comes hellbent
And stays a while without relent,
Has nothing more to do with me,
Yet seems to rain eternally.

Unique Words: 76


NaPoGloProWriMo 2019

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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Not Speaking in Tongues – Day Sixteen

(a sonnet)
How still I’ll learn to hold my native tongue,
To stay betraying echoes in this cave.
The silence, every word I might have sung,
How swift I will become its muted slave.

I’ll speak in shocks of foreign language now,
As harsh to me as any raven’s call,
A dialect that’s gained from nine-tails’ mouth.
A mimic, false as smile that bares its fall.

But in these shadows, narrow blades release
The fetid stains I’ll bring in sanguine flood.
The words no silent throat could hope to cease
Or true conceal, the writing of my blood.

I’ll let forgotten stones keep safe my songs,
‘Til time and place and hope find their belong.

Unique Words: 90



Fire of Insight
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A Moment of Darkness
(String of Tanka)

While the house is dark
I gaze far, up at the sky
From a wide window
Where the radiant moonbeams flow
In small streams into the house

The stars are twinkling
Their tiny light flickering
In the evening sky
I'm mesmerize by their sight
As they light the sky tonight

The resplendent moon
Outshine the stars in brilliance
As her beaming light
Reach the ground lighting darkness
Around the houses

I thank the absence
Of man made light at this hour
For allowing me
To glimpse and capture beauty
With my own eyes in silence


The Gardener
Dangerous Mind
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Title: Home
Sixteen of Thirty
Unique Words: One Hundred and Five


Perennial season appears dormant in Spring
as if all were weeds never to flower,
yet hour by hour, day by day,
buds extend to displace renewed earth.

I sit, with glass of white, enjoying the lack of South-Easterly breeze
that cut a day earlier through the season of Easter
with final frost to test the rarities in Rockhollow's ground.

The Sun bleeds down through thick cloud,
birds create sound and chance the sky
as I write of how I've missed your bones,
ached to dig inside them and rest in your soul.

I appreciate the time I have spent elsewhere
but there's an affair with the here I've created,
a patient love that rests in lulls,
in growth, in abundance and in reduction.

I thank your seasons and the gift of rain,
the Sun that lures me out with single strain,
thank the worms for nourishment,
the earth for space, the quiet, the energy
within this place.

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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*first stumble. change of setting tripped me up - doubling up today.*


regressing // roaches

The childhood home
full of light in the morning -
taught me to love
the sun
first of all -
taught me my persistence
would pay off in growth
too big to uproot -
says the orange tree,
fourth-grade plant project gone
sapling gone
college-age, jubilant
fresh spring shoots;
under its leafy belt,
two years of bearing fruit -

The home of food
and pure leisure
(nobody much
Of secret, excessive weeds.
Of spice cabinet shallow and tall;
swimming pool deep.

My childhood home -
here the light rinses the tile
and the shadows dappling down
scrub the grout
in the day,
dusty and golden,

and the meaty Louisiana roaches
keep inside the walls
until no one is watching,
respectful of the border
between morning and night.

Dangerous Mind
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This morning
you made the coffee
and apologized
because we ran out
of the good stuff
and it was mostly
that bag over there
but I heard you
clean the french press
grind the beans by hand
and fill up the kettle
with filtered water,
and right now
as I put into
my mason jar
(the mugs are dirty)
the leftover
orange zest-flavored sugar
(because we ran out
of the good stuff)
and trade cream
for the chocolate milk
you bought for the kids
(that they haven't even tried yet
but hey the container's huge
so it's okay)
I am looking forward
to its flavor and
damn that's good!


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