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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

geoff cat
Dangerous Mind
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“The Snake is Long…” 2000 Miles – Cycle Six: Day Fourteen

Let Dixie take her languid stroll  
On Cocaine tires at three A.M.  
To cut like evil runners West.  

As Memphis stolid church bells ring,  
Over the ‘Dead and engine roar,  
And 40 into Arkansas.  

How swift the interventions pass,  
Full Speed and smoke of cigarettes,  
Through Okie’s flat intolerance.  

As day distorts to Texas night,  
With Amarillo’s Benzedrine  
And truckers’ stops that hold no rest.  

On into shapes of Western death,  
Night specters glazed in sleepless Speed,  
To reborn Albuquerque’s dawn.

With newest day a pilgrim’s road,  
To help in other pilgrims’ plight,  
At roadside stalls that Speed rewards.  

In Holbrook’s hold ‘ride out the day  
Before the deserts’ killing sands  
And one more night in manic run.  

The drop down into LaLa’s bowl  
In West Covina’s snarled snake,  
Turn north to L.A.’s sacred road.  

In Tuesday’s morning saints’ commute,  
Aghast Mercedes lady’s roll  
Her Windows? Eyes? against my blare.  

The 4-0-5 past Inglewood  
To West Redondo’s eastern jog,  
Gardena, and to finally Her.  

How odd the meeting, sweet to find  
Her standing, waiting for my touch  
In fractures, all that we would be.  

And how we end in cold wind night,  
Her Krieg lights on, her favorite beach:  
Her dancing, still, in frozen light.  

Unique Words: 153



Dangerous Mind
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The Good Fight

is what she's fought;
an unwavering source of light
in contrast to whatever darkness
surrounds her night and day

Lovely beacon shining bright
upon desired shore within sight
One line of poetry at a time
spoken, illuminates The Way

The mother of all turn-arounds
made in ancient mariner rhyme
entailing a broken man o'war
at war with himself

sailing storms of uncertainty;
for what seemed Eternity -
shipwrecked on an island shelf;
now guided by her Poem

heeding her siren call of Love
finally heading back Home
where she stands tall above
alighting frothed waters frought

fighting the good fight

for Ahavati with Love 💜💑💋

Thought Provoker
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Secrets: Notes of an Online Journal



When I write certain lines
to particular verses
in slow motion,
I use
an old outdoor brush
dipped in a bucket
of unstirred
oil-based paint;

Its thick bristles
when I apply the
pungent ocher
on the original surface
of “canvas”
where the words go.

I want the
separations —
to see between,
and be reminded of
where the
poem is from;
Its origins.

Like the planks from
a fence,
a panel off a peeling
‘56 Ford pickup,
a mannequin’s
sexless torso,
forgotten moments
off a weedy grave.

An old woven
Easter basket of a
little girl,
who went to an
egg hunt in the park
out by the freeway.

But the park
keeps its secrets,
and the
basket handle
was never found.

And the latex
the truth away,
while light-headed
from the stench.

94 unique words

NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Dangerous Mind
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I am part man
And part machine
I walk through air
And on the garden path,
Sidewalks and maps

I talk to people
Shake their hands
Enter data & transmit results,
Receiving special paper-
Gets me things

I feel pain
I take dried flowers
And ingest their smoke
I enter sterile buildings-
Acquire white pills

I need love
I reach out for you
The pinnacle of all evolution
With my organic hands,
Keyboard keys & network cables


Lord Viddax
Guardian of Shadows
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Ashes to acres, daisies to dirt

Delving deep digging downwards devouring delicious dirt during dawn develops dusk
biting, chewing, gnawing, eating
methodical mining munches meticulously moving masticating makes miniscule microbe meals  
exuding, extruding, emitting
friendly fertilizer flows freely forming for fathoms facilitating flowers
sowing, seeding soil
beginning below bright beautiful blooms beget bountiful bliss
towering flower power
luscious long lithe leaves line lovely landscapes
sovereign sun shines
petals punctuate pavements permanently plentifully powerfully
growing, rising, opening
scintillating spectrum scattered sumptuous scenes
painting, elating, fascinating
varied visible verdant vistas
natural nurturing cycles,
closing collapsing crashing capitulating
wild wicked winter  
nether nutrients now nourishes necessarily
inevitable, destined, dying
cultivation curling crumbling coming crucial compost
embedding, creating, reshaping
seeds subsume sunlit surface setting shaping subterranean  
breaking becoming bedrock
ecology's entropy easily establishes effectively epic earth environment
waiting, lying, staying
wonderful working worms will work welcomed wonders with waste
grinding, boring, tunnelling
tiny tunnels throughout tell tasty tasks thereof till time terminates
routine routes rectified
gradual glacial generational gastronomy gorging grand ground gouges generate great germination

(Unique words: 166.)


Also something?

Mind is stagnant clawing at scraps
inspiration eludes even
basic building blocks
but banal beginnings
suit as a start
for fantastic ideas or delightfully everyday
simply something, anything
will suffice in the end
to fulfil quotas

(Unique words: 36.)

(Unique word total: 200)

Tyrant of Words
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Proverbs  [ NaPoWriMo 2019 Collection ]

II The Giving Tree

 v. Purpose

 When nature comes foraging
 on your forest skin —
 you breathe, willingly submit

 as squirrel, raccoon, deer,
 or bear scratching its back
 across our roughly hewn bark;

 bird, chipmunk, roosting owl
 red tailed hawk, circling—  
 masking carnal appetite
 for his daily bread

 Steadfast Sentinels
 even unto Death
 until creation fells the aged
 into an afterlife
 alive with organisms:

 soil fungi releasing enzymes
 assist invertebrates, insects
 digest decomposing debris

 Carpenter ants nest
 inside decaying wood;
 shrews, moles,
 insectivorous birds dine—
 feed their young

 My legacy has purpose
 sustains woodlands that birthed me
 toward generations to come;

 pray tell, what is yours—  

 "A good man leaveth an inheritance
 to his children's children:"

 . . .

words; 99 ( bottles of beer on the wall. . . )*
unique: 99 ( bottles of beer. . . )*

* Without the quote

Thought Provoker
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Is it cliche to say that
one plus one
equals one?

Because it feels true.
A fact.

Yes, of course,
we have separate bodies.
You have your teeth,
I have mine.
You have your nostrils.
I have mine.

But after almost thirteen years,
I don’t think of us as
different entities making up a whole.
We just are the entity.
One that doesn’t function as
two halves.

Am I making sense, love?
I feel like I’m not
making any sense at all.
But it is all true,
every word and period
and grammatical error.

The sun rises.
The sun sets.
I love you.
You love me.

Fire of Insight
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Triumphant Feat

He said
He couldn’t be beat
No woman defied
His cue stick
For twenty relentless years
There I stood
Ball in hand
Feeling his stare
Under pressure
One missed shot
Turned into losses
Until the tables turned
And the eight was set
With my gentle stroke
And my hair swept back
A smile was made
As he stood corrected
It was a triumphant feat
Wanna play again?

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Dangerous Mind
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14/30  Roses

On the side of Nana’s house in a spread out
row were several large and prickly rose bushes.

They took up a lot of space but I guess it was
worth it for the few pale blushing pink blooms
on each one with their lush, open petals and
yellow centers full of pollen strands.  

Growing roses is an art, a lot of room for failure,
but Nana hadn’t failed on this one, they thrived
and were an amazing conversation piece.

                 80 words, 63 unique

Dangerous Mind
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Poem 14 of 30

Descending the dais,
diploma grasped tight
Greeted by kind, mesmerizing blues eyes,
wind swept blond hair, gorgeous smile shining bright.
I felt as if given the dang Nobel Prize.

She one of many admired from afar.
A girl not shy geeks like myself could befriend.
I wasn’t handsome or drove a nice car.
Of her my assumptions proved wrong in the end.

She spread her wings, flew high in the sky.
Aboard big jet planes her service to lend.
Some surely thought, when her beauty they'd spy,
they hired real angels onboard to attend.

Many years later, remembering her face
I wondered how she is living her life.
Married, with son in a quaint seaside place.
Exemplary mother, true loving wife.

Fast assuming good friend and confidant roles.
Sharing a common past, present happiness and woes.
Helping each other's mind, body, and soul.
Glad that this time I did not presuppose.

Dangerous Mind
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April's Fool


What's In A Word

noun: ambition; plural noun: ambitions
a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.

aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, scheme, mission, calling, vocation, desire, wish, design, target, end, dream, hope

desire and determination to achieve success.

noun: success; plural noun: successes
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

favorable outcome, successfulness, favorable result, successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph

the attainment of popularity or profit.
"the success of his play"
prosperity, prosperousness, successfulness, affluence, wealth, riches, fortune, opulence, luxury, comfort, life of ease, the good life, milk and honey
"the modern-day trappings of success"

a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.
"I must make a success of my business"
triumph, bestseller, box-office success, sellout, coup, master stroke; More
informal; hit, box-office hit, smash hit, smash, crowd-puller, winner, knockout, sensation, wow, biggie
"a West End musical success"

Remembering back to my time spent in school, that of being an average, or less so, student, I recall teachers telling me I lacked ambition. If only they knew what I was doing, I think they may have retracted those words, for my intent was simply to pass with the least amount of effort possible. As it turned out my goal was accomplished quite successfully, actually more so than had I planned, as I graduated somewhere near the middle in a class of about 550 students.

As life moved forward my ambitions increased somewhat in that I wanted to be happy, something which was not the case in school when considering teachers being on my ass to try harder or some peers treating me as inferior to themselves and me thinking they may be correct.

Well, long story cut short, I've achieved one of my objectives with the assistance of my long time husband, some cherished acquaintances, and a few changes in perspective, in that we've raised and sent into the world. to live among you, two fairly well adjusted daughters, who in turn have or are in the process of rearing six grandsons.

Currently, as I sit here in front of this screen, my ambition is to produce something of value to others who may read these words, which is:
Don't let others determine your definition of ambition nor success, for only you have this right. And if your aim is to be at peace with what you have accomplished, then you are also the only person responsible for that as well.

Did I reach the purpose of writing this?, Well, you must answer that for yourself.

So, do you feel you're successful thus far? If not, I suggest you become more ambitious.
However, keep in mind the number of rich or famous people, who were considered successful, that took their own life.

314 words, 165 unique
*Does not include those used in the definitions.

Rowan E.
Thought Provoker
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spilling in a good place

If I am to worry -

If I am to drive extra hours,
smile extra smiles
extra bright -
eat bar-food - French Quarter veggies
definitely not vegan
and feel my gut lament -
if I'm going to be
in a starving situation,
away from my love again -
if I'm going to step slower
than I ever have
dancing in pieces,
following and leading both -

If my visits, our tango,
they come and go -
if I must miss them, aching gentle to stop the stillness
between bouts of kitchen twirling -
if I am going to witness soft snores,
I'm glad they're yours.

And if I'm to love someone so much
I can't hold it in my body
I'm damn glad it's you,
that when I sing
or fall asleep
in the crook of your elbow,
the lace of your hand
and barely squeeze,
you twitch it back to me,
cozy, close, precise -
knowing what I mean.

Thought Provoker
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lil bro

baby brother
not such a baby anymore
after all those years of taking care of you
it's hard to accept
now you can take care of yourself

you still look up to me
but now I'm not perfect in your eyes
I'm human, just like you
full of my own flaws

I'm proud of you
and who you're growing into
but don't get so big
that you don't need me anymore

Twisted Dreamer
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Human Kindness

What does it take for an act of human kindness
Asking someone’s heart to be bigger and full of love for fellow man
To look upon the less fortunate and lend a helping hand
Not just keep walking by, still wondering why, they will not just pick themselves up
Wondering why, they can’t just get a job, ridden with addiction and vice in their cup
Being afraid of those who are ill, who seem too far gone In their minds
What does it take, just what does it take for a soul to be kind?


Unique words: 67

Nathaniel Peter
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Restless Heart

seeking for the balance
time designated to love
and knowing when to put my life on hold
obligation without consultation
of all the things that are beyond control
making time to dream again
priorities quantified accordingly
trying to authenticate inspiration at a moments notice
striking at all the wrong times
I revisit a thought and regurgitate the words
but they never speak the same way I hear them
my restless heart is tossing and turning inside of my chest
learning to find the right way to make use of every beat
I ration moments to make various kinds of music
orchestrating melodies, I embody multiple harmonies
in a symphony of chaos and choirs seeking notes in uniform
recalibrating voice to sing the same song
divided patterns finding a common rhythm in the meaning of it all
I come loose like a thread and unravel
judgement in my eyes
I fall subject to my own gavel
standards set to reach for
all that I'm yearning to achieve
seeking the purpose in all things as I become what I believe...

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