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Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo Competition

P M Banks
Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Title: Foraging Similarities
Fourteen of Thirty
Unique words: One Hundred


Blue tits don't visit Rockhollow,
nor wrens,
yet when early light flits in my Gran's garden, through the branches old
on border edges of tilled earth -
I see them.

Magnolia leafs here,
a powerful protector of the internal flower.
Her whiteness warriors curled,
she's already hurled those waify clothes
in lover's spat upon the dirt
of Devon.

They live beneath the same overcast sky
and birds fly in and out of the same native trees
yet yesterday there was snow here, then Sun, then rain,
an unpredictable Mother Nature I don't greet
in the Rockhollow.

I document her turns and spins, you see,
I believe in journalling, find it freeing
I flick back and recall all
I've done - she's shared
with gratitude and patience.
A writer's husbandry is an art form.

Blue tits don't visit Rockhollow,
nor wrens,
yet when early light flits in my Gran's garden, through the branches old
on border edges of tilled earth -
I see them.

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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My Love

I have never felt so loved as the way I do today
No matter what I do he always knows what to say
What to do and what’s on his mind may not always agree
But I cannot think of a better match then what my love is to me
There are days when I miss him so and he cannot be around
I find much joy in the times we share when are feet don’t touch the ground
Even if just sitting and taking in each other’s company
We do as we please and there is no need for any disharmony.


Unique words:71

Fire of Insight
United States
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Oceanside Wanderer

Oceanside wanderer
Lost in a tide
Surrendering her body
Embracing the ride
Sunburned face
Tangled blonde strands
Forgetting the shore
Missing hot sands
Under the waves
Where she will hide
Relentless current
Kills her inside
Buried treasure
She searches for
Can’t caress
The ocean floor
Sailing away
To a new life
Floating today
Beckons tomorrow’s strife

Unique Words: 50

Haley Quaquaversal
Fire of Insight
United States
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Lakeside 13/30

5 dirt, trees, a crowd, stars and antlers
4 opens a door feet walk through house
3 a bike a car parking lot a crash
2 watch people walk watch people sit
1 crooked, because he crouches old, because a hook hangs
0 binoculars
1 for a bird flies quick
2 see
3 early as the rooster at dawn
4 pay attention or ignore
5 the rain here the rain drizzles the rain pours

Key: Hand shapes in 0/1/2/3/4/5

54 unique words of 74

Dangerous Mind
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(Fourteen of 30 -- Official DUP NaPo/GloPoWrimo 2019)

Got me thinking about this all day
in the recesses of my conscious self.
Was it a slip of the tongue from
Your lips to my keen listening skills?
not one syllabled word tiny or heavy
escapes my petri-dish and microscope.

You said the word “ wife “ as a matter of fact.

my heart did summersaults
and my brain took me to the
Handfasting Ritual
I’ve dreamed of for this and
many past lives.

And now I find myself


_______________________ _
83 words  
64 unique

Fire of Insight
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Беспредел ~ ii
14 ov 30


sleep does not cure...

leave a handful ov devils cherries on stone
& slanted script,
i turn my face godward to retch guttural lamentations
swallow mouthfuls ov my own poison_
feel it spread thru my limbs, a numbing necrosis
fed by festering thoughts

my opalescent scales slough, weighted by
unwanted confession
you do not seek absolution & i cannot grant it as i
preen with dull feathers

filth oozes from my pores, you goose step thru the mire
to where i cradle a headless carbon copy to my concave breast,
examine the monstrosity i nourish

... there's no succor in dreams

John Brady
Thought Provoker
United States
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knuckle sergeant

Evening at Jack’s place
room sticky, beer flaccid.

I’ve never seen him before,
old coot in a smokey corner
talking to whatever demon
is stuck there

he looks at me strange
all bleach and genocide
across rows of greasy tables,
his tattooed knuckles not winning
any favors with the locals
as he hisses into a glass.

I’ve seen men like him
my whole life

meaning nothing
becoming nothing
angry at


their existence cubed in ice
to quench their burning rage
just looking for fucks to give.

I thought I was him
until I caught myself laughing
in a window reflection,
then I figured the Devil
only smirks on Sundays.

There’s probably time.

Fire of Insight
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Summer Heat

My skin is moist
My pores are open, warmed
I can feel the sweat rolling on my body
Pouring from my sweat glands
As I lay in bed waiting for the sun to set

It's late afternoon, forty five minutes past the hour of five
A quarter before the angelus
But the sun is still blazing hot
At thirty two degrees Celsius
Unwaning in its heat
That is almost unbearable as summer wears on

Rain is a rarity at this time of year
April shower pours occasionally
Summer is a hot season where rain is a rare blessing
To all creatures living in the tropical regions of the earth

Scarcity of water supply has become a problem lately
At times only a trickle comes out from the faucets at daytime
And I wish I was living near the sea like before
So I can swim my way out from the summer heat anytime I want to


Tyrant of Words
United States
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Good morning, Team Napo'19!  We're halfway to the Fountain of Inspiration!  Clear skies and calm seas prevail, UNTIL . . .

Up from the depths, tentacles
numbering one through ten
Could have been a giant squid
or somewhat worse ...
Quite possibly a Kraken

When more broke water's surface
threat level began to escalate
And it was on this day
Fourteenth of April, 2019
we were then thus faced with
our greatest obstacle to date --

The dreaded, ugly headed

And not looking so good
was the NaPoWriMo's fate

Asked newbie crewmate, JusTim_
If we wait and be still
perhaps this monstrosity of the sea
will simply go away?

To which Viddax promptly informed him
( in no less than two hundred words )
We will never again see the light of day!  
For the Encyclopedicus is a beast among beasts -
a leviathon that feasts upon ideas and topics -
swallows them whole from westerly to far easts
from North to South Pole and midway
all along the islands of the tropics!
Needless to say ...

Our little boat crewed by poets was screwed
Or . . . was it - stay tuned!

Team Members, thank you for your reports - they have all been addressed.

* If you have already submitted your Fourteenth offering, it will be reflected on tomorrow's update.

Looks like we have one straggler to design for proud flag flying across our website and social networking platforms.  If you haven't heard from us we're getting to you asap! You can view the designs that have been uploaded here:


Also on DUP's facebook. instagram, and twitter, so be on the lookout for your flag flying the mast!  

Happy Poeting, Team Napo'19!


✓ = 1 Week

The Cosmic Dragon
Dangerous Mind
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The Advantages of Cherishing others

"With the intention to attain
The ultimate supreme goal
May I constantly cherish
All living beings"

- Geshe Langri Tangpa


"Who are you, and what do you seek?"
The Blessed One asks.

I answer him,

"I am a Fortunate One, seeking Great Bliss".

"Then you must learn to cherish others".

And so, my path begins;

Living beings all share the same wish,
To be happy and free from suffering,
And yet, we destroy the causes of happiness,
And run straight towards suffering like a lover.

So much pain, so much corruption, so much violence.
But, there is also another view, let me show you,
If I may.

Make yourself a cup of tea, (or whatever you like to drink)
I will show you the kindness of all sentient beings within it.

The cup you hold,
Moulded, on the potter's wheel,
By hands, and care,
A gift from them to you.

The tea you drink,
Grown, picked and cultivated,
By the villagers,
Flown by pilots,
Sold by shopkeepers.

The money you earn,
From a job or welfare,
Given to you, provided,
By employers or state.

The sugar you stir in,
The chair you sit on,
The intricate web of kindness
In everything around you
In everything you benefit from
All from others

It matters not what their
Intentions are, only that
You benefit from them
We cannot know the minds
Of others anyway.

There is not one thing
You brought with you
From your previous life
You came in naked
You will leave with only
What is in your heart

Even this body you cling to
Or detest, but need and use
Is from the union of your parents
It is not truly ours
It's on loan
From kind benefactors

And if you seek enlightenment
It is in dependence of others
That you will attain it.
Their kindness.
If they are angry,
You will attain patience,
If they are poor,
You will attain the perfection of giving,
Your bodhichitta wish
Will manifest because of them.

Shantideva said,
"All the happiness in this world
Arises from the wish to
Benefit others".

Without them,
Who is there to develop
All our good qualities?

So, yes, you may see greed,
Or war,
Or political and religious hatred.
But there is kindness in this world too
If you open your heart
And see it.

Dangerous Mind
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NaPoWriMo 2019  -  April 14th  -  No:14 of 30


I stared at the failed poem
lying sprawled between the lines
of a regular sheet of A4 paper,
vigorously crossed out in a pique of frustration.
“Didn’t you know …” she said in a wounded tone “that
   ‘… death is when someone is calling you
   and calling you
   and you no longer turn around to see
   who it is’ ?

… So why you staring at me, then?”

I sat silent, dumbfounded for a moment.
“I’m looking for the White Stone” I replied cautiously
“the one with a name on it that only the recipient knows,
that ultimate guarantee of uniqueness, identity and anonymity”.
“You want to play God?” she queried, lifting her arms towards me.
I paused … and holding back the tears gave her a big hug.
“I’m sure we can work this out” I said, whispering into her perforated ear.
She didn’t reply, though I sensed a deep sigh of relief
as she handed on a precious gift, smiled knowingly, and let go of death.

I picked up my pen again
kissed the paper gently
turned it over to the white side
and wrote slowly.

(165 words. 122 unique words. The italicised quote is from Yehuda Amichai’s poem “I Lost My Identity Card” and is not included in the word count. Reference to White Stone from the Bible, Rev: 2.17).

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Snow Angels

Winter takes a final swing and I'm blinded
knocked for a loop along with the marigolds
we crave the sun but it is gone

shivering in a beacon of snow
we see in a bastion of light
amongst the drear, the flight

an angel, pressed upon the ground
perfectly placed before my fear

there is no sound, no soul around
but I can feel her in my heart
and I can taste her in every flake
it surely isn't a big mistake

the skies opened for a moment
and amid destiny
she floated gracefully
upon my simple steps

Tyrant of Words
United States
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14 of 30

octopus athletics

it's an unfortunate side effect of our environment
but as a female
we learn quite quickly
there are times it's best not to engage
don't meet their eyes
and don't challenge them
just keep moving
no need to be rude
but even a quick glance
can sometimes be taken as encouragement
and the subsequent battle for space
and respect
is relentless & exhausting
having the temerity to decline
will often see us being called names
why are you such a tease?
you don’t have to be a bitch about it
all this for one simple word
now balance that
with the constant need to be alert
eyes in the back of your head
in case they make a move
arrogantly snatching
at what has not been approved
it's a struggle every day
to keep positive
and not get paranoid
to be honest
I feel sorry for the decent blokes
trying to be seen for themselves
and not be lumped in with the others
but if my muscles were in as good a shape
as my cognizance
I'm pretty sure those grabby dudes might just give pause
before they try to take me on
I'm telling ya
sometimes it's like playing dodge ball
with an octopus

jade tiger
Tyrant of Words
United States
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A Date with a Dream

She looked diaphanous, wistful,
a doily for a teacup, in the
last months of her final decade.

When I came for the holidays,
I hadn’t seen Mom for so long.
Couldn’t recall when I last had.

So much happened: the accident,
my hospital stay in rehab,
Dad’s passing & others gone since.

And Mom, in the twilight of her
dementia, was far away now
mentally. I started to think,

during the trip on the way up,
if Mom would still remember me;
she stayed alive for a reason.

The day I got to spend with her
was a time we seemed to connect,
with eye contact, her winsome smile,

a faint little laugh just for me.
While playing The Andrew Sisters
with Bing Crosby, my sisters danced.

The evening didn’t want to end,
but soon it would be time for bed
and Mom sat gazing off nowhere.

I hoped she was hearing Dad’s voice
saying; “We’ll soon meet in a dream.
I’ll come pick you up for our date.”

unique words: 117


NaPoGloPoWriMo 2019

Fire of Insight
United States
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Shout-Out to the Underground

With so many poetry websites in cyberspace,
It’s hard to find a place you can call a home,
A corner of your own,
Because regardless of what zone you’re in,
DUP is the place to be, now let me begin:

Here’s a shout-out to the underground,
To the writers who get down,
To the poets from all around the world who hurl verses when the inspiration comes through,
Where they seek the truth,
Where the old talk of youth,
And the young speak in tongues,
Because the future is theirs.

DUP is the place to lit it and spit it, peel it and feel it,
Bleed it on every page and release all the rage until the words you spill are heard,
Till your woke and stirred,
Encouraged and spurred,
For the cool kids and nerds,
For the rebels and dreamers where the voiceless are screamers expressing their fears,
Sharing their smiles and tears,
Because here, no one judges you.

DUP is a place to come to write it,
To fight it and light it,
Then ride it off into the sunset,
To hone your craft because with each draft you pen you’re driving and striving to get better,
Like letters to your future self from the past,
Because today doesn’t last long,
It has to be captured in song,
Where voices are heard,
Here at DUP.

227 Words
134 Unique

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