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Time Capsule 2019

Dangerous Mind
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Thought Provoker
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of love and its brokenness

these broken people.  
hinterland love affairs.  
armed silhouettes  
into the shade of night.  
and the bawls of love,
in warning of this love  
which has no mercy.
Written by Inkerpoet
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Strange Creature
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Relatable in a myriad ways.

Fire of Insight
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Failed Prophet

There was once
a prophet who could not predict the future
and 'cause the present treated him unkindly
he'd, always, follow it two steps behind...
When anyone would care to listen
he'd plug a mic in his fuzzy mind
and scream on top of his lungs:
"Sometime, every word I write,  
will travel first class to the four corners of the earth;  
and if you, perchance, look out there,  
you'll see the most amazing balancing act:  
barefoot letters holding Earth still against its will!"...
Written by takis1917
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Twisted Dreamer
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So Many Questions

Third rock from Sun
The Solar System  
13 April 2019
To Whom It May Concern,  
Will our calendars be the same?
What language will dominate?  
Are you even human?
Maybe archaeologists from the stars?
A military occupation to see why the transmissions stopped?  
To dig in the midden once called earth?
What will you learn of us?
What will you learn from us?
Would you even pity us?
Did this little planet survive?
Cure herself of the infestation?  
A cancer or deadly virus named Human
Is the atmosphere clean?
Is it even the same major components?
Is it something new only you can breath?
Waters run clear again?
Is it to something new only you can drink?
Land masses supporting flora and fauna?
How far have the tectonic plates moved?
What new plants and animals have evolved?
Look for libraries and museums    
In our cities, towns and homes
Maybe they will shine a better light on us
An asteroid like the Main Asteroid mars and Jupiter
And the outer one beyond Neptune  
where Pluto once “orbited” The Kuiper belt
So many more questions to ask  
My time is running out
Hope your race will be kinder to this little blue marble  
Written by SilverBeaver_42
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