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Time Capsule 2019

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Poetry Contest

A poem you would want others to read 500 years from now?

Dig truly deep within yourself as a poet and try to put yourself in the readers place 500 years in the future of what you want them to read. It can be on ANY SUBJECT. Only one poem can be allowed per artist.

Remember this poem is for the future poets, and everyone from all walks of life to read.

poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

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The time is coming if we don't pay attention.

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Charnel House

Where are we going
when we grow old?
Will we sit in a room
watching life go by
from an Old Folks tomb?
Awaiting the Grim Reaperís
replacing our pain and
Family rejectionsÖÖÖ.
Will we pass away the  
staring out the window
one day covered in
Will we ever come to
need to let go and love
before itís too late?
why did  
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † _________i†wait?
Written by Tallen (earth_empath)
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Time Trip

I hear the seconds tick away in my watch,
Tic-tic-tic the hands rotate round and round,
I wonder if my consciousness will come to pass
Into the future as the tic-tic-tic makes a sound.
I sit here at my desk in the middle of the night,
Wishing my words will one day transcend time,
Apologizing to my children and to their children,
For my generationís mishaps and crimes.

Iím sorry we mistreated Mother Earth,
Iíve hope youíve learned from our mistakes,
I trust youíve studied our history, uncovered mysteries,
We tried, we tried for heavenís sake.
But there was good in our era as well,
Oh the music was heavenly and divine,
The poetry and the artistry was swell,
Especially just right before my time.

Listen to the songs we used to sing,
With the hope that one day there would be peace,
Hear the poets and dreamers who dreamed dreams,
To the composer who composed his masterpiece.
We tried expressing our love for it all,
Us poets felt free, boundless, unlimited and so alive,
We strived to be kind and to show the world,
That poetry would live forever when archived.

So greetings my fellow poets and composers,
My fellow explorers, dreamers and visionaries,
Donít let anyone tell you there are boundaries,
Letís meet together in a time trip imaginary.

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Now that is real beautiful work. Thanks.

Tyrant of Words
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And before you know it we will be at that stage.

Twisted Dreamer
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Wake up

There is no one outside
To blame or to fight
The world is within you
Each person, each event
A facet of your self
That yet remains to be embraced.
Go deeper than the surface
Recognize the voice that whispers
ďWake up, wake up!Ē
Written by MonicaT
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poet Anonymous

Related submission no longer exists.

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Evolution Of Reincarnation

Much needed spiritual rest  
Iíve returned to inspire the best  
Iíve looked over the mountaintop  
Things Iíve witnessed will not allow the flow of my mind to stop  
Iíve tasted hunger  
Seen the lifeless look on the faces of whoremongers  
Beauty gone, virginity robbed while they were so much younger  

Money will no longer be evident in this life  
Turmoil led by continuous strife  
Implanted devices denial if not  
The mark of the beast will mark its spot  
Elements of mankind  
Mentally strangled under the signs of times  
Some people out of sight will be out of their mind  
No Love and No Hugs  
Zombies roaming the streets enslaved to manmade drugs  
Society ruled by salvages and gun toting thugs  

Iíve seen the blood of death  
The poor begging crumbs from off the tables of wealth  
The Have and Have Nots  
Cameras with no morals screened as a hanging Gordian knot  
Viewers hitting like buttons without a script without a plot  
Seen in the eyes of everyone  
Silent observations of delinquency without a microphone  
Are we now reaping from what technology has sown  
Society fighting for a fifteen minute spot in the limelight  
Charity giving, snatched away by Mother Natureís cruel plight  
Wandering sheep without a spiritual leader  
I tell you all of this, and no Iím no mind reader or Sunday school teacher  

Spiritual attuned from a land so far away  
It all started from my denial on Judgment Day  
QRS complex waves mounting up  
Flat lining in and out  
Paddles of Life to heart electrocuted without a doubt  
Between the gray areas of an elevated body  
Past the Masonic Temples, the Christian doors and even higher than the hidden secrets of the Illuminati  
My spiritual being has evolved as it roamed  
Traveling fast to a blinding light of the unknown  
Been here done this  
Second time around more cryptic bullshit  

Excuse my phrase  
But yet, Iím still mentally amazed  
I write from remembrance to my Heavenly father to get this right  
No time for sins no time for societyís political fights  
Had He chosen the fiery road where would I be  
Enteral Flames of Hell daily welcoming me  
Now I have great days with living, giving and all  
Thank goodness the bed of earth cushioned my heavenly fall  

Angels sighed we lost one again  
Why does women and men deny eternal life over sin  
This is where my spiritual awareness all begins  
Iím coming straight from the heart  
My soul, the essence of my perceptions, given as an initial start  
Thoughts between here and there.  
The place where your mind wanders, the place no one seems to care  

Heaven and Hell  
On this earth one can never tell  
I want my crown come this second time around  
If Iím denied  
For me, one step down  
So, sit back, relax and allow me to engage your mind  
From here to there, a land way before time  
Have you ever said, Iíve seen this before  
Iím your testimony to say itís your first life reconnecting from no divine rewards  
No itís not Dťjŗ vu  
Itís your soul trapped while your head still bowed  
Godís punishment to you for your Commandments of disavowal  

Your body has resurfaced from a portal through minutes  
Stay in this moment stay in it to win it  
Godís words stated I must get this right  
I hope through my words you will understand my emotional plight, while I never lose word of sight, as a person might  
Although, it does occur at times, despite, that internal beam of spiritual light  

The crown of glory He begs to place upon our head  
Sacred scriptures given intellectually somehow escapes the mind from what weíve just read  
Iím sure my narratives will leave many thoughts of words unsaid  
So, say your prayers before you get into bed  
The subconscious is where the secrets lies  
The pathway to our Creator and the mysteries behind the What, When, and the Whys
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Rain Woman
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I Love

I love staring at a clear night sky for hours
I love to sit on my deck and paint the landscape
I love the smell of freshly cut grass and a campfire
I love to wander the forest by my house and take pictures from weird angles
I love to close my eyes and listen to the birds singing on a hot summer day
I love to read books while lounging in my bright orange bean bag chair
I love singing at the top of my lungs with music blasting from my speakers
I love chasing my dog all around the yard and tackling him
I love eating a chocolate lava cake while watching a movie with my sister
I love feeling the nerves I get right before acting on stage in front of an audience
I love going on a hike and being one with nature
I love fishing with my dad at our favorite lake
I love designing and creating a haunted house for my town
I love the taste of a smoothie any day of the year
I love traveling, seeing different places, and meeting new people
I love feeling the heat of the sun on my bare skin
I love the anxiety that comes with watching my favorite football team on TV
I love when people ask me what I'm passionate about
I love to spontaneously bake cookies in the middle of the week just because I felt like it
I love the smell of candles that fill my house when the power goes out
I love the game nights my family has on holidays
I love running around barefoot in my yard for no other reason than it feels right
I love to write poetry for all the world(or at least all of you) to read
Written by marina2020 (Rain Woman)
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And I feel those are the things whoever reads this poem will feel about love, especially if the future is dark and full of hopelessness.

poet Anonymous

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