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Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci

poet Anonymous

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Anarchy, Deciet :D
I just want a juicy dysfunctional about the small guy who gets squashed. Antonio is just one example, so be as creative as you like, it is the concept we crave!

Dangerous Mind
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The Wizard

A wizard?
A warlock?
He toiled on coils
An inventor of an appliance like mad science unseen,
Frightening lightning, (have you seen this scene?)
Genius dreaming up ideas like other great minds of the time,
Hanging out with Twain and arguing Einstein,
Harnessing energy for all of mankind,
And yet for decades his name was thrown into obscurity.

He was going to give the world free electricity,
But the powers that be
Just wouldn’t have it,
Marconi got it,
And Edison, just out of habit,
Stole from him,
Just like the government did,
In a whim,
And yet his demise was so grim.

But the truth always come to (arc) light,
It’s here and we know it,
Nikola was the real arcane brain
Power conductive
He showed it
Now we find it productive.
The Wizard Tesla deserves the respect,
Ahead of the time in retrospect,
His name will no longer remain a mystery,
Because history will be re-written
And that is his victory.

Have you seen that scene?
That’s just badassery.

poet Anonymous

Nicely done!

Fire of Insight
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The Mistress is Angry

a story, in verse

The Mistress is angry, 'cause I made a mess,
by crossing a line that no slave should transgress!
I was tricked by a girl who was up to no good,
I received all the blame, and then lost my manhood!

I was alone in the ballroom to polish the floor,
working while dreaming of Mistress once more.
I can’t keep the image of her from my mind,
I dream of caressing her lovely behind.

Needless to say I became quite aroused,
with my penis protruding from where it was housed.
From under the flap of my tunic, in front,
Just like an awning that's been opened-up!

By coincidence, Lilly the wash-girl, walked in!
She grinned as she noticed the state I was in!
She dropped all her laundry-work down on the floor,
and seductively sauntered to fasten the door.

Lilly came back and pressed up against me.
Slaves aren’t allowed! but no one could see.
The other slaves warned me of Lilly’s mean tricks,
but I gave in to lust when her hand seized my dick!

She slithered against me, as she disrobed,
while never releasing her grip on my pole.
I meekly requested her, “Please let me go.”
She savagely yanked it! Her answer was "NO!"

“If Mistress, not me, had entered this room,
and she saw you making your pecker protrude,
she might think you’re gonna’ jack-off on her floor,
and hide it by polishing over it more.”  
While speaking these words, she kept at her work,
nearly knocking me over with each savage jerk!
I have never experienced such painful bliss,
she was killing my cock, but I couldn't resist!
“I’ve done you a favor by thinking so quick,
I’m hiding your hard-on and saving your dick!
Consider it lucky that I got here sooner.
If Mistress had seen that, she might have you neutered!”

“It's mine now! I own it! You must buy it back!
My price is the heaviest load you can jack!
Don’t worry, I’ll help you to clean up the floor.
And then, later on, I might do something more…”

It was hard to follow the things that she said,
she squeezed it so tight that my glans burned bright red!
She was choking my chicken until it was dead!
Then she yanked off my tunic, up over my head!

Soon, she slowed down, and eased off quite a bit,
and, kneeling, she gave it a kiss near the tip!
She giggled, she knew I was going to explode.
She positioned the tunic, and caught my full load!

I watched her entrapping each wonderful squirt
not thinking that she was just filling my shirt!
Just as I finished, she smiled like a demon,
snapped open the tunic, and made it rain semen!

In horror I watched Lilly splatter the room!
My spunk was her weapon for sealing my doom!
It coated the walls! And It covered the floor!
It even took some of the paint off the door!

In laughter, she shouted, “You boys are so dumb!”
“Do you think that slave girls enjoy watching you cum?
Having sex with you slave boys is so overrated,
It’s more fun just to trick you, and see you castrated!”

She grabbed up her laundry and ran down the hall
while I desperately tried to wipe off a wall.
That made it worse! so I panicked, and ran!
    …It didn’t take long ‘till the shit hit the fan.

The Mistress called everyone to the ballroom!
My manhood was shriveled in fear of it’s doom.
She made all the male slaves line up in a row,
without even asking us what we might know!

You might not believe me, but right there and then
I got an erection for Mistress again!
Up popped my cock out from under my tunic,
displaying to all that I’m not yet a eunuch!

All the guilt and the shame and the humiliation!
My penis was bruised by her rough masturbation!
With my tunic still cum-soaked, my cock bruised and raw,
my guilt in the matter just stood out to all!

The female slaves laughed but my Mistress just glared.
I hoped against hope that my manhood be spared!
My Mistress said “This might be partly my fault.
I’ve waited too long, and it’s worse than I thought.”

“You slaves are too horny. You jack-off too much! 
I grow tired of your sucking and fucking and such!
You think you’re your own! I’ll remind you: YOU’RE MINE!”
I’ve had enough! I AM DRAWING THE LINE!”

“It NO LONGER matters which cock is at fault,
I won’t stand for slaves in my house jacking-off!
There is only one way to prevent masturbation,
ALL of you males will SUBMIT TO CASTRATION!”

Howls of laughter erupted from girls and free folk!
The other males hate me! I'm dead! That’s no joke!
A couple of males tried to dash off and run,
but Mistress prevailed, by the point of her gun!

With everyone watching, and no-one to help,
we each took our turn. Mistress cut us herself!
When she emptied my scrotum, she sliced off my dick!
She tossed it to Lilly! She was in on the trick!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Dangerous Mind
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Hop Frog

Hop Frog
Hop Frog
Treated like a dog
By aristocratic hogs
Harassed mercilessly
Tormented for his deformity
So he tied eight buffoons with a chain
And dressed them up as orangutans
When the King tried to guess their names
Hop Frog set the lot aflame
In an incandescent blaze

Hop Frog
Hop Frog
Did you get your sweet revenge,
Hearing them scream in pain
Till their very end?
Well my little jester
As it turns out
You’re quite the monster
Written by snugglebuck
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poet Anonymous

Yes... We must all watch for lilly for she is ever present, dear Reggie!

Nicely done, I enjoyed the read. Reminds me of an old friend :)

poet Anonymous

Quite the dysfunction sent poor ribbet over the edge... Good for him :)

jade tiger
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Bebe Lives!

For her, God is a single look.
She hooks when others never see.
Cruising, babbling brook down the street,
Musing, she wades with tender feet.
Barefoot, ankle straps from shoulder,
Unspoken rule across her hem>>
Only boys, age 10, no older.

Shivering from a thermal breeze
That tries to tease, soliciting.
She feels her thong between the crease.

Yet still she shakes when morning breaks,
Constant reminder of the rut,
Sun’s smile, moon’s guile - purest other.

Incestuous, sister/brother.
Her youth, the only truth she had,
So long ago, just yesterday.

She’s in her favorite yellow dress
With tussled hair, Bebe! Obsess!

It stopped existing years ago;
That dress, eternal best of show.

The single flat with shower stall,
And hot plate: where to put it all?

Sits cross-legged on Persian rug,
Rolls blunts in stars & stripes just right;
It’s gonna be a stoner’s night.

Spinning round, the girl in her plays,
Tumble down, glimpse of sex displays;
Turning brown, in the sun for days.

Mem’ries God tells her inner child
Who stays behind a while to eat,
Then moves away and gives up meat.

This isn’t her first rodeo,
With soft’ner sheets b’tween her swell
(Still smells of all-night laundromat).

And ‘G’ gives her that look again.
Like always, she’s the only one
He parlays to be with his son.

His La-La skips down Venice Beach,
She wears tie-dye tees, ten bucks each,
And rainbow socks with separate toes.

And as he watches wistfully
The way her ass does peekaboo,
He settles down upon one knee;

“Might just as well give up the streets.
So that’s the way it is and goes.
Now wipe yourself & blow your nose.”
Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
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Dangerous Mind
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Snugglebuck, Ms. Jade congratulations on runner ups. Always grateful to be named along with you both. Thank you to our host and for the honor on this comp.

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