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Poetic Medic #4: Now Turn Your Head And Cough

Dangerous Mind
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Poetry Contest

Let's get physical
[ not to be confused with the group by a similar name here at DUP ]

Poetic Medic #4: Now Turn Your Head And Cough 😷😷

co-host: Ahavati

It's time for your yearly physical!

We're continuing our series of comps meant to help writers exercise their critique muscles. Here was our previous :


Here is your challenge for this March!

Write a poem containing a minimum of 50 unique words.


One entry per DUP persona allowed.

Your poem must be titled.

You must post your poem in this thread - do NOT link to your poem.

You may only edit your poem within 24 hours of posting it.

You have 21 days - Good Luck! 😷😷

If you pass this simple physical, then you certainly have what it takes to make it through the entire Official DUP NaPo/GloProWriMo 2019 competition. We are currently taking resigistrations here:


Check out our previous Official DUP NaPo/GloProWriMo competitions!


Dangerous Mind
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My Family Dentist

Inclement atmospheric conditions, just right
often coerces me - I'm looking back. . .
youthful years, small  feats defeated feet
& a pair of two by four Douglas Firs
dark  evil black red stained
firmly held against Metatarsalgia pained
a toddler's plantars plus nails finishing
up an extraction towards some
hole ridden enamel pearly whites.

Dental Dad!!

Don't get me started on relating the
methodology using household

P M Banks
Dangerous Mind
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Dartington to Weir

I photographed you upon the river swell,
pale, eyes open, floating in icy air.
You were carried downstream and I watched you pass, a sister on her solo sail,
the river flowed at Freya's pace and you stayed too close to the edge as not to be swept away,
limbs hitting logs, mind shutting off, gently broken upon this virgin journey. I worried for you. I worried for me.
I felt culpable, in control and yet not in deadly fashion.
Slumber is not for the swimming.
When you were out of sight I raced
down to the Weir and waited,
for your little frame and your powerful soul, and there you came,
front crawling to safety and real life
and I thanked the river for your passage,
and I thanked your legs, lungs and heart.
How far we've come on this adventure,  sister, we.

Tyrant of Words
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Wonderful entries so far! See, 50 unique words isn't that difficult!  Sometimes it's hard to stop!

jade tiger
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From This Small Place

I dedicated myself,
Before my fourteenth year,
At the altar Poetry
When days were bright and clear.

It was a second dawning.
When I was born, the first.
Exploring, with a journal;
My insatiable thirst.

A year has turned to many,
am the poetry.
My mind, the world within it,
This prisoner set free.

Youíre lucky, my dear poet,
To dream, then awaken. †
For I never sleep until
Every thoughtís forsaken.

unique words: 58

Fire of Insight
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Dangerous Mind
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Nari said:Profound.


i ran over here because I thought You posted a spill to this practice comp!!!


Dangerous Mind
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Always Tipping The Scales†  
When you lie down with snakes †  
one is bound to crawl up your †  
ass †  
† †
You're just asking for it †  
with that blown ego as if †  
glass †  
† †
way out of proportuon †  
always seeking †  
mass †  
approval †  
† †
And they come † †
out of the woodwork †  
from their holes in the wall †  
to fool † †
† †
no one but you; † †
† †
stroked firm and tall †  
most of all, treated † †
as nothing short of †  
special †  
† †
It's true †  
† †
So true †  
† †
Snakes on a plane †  
Snakes on a train †  
Snakes in your automobile † †
making you feel as though † †
you are God's gift to †  
Humanity in spades †  
† †
giving that sad soul of yours †  
a temporary face lift †  
appealing to † †
Vanity; †  
† †
shades †  
† †
†of †  
† †
insanity †  
† †
Having lost your mind †  
slithering amongst your own kind †  
† †
Snakes! †  
† †
Nothing but FAKES! † †
† †
Hey! † †
† †
Whatever it takes! †  
† †
The very reason why † †
that soul of yours † †
for authenticity †  
† †
Welcome to the jungle; †  
this city of fallen angels †  
who can't back get up †  
without a boost; †  
† †
wings clipped †  
clinging to the only roost †  
they've ever known †  
† †
The die is cast †  
† †
Glassed †  
† †
Blown †  
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †
† †

Non-entry entry well beyond 50 unique words.

Tyrant of Words
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The Anatomy of Presence

becomes all the colors you want
encircling parts of you
never having been touched
by knowledge or love

This Sacred Connection
dissolves the trap
of negative emotion:
anger, bitterness, spite

Thatís when you know
youíve made it;
despite what is faced
it is viewed as nothing more
than moving, living energy
through a filter of intent.
Presence, the very ownership
of having attracting it to you
enables you to transform
and release without blame

Then, in one breath
set it free, watch it goó
having learned beyond fault
it was only needed to evolve.

Fire of Insight
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She Fell, Poetically

She fell poetically
waterfalling over rock cliffs protuberances,
in words gushing a million little rivers  
setting them free against their witholdings.  
Time set loose all withholdings  
and gravity pulled the words  
out of her soul.  
And here, at falls, she broke apart  
into a mist, a spray, a white ghost  
of many tiny osmotic cells aloft,  
each one a replica of her hearts yearnings  
each one an evaporative memory of its own being  
and all she was and had were memories.  
A museum full of dead yesterdays  
mummified in the embalming of harsh truths.  
She was to become and return to nothing  
but the words would remain  
and the poems would thus be formed  
as swift currents of possibilities  
on the wind seeking to land in fertile minds  
to teach, to reach, to enliven,  
In falling, to rise anew.  
(138 words total = 39 repeated and 99 unique)

Fire of Insight
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Limping Isnít Easy

Limping isnít easy, I stub my small cursed toe almost weekly,
    It hurts so much that Iíll whine as if Iím a little wimp,
Itís so bad itís hard to breathe because then I get all wheezy,
   Which is why the next day I stroll with a casual limp.

When yours truly walks into any room folks say ďheís very cheesyĒ
   Especially because of the way Iíve tried to preen and primp,
But once people see my stride they claim itís slightly sleazy,
   Hobbling awkwardly makes me look like some playful chimp.

No matter how much I try to make it look cool and breezy,
   In my stagger I lack the swagger resembling a pimp,
Itís because Iím clumsy in the way I move so it isnít easy,
   To take a tumble then for days on end walk with this limp.

141 Total Count
 35 Repeated
106 Unique

Twisted Dreamer
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With my eyes closed

I donít go outside
as often as I use to do
and over time
it looks like
Iíve brought it on myself
the way I feel.

When I think how
on summer vacation,
when the heat
made ghost rings
Ďround the sun,
making the sand dunes
like a mirage ó

Iíd run
barefoot in my sunsuit
down to the beach
from our
clapboard bungalow
that visibly tilted

with a pail & shovel
to dig up
sand dollars,
and starfish dried stiff,
watching the waves
roll in at low tide
nearly able
to reach my toes.

77 unique words

Tyrant of Words
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Happy World Poetry Day! For Country and Poem in one sentence!


Best description wins the trophy for your country!

Dangerous Mind
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Like our Classic Corner comps receiving so many exceptional entries, this competition was very difficult to judge. And since everyone was able to complete the challenge, we were left with little choice but to judge other factors such as grammar, wordplay, delivery, unique subject material, etc. ††

PoetsRevenge, your entry simply knocked our socks off with a rapturous write from the onset of the title. You could do without the first line, since it is identical to the title. Otherwise ... Congratulations on winning the Trophy!†

Honorable Mentions go to the rest of our participants! You all delivered captivating, unique writes with a minimum of 50 uniques words and titles as requested. If you can keep this up for 30 consecutive days throughout the month of April, you will easily earn yourself the most unique DUP trophy of all:


DUPeeps reading this, if you already haven't, you have less than 8 days to register in the Official DUP NaPo/GloProWriMo 2019 competition here by simply  posting " I'm in " along with your location and time zone:


Simultaneous will be the NaPo/GloProWrimo 2019 Prompt Comp, in which entries written for the former using specific prompts will automatically qualfify for an additional trophy in the latter challenge.

Ahavati and I and the rest of the NaPo Team look forward to your participation!

Tyrant of Words
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Congratulations, PoetsRevenge - and everyone else who participated for completing the challenge. When faced with ties impossible to break - there is no way to choose runner ups!

See you in the Classics and NaPo!

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