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Ravens and Poets

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 20th Apr 2016
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Dark Velvet Vow

As the unveiled day is cast away
I come to seek thou, I come to find thou
Oh, internal stranger, speak to me from without
Speak to me from within and starlight constellations that travel the skies

I seek solemnly, Inwardly and comfort of strangers befriends me
I have lost the will to live, said she, said she,
the burdens in me burn like aspen ash

Shrine of substantial silence surrounds me,it opens its arms
Traveler on a lost highway, take me home,
take me from this withered whitewalled place

To find me, is to seek tormented tender tales, of luminous luring
The hills have their eyes upon me, as I climb the edge and surface my step
Embracing ethereal exsistence, as I draw a final breath

The nymphs of necromancy, the sealed secrecy,
I invoke intrusive islands of embedded lust
I invoke you, come now mortal death

Spiraling sounds above me humming high
 whilst darkness drowns me
My flesh burns deeper than the truth
That hurts the most but kills the least

I am eternally embedded
In broken bones and roots of sycamore tree
Thou shall never awake me
Thou shall never awake me
Written by AEMelia564 (Y)
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Strange Creature
South Africa
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Joined 8th Jan 2018
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Blackbird Caged

There's blood dripping
From the cut on your wing  
Where the cold wire tore it
As you pulled and screamed  
Stop moving, stay still
Silk feathers everywhere
Ink drops of red blood
Scattered on an iron snare  
The struggle has stopped  
Free from the searing pain
The torment and anguish  
Now just a bloodstain
Written by Miss_Swan
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Dangerous Mind
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Joined 10th Dec 2018
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Poe-try in Motion

He laid her down on black satin pennants
Lace nightdress hitched up, billowing
Velvet skin thinly overspread her delicate bones
Roses lips enveloped
Torn clothes on craggy stones
A danse macbre of undead lovers
The graveyard silent, aside from their moans
Raven hair falling, falling
Rain delicate; a storm forming
Misery, sweet torment eternal  
Black feather kisses fly  
Scattered in the moonlight
Written by Sky_dancer
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Daniella Nikolayeva
Twisted Dreamer
United Kingdom
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Joined 7th Mar 2019
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my warning was clear,  
this be not a dream sojourner,  
why are you here?  

this is sacred ground,
no souls of solace are known here
there is no forgiveness,
nothing is found here, only leftovers of
metallic vomit, the minerals and saline vapor
the strongest trees were sacrificed,  
left snarled of chilling backbones
here, the deepest purple buys,
the frightened moon
beware, the air here has its own thoughts,  
about the restructuring of grace and forgiveness
evil is best left alone here,
this is no place for beginners or sensitive hearts
this is the palace of feral war,
where exchanged bloodletting finds it's meal
amidst the graven, that exchange  
vile manners across tombstone tables,
under her master's watchful eyes,  
the enchantress presides over the dais
the black tower keeps well the non-fertile seed,
fouled with the smell of colic passion, the bewitching
perfume trades its worth in pallor skin,
while in the lower chamber of the Religious night,
the confusion between death and eternal sleep is removed- coming alive
oxygen and fuel becomes malefic prayer,

know the blood heroine resides here,  
removing any moral acts of deaths' entrapments  
know also of her eyes, for they vivify all known,  
while watching, and protecting,  
that adorning loving something, that dwells within...  
~ daniella83  
Daniella Annalisa Nikolayev
Written by daniella83 (Daniella Nikolayeva)
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Twisted Dreamer
South Africa
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Joined 5th Mar 2019
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Bitter Ink

You serve me a bitter glass to drink  
It's filled with lines of your black ink  
It burns my throat I have no choice  
Each swallow slowly kills my voice  

You watch my lips as I gulp away  
Would you drink this someday?  
But I've never dared to serve you  
This cocktail of hurt, you have brewed  

You seem to smile as you watch me  
Knowing sip by sip, I am in agony
My tongue is raw, yet I still drink on  
Thinking you wouldn't do me wrong  

The glass you serve, it never runs dry  
I try to smile through tear stained eyes  
Because my heart ignores my head  
Refusing to believe you want me dead
Written by Sweet_Psycho
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Joined 11th July 2012
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Dark Dreams

She breaks his heart,
For each night they spend apart,
Feeling the weight of loss and despair,
Sobbing in the pages,
That now seem lost in ages,
The lovely dream seems like a nightmare.
Now he writes in vain,
Sitting and writhing in pain,
Thinking his letters somehow will get to her,
But the ache is so deep,
As each night he loses sleep,
The sight of his beloved is becoming a blur.
He takes all the blame,
As the ink bleeds her name,
Pouring all his emotion on every leaf,
With each tear he drops,
He sighs and briefly stops,
Trying to breathe unable to find relief.
He cries out for mercy,
Feeling drawn and unworthy,
Of the love he has but cannot get back,
So he sits there sleepless,
In total and utter bleakness,
Wide awake as the night goes pitch black.
His poor tortured soul
Has been left out in the cold,
Creeping in the gloom with stark screams,
But he does not care,
As long as her spirit is there,
Weeping in the room of his dark dreams.
Written by wallyroo92
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