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People are Strange

Thought Provoker
United States
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Poetry Contest

At what point did you lose all faith in humanity?
- Only one poem per entry
- Must be a new poem
- Any style is acceptable

Let the madness begin!

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Rinse and repeat nonsense

Wraith thought ghost in malevolent intentions
Flickers out of our grasping mental dimension,
As we do sway over into other hidden feelings
Tending under into other revealing meanings,
A mocking doubt of the familiar senses relate
Breaking the law of nature from failure's hate,
A steady stream of propaganda flowing hether
While polluted ideas to always choke the river,
So mystify most anyone that crosses humanity
In between polar flights of such soulless sanity.
Written by runaway-mindtrain
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poet Anonymous

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Tyrant of Words
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Related submission no longer exists.
Anonymous said:<< post removed >>People are strange
In fact they quite deranged
In the quest for fame
They will show no shame
Like wolves on the prowl
Their singing one big howl
Lunatics that want it all
In the padded world will crawl
We watch in disbelief
Wishing there was relief
It goes from reality to nightmare
It’s no festive fair

Twisted Dreamer
United States
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The sun surrenders its eternal war against gravity

The naked core exposed, dwindles into dark dust,
     E x p l odes into a brilliant
            All consuming flame

Civilization snuffed out like a wick
   Or evolved to the point
        That humans

 On that accursed hour, I shall
Cede all hope for humanity

  I guess I am a glutton for punishment
Written by Tardegrade
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Thought Provoker
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Crazee Mudda Fucka

Plastic smiles are always the worst
They're just the slightest bit off at first
They make your creep senses start to tingle and make a sensation
She said, I give off a creepy sort of vibe
I said, that's an odd way to start a conversation
I just ate popcorn and watched girls play volleyball
Then got made fun of for being such a creep
But I told them I was only sitting here all by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
Mention your red Ferrari, that'll get the panties dropping faster
One can be a creep and still get to enjoy the role of being master
I told a girl at her 18th birthday party, that I wanted to eat that cake off her ass
Then I had to tell the entire party, that I had to hurry back to class
To practice going hands solo coming and going while flashing my special hall pass
I asked if ya wanna take a ride home with me in my squeaky cruising van?  
Truly a mystery why anyone would call me a little bit creepy, damn
But I told them I was not here all by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
I tried to start an orgy once or twice, on a bus full of giggling cheerleaders
While on the way back from our schools annual college basketball 'bout
Tried but failed at having sex with everyone on that bus, only as a game
Even did a strip tease for everyone and I even tried to make out
They didn't wanna make out but they liked my strip tease of fame
But I told them I was not here by myself
That's probably why I'm three times more creepier than the ordinary solo creep
Now I feel like a junior high football jock
Waiting for the nod, so I can stop doing it into a sock
Why get a girlfriend when I can just masturbate with porn?
Fuck, dude. Just call a hooker up already and get that out the way
We all make fools of ourselves sometimes, ok for me everyday
But I told them I was never there by myself
That's why I'm so much more creepier than any other so, so, crazee mudda fucka.
Written by Fetchitnow
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Tyrant of Words
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Dangerous Mind
United States
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Outside is not for Outsiders

Dedicated to those who suffer from agoraphobia

Outside is no place for an outsider
Best stay inside where they leave you alone
Outside love and friendliness is not condoned
Especially for those who are not of this zone

Out there they just stare at one who is not their own
Beware of the outside when you’re an outsider
What might happen to you out-there is unknown
Inside is far safer than outside for an outsider
Outsider, you’ll never hear, “Hi, Hello, or Shalom”
‘Lonely,’ is the name of this city they call their home
So outsider, best heed my sincere reminder
Don’t go outside when you an outsider

Stay inside, be content with being on your own
Written by snugglebuck
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poet Anonymous

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Twisted Dreamer
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To Come No More...

To Come No More
There is an evil kind of darkness here,
Where on your souls they tend to feed,
The screams you hear cannot be ignored,
Their hunger fed by their eternal greed...

Candles dominate the drift of the darkness,
And gives yet another chance to play,
Fear rides the scales of the madness adorned,
And the screams overheard as they take them away...

To a place where return is impossible at best,
The imagination ceases covertly to exist,
Impaled in the  shadows of the evil inside,
Consumed by the soul with no way to resist...

Impaired by their visions of the lust disengaged,
They walk silently to the end of the room,
In these shadows a constant reminder within,
You were warned not to stay and now face your doom...

It is in this realm darkness they come for you,
Escape so far gone demise shares the night,
The culmination of the desecration within sacred walls,
With no repentance nor any signs of contrite...

Where the wicked describe feigned entitlements,
The death of one hundred thousand scorned,
And the consummation ties the relationship closed,
Beneath the fire burning red is where they are mourned...

No resistance to pain or misfortune and mistrust,
The Gothic Creed will be sealed in its fate,
For all those who waited and cried bloody tears,
And all for nothing at all because now it's to late...

To Come No More...
† † †
Written by exvso8m1
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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End of Days

The indigo sky cries, for beneath it lies
The remnants of nature killed through lack of nurture
Children ask parents why? Why does the Earth die?
Because we didn’t care. Because we wouldn’t share,
As long as we were alright, we ignored the plight
Of the other. Yes, he was our brother,
But he was poor with nothing to give
So, he wasn’t allowed to live.
He committed the crime of poverty
Not deliberately, but who cares? Who shares?
With those without the means to support our dreams
So, we who were strong took and took
With no thought for tomorrow or a backward look
At the waifs wailing in the wilderness
Not my problem, not my concern
Too late, now, we learn
The crops are dead, the fields are bare,
There’s nothing left, nothing to share
The river is dry seas are empty that once held plenty
Nothing left but dying trees falling in the poisoned breeze
We fought our wars, sold ourselves as whores
But all our gold cannot buy a single glass of pure water
For the mother’s resources we fought, our efforts came to nought
We killed the forest, murdered the bee,
For immediate gain and vanity
Now, too late we see
The ending of our days, the folly of our ways.
Doomed now this earth once fair
Oh man, of thee I do despair
Written by blocat
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Shaman among machines
Dangerous Mind
United States
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Subjugated animals

We're subjugated animals
so unaware, we never see
convinced this is reality.
This reality is just an illusion.

Still we play along with the rules, what for?
Because we don't question anything
and we continue to allow the "elite" to give themselves power,
and every day we look around
destruction swarming round and round.
Can't we see the mess we've made
this ego trap was must evade.
and everybody blindly obeys, what for?
Life here could be so much more
for us and them and our earth that we all should adore.
But humans think that they are above it all
and our behavior leaves me appalled.

So when will we all realize
this reality is made of lies
and addictions to attention what for?
And all the people laze around
and dont speak up or make a sound
But all of us need to see it clear
No more obeying no more fear
Let's take control of this game
The game that makes us go insane.

But we're all so unaware.
Don't we care?
Written by Hunterapsych (Shaman among machines)
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Daniel Long
Thought Provoker
United States
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The Fray

Last November I attempted suicide.
My mortal being had ingested Hell’s gifted cyanide.
So, the devil made it downpour, darker and colder.
Trailing me was some gasping, holy mortality,  
but with earthly feet  
they could barely keep up in sin's slackening sleet.
My guardian angel’s grasp resolute.  
It was too soon to see heaven’s loft.
Oh, but I why do I still wish that night in the freezing Hell I crossed?
Conviction she had to catch up to me!
Oh, on the frozen rain her footed grip was feathery,
her faith was almost not enough!
Lost still, so I write,
still forgotten to many is that night,
but I will never forget the loneliness and contrite.
I’m a walking, breathing corpse of mortality,
I’m haunted by my own self-brutality.
It still sinks in; the criticality.  
It is night again,
and I look back at the fray,
only to remember my heaven had only a glimmer on that day.
Someday through the lulling, hellish snow,
I’ll be running with gripped shoes  
And the fight I may lose…
Written by gothicsurrealism (Daniel Long)
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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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Drip drip drop

It happens like a drip drip, drop
when faith erodes, where is that cross
the tarnish creeps upon the shining gloss
your prayers you posted still lying in the box
In days like these fake news all pervades  
loaded roulette wheel, we are all played
where everything we like seems like a bribe
that table groans, denials grace the pain and stab
Overload of emotional distress
when the razor and the knife seem best
those dark holes that come to eat your intelect
nobody sees the gone of self respect
That stress the modern world combines
altzimers at the age of twenty five
the Swiss the tickings clock provides
to end it all just book at Dignitas
Corruption that the rich deny
the drug lords gangs target the lonely child
and vanity is never out of style
and schizophrenia sees the coins each side
A starving world to take away
bloated nothing moves  with obiesity
a show of hands by the committees right ?  
and nightmares daydreams our birthright
Written by slipalong
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Thought Provoker
United States
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Final Prayer to god (Behold The Truth)

Lord I can't wait to die.  
But if ever I do I won't be at peace, it's the evil inside of me like Lucifer's afraid to take my soul six hundred and sixty six feet.  
Resurrected with a pair of horns as my cold heart beat as my blood runs below zero cold as my veins refuse to leak.  

Razor blades to my wrists, overdosed on sleeping pills and a bottle of Gin as my body goes numb I'm dead, or so I wished I'm awake again it's morning, and I'm like here we go again with this same old shit.  
This life is sick and twisted, God you must need a therapist or a shrink to have us suffer like this  
sitting in hell with Lucifer you bitch Sucking his dick while Legion fucks the hell in and out of you, again and again  
then have the guts to punish us for sin.  
Hi daddy remember we were made in your image you prick, dumb fuck, addict, fuckin faggit, kneeling each night to pray, lord please help me, tomorrow I'm still as broke as today, still can't find the cure for AIDS, Cancer leaking out the brains, and we're all suffering from something just to die another day  
So I say fuck you, fuck heaven and fuck your angels too,  
go to hell, o shit ur already there taking a dick or two  
So dear lord die slow for my amusement to  
beg for our prayers like you need us to worship you  
hope that we care as much as u do, cause you never gave three shits about us, neither will the world give a fuck about you.  
so I guess we're all screwed  
pretty soon no one will believe in you  
most of us already don't, we just pretend to...
Written by Michael_Goodridge (Private)
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