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Poetry Contest

Write a poem of sapphic stanzas.

For the purposes of this competition, a sapphic stanza is
four lines, consisting of
three lines of
two trochees, a dactyl and two more trochees, and
a dactyl and trochee.

/u /u /uu /u /u
/u /u /uu /u /u
/u /u /uu /u /u
/uu /u

Here's an example by Ezra Pound, the first stanza from Apparuit

"Golden rose the house, in the portal I saw
thee, a marvel, carven in subtle stuff, a
portent. Life died down in the lamp and flickered,
caught at the wonder."

with the rest of the poem here ...

Lastly, here is a link to some background to the sapphic stanza ...

(note that I've ignored the anceps when setting the rules of the competition).

As to themes and inspiration ... you could look around at the current competitions, use their themes for inspiration and submit the work in both places.

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