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Through the Alphabet—the Letter “D”

poet Anonymous

Poetry Contest

Use all the words in the list below , in a poem
Moving on in our alphabet comps—we’re up with the letter D.

Use all the words below , in a poem , any style , length. One entry per poet , no collabs and 2 weeks to complete then we vote .

Here’s the words:


Ready, set, go!  

poet Anonymous

Radio Follies

Good evening, listeners.
It’s your Delilah Deli here at six
dee-livering the local news.  
So sit a spell with me please do.    
With all the rain we’ve had,  
the welfare of our park flowers  
has me in doubt.  
For here in Danvers,  
there’s just the one park,  
and the flowers, there’s only  
two: one yellow, one blue.    
So we need to be diligent,  
and learn the drill, ‘cause  
Danvers Park & Recreation  
( there’s only the one ) has a  
slogan; now say it with me:    
“In Danvers, NO flowers grow.”    
Well look-it here, standing  
bold as brass in the doorway  
of our station, if it isn’t the  
manager, Dithers Weaver!  
Say Dith, it’s a real delight.  
I’m just pleased as punch to  
see you here gracing us with  
your presence. What brings  
You clear out here from  
Beverly on such a friggin’,  
I mean, frigid morning?  
Oh, and hey Dith, can you              
get me a large coffee, strong;  
nothin’ in it but pure caffeine  
please cause it’s colder than a  
witch’s thorax in here. Thanks!  
Okay, listeners, while Dith  
is running his errand of mercy  
for your Delilah, let me ask:  
How ABOUT this weather, eh?  
The long duration of the cold  
can hardly be called a “snap”.  
I mean, really. The hamster  
who was in charge of running  
the wheel of our heating  
‘round here must be  
pushing up daisies by now!  
You peeps feelin’ me?  
Oh speaking of which, here’s  
Dith, back at last with your  
Delilah’s penicillin in the  
form of a cup of coffee.  
Oh my stars, did you lose your  
way to the break room, hon’?  
You ran five blocks to  
Pirouline’s? A sponsor!  
How very supportive of you.  
Oh but Dith dear, you’re  
suddenly looking delicate  
‘round the edges. Lie down on  
the cot in the break room  
while I go to station pause.  
Mmm, this coffee’s good and  
it’s still hot, how’d you do it?  
Anyway folks, time for station
break while I warm up, and  
we hear from Chopper Hal  
with his drone up in Boston,  
to give us a report on traffic  
for tomorrow’s marathon.  
Before we hook up with Hal,  
we’ll hear from our alternate  
sponsor about its weekend  
clearance sale on furniture.  
Don’t pass this up, you can’t  
afford NOT to check it out  
Favorite colors will sell out fast!  
Pick up a divan before styles  
& selections start to dwindle.  
They’re simply divine!
poet Anonymous

Thanks for starting off, Jade!

poet Anonymous

Dark Days

Dark days.

A delicate psyche
walking a tightrope.

Daisies lined the path to the doorway.
Much too pleasant a sight,
to be the Devil's delight.

I had no doubt.
All hopes dwindle beyond the
threshold of Danvers Asylum.

Having been hospitalized before,
I knew the drill.

What I didn't know
was that the duration of my stay
would equal eternity.

I had to laugh.
This all started with an innocent
rest on a doctor's divan...
poet Anonymous

D coded

As Day descends to eve, Do you Doubt or believe,
Daisies Dwindle to Nightsies?

Delicate Dryads dance delight
In arboreal Doorways defy the night
Dweomer glows defined as "lightsees"

Hair donned with fireflies and diaphonous lace,
They Drill like wormholes into each tree face
Dedicated to the days to come

Danvers wakes up in Mass,
Though grounded in an Irish past
Nocturnal Duration is done

And weary Sylvan creatures rest on a Divan of new clovers and waking daisies.
poet Anonymous


decapitated daises
left in a trail from our doorway
to the barn

his intentions were not in doubt
just the execution

i had taught him the Fibonnaci sequence
when we were boys
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 ... infinity
he found great delight in knowing
that the frailty of any given flower's soft
and delicate petals
were wrapped in those numbers

so was the rigidity of a pine cone.

he thought we were unwrapping God's secrets
like the witches in Danvers did along the river
and in the woods.

he perfected his craft through drill
served the duration
then re-uped for another tour
and another

he stayed he said
to kill warlords
and witches

the witches in the sand he said
wore black
same as those buried in our woods

except witches of the sand only show their eyes

in the barn
he had set up mama's old divan
so that i might sit and cry

he was thoughtful like that

he left a note as well

“Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”
― Arthur Miller, The Crucible

i sit

i cry

sunlight has begun its' escape  
and hopes for this day begin to dwindle

so I'll wait for the stars
to cut my brother down

poet Anonymous

The Cost of Living

Session 1:    
Radiation-eyed, that is  
to say sun-eyed, beast-eyed.  
In outer-space, astro  
witnesses say moth, fuck.  
Watch out for that mother.  
It links between the air, all there  
as the goods as in gaps.  
Either fire or snow, it calms.  
Session 2:  
Your synapses- the chaos  
in unseen influences.  
Predetermined. We lie.  
We lie on the divan.  
Looking for the delicate clumps  
that cut themselves, plopping  
on the rug. Look at this  
predetermined modernism.  
Voyage the mothers  
at the playground. Mesmer  
the dwindle of bodies heading  
home. It means bruises  
of Danvers, D an vers…  
D is an verse, cross out the n,  
detraction, extraction meaning    
the town guilty as Salem, g-u-i-lty  
Session 3:  
beyond stealing magic;  
how dumb the daisies, worse  
and worse, white abrasives,  
yellow lemming, I’ll follow- I’ll follow-  
How dovetailed is the duration  
of light, saying happy and happy  
and forgetting. Say I told you  
so, how dare I insist on the mother,  
Session 4-    
this is not a drill. The screws  
fall. Delight, de-lighted.  
De as undone,  
light as no more.  
Session 5:  
Cartwheels and the loosened floor  
is the best, as good as it steads.  
Doorways- the jamb, straddled  
enjambment of invective,  
the enjambment of no mother, love  
and disappointment. Its prefect  
a pajamas as rags, wiping foam.  
Space men, the weathermen,  
the prophets of doubt, what may  
come- may not. Reports of shields-  
optimized, reports of- now, pour.  
half fantasy, half tissue, all thin.
poet Anonymous

Late at Night

Get off your divans, get off your seats,
Listen to the story I’m about to tell,
Because late at night
When ghosts come out,
You’ll feel the fear of those old tales.

The town folk say you can hear voices,
Somewhere between St. Mary’s and Walnut Grove,
Late at night,
Like a delicate whisper in the wind
Without a doubt like echoes from a long time ago.

If you stroll down Sylvan St. between the cemeteries,
Don’t dwindle too much in your delight,
Because late at night,
Somewhere amid the trees and the daisies,
You’ll feel their presence standing in ghostly doorways.

This isn’t a drill, or some two bit story,
But they say that the duration of spirits are for centuries,
The burned souls of innocent young maidens,
Late at night,
Linger in Danvers just outside of Salem.

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