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Cupid's Arrow

Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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I thought he was so perfect,
my lover seemed so hot
but he disappointed....
Cupid - you are shot!

Guardian of Shadows
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Arrows and Little Deaths

I plucked from his torso
an arrow
and with it, came
the heart…..

impaled upon the point,
I should like to touch it with my fingers,
yet I merely observed
while it still beat, in shock—

how could it have known
for that split second
it was dying, when
its safe little cocoon of tissues
and lymph
had blown apart, around it?

Ah, but hearts have no minds
and therefore, cannot think
such things…..

I have loved and lost
and my own heart became as stone,
for the workings of Cupid, and
in the blackness of night,
I thieved from him,
his very device which lay torment
to the pericardium within
mine own walls.

It took nary but one arrow
and the rest, set a-flame
with his mortal form, as
I retreated,
that I had committed the perfect

I shall keep Cupid’s bow,
a souvenir …

poet Anonymous

an undated Kama’s entry: dissection of your ignited spark almost two decades back, dying off in its hollowed farce...sorry & thanks!

fractionates fragile bit of a virgin night
a lemony spearmint hint of fresh breath
streamlines a jolting adhesive standstill
in its piercingly st[r]uck salival enjabment

[mushrooms toxic the lantern less midnights
in galloping grey-whitely smoking urbanity
bazaars’ stratified showcased & side-lined
in auctioned (com)motion, freakily choking
further & unperturbedly glitzing  
in its stripped & bartered glory]

an electrocuting crab bite
quizzically branches out
in a shrill chunky blackout

unassumingly targeted
& arousing in its appetite

almost tasting a sudden mix
of evergreening Cymbopogon
Cilantro & Basil of the Congos

swollen & drunk & hung moistened tepallous lips
now rings in unspoken resonance of non-existence
shed already to the suctioning silken cottony airs

absolutely no damnations
to the elicited flights of climaxing nothingness

if not for a chemical reaction
between the dryly unlocking
anaemic eyes of brutal intimacy

there is a brightly skewed probability
an imaginative scope in extrapolation
for a hoped alchemical transcendence

in love, that never was at first place...

(p.s.: Kama/ Kamadev is what Cupid is in Indian contexts)

Garrett Asa Hughes
Twisted Dreamer
United States
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Half, the Shortest Month

Cupid knocks
As door unlocks
Open to the pain

The cherub nocks
As arrow locks
Lifting up the aim

It hits it's target
Error of margin
The arrow leaves her dead

It's love to care
With cupid prayer
Amen, at your head

Massacre of saints
On this day
Oh, Heavens above!

This little angel of sparks
Eagle eyed to hit its Hallmark
Confused with love

Love does not have just one day
Share it always
Share it much

If Valentine's is the only day
You're just in mass
To buy in lust

Struck not the arrow to dictation
Let it point to a direction
To gain not simply favor

But as a pure expression
Of joy and protection
Love is everyone's savior

Treasures are cherished forever
Written by DCLXVI_1989 (Garrett Asa Hughes)
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poet Anonymous

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Thought Provoker
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Strange Creature
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Related submission no longer exists.

Dangerous Mind
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An Arrow Through My Heart

I’m going to tell you a story from a long time ago,
When I was young,
When I got sprung,
When Cupid shot an arrow through my heart,
And just like a dart,
It pierced through me really hard.

I was about twenty-one,
(Again, I was young),
When this cutie shot me that glance,
The upcoming romance,
She’d give me those curious stares like there was no care
Assuring she was interested in me,
Oh she was a PYT.

She had these pretty brown eyes,
Like syrup and honey,
An angel in disguise,
With a body that influenced naughty thoughts
Thinking maybe she was going to have my baby,
Or babies.
The girl had an air to her like she wasn’t so innocent,
Although she’d be coy I could tell I wasn’t her first boy,
But at times I felt like her gaze looked into my soul,
And I was hooked.

After a couple of dates,
I found myself intrigued,
But yet something didn’t make sense.
It was about that innocence,
She played that coy role so well,
I found myself under that spell,
Then I discovered the truth,
Because underneath that make-up,
Was a sixteen year old
So I had to quickly wake-up,
(That could’ve gotten me twenty)
I didn’t need any further proof,
I swiftly called it off and like Dracula I was gone - Poof!

Thought Provoker
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Thank you for all who participated in this contest..... Everybody sent great submission.... I liked every entry that I read but as we all know I can only pick one winner and two runner ups.... I will be announcing the winners in a couple of days..... Again thanks to all who participated.... Good luck....

Thought Provoker
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Congratulations are in order to bender(jarleth) for coming in first place for my Cupid's Arrow competition....Congrats to RJM also for coming in second and also Madame Lavender for placing third..... I want to thank everyone that participated in this event.... Every submission was loved and was we'll thought out..... Everyone did an awesome job...... Until my next competition

Guardian of Shadows
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Congrats all around and thanks for runner up!

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